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2/24/2013 6:03 PM (edited)

To add interest: I will award $50 gift certificate to overall champion,
and will usually accept side challenges.

ABA PARALLEL and PROGRESSIVE - 10 season challenge vol. 1

In order to ensure that the ABA league is not TOO THIN,
The East and West Conferences will operate as their own independent league, but will play a regular WHAT IF schedule.   This assures that there is plenty of talent available, and with the short contracts of many legendary players, each draft should have high quality players available. 
The two conferences will operate as their own progressive leagues as far as players and the draft.
The two initial drafts will be held simultaneously. Every offseason the two offseason drafts will also be held simultaneously.
Players will be exclusive within the conference. There will be two Dr. J’s and two Artis Gilmores, and Dan Issel will be on two teams. Dr. J Issel, A. Gilmore and the rest of the players can be on only one team in the East and on only One team in the West.
Example: The Eastern team picking first has access to any player, and selects Dr. J; The Western team picking first has access to any player and they are also able to pick Dr. J; The second team from the East selects Dan Issel, while the second team from the West selects whoever they want ( Mel Daniels?)...
No trades between conferences- Only trades allowed within a conference. 

The league that forced a Free Wheeling - Wide Open brand of Basketball on the Country is here.
– The league is BEGGING for a WHAT IF SPORTS progressive league!!!
The ABA gave birth to numerous HOFers and legends as well as the three point line,
and a much needed jump in salaries for professional basketball players. 
So get out your Bell Bottoms, Dust off those old Disco records, and plug in the ol’ Lava Lamp –
The league that brought you the HUGE AFRO, not to mention the slam dunk contest is ready.
So are tales of fist fights, drug abuse and wasted talent.
Build your franchise – Take the Challenge
Do you start with steady veterans with longer contracts OR short term superstars?
Dr. J, George ‘The Iceman’ Gervin , Artis Gilmore, Rick Barry, Connie Hawkins, Moses Malone, George McGinnis, Dan 'The Horse' Issel, Mel Daniels, Maurice Lucas, Mack Calvin, David Thompson, 'Bad News' Barnes, Dampier, Darnel 'Dr.Dunk' Hilman, James 'Capt.Late' Silas, Willie Wise, Spencer Haywood, Larry 'Special K' Kenon, 'Whopper' Paultz, Charlie Scott, ‘Mr. Excitement’ Wendell Ladner, thugs like Warren Jabali and John Brisker, Red Robbins, Roger Brown, “Fatty” and “Goo”, and Gerald Govan’s glasses.

Reference site

A decent site for the ABA history

GREAT site for ABA history

2/24/2013 6:55 PM (edited)
1.     Kentucky Colonels          cmcafeeky
2.     Virginia  Squires              poppapomp
3.     Utah Stars                       seapilot
4.     New York Nets                seapilot (2)
5.     Carolina Cougars            ericlinder 
6.     Pittsburg Condors           ericlinder (2)
7.     Spirits of St. Louis           colonelmorse     
8.     Miami Floridians               coolmay_one

Available Franchises
Anaheim  Amigos
Los Angeles  Stars
Denver  Rockets
Dallas  Chaparrals
San Antonio  Spurs
San Diego  Conquistadors / Sails
Indiana  Pacers
Minnesota  Muskies
Minnesota  Pipers
Houston  Mavericks
New Jersey  Americans
New York  Nets
New Orleans  Buccaneers
Memphis  Pros / Tams / Sounds
Baltimore  Claws
Oakland  Oaks
Washington  Capitals
2/25/2013 12:50 PM (edited)
General Rules
1.       Players will progress forward one year at a time from one season to the next.  A drafted player will belong to the Franchise until his ABA seasons have been exhausted, or CUT by the Sim Owner.  The player would then reenter the draft for the next Challenge season, starting over with his first ABA season.
2.       The ABA Progressive Season ONE will coincide with the first real year of a players ABA service. 
3.        Season two for players, regardless of being drafted or a free agent would coincide with their second RL or calendar year season after their initial ABA season. Gaps players had in their career (season / year) will be reflected with gaps in the ABA Challenge. 
5.       None participating players (injuries or moves to the NBA who later returned to the ABA i.e. Jim McDaniel), who later resumed their ABA career, can be retained by a franchise, and not count against their 12 man roster.
6.       Allowing trades, but requiring that salary totals need to be close (20%) to reduce ‘buddy trades’ Or trades that compromise the integrity of the league.
7.     · Players that are drafted later in the Challenge that have more RL seasons than remain in the Progressive Challenge could have weaker seasons deleted so that his RL years fit with Challenge seasons remaining. This may further stimulate quality in the player pool and later seasons of the challenge would be ‘spiced’ to a degree.       

1.        The initial draft order for each conference will be random.  We will utilize a lottery to determine a random order, specifics determined as the league fills.
2.       I assume the draft should snake from the 1st to second round (24th gets 25th selection), but to ensure that the lower picking Franchises are not at long term disadvantage, I feel like the 24th team should get the Number one pick of the third round. I am open ito feedback on this cocept and toward the subsequent rounds being a SNAKE format or restarting each round. 
3.       TRADES may involve initial draft order, but not draft picks. Example: The Miami Floridians randomly got the 23rd pick can trade that position with another owner, (16th draft position?) but not individual draft spots. No trade allowed such as my third round for your 5th & 6th.
4.        The first two rounds of the draft will be untimed. This is to ensure that each Franchise has the building block players that will be the key to their Franchise. This may be untimed, but it is within reason. When this league starts, you're expected to be active in the draft. Within 48 hours of going on the clock without a pick, your team will likely be offered to another owner.
5.       Rounds 3-12 will have will have one hour time slots between 10 am and 10 pm.
6.       Rounds 3-8: An owner that misses his time spot can be skipped by the next owner in line. The skipped owner can continue to be skipped until it’s their turn to pick again.
7.       Rounds 9-12: Owners can be skipped twice.
8.       If an owner drops out during the draft, the draft will be stopped until a conclusion is met. I will develop and generate a proxy list in case of an emergency.
9.       I will ask for the GC’s before the draft, to ensure that no one drops out during the first draft.
10.   Owners need to site-mail the next two people behind them in the draft order after picking. 
11.   If you know you may miss your allotted draft time, the owner should send a proxy list to the commissioner and the remaining owners to ensure the execution of the pick and the remaining selections of the draft. 
12.   Between seasons the draft order for the next Challenge season will be based on accumulated wins, with the worse overall accumulated record for a Franchise determining the draft order. 
13.  Owners with multiple teams will have one in each conference.  The two Minnesota Franchise be seperated between conferences, as well  as the L.A. Stars and Utah Star being seperated from each other.
Off Season
1.       Players, who exhaust RL ABA eligibility, end their tenure with ABA Challenge Franchise and reenter the draft for the Challenge’s next season.
2.       Each Franchise will eventually lose players to exhausted ABA careers.
3.       Each Franchise will have a minimum number of vacancies before the off season draft. This is open to debate, but I feel like the more numbers that are available, the more parity and potential for struggling Franchises. Replacing Owners may be easier if there is available talent each off season. The mercurial nature of player movement and their tenure in the ABA should also contribute to a rich talent pool. 
4.       The draft order will be traditional and NOT A SNAKE draft during the off season, again to ensure support to the struggling Franchises.
2/9/2013 8:55 PM (edited)

                                American Basketball Association



Anaheim Amigos         Kentucky Colonels          Indiana Pacers


Los Angeles Stars        Miami Floridians       Houston Mavericks

Utah Stars                   Pittsburg Condors        Minnesota Pipers

Denver Rockets           Carolina Cougars        Spirits of St. Louis

Dallas Chaparrals     New Jersey Americans      New York Nets

San Antonio Spurs       Minnesota Muskies       New Orleans Buccaners

S.D. Conquistadors      Memphis Sounds            Baltimore Claws

Oakland Oaks               Washington Caps            Virginia Squires




2/9/2013 9:02 PM
Players (partial list)
2/13/2013 12:50 PM
I'll select the Virginia Squires.
2/22/2013 1:07 AM
In w/ Utah Stars
2/22/2013 9:27 AM
commish use
2/22/2013 9:27 AM
commish use
2/22/2013 9:27 AM
commish use
2/22/2013 6:52 PM
Hopefully this league will kick off - several other ABA themed leagues have failed to develope. With your idea of a Parrallel and Progressive league format sounds good. Give it a try - all people can say is "No thanks!" Lots of great history, terrific memories and awesome (and not so awesome) players.
2/24/2013 6:25 PM
I'm in - Miami Floridians
2/24/2013 6:42 PM
Since logain's wheel league has died I'll throw in with 2nd team.  New York Nets

I'm seeing Rick Barry at the FT line launching his underhand granny with the Nets
logo on his uni framed just over the top of the ball. Or is it Will Farrell I'm seeing?
2/26/2013 9:22 AM
I LOVED the ABA - It is so much like the AFL back in the day -
a rebel league that wanted their own major league fracnhise for small market teams,
and thought they could compete with the big boys-

My son told me about this  theme, and I'm interested-
I knew a lot about the old ABA, but not too much about Simulation
or the ins and outs of that...

maybe my son can help me there-

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