10/4/2013 3:12 PM
The Quad is a 4 season progressive that started in 1885, 1918, 1951,  and 1984 and is planned to run 33 seasons. The 4 season player pool makes it possible to use every player that ever played and will ever play between 1885 to 2016.

Below you will find the reverse order used to create the draft order. We use a 6 team lottery and the lottery determines the first 6 spots throughout the draft. One of the teams (Chicago) available is in the lottery and the other (Brooklyn) is in the playoff hunt this season and has always been very competitive with robboogi babysitting it this season.

The roster are posted along with lottery teams, rules etc. We are looking for two committed owners to join and hopefully finish up the remaining 21 season with us but would appreciate at least a 5 season commitment.
10/4/2013 3:13 PM
Keepers are due no later than Friday, October 11th, 2013. 

The untimed draft will start no later than Monday, October 14th, 2013, following a 24 hour roster freeze , giving owners a chance to check keepers and make trades before finalizing rosters, and then we'll go on the clock Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 at 10:00 AM. 

Once rosters are frozen no changes may be made unless commish is given notification as all keepers are sorted to be deleted at once and this makes it easier for zizzo24 to do his voluntary task. 

Any keepers not entered on time will have the previous roster posted by the commish and all eligible players listed as keepers to insure you do not lose key players. This is not a way to take advantage of the system and post late as the only thing you are doing is making more work for me as I must the enter any cuts manually. Any owner in this scenario must contact the commish before making their 1st pick to make cuts or your roster will remain frozen as is.
10/6/2013 7:40 PM (edited)

Salary Cap 140M

Drafting Policy
Draft times will be set for round 1 (on the clock) according to the time schedule (10 - 10) with all times set in stone rather than being adjusted because of picks taken off the clock. This insures that all owners are on the same page concerning the 1st round picks. For example pick 1 - 10am, pick 2 - 11am, pick 3 - 12pm, etc. If 8 picks are taken off the clock even though it may seem agonizing to some, pick 9 would still be at 6pm on day one of the draft. This continuity will allow for different lifestyles and a little less stress concerning something we should all consider fun. Round 2 will be on day three of the draft every time using the above time schedule, using the league standard 1/2 hour time schedule, allowing for one round a day through round 4 or 5 (depending on number of picks needed still) when times will be sent out 12 hours in advance in a multi - round sequence, using an expanded time schedule ( 9:00AM - 12:00AM) to get the lower rounds done as quickly as possible.

Draft order
According to the creator's intention the draft order will be made after the lottery is run and that initial round will be the order for the entire draft.

Tiebreaker Determinations
Nothing was written into the original rules concerning tiebreakers. 

Tiebreakers will be determined by head to head record up until game 120 against each other. If tied in those head to head games runs scored against each other will be the 2nd tiebreaker. The same method will be used when 3 or more teams are tied, using head to head winning pct if tied in wins. If two owners are tied in runs scored and winning pct. after the 2nd determination a random coin toss will determine the order with heads assigned to the team in 1st alphabetical order by City name.

The teams with the worst 6 records will be listed in reverse order and assigned these numbers below and then a random sequence will be obtained from random.org. 30 wins is required to be included in the lottery. The team not making the win floor will draft after the lottery teams. If more than one team is below the wins floor whoever lost more games will draft first. The info was added 12/5/2012 but was known by all since the league was created.

1. 1-40 
2. 41-65 
3. 66-75
4. 76-85
5. 86-95
6. 96-100

Picks Needed
Because of the inabilty of any owner to know if he will take the full amount of allotted players owners will be asked to post when done drating. This does not mean they cannot change their mind as long as they notify the commish and he will insert them back into the draft order.

Open proxies will not be allowed. If you pick early that is up to you as you are only revealing the player you want but but posting more than one player is strictly prohibited. There have been issues in other leagues and I don't want to repeat the past when we can all avoid it. Send out a league wide site mail if needed to insure someone finds your proxy if you waited until the last minute to send one out.

Site mail list:
rusty75; tridentric; rooskieArte; ARomano; dasfile4776; markeking; b0xxbsmuke; toddleduc; gorbyruss; pmars2001; hockeyhead; zizzo24; oram13; Tammyk; odalisgagne; drbernabo; robboogi; verbal kint; twfan; blackjay11; grayfoxx

Stadiums & Franchises
You must use a stadium in use in one of the 4 years we are playing - once you choose a stadium, it is yours until it goes out of service.

If an owner wishes to follow the R/L switch of his francise from one stadium to another because of a new one being built or re-names because of marketing decisions he will be allowed an un-contested switch. This will be know as the hockeyhead rule.

Trades may be made at any time but the ones that go through the GM Office are not to be posted individually as the comissioner will copy and paste the entire trade page into the trade thread periodically (based on trade activity) during the season updating traded pick their. For those unaware you can go to GM Office, transactions (which defaults to waiver wire,) dropdown to trades and all are listed there. When dropdown to trades is used another drop down appears allowing owners to filter through the trades of any season.

All trades unable to be completed in the GM Office will be recorded in the trade thread and confirmed by the other owner participating in the trade.

Picks may be traded from 3 seasons into the future so if we are in Season 4 draft we could trade picks from picks 5, 6, and 7.

Trades whether completed in the GM Office or in the off season may be vetoed with the standard 6 vetoes to nullify. Off season trades are a little trickier and if 3 or more owners voice discontent over a trade the comissioner will call for a vote and owners will have the standrad 24 hours to vetoe. Because this could lead to major issues as in trading a 1st overall pick it would be wise for owners to announce blockbuster trades in both the draft thread and trade thread to avoid the issue of a trade being vetoed after a pick has gone by and the original owner losing out on a player he may have taken originally. I have rarely seen this happen as an owner holding an overall first usually demands a lot of compensation but you never know, better to be safe than sorry. In the event immediate discontent is shown this would be during the off the clock time anyway so the draft would be held up and a site mail sent out giving owners 24 hours to view and respond to the site mail. Owners not announcing trades and then owners showing discontent will have to live with the results for not following this format af disclosure of blockbuster trades. The other option if owners balk at this would be to follow the dispute resoltion clause but that would still put the decision in the lap of the commish so I thought this would disclose how I would handle it. I would rahter not be faced with that decision.

Owners will be expected to work out disputes or other issues on their own. When that can't be achieved the commissioner will make a decision and if 3 or more owners are not in agreement they may post it in the discussion thread and the commissioner will ask for a vote. To overturn a decision 12 votes will be needed in favor of overturning the decision. The commissioner may not vote.

No Add/Drop anyone picked that puts you over the 140 mil cap will go back into the draft pool. This should be done asap in case someone else wanted him.
No Rent a Player Deals
DH Both Leagues
25 Standard Roster with up to 8 players selected through the pick your own AAA process. All players must be selected in the draft process to be recorded.
Injured Reserve for any player without an eligible WIS Season. Does not count against the 25 active and up to 8 pick your own AAA on your roster.
WIS assigned AAA players will be used for trade fillers only, they cannot be called up
Pick your own AAA may be called up
Full or partial player seasons may be used
SLL restricted to next scheduled series.
10/4/2013 3:14 PM
Reverse Order as set at Game 120 by wins.

This reflects no traded picks, or the lottery as the lottery determines the first 6 picks throughout the draft.

First 6 to be determined by lottery if eligible by winning 30 or more. Lottery Eligible = *

1. bsmuke* - Queen City - 37

2. rooskie* - Manhattan - 40

3. tbd* - Chicago - 41

4. hockeyhead* - Cuban - 45

5. gorbyruss* - Milwaukee - 55

6. Arte* - New York - 56 = LA and NY were 1-1 with NY being outscored 12-21.

7. zizzo24 - Los Angeles - 56

8. twfan - Virginia - 57

9. rusty75 - Redbone - 58

10. grayfoxx - Cleveland - 59 = Cleveland and SF were 5-5 with Cleveland being outscored 48-60.

11. b0xx - San Francisco - 59

12. verbal kint - Portland - 60

13. blackjay11 - Seattle - 61

14. robboogi - Washington St. - 62

15. Tammky - St Louis - 63

16. dasfile4776 - Lowell - 67 = Lowell was 0-2 against Grand Prarie

16. oram13 - Grand Prarie - 67

18. drbernabo - Oakland - 68

19. ARomano - Boston - 69

20. markeking - Cincinnati - 70 = Cincinnati was 0-2 against Kansas City

21. odalisgagne - Kansas City - 70

22. tbd - Brooklyn - 72

23. toddleduc - Detroit - 74 - Detroit was 1-1 against Osage with Detroit being outscored 9-14

24. tridentric - Osage - 74
10/4/2013 3:15 PM
Lottery Teams (with assigned #'s)

The lottery decides the first 6 picks throughout the draft.

1. bsmuke* - Queen City - 1-40 

2. rooskie* - Manhattan - 41-65 

3. tbd* - Chicago - 66-75

4. hockeyhead* - Cuban - 76-85

5. gorbyruss* - Milwaukee - 86-95

6. Arte* - New York - 96-100
10/13/2013 6:33 PM (edited)
Site mail list: 
rooskie; Arte; ARomano; dasfile4776; markeking; b0xx; bsmuke; toddleduc; gorbyruss; hockeyhead; zizzo24; oram13; Tammyk; odalisgagne; drbernabo; robboogi; verbal kint; twfan; blackjay11; rusty75; tridentric; grayfoxx; pmars2001
10/4/2013 3:26 PM (edited)
Team 1 = Available
Ebbetts Field
Drafts 22nd

BROOKLYN    P    1897 Ed Doheny

BROOKLYN    P    1897 Al Orth
BROOKLYN    P    1897 Arlie Pond
BROOKLYN    P    1930 Ken Ash
BROOKLYN    P    1930 Pat Malone
BROOKLYN    P    1963 Joe Gibbon
BROOKLYN    P    1963 Don Larsen
BROOKLYN    P    1963 Bob Purkey
BROOKLYN    P    1963 Dick Radatz
BROOKLYN    P    1963 Curt Simmons
BROOKLYN    P    1963 Bill Stafford
BROOKLYN    P    1963 John Tsitouris
BROOKLYN    P    1996 T.J. Mathews
BROOKLYN    C    1963 Elston Howard
BROOKLYN    1B    1897 Mike Grady
BROOKLYN    1B    1930 Joe Judge
BROOKLYN    1B    1963 Donn Clendenon
BROOKLYN    2B    1897 Bobby Lowe
BROOKLYN    2B    1930 Johnny Hodapp
BROOKLYN    2B    1963 Jerry Lumpe
BROOKLYN    3B    1897 Bill Joyce
BROOKLYN    3B    1897 John McGraw
BROOKLYN    SS    1996 Jeff Blauser
BROOKLYN    SS    1996 John Valentin
BROOKLYN    OF    1897 Joe Kelley
BROOKLYN    OF    1897 Elmer Smith
BROOKLYN    OF    1930 Adam Comorosky
BROOKLYN    OF    1930 Lloyd Waner
BROOKLYN    OF    1996 Brett Butler
BROOKLYN    OF    1996 Shawn Green
BROOKLYN    OF    1996 Kevin Mitchell
BROOKLYN    OF    1996 Greg Vaughn
10/6/2013 6:37 PM (edited)
Team 2 = Taken
Comiskey Park
Lottery Eligible

Chicago    P    1897 Duke Esper
Chicago    P    1930 Lloyd Brown
Chicago    P    1930 Watty Clark
Chicago    P    1930 Burleigh Grimes
Chicago    P    1930 Danny Macfayden
Chicago    P    1930 Red Ruffing
Chicago    P    1930 George Uhle
Chicago    P    1963 Lindy McDaniel
Chicago    P    1963 Sam McDowell
Chicago    P    1996 Rick Aguilera
Chicago    P    1996 Pat Hentgen
Chicago    P    1996 Trevor Hoffman
Chicago    P    1996 Jeff Russell
Chicago    P    1996 Dave Veres
Chicago    C    1897 Deacon McGuire
Chicago    C    1963 Ed Bailey
Chicago    C    1996 Javy Lopez
Chicago    1B    1897 Roger Connor
Chicago    2B    1930 Max Bishop
Chicago    2B    1963 Tony Taylor
Chicago    3B    1963 Clete Boyer
Chicago    3B    1963 Don Hoak
Chicago    3B    1996 Dave Hansen
Chicago    SS    1996 Jay Bell
Chicago    OF    1897 Hugh Duffy
Chicago    OF    1897 Kip Selbach
Chicago    OF    1897 George Van Haltren
Chicago    OF    1963 Felipe Alou
Chicago    OF    1963 Willie McCovey
Chicago    OF    1963 Frank Robinson
10/5/2013 7:19 PM (edited)
We'd like to recruit two owners this seasons so if you like a league that moves from season to season promptly and sets a schedule each season for posting keepers and starting the draft at least two weeks in advance each season then this league is for you.

Who wants in!
10/6/2013 1:44 PM
As you can see by the 2nd post we have keepers due this coming Friday and we have waited to run the lottery for now as I'd like to have an owner in place for Chicago, as they are in the lottery, so the new owner can join in on the fun of finding out the draft position of the team firsthand.
10/6/2013 2:39 PM
I'll take Chicago
10/7/2013 3:07 PM
Alright we have recruited one great owner in pmars2001! He is in another league I run and it's great to have him onboard here.

One owner now for Brooklyn and we are set!
10/7/2013 8:04 PM
I like the league because the player pool is always deep enough to get a good team every season.
10/8/2013 7:52 PM
I agree...

That and the fact it has an end to it after 33 seasons allows you to build your strategy to that point of the league fully aware of where you are headed.
10/11/2013 8:06 PM
Keepers are due tonight!
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