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1/10/2014 3:25 PM
HPL started in 1920/1943 and is now heading into 1967/1990. This is as far as I know the longest running dual progressive out there and has a great group of owner.

Below are the first 7 posts from the keeper thread as posted every season giving info on keeper deadlines and draft dates way ahead of time so all are on the same page. It also gives instructions on posting in primary position to insure keepers are deleted.

We also use 1 hour time slots with 12 picks the first and second day so all have time to make deals, check keepers against availables, etc.

The first 4 rounds have times set in stone with only one pick a day so that if life distracts you and you miss a pick some guy in the next round doesn't have a chance to pick before you can catch up, insuring all get a fair chance at the best players.
1/10/2014 3:26 PM
Keepers are due no later than Friday, January 17th 2014. 

The untimed draft will start no later than Saturday, January 18th, 2014 following a 24 hour roster freeze, giving owners a chance to check keepers and make trades before finalizing rosters, and then we'll go on the clock Monday January 20th, 2014 at 10:00 AM
1/10/2014 3:26 PM

Salary - $120M. 

Trades - Trades must be posted (and confirmed) in the trade thread that do not go through GM Office. All others in the GM Office must be copied and pasted from GM Office to avoid differences in wording. All trades will be listed for owner use in the trade thread, and then current trades involving the current drat will be listed there also. 

Once an owner sends a player to AAA as part, or result of a trade he must stay there unless a AAA player would be left in the majors, (for any reason) which then a ML player is always a higher priority than a AAA Player.

Frozen Rosters - After all rosters have been posted prior to the draft, the Commissioner will give all owners at least 24 hours to re-check their rosters. At the end of that time, rosters will be frozen, meaning there can be no more drops or adds. Of course, trades can continue to be made.

After the draft starts and an owner realizes that he/she forgot to return a player to the active roster from IR, the Commissioner will delete that player from the Available Players list, as long as the player has not been drafted.
If the player has been drafted by someone else, then the original owner loses the player and he becomes the property of the new owner.

Draft Order and Policy

The draft order will be determined by regular season standings at game 120. If two teams have identical records, the first tiebreaker in determining draft order will be the owner with the worst head-to-head record. If the record is even, then there will be a random determination, for which owner gets the lowest pick. The 4 teams with the lowest won-loss records qualify for the lottery. To qualify they must have won a minimum of 30 games by game 120.

Tiebreakers will be decided by head to head competition when two or more teams are tied at game 120. 1st tiebreaker is W-L record. 2nd tiebreaker is runs scored,and 3rd is a random coin toss. In the event owners do not get back the tiebreaker info to the commish before the draft starts the commish will use what info he has been given and use a random coin toss to decide the rest. Edit: I forgot to add this a couple seasons ago when enacted.  If owners are deadlocked when there are 3 or more teams the 3rd tiebreaker for when there are 3 or more teams in this exact scenario to be winning pct in all games involving the 3 deadlocked teams

Each owner will be allotted 60 minutes for the first round each season. There will be 30 minute time limits for all subsequent rounds. (amended 1hour slots on weekends 1/7/11) The clock will be in effect from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm Eastern time. 

Draft times will be set for round 1 (on the clock) according to the time schedule ( 9 - 9) with all times set in stone rather than being adjusted because of picks taken off the clock. This insures that all owners are on the same page concerning the 1st round picks. For example pick 1 - 9am, pick 2 - 10am, pick 3 - 11am, etc. If 8 picks are taken off the clock even though it may seem agonizing to some, pick 9 would still be at 5pm on day one of the draft. This continuity will allow for different lifestyles and a little less stress concerning something we should all consider fun. Round 2 will be on day three of the draft every time using the above time schedule, allowing for one round a day until round 5 when times will be sent out 24 hours in advance in a multi - round sequence, using an expanded time schedule ( 9:00AM - 12:00AM) to get the lower rounds done as quickly as possible.

If the commissioner inadvertantly leaves an eligible players off of the available players list, that player will not be eligible to be drafted. This was voted on by owners as the Chris Short rule.

Trading and Cutting Players

Draft picks and players may be traded at any time. Future picks may also be traded, but not beyond a five season period.

Trades have always been limited to the next 5 seasons so if you were in the 1956/79 season you could trade picks up until the 1961/83 seasons but once the season ends you would be in the 1957/80 off season and then could trade up until 1962/84.

Rent-a-player deals will not be allowed in this league. These are trades in which players are traded but then revert back to their original team at some point, usually the start of the next season.

Any player taken in the draft must either be on your opening day roster or be traded prior to your entering your team into the league for that season. You may not draft a player in the draft and cut him prior to the start of the season. A penalty will be enforced if this occurs. This is to try to curb owners from drafting above the salary cap, as well as to give all owners a fair shot at all available players in the draft.

The owner will lose 10 spaces, in the first round in which he has a draft pick. If an owner is scheduled to pick # 20 in the 1rst round, for example, then the penalty would place that pick at # 6 in the 2nd round; this would be a 10 space penalty.

The same penalty will apply on a case by case basis if you designate someone as a keeper and that player does not make your final roster. If the commissioner believes an owner had to cut a player of value more than the penalty and that player is claimed, he may waive the penalty. To be referred to as the "he paid enough waive".

There are no drop/adds in this league. If you are over the cap at the end of the draft or if you don't have players for all positions, you will have to make a trade to correct your roster


Owners may switch cities once every five years with no penalty. New owners in the league are able to switch cities when they enter the league, irrespective of the 5 year rule. The new 5 season period starts from last season as I know for sure it wasn't offered then. Next stadium change 1953/76 for all but new owners.

Owners desiring to move must request it before the draft starts and they will get an extra pick. They can then choose when to pick their stadium according to relevant need.
Amendum: If an owner wishes to follow the R/L switch of his francise from one stadium to another because of a new one being built or re-names because of marketing decisions he will be allowed an un-contested switch. This will be know as the hockeyhead rule.

Most of the time even though there is a rule we will allow owners to work out disputes or other issues on their own. When that can't be achieved the commissioner will make a decision and if 3 or more owners are not in agreement they may post it in the discussion thread and the commissioner will ask for a vote. To overturn a decision 12 votes will be needed in favor of overturning the decision. The commissioner may not vote.

The Basics

AAA players will be used for trade fillers only, they cannot be called up
Full or partial player seasons may be used
SLL restricted to next scheduled series.
1/10/2014 3:26 PM
Standings at Game 120

View Advanced StandingsView Your League Only
East  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
New York Gothams 72-48 0.600 - - 8-2 W2 35-23 37-25 0-0 billyho1515  
Seattle Rainiers 64-56 0.533 8 - 6-4 L2 35-27 29-29 0-0 hockeyhead  
GLEN ELLYN SPORTSMEN 61-59 0.508 11 - 5-5 W1 34-24 27-35 0-0 mikemiele  
Brooklyn Bums 52-68 0.433 20 - 4-6 L1 29-33 23-35 0-0 twfan  
Central  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Oakland *Rude Dog Seals* 69-51 0.575 - - 8-2 W2 35-23 34-28 0-0 rooskie  
66 LA Trolley Dodgers 89 64-56 0.533 5 - 5-5 L1 36-22 28-34 0-0 psychodoc4  
Cincinnati Abomination 57-63 0.475 12 - 2-8 W1 25-37 32-26 0-0 ARomano  
San Francisco Minotaurs 66/89 55-65 0.458 14 - 5-5 L2 30-32 25-33 0-0 b0xx  
West  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Chicago Train Wreck 64-56 0.533 - - 5-5 W1 30-32 34-24 0-0 BullMoose  
Arlington Amigos 49-71 0.408 15 - 3-7 L1 27-31 22-40 0-0 ljemd  
^89 Houston Land Sharks 66^ 47-73 0.392 17 - 5-5 W1 27-35 20-38 0-0 homerwagner  
Pittsburgh Pirates 47-73 0.392 17 - 4-6 L1 24-34 23-39 0-0 beerbellys  
View Advanced StandingsView Your League Only
East  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Big Bone Mastadons 65-55 0.542 - - 7-3 W2 31-31 34-24 0-0 mensu1954  
Belleville Bulls 63-57 0.525 2 - 5-5 L1 27-31 36-26 0-0 npg32433  
Baltimore Black Sox 58-62 0.483 7 - 4-6 L2 25-33 33-29 0-0 blackjay11  
San Diego Senators 56-64 0.467 9 - 6-4 W1 30-32 26-32 0-0 erne6  
Central  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Boston Paper Champions 71-49 0.592 - - 4-6 L2 35-23 36-26 0-0 tridentric  
St. Louis Armstrongs 65-55 0.542 6 - 6-4 L1 30-32 35-23 0-0 zizzo24  
Chicago Blues 57-63 0.475 14 - 1-9 W1 28-30 29-33 0-0 bsmuke  
Detroit Madmen 54-66 0.450 17 - 5-5 W2 25-37 29-29 0-0 robboogi  
West  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Boston Braves 73-47 0.608 - - 8-2 W6 38-20 35-27 0-0 pmars2001  
SF Foggy Magnums 65-55 0.542 8 - 5-5 L4 30-32 35-23 0-0 magnum  
Bronx Zoo 64-56 0.533 9 - 5-5 W3 32-26 32-30 0-0 Arte  
Anaheim Antelopes 48-72 0.400 25 - 4-6 L3 23-39 25-33 0-0 jeff4noles
1/17/2014 7:29 PM (edited)
Draft Order at Game 120
* = Lottery Eligible = (League Standard 30 Wins by Game 120)

This includes no traded picks, or the lottery.

1. beerbellys - Pittsburgh - 47 = Pittsburgh was 2-5 against Houston

2. homerwagner - Houston - 47

3. jeff4noles - Anaheim - 48

4. ljemd - Arlington - 49

5. twfan - Brooklyn - 52

6. robboogi - Detroit - 54

7. b0xx - San Francisco Minotaurs - 55

8. erne6 - San Diego - 56

9. bsmuke - Chicago - 57 = Chicago was 0-2 versus Cincinnati

10. ARomano - Cincinnati - 57

11. blackjay11 - Baltimore - 58

12. mikemiele - Kansas City - 61

13. npg32433 - Belleville - 63

14. Bullmoose - Chicago - 64

15. psychodoc4 - LA - 64 = LA was 4-5 versus Seattle and 5-4 versus Chicago

16. hockeyhead - Seattle - 64 = Seattle was 5-4 versus Chicago, and 5-4 versus LA

17. Arte - Bronx - 64 = Bronx was 1-1 versus LA and was outscored 9-10, Bronx was 1-1 versus Chicago  outscoring them 11-6, Bronx was 1-1 versus Seattle outscoring them 15-14

18. magnum - SF Foggy Magnums - 65 = SF was 6-3 versus St Louis, and 2-7 versus Big Bone = 3-way winning pct .444

19. mensu1954 - Big Bone - 65 = Big Bone was 3-6 versus St Louis, and 7-2 versus SF Magnums = 3-way winning pct .555 

20. zizzo24 - St Louis - 65= St Louis was 3-6 versus SF Magnums, and 6-3 versus Big Bone = 3-way winning pct .555. loses head to head in wins, and runs scored 48-35

21. rooskie - Oakland - 69

22. tridentric - Boston Paper Champions - 71

23. New York - billyho1515 - 72

24. pmars2001 - Boston Braves - 73
1/17/2014 7:30 PM (edited)
Lottery Teams with assigned #'s

The lottery only decides the first 4 spots in round 1

1. beerbellys - Pittsburgh - 1-50

homerwagner - Houston - 51-75

jeff4noles - Anaheim - 76-88

ljemd - Arlington - 89-100

Lottery Results

1.  homerwagner - Houston - 53
1. beerbellys - Pittsburgh - 43

3.  jeff4noles - Anaheim - 84

4.  ljemd - Arlington - 92

The lottery determines the first four in the 1st round only!
1/10/2014 3:27 PM
Season XIIL Sitemail List:
Owners in bold have keepers in:
hockeyhead; Open; billyho1515; rooskie; ARomano; beerbellys; homerwagner; Bullmoose; erne6; npg32433; zizzo24; tridentric; bsmuke; jeff4noles; pmars2001; magnum; robboogi; mensu1954; twfan; Arte; ljemd; blackjay11; b0xx; psychodoc4
1/10/2014 3:29 PM
This is the roster from last season. The team loses Koufax but appears to be a decent project.

GLEN ELLYN SPORTSMEN (owner: mikemiele)
Astrodome (Houston Astros: 1965-1999)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
John Buzhardt 1966 Chicago White Sox SP $3,364,853
Larry Jaster 1966 St. Louis Cardinals SP $3,635,513
Sandy Koufax 1966 Los Angeles Dodgers SP $11,456,000
Vern Law 1966 Pittsburgh Pirates SP $3,626,836
Jim Nash 1966 Kansas City Athletics SP $3,867,415
Tim Burke 1989 Montreal Expos RP $2,286,587
Todd Burns 1989 Oakland Athletics RP $3,612,356
Todd Frohwirth 1989 Philadelphia Phillies RP $1,348,260
Bryan Harvey 1989 California Angels RP $1,323,251
Les Lancaster 1989 Chicago Cubs RP $2,313,622
Mike Morgan 1989 Los Angeles Dodgers RP $4,399,233
Earl Battey 1966 Minnesota Twins C $2,986,787
Damon Berryhill 1989 Chicago Cubs C $2,698,442
George Brett 1989 Kansas City Royals 1B $3,583,335
Don Mattingly 1989 New York Yankees 1B $4,701,129
Jim Lefebvre 1966 Los Angeles Dodgers 2B $4,159,792
Tommy Helms 1966 Cincinnati Reds 3B $3,435,648
Don Wert 1966 Detroit Tigers 3B $3,473,480
Luis Aparicio 1966 Baltimore Orioles SS $6,134,209
Eric Davis 1989 Cincinnati Reds OF $5,283,710
Dave Henderson 1989 Oakland Athletics OF $4,092,793
Dion James 1989 Atlanta Braves OF $2,994,193
Stan Javier 1989 Oakland Athletics OF $2,014,193
Gary Pettis 1989 Detroit Tigers OF $4,119,169
Jerome Walton 1989 Chicago Cubs OF $4,347,424
Active Roster Total Salary: $95,258,230
1/10/2014 3:30 PM
Check out the owner list and see if you are ready to join this great group!
1/12/2014 7:34 PM is a tough group and most certainly a challenge to an owner who thinks he can win anywhere???
1/13/2014 11:49 AM
Who is gonna take that challenge?
1/14/2014 2:32 PM
Keepers are due Friday night and we start off the clock Saturday.
1/15/2014 1:28 PM
I know this will be a tough fill now with the new league Bootone put up but we will keep trying. We rarely have openings as this also is a quick moving league from season to season and has a  long standing group of owners. Come join the fun and play in one of the longest running dual progressives ever.
1/17/2014 7:32 PM
The owner has posted his keepers and will hang in there as he is a top notch owner and doesn't want to leave us in a bind. You'll find all are top notch here.

Quote post by mikemiele on 1/17/2014 3:10:00 AM:
Kansas City Sportsmen

Need 12

Keepers (13) ---

1B = George Brett 90
1B = Don Mattingly 90
1B = Dion James 90
2B = Tommy Helms 67
3B = Jim Lefebvre 67
OF = Eric Davis 90
         Dave Henderson 90
         Stan Javier 90

P = Bryan Harvey 90
      Mike Morgan 90
      Larry Jaster 67
      Jim Nash 67

IR = Todd Frohwirth 90


Retired = Sandy Koufax 66


C = Earl Battey 67, Damon Berryhill 90
3B = Don Wert 67
OF = Jerome Walton 90, Gary Pettis 90
 P = Vern Law 67, John Buzhardt 67, Todd Burns 90, 
        Les Lancaster 90, Tim Burke 90
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