8/12/2014 3:47 PM
This will be the thread for the Name Game Draft League. I've copied and pasted the rules, if you come across something not in the rules let us know. Also, please remember names must match EXACTLY.

This is a draft league I ran on two occasions many years ago and I'd like to try and bring it back.  Before the draft begins I will randomly select a player from baseball-reference.com.  I will use random.org to randomly set the draft order.  Then the first owner to draft will have to select a player (with a WIS eligible season, obviously) with either the exact same first name, the exact same last name, or the same initials.  For instance, if the initial name chosen was Ron Swanson, the first owner could take Ron Cey, Evar Swanson, or Reggie Smith or any other player with a first name of Ron, a last name of Swanson, or the initials R.S.  Then each subsequent pick must match the previous pick by either first name, last name or initials. 

The first or last names must match exactly, no variations are allowed. (i.e. Joe must match Joe; Joey, Joseph or Jo-Jo are not allowed) 
For the purposes of this draft the names or intials must match according to EITHER the whatifsports database or the baseball-reference.com player index (www.baseball-reference.com/players/)

Once a player is selected he is off the board and may not be picked again. You may use any WIS-eligible season of the players selected but there will be a cap. 

A good deal of strategy will be involved with this draft, at times you'll have to decide whether to take the best player available or make a pick that could potentially screw the next owner, or several owners. 

The draft will be standard format (snake order would not work because it would allow one owner to set himself up each round) 

Picks will be un-timed because owners can't be skipped since at times it may actually be advantageous to miss a pick. 
If 24 hours pass and a pick has not been made that owner will be penalized $500,000 AND the pick will be moved to the very back of the draft. 
If by chance, there are no possible players to select your pick will move to the back of the draft. (And a new name will be drawn)
Please make sure to sitemail the next 2 owners after your pick and use proxies when possible if you can't make your pick. 

This will be a 16 team league, but even with just 16 owners, this could be a long draft. 
Please only sign up if 100% interested, please don't if you become easily bored, hate long drafts or you would be inclined to drop out if you don't like the way your team is shaping up. 

Cap will be $120 million 
League format will be 4/4 4/4 with interleague play 
Yes to DH 
Yes to Trades 
No to WW and AAA 
Injuries will be turned on 
SLL limited to next series only 
Any stadium may be used 
And league will realigned based on the intial draft order 
8/12/2014 3:59 PM (edited)

Here is your sequence:

3 11 12 14 5 8 9 2 13 4 7 1 10 15 6 16

Timestamp: 2014-08-12 19:55:09 UTC

Draft Order:
1. bheid408
2. stroh23
3. jballot
4. Hoofhearted
5. DaBallCoach
6. specsman
7. fatboydad54
8. SpotSell
9. pg99
10. shawbigred
11. tdoak
12. cstrohmier
13. grayfoxx
14. uncleal
15. razorclams
16. ttrain08

9/30/2014 1:07 AM (edited)
Players taken:

Aaron, Hank
Alexander, Pete
Allen, Dick
Allen, Johnny
Appier, Kevin
Bagwell, Jeff
Baker, Dusty
Barnes, Jesse
Bassler, Johnny
Bautista, Danny
Bautista, Jose
Beachy, Brandon
Becker, Beals
Beckett, Josh
Bell, Jay
Bench, Johnny
Beniquez, Juan
Benoit, Joaquin
Benz, Joe
Berenguer, Juan
Bernhard, Bill
Berry, Joe
Bichette, Dante
Bishop, Max
Black, Bud
Black, Joe
Blanchard, Johnny
Blyleven, Bert
Bolin, Bobby
Bonds, Barry
Bonilla, Bobby
Boone, Bret
Bosman, Dick
Bottomley, Jim
Bradley, Bill
Branson, Jeff
Brecheen, Harry
Brenly, Bob
Brewer, Jim
Brouthers, Dan
Brown, Kevin
Brown, Mordecai
Browning, Pete
Broxton, Jonathan
Bruney, Brian
Burkett, Jesse
Burns, Bill
Burton, Jared
Butcher, John
Butler, Brett
Cabrera, Everth
Cabrera, Miguel
Cain, Matt
Camnitz, Howie
Campanella, Roy
Candini, Milo
Cano, Robinson
Capps, Matt
Carew, Rod
Carey, Max
Carpenter, Matt
Carrasco, Hector
Carrillo, Matias
Carty, Rico
Carlos, Cisco
Carpenter, Chris
Caruthers, Bob
Cavarretta, Phil
Cedeno, Cesar
Chamberlain, Elton
Chesbro, Jack
Childs, Cupid
Chiti, Harry
Cicotte, Eddie
Clark, Jerald
Clemens, Roger
Clements, Jack
Clift, Harlond
Cochrane, Mickey
Collins, Eddie
Collins, Jimmy
Collins, Ripper
Combs, Earle
Connor, Roger
Conway, Pete
Cooney, Johnny
Cormier, Rheal
Coombs, Jack
Cooper, Cecil
Cooper, Mort
Coveleski, Harry
Cronin, Joe
Dahlen, Bill
Dickey, Bill
Dimaggio, Joe
Douglas, Phil
Edmonds, Jim
Eichhorn, Mark
Elliott, Bob
Ewing, Buck
Fassero, Jeff
Feller, Bob
Ferguson, Jose
Fernandez, Jose
Fielder, Cecil
Fielder, Prince
Flaherty, Patsy
Flores, Jesus
Fournier, Jack
Foxx, Jimmie
Franco, John
Frederick, Johnny
Freehan, Bill
Freeman, Buck
George, Bill
Gharrity, Patsy
Giambi, Jason
Gibson, Bob
Giles, Brian
Glasscock, Jack
Goldschmidt, Paul
Greenberg, Hank
Grich, Bobby
Groom, Buddy
Gwynn, Tony
Haddix, Harvey
Haid, Hal
Halladay, Roy
Hamilton, Billy (old-time)
Hamilton, Josh
Handiboe, Jim
Hargrave, Bubble
Harshman, Jack
Harvey, Bryan
Harvey, Matt
Hearn, Jim
Heilmann, Harry
Henderson, Hardie
Henderson, Rickey
Henry, Bill
Herges, Matt
Hoerner, Joe
Holliday, Matt
Hoover, J.J.
Horlen, Joe
Hornsby, Rogers
Howell, Harry
Howell, Jay
Howry, Bob
Huggins, Miller
Innis, Jeff
Isringhausen, Jason
Jackson, Joe
Joyce, Bill
Kaat, Jim
Kelley, Joe
Kemp, Matt
Killebrew, Harmon
Krausse, Harry
Kuenn, Harvey
Kuo, Hung-Chih
9/29/2014 4:28 PM (edited)
Players taken (cont'd):

Landrith, Hobie
Lange, Bill
Larkin, Barry
Larkin, Henry
Latman, Barry
Leiber, Hank
Lemon, Bob
Lidge, Brad
Lobert, Hans
Long, Herman
Lord, Harry
Loretta, Mark
Luna, Hector
Mantei, Matt
Mantle, Mickey
Manush, Heinie
Marichal, Juan
Matsui, Hideki
Mauer, Joe
McCosky, Barney
McDonald, Ben
McDowell, Jack
McGee, Jake
McGinnity, Joe
McGraw, John
McGwire, Mark
McRae, Hal
McReynolds, Kevin
Medlen, Kris
Medwick, Joe
Melancon, Mark
Mesa, Jose
Meusel, Bob
Milacki, Bob
Millar, Kevin
Millwood, Kevin
Minoso, Minnie
Mitchell, Kevin
Mize, Johnny
Montgomery, Jeff
Moore, Jimmy
Morales, Kendry
Morgan, Joe
Morris, Hal
Morris, Jack
Moyer, Jamie
Murcer, Bobby
Myer, Buddy
Nathan, Joe
Newhouser, Hal
Niekro, Phil
Niggeling, Johnny
Northrop, Jake
O'Neill, Paul
O'Neill, Tip
Oglivie, Ben
Ojeda, Bob
Oliva, Tony
Padilla, Juan
Papelbon, Jonathan
Peavy, Jake
Palmer, Jim
Peralta, Joel
Perez, Neifi
Perez, Odalis
Perez, Pascual
Perez, Tony
Pesky, Johnny
Pfiester, Jack
Pineiro, Joel
Plantier, Phil
Polanco, Placido
Poole, Jim
Putz, J.J.
Quinn, Jack
Reardon, Jeff
Regan, Phil
Reiser, Pete
Rice, Jim
Richard, J.R.
Rizzuto, Phil
Roe, Preacher
Rollins, Jimmy
Romano, Johnny
Romero, J.C.
Rose, Pete
Runnels, Pete
Saberhagen, Bret
Samardzija, Jeff
Sanders, Ben
Sanders, Ken
Santana, Johan
Santiago, Benito
Saucier, Kevin
Schmidt, Jason
Schultz, Barney
Schumacher, Hal
Score, Herb
Severeid, Hank
Sewell, Joe
Shantz, Bobby
Shawkey, Bob
Sheckard, Jimmy
Sheets, Ben
Siegrist, Kevin
Smoltz, John
Soria, Joakim
Steinfeldt, Harry
Stenzel, Jake
Stovey, Harry
Street, Huston
Surhoff, B.J.
Sutter, Bruce
Tesreau, Jeff
Tannehill, Jesse
Taylor, Jack
Terry, Bill
Thome, Jim
Thornton, Matt
Torre, Joe
Tovar, Cesar
Travis, Cecil
Trosky, Hal
Tudor, John
Umbricht, Jim
Uribe, Juan
Wagner, Billy
Wagner, Hal
Wagner, Honus
Wallace, Bobby
Walters, Bucky
Waner, Paul
Ward, Piggy
Weintraub, Phil
Welch, Bob
White, Bill
Whitney, Pinky
Whitted, Possum
Wilhelm, Hoyt
Wilson, Hack
Wilson, Paul
Wiltse, Hooks
Wood, Joe
Woodeshick, Hal
Youkilis, Kevin
Zimmerman, Heinie
Zimmerman, Jeff
Zito, Barry
Zobrist, Ben
8/15/2014 12:06 PM (edited)
Round 1:

Cecil Espy

1. bheid408 - Cecil Cooper
2. stroh23 - Chris Carpenter
3. jballot - Cupid Childs
4. Hoofhearted - Cisco Carlos
5. DaBallCoach - Cesar Cedeno
6. specsman - Cesar Tovar
7. fatboydad54 - Cecil Travis
8. SpotSell - Cecil Fielder
9. pg99 - Prince Fielder
10. shawbigred - Patsy Flaherty
11. tdoak - Patsy Gharrity
12. cstrohmier - Paul Goldschmidt
13. grayfoxx - Paul Waner
14. uncleal - Paul O'Neill
15. razorclams - Tip O'Neill
16. ttrain08 - Tony Oliva
8/17/2014 12:21 AM (edited)
Round 2:

1. bheid408 - Tony Gwynn
2. stroh23 - Tony Perez
3. jballot - Odalis Perez
4. Hoofhearted - Neifi Perez
5. DaBallCoach - Pascual Perez
6. specsman - Placido Polanco
7. fatboydad54 - Phil Plantier
8. SpotSell - Phil Regan
9. pg99 - Pete Rose
10. shawbigred - Pete Alexander
11. tdoak - Pete Conway
12. cstrohmier - Pete Browning
13. grayfoxx - Pete Reiser
14. uncleal - Pete Runnels
15. razorclams - Preacher Roe
16. ttrain08 - Phil Rizzuto
8/19/2014 10:15 AM (edited)
Round 3:

1. bheid408 - Phil Douglas
2. stroh23 - Phil Niekro
3. jballot - Phil Cavarretta
4. Hoofhearted - Phil Weintraub
5. DaBallCoach - Pinky Whitney
6. specsman - Possum Whitted
7. fatboydad54 - Piggy Ward
8. SpotSell - Paul Wilson
9. pg99 - Hack Wilson
10. shawbigred - Honus Wagner
11. tdoak - Hoyt Wilhelm
12. cstrohmier - Hooks Wiltse
13. grayfoxx - Hal Woodeshick
14. uncleal - Hal Newhouser
15. razorclams - Hal Trosky
16. ttrain08 - Hal Schumacher
8/21/2014 1:31 PM (edited)
Round 4:

1. bheid408 - Harry Steinfeldt
2. stroh23 - Harry Heilmann
3. jballot - Harry Brecheen
4. Hoofhearted - Harry Krause
5. DaBallCoach - Hung-Chih Kuo
6. specsman - Harmon Killebrew
7. fatboydad54 - Harvey Kuenn
8. SpotSell - Harvey Haddix
9. pg99 - Hardie Henderson
10. shawbigred - Rickey Henderson
11. tdoak - Rogers Hornsby
12. cstrohmier - Roy Halladay
13. grayfoxx - Roy Campanella
14. uncleal - Roger Clemens
15. razorclams - Robinson Cano
16. ttrain08 - Rod Carew
8/22/2014 9:54 PM (edited)
Round 5:

1. bheid408 - Rheal Cormier
2. stroh23 - Roger Connor
3. jballot - Rico Carty
4. Hoofhearted - Ripper Collins
5. DaBallCoach - Eddie Collins
6. specsman - Eddie Cicotte
7. fatboydad54 - Elton Chamberlain
8. SpotSell - Earle Combs
9. pg99 - Everth Cabrera
10. shawbigred - Miguel Cabrera
11. tdoak - Matt Cain
12. cstrohmier - Matt Kemp
13. grayfoxx - Matt Carpenter
14. uncleal - Mickey Cochrane
15. razorclams - Mickey Mantle
16. ttrain08 - Mark McGwire
9/21/2014 3:17 PM (edited)
Round 6:

1. bheid408 - Mark Eichhorn
2. stroh23 - Mark Loretta
3. jballot - Mark Melancon
4. Hoofhearted - Minnie Minoso
5. DaBallCoach - Matt Mantei
6. specsman - skipped (and salary cap reduced to $119.5 M)
7. fatboydad54 - Matt Holliday
8. SpotSell - Matt Harvey
9. pg99 - Miller Huggins
10. shawbigred - Matt Herges
11. tdoak - Matt Thornton
12. cstrohmier - Matt Capps
13. grayfoxx - Mort Cooper
14. uncleal - Matias Carrillo
15. razorclams - Milo Candini
16. ttrain08 - Max Carey
8/27/2014 4:00 PM (edited)
Round 7:

1. bheid408 - Max Bishop
2. stroh23 - Mordecai Brown
3. jballot - Kevin Brown
4. Hoofhearted - Kevin Mitchell
5. DaBallCoach - Kris Medlen
6. specsman - Kevin Millwood
7. fatboydad54 - Kevin Youkilis
8. SpotSell - Kevin Saucier
9. pg99 - Kevin McReynolds
10. shawbigred - Kendry Morales
11. tdoak - Kevin Millar
12. cstrohmier - Kevin Appier
13. grayfoxx - Kevin Siegrist
14. uncleal - Ken Sanders
15. razorclams - Ben Sanders
16. ttrain08 - Bret Saberhagen
8/29/2014 3:40 PM (edited)
Round 8:

1. bheid408 - B.J. Surhoff
2. stroh23 - Bruce Sutter
3. jballot - Barney Schultz
4. Hoofhearted - Benito Santiago
5. DaBallCoach - Bobby Shantz
6. specsman - Bobby Murcer
7. fatboydad54 - Buddy Myer
8. SpotSell - Barney McCosky
9. pg99 - Ben McDonald
10. shawbigred - Ben Zobrist
11. tdoak - Ben Sheets
12. cstrohmier - Ben Oglivie
13. grayfoxx - Bob Ojeda
14. uncleal - Bob Gibson
15. razorclams - Bob Feller
16. ttrain08 - Bob Caruthers
8/31/2014 6:06 PM (edited)
Round 9:

1. bheid408 - Bob Elliott
2. stroh23 - Buck Ewing
3. jballot - Buck O'Brien
4. Hoofhearted - Buck Freeman
5. DaBallCoach - Bill Freehan
6. specsman - Bill Terry
7. fatboydad54 - Bill Joyce
8. SpotSell - Bill Bernhard
9. pg99 - Barry Bonds
10. shawbigred - Bert Blyleven
11. tdoak - Bill Bradley
12. cstrohmier - Bret Boone
13. grayfoxx - Bill Burns
14. uncleal - Bill Dahlen
15. razorclams - Bill Dickey
16. ttrain08 - Bill George
9/3/2014 7:55 PM (edited)
Round 10:

1. bheid408 - Buddy Groom
2. stroh23 - Bobby Grich
3. jballot - Brian Giles
4. Hoofhearted - Brian Bruney
5. DaBallCoach - Brett Butler
6. specsman - Brandon Beachy
7. fatboydad54 - Bob Brenly
8. SpotSell - Bob Milacki
9. pg99 - Bob Welch
10. shawbigred - Billy Wagner
11. tdoak - Bobby Wallace
12. cstrohmier - Bucky Walters
13. grayfoxx - Bill White
14. uncleal - Bill Lange
15. razorclams - Bill Henry
16. ttrain08 - Billy Hamilton
9/5/2014 3:19 PM (edited)
Round 11:

1. bheid408 - Bubbles Hargrave
2. stroh23 - Bryan Harvey
3. jballot - Bob Howry
4. Hoofhearted - Bob Meusel
5. DaBallCoach - Bob Shawkey
6. specsman - Bob Lemon
7. fatboydad54 - Brad Lidge
8. SpotSell - Barry Latman
9. pg99 - Barry Zito
10. shawbigred - Barry Larkin
11. tdoak - Henry Larkin
12. cstrohmier - Hans Lobert
13. grayfoxx - Harry Lord
14. uncleal - Hector Luna
15. razorclams - Hobie Landrith
16. ttrain08 - Herman Long
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