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4/27/2014 12:56 PM
Different progs treat that situation differently (though I personally feel that the way you have outlined it is exactly how it should work) long as the rules are clearly spelled out, he has no right to complain, and I would certainly consider it bad form to leave the league based on that ruling.
4/29/2014 7:06 PM
Who was the player???
4/29/2014 7:07 PM
it was 3B/OF  Al Smith 1957
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4/30/2014 5:15 PM
As a progressive commisioner and a muti-league progressive owner, I have a couple comments on the above situation.

The "missed a keeper on the available list" has always been a problem in progressive leagues. I have made this error on several ocassions... and I always check for my keepers on the available list.  Instead of playing "cutthroat" progressive rules, where you lose the player without recourse, I run my leagues with more of a gentleman's agreement. I try to work out the "mistake" where both the owner who missed the player and the owner that drafted the player agree on a resolution. It may just result in the owner drafting a new player... or the new owner may receive compensation (like a draft pick). I try to handle this issue quickly, before other owners get involved and make comments on the situation because that ALWAYS leads to hard feelings.  We all know how hard it is to find committed progressive owners... why chase away the reliable ones?

Bottom line, we need WIS to step up with a process to eliminate this problem. But, like the long promised update... who knows if that will ever happen.
5/1/2014 1:19 PM
To be clear I sent the commish a message yesterday offering to either (a)let him make my draft pick and I would
enter my team and play the season out;or (b)send him a team or credits for my team.
The commish chose option (b) because he had already traded my pick,and said he had entered my team and
the league had begun so I sent him a $13 credit immediately, He was out nothing and the league was delayed maybe 2-3 days.
5/1/2014 2:11 PM
Seeing Rattlers name in this forum drew me here.  I am not involved in the league, but I will just say that from my several years of being in leagues with Rattlers, and seeing the posts, he doesn't belong here.  He's a stand-up owner, and this seems like an unfortunate disagreement that shouldn't have degraded to this level.  Not trying to place blame anywhere, but just giving a quick note of support for rattlers (not that he needs it or asked for it).  I too agree that WIS is supposed to be fun, not life or death.  IMHO, it's unfortunate that this came over here to be posted.
5/1/2014 6:48 PM
Thanks wgasa
5/8/2014 2:18 PM
Posted by rooskie on 5/8/2014 2:14:00 PM (view original):
Posted by Rattlers on 4/30/2014 2:33:00 PM (view original):
I feel a word of explanation is in order about the previous 4-5 posts. I did not leave the SOOP league over a "protest"(I never made one),or because I was upset
with the Commish(drnerabo) and I told the commish that in sitemails which I still have. I left because of rooskie and husker75.
After husker75 (who is a new owner in this league and I notice is on this Wall of Shame on numerous pages as a shameful owner) drafted
Al Smith,I simply posted on the draft page that Smith has been a keeper of mine for several seasons. I then sitemailed husker75 and told him that
and never heard a word back from him...but very soon rooskie posted on the public draft forum ,"That's too bad..." and went on to criticize me
for the way I post keepers in what I interpreted as a very smart aleck public,not private,post.
As to Smith's impact player status,he has 7 seasons remaining,4 of which are .252 or better with high OBP's and a multiple position player.I listed him
in my keepers at OF which had been his primary position the previous 3 seasons and when I chekced the lists after the commish posted I looked under
OF,too,not realizing his primary was moved to 3B and OF as his secondary position.
I have been involved with WIS over multiple sports for more than a decade and have more than 70,000 games in Sim Baseball,including nearly 25
seasons in the SOOP league,I think you would be hard pressed to find any commissioner or even other owner who has a complaint about me until this
situation in SOOP.
I have sitemialed the Commish and given him two options for dealing with my team that will not affect him or hurt the league because I feel it is the right
thing to do...NOT because I have been added to this Wall. Keep me here,I think my reputation will survive.

Quote post by rooskie on 4/21/2014 6:30:00 PM:
Posted by Rattlers on 4/21/2014 6:02:00 PM (view original):
I have had Al Smith for several seasons and he is on my protected list
That's too bad, it happens to the best of us and that is why the commish asks us to list players in primary position and you had Smith listed as an OF and he is actually a 3B this season. Those dots you have in between players makes it almost impossible to copy the player and do a page search accurately also as I did a search for him on the available list and missed him also as I copied one of those dots by mistake which causes the search to be inaccurate. 

Keeping a player is one thing but in order to protect him you must check the list after the commish asks us too as then it puts it back on the owner if he misses him also. The rules have been in place as such since way before you joined us as if you don't check you could lose a player.
Here is my post with yours. I have a hard time seeing why I criticized you as I actually felt bad for you and think you mis-read my post but here it is for all to see.

I think owners misunderstand when nominated here. If you leave because of the losing a player you should be nominated but the fact you did the stand up thing and contacted the commish in my mind is all an owner needs to do. Offering compensation in the way of a team from your draft center of to come back is the point of this thread not to ruin the reputation of good owner.

I feel once nominated by winnetka you should have simply posted your info about contacting the commish and my apologies if you mis-read my intentions of my post as it was not intended to be critical only allowing you to see that we have all suffered under the guideline.
5/9/2014 6:26 PM
Let's just let it go as a misunderstanding and move hard feelins...I'm sure we will meet up again somewhere down the road
5/9/2014 8:05 PM
I agree, and good luck to you and I really enjoyed having you as a competitor in my division for several seasons, it was always fun. 
5/30/2014 11:39 AM
I guess I have to add keymaster and kyip1986 to this list.  Although both expressed willingness to come through and be on time, etc. etc. and were given multiple chances, in the end both bailed after a draft completed and disappeared, never entering their teams or stating that they couldn't enter or why they couldn't. 

I wish them well, but other commish's may want to double check before they're entered into another league.
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