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8/21/2014 8:10 PM
Horvie78 will be posting the challenge this evening.

Pokerdonk received the following advantage:

For this challenge, the teams will be split into 3 teams of 4. You actually will get 2 advantages:

#1: You get to sit this challenge out
#2: You get to pick the 3 teams

So he picked the following teams:

Team 1:

Team 2:

Team 3:
8/21/2014 11:03 PM
Pre-Season Week 3 Fantasy Football Challenge

Submission Deadline: Saturday by 4pm EST (submitted by captain). Kill Picks submitted by everybody except Pokerdonk.

Each team will be using Saturday and Sunday’s NFL games (there are 8 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday) to create a fantasy football roster consisting of the following:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex (RB, WR, or TE)
1 K
1 Defense

In an effort to prevent all 3 teams from having the same roster, there will be multipliers based upon the number of teams who select each player.
-If only 1 team selects a player, then that player earns 3x the points
-If 2 teams select a player, then that player earns 2x the points
-If all 3 teams select a player, then that player earns 1x the points

Scoring System:
Passing TDs: 4 points
Rushing or Receiving TDs: 6 points
Pass, Rush, or Receiving 2-point conversions: 2 points
Every 25 yards passing: 1 point
Every 10 yards rushing or receiving: 1 point
Kicker PATs: 1 point
Kicker FGs: 3 points
Defensive Sacks: 1 point
Defensive Turnovers: 2 points
Defensive TDs: 6 points
Defense – Shutout: 10 points
Defense – 1 to 6 points allowed: 7 points
Defense – 7 to 13 points allowed: 4 points
Defense – 14 to 21 points allowed: 2 points
*Note: QB’s can earn points for rush yards, RB’s can earn points for receiving yards, etc.

Kill Picks:
KP1: Pick 8 of the NFL teams and put them in order from highest scoring to lowest scoring. You get 1 point for the first team listed. If the second team’s point total is less than or equal to the first team, you get another point….and so on. I will continue down your list until a team’s point total is higher than the previous team...and then no more points can be earned.
KP2: Total combined passing yards for Robert Griffin III (Was) and Joe Flacco (Balt)
8/21/2014 11:14 PM
The winning team will be safe.

The other 2 teams will send their worst kill pick entry into elimination challenge.

Additionally the winning team will vote one other player into the elimination challenge from either team.

8/22/2014 1:02 AM
Rock on guys!!

8/22/2014 9:35 AM
Captain is first listed, correct?
8/22/2014 5:44 PM
Posted by tropicana on 8/22/2014 9:35:00 AM (view original):
Captain is first listed, correct?
8/23/2014 4:08 PM
Fantasy Challenge Picks

    Team 1 Pts   Team 2 Pts   Team 3 Pts
QB   Romo (Dal) x3     Tannehill (Mia) x3     Brees (NO) x3  
RB   Ingram (NO) x3     B.Pierce (Bal) x2     D.Murray (Dal) x3  
RB   J.Gray (NE) x3     C.Gray (KC) x3     A.Peterson (Min) x3  
WR   T.Austin (Stl) x3     D.Thomas (Den) x3     D.Bryant (Dal) x3  
WR   Allen (SD) x3     J.Jones (Atl) x3     B.Cooks (NO) x3  
TE   Fleener (Ind) x3     K.Rudolph (Min) x3     J.Graham (NO) x2  
Flex   Talieferro (Bal) x3     J.Graham (NO) x2     B.Pierce (Balt) x2  
K   Novak (SD) x3     J.Potter (Mia) x3     A.Vinatieri (Ind) x3  
Def   St. Louis x2     St. Louis x2     San Francisco x3  
    Total     Total     Total  

8/23/2014 4:28 PM
team 1 looked like it had the advantage until i noticed they have a RB that played yesterday
8/23/2014 5:31 PM
Our gray plays for the chiefs too
8/23/2014 6:22 PM
Bah, we thought you'd both go for Peyton...
8/23/2014 6:23 PM
Whoa, someone picked Tony Romo?  On purpose?  You know this isn't a celebrity golf challenge right?
8/23/2014 7:49 PM
Posted by 2legit on 8/23/2014 5:31:00 PM (view original):
Our gray plays for the chiefs too
Noted.  When I saw the entry, I figured you didn't pick the NE one, even though he does run tough.
8/23/2014 8:19 PM
Posted by stevedotdec on 8/23/2014 6:23:00 PM (view original):
Whoa, someone picked Tony Romo?  On purpose?  You know this isn't a celebrity golf challenge right?
The really funny part? I ALMOST did that...
8/23/2014 8:27 PM
I am correct that New England doesn't play Saturday or Sunday right?
8/23/2014 8:29 PM
Yes, they played yesterday.  On the entry team 1 just wrote Gray and nothing else.  I think its fair to say of the 150-200 running backs that are currently on preseason rosters, Jonas Gray, would not be one of the one's selected.
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