What's New In Gridiron Dynasty 3.0

We are excited to announce the release of Gridiron Dynasty 3.0 on October 16th. The new version of our college football simulation game is a major re-write and is full of significant improvements and additions that we've outlined below.

We've done our best to incorporate many of the suggestions we've received from the GD Universe over the last couple of years. We are always listening. In fact, we have two upcoming developer chats focusing on the big update:

Developer Chat #1 - October 15th
Developer Chat #2 - November 7th

1 New Advanced Engine
Revamped Rushing And Passing System
  • The new Rushing and Passing Systems allow for a more realistic game, using the attributes of each player to influence the action
  • The engine now supports a more robust playbook that allows you to have deeper control of the game
More Realistic Outcomes
  • The GD Decision Engine has been revamped and the randomization effects on each play have been minimized
  • The results of each play and each game are more heavily influenced by player attributes and game planning
  • With a greater emphasis on the team, the results are more realistic and the outcomes of the game more deterministic
Advanced Play-By-Play Option
  • Each play description follows the entire play from a QB dropping back to pass to a receiver making a diving catch in the end zone
  • The play-by-play explains each step to give you a better understanding of what happened and why
2 Gameplay Updates (User Interface)
More Help For First-Time Users
  • Optimized defaults and settings applied upon user taking control of a team to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Create game plans based off the default playbooks and start playing competitive games from the beginning of the season
Progression-Based Features - Easy To Learn, Hard To Master
  • Once you begin to learn more about the game, increase your influence over your team
  • Create new offensive formations to exploit a hole in your opponent's defense
  • Modify a game plan to allow your defense to control the tempo of the game
  • Dive deeper into specific roles for each player in the new Advanced Coaching Mode
Distributed Game Planning
  • Gameplans, Playbooks and Formations are separated to allow a user more focus and control
  • User-defined Formations and Playbooks are global – share and use them across all your GD worlds
  • Easily rotate playbooks based on your opponent's skillset
New Personalized Player Evaluations
  • Create your own ranking system to evaluate players based on the attributes that you value
  • Use your evaluations to rank incoming recruits and determine who fits your team’s profile
  • Create multiple roles for each position in the depth charts, yielding control over which players are used in formations