Record: 8-1 Conference: GLV Coach: hughesjr Prestige: A RPI: 89 SOS: 219
Division II - Kenosha, WI (Homecourt: B-)
Home: 2-1 Away: 6-0
Team News
Source Headline Date
AP Sports #15 Wisconsin, Parkside holds on for the win against #24 Montana St., Billings, 67-59
College Sports Network Catawba runs out of gas against #16 Wisconsin, Parkside, 58-63
S-I.com #18 Wisconsin, Parkside destroys Nebraska, Kearney, 84-54. Martin Moy leads all scorers with 23
S-I.com #13 Wisconsin, Parkside destroys Lane, 97-55
College Sports Network #16 Wisconsin, Parkside wins going away over Davis and Elkins, 82-68
Fox Sports #21 Rollins holds on for the win against #6 Wisconsin, Parkside, 86-76. Nathaniel Davis leads all scorers with 25
Sports Business News St. Edward's doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #5 Wisconsin, Parkside, 56-97
WIS NewsWire #3 Wisconsin, Parkside destroys N. Michigan, 77-52