SimLeague Football Updates

Changes within the last 3613 days...


  • 2014 Teams and Players are now available.


  • 2013 Teams and Players are now available.


  • 2012 Teams and Players are now available.


  • 2011 Players and Teams are now available.


  • 2010 Teams and Players are now available for drafting.


  • Boxscore has been given a minor graphical uplift.
  • 2008 Teams and Players are now available for drafting to your SimLeague team.


  • Draftable position players were updated to allow only players with a 25 or higher Durability (4 or more games in a 16 game season), and RBs have an additional condition that they must have 10 or higher Rush Stamina.


  • 2007 Teams and Players are now available for drafting to your SimLeague team.


  • Playoffs will now be re-seeded for the round 2 games. The lowest seed remaining will now play the #1 seeded team in the conference. This will affect all leagues in which the round 2 games have not yet been scheduled. The Playoff Bracket will be incorrect for these round 2 games (will be updated later).
  • Added Sack rating display to Offensive Lines when building a team and viewing them in the team profile. This rating is not new, but was never displayed. Sack Rating was not added to the search criteria yet.
  • Minor updates to decision logic within the engine, as well as some minor tweaks to player performance for low stamina players.


  • Added 2006 Team and Players. They are now available to draft. Please report any issues.


  • Full Season teams may now be sent back to the Draft Center before the season starts (league is scheduled). Please note that there is no guarantee that you can get back in to the League you left. Also, team profiles will not be available until after the league is scheduled, except by the owner of the team and the owner of the theme league.
  • Full Season teams may now be renamed before the league is scheduled. Click on the "Rename" icon next to the team in the Team Center.


  • 1941-1949 Teams and Players are now available for drafting. Over 100 Teams and 2000 Players have been made available.


  • User Playbooks are now available. Each user can save up to 3 Offensive Playbooks that they can then load into any of their team's Playbooks, the same as you can load a Standard Playbook now. To save one, go to one of your teams and save a playbook and then click the "Save User Playbook" button on the Offensive Playbooks page, selecting which User Playbook to save it to. To load a User Playbook, select it from the Load Playbook list the same as you would a Standard Playbook and click the "Load Playbook" button. You can name each of your User Playbooks to help keep them organized.
  • Draft Center - added First Name to search criteria for players.


  • Added logic to run rushing plays when winning and under 2 minutes to help run out clock.


  • Fixed some bugs. Defensive penalties should correctly nullify safeties and will not advance the down.
  • Updated rushing performance to try to fix the problem of some rushers having very low performance. For instance, when decent RBs would run 25 times for 20 yards. Please report any issues through customer support and feedback is always welcome.
  • Added a No Punt Yardline setting. Your team will not punt inside of this yardline on 4th down.


  • An error with how Pass Attempts were being counted on sack plays has been fixed (thanks chermol). Past inidividual stats have been corrected, but past team stats are still in error. Pass attempts will be counted correctly from now on.


  • Updated the logic when trying to run out the clock to choose more running plays. There is still the chance of a passing play, but it should be much more rare and in more appropriate situations.


  • Added 2005 players and teams. 32 new teams and over 500 new players to draft.


  • Updated passing logic. Attempts per game should be more closely based on Pass Stamina for QBs. Passing performance should be closer to Pass Accuracy and should be adjusted more properly for overuse. You should see more disparity between high and low rated QBs.


  • Changed to not punt within opponent 30 yardline. This mostly affects teams with short FG ranges.
  • Fixed penalties to nullify scores on punt returns.


  • Fixed an issue with injuries in the second half. Players were having higher injury chances than they should have.


  • Updated some defensive TO calls and penalty logic.
  • Adjusted the injury chances and performance factors for low stamina and low durability players.


  • Updated 4th down logic to take into account tied games. Was previously sometimes going for 4th when on your side and tied game, which is not a risk most coaches would take.


  • Fixed an issue where teams that had not set Depth Charts were forfeiting games. It will now use players off the bench that were not set in the Depth Chart.
  • Minor adjustments to Rushing logic.


  • Adjusted the Interception logic.


  • Updated the Standard Playbooks, improving play selection and adding 2-minute offense settings. You will need to re-load your playbooks, if you wish to use these settings.


  • Major update with salary changes. Games have been moved ahead a few days, and unscheduled leagues have had their teams sent back to the draft center.
  • New coaching settings - Adjust 4th down aggressiveness by zones. Set max FG distance. Break Defensive Focus by down, distance, and offensive formation. Set your own 2-Minute Offense Playbook.
  • Many engine changes. Player performance may change from previous performance. This affects both rushing and passing performances. Salaries have been updated accordingly.

Please note: Release notes can become stale. Please rely on the product's Rules, FAQ and Player Guide for official details and information.

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