Week 14 NFL Projections

BtB Previews Week 14 in Fantasy Football
By Paul Bessire, WhatIfSports.com
December 4th, 2007

NFL Football is here. With all of the work already done on our end, we figured we would share our comprehensive, week-by-week fantasy football projections with our users, as the focus of our weekly BtB feature. This thorough analysis and statistical evaluation of every player and team in the NFL is part of a broader endeavor with FOXSports.com's Fantasy Football. Each regular season game is simulated 61 times, with the averages of those games being our final predicted outcome. This allows us to account for ever player and stat. As Rosters and depth charts are up-to-date and as accurate as possible as of the Monday before each week's games. We will update these projections each week on Tuesday morning. The same is true for the widget that appears on this page and includes game scores.

To view a pop-up with positional rankings, please click on one of the links below. Good luck this season!

Quarterback Running Back Wide Receiver Tight End
Kicker Team Defense Individual Defense

Overall rankings

1.Jeff GarciaQBBuccaneersTexans27.1
2.Tony RomoQBCowboysLions23.2
3.Tarvaris JacksonQBVikings49ers22.3
4.Earnest GrahamRBBuccaneersTexans21.9
5.Derek AndersonQBBrownsJets21.8
6.Brett FavreQBPackersRaiders21.8
7.Reggie BushRBSaintsFalcons21.8
8.David GarrardQBJaguarsPanthers21.5
9.Ryan GrantRBPackersRaiders20.8
10.Drew BreesQBSaintsFalcons20.6
11.LaDainian TomlinsonRBChargersTitans20.5
12.Kurt WarnerQBCardinalsSeahawks19.9
13.Brian WestbrookRBEaglesGiants19.8
14.Adrian PetersonRBVikings49ers19.7
15.Carson PalmerQBBengalsRams19.7
16.Jay CutlerQBBroncosChiefs19.5
17.Chris RedmanQBFalconsSaints19.3
18.Peyton ManningQBColtsRavens19.1
19.Trent EdwardsQBBillsDolphins18.7
20.Kolby SmithRBChiefsBroncos18.6
21.Gus FrerotteQBRamsBengals18.4
22.Eli ManningQBGiantsEagles17.9
23.Philip RiversQBChargersTitans17.6
24.Edgerrin JamesRBCardinalsSeahawks17.5
25.Tom BradyQBPatriotsSteelers17.4
26.Joseph AddaiRBColtsRavens17.3
27.Larry FitzgeraldWRCardinalsSeahawks17.2
28.Brodie CroyleQBChiefsBroncos17.1
29.Jason CampbellQBRedskinsBears17.1
30.Clinton PortisRBRedskinsBears16.8
31.Donovan McNabbQBEaglesGiants16.2
32.Matt HasselbeckQBSeahawksCardinals16.1
33.Thomas JonesRBJetsBrowns15.9
34.Jamal LewisRBBrownsJets15.7
35.Reggie WayneWRColtsRavens15.5
36.Sage RosenfelsQBTexansBuccaneers15.5
37.Kellen ClemensQBJetsBrowns15.5
38.Joey GallowayWRBuccaneersTexans15.2
39.Terrell OwensWRCowboysLions15.1
40.Frank GoreRB49ersVikings14.7
41.Willis McGaheeRBRavensColts14.7
42.Braylon EdwardsWRBrownsJets14.5
43.Steven JacksonRBRamsBengals14.5
44.Marion BarberRBCowboysLions14.5
45.Vince YoungQBTitansChargers14.4
46.Marshawn LynchRBBillsDolphins14.4
47.Travis HenryRBBroncosChiefs14.2
48.Roddy WhiteWRFalconsSaints13.8
49.Rex GrossmanQBBearsRedskins13.7
50.Justin FargasRBRaidersPackers13.4
51.Brandon JacobsRBGiantsEagles13.3
52.Torry HoltWRRamsBengals13.3
53.Laurence MaroneyRBPatriotsSteelers13.3
54.Chad JohnsonWRBengalsRams13.2
55.Josh McCownQBRaidersPackers12.9
56.Adrian PetersonRBBearsRedskins12.8
57.T.J. HoushmandzadehWRBengalsRams12.8
58.Ron DayneRBTexansBuccaneers12.7
59.Chester TaylorRBVikings49ers12.7
60.Kellen WinslowTEBrownsJets12.6
61.Jon KitnaQBLionsCowboys12.5
63.Bobby EngramWRSeahawksCardinals12.3
64.Warrick DunnRBFalconsSaints12.3
65.Bobby WadeWRVikings49ers12.1
66.John BeckQBDolphinsBills12.1
67.Lee EvansWRBillsDolphins11.9
68.Laveranues ColesWRJetsBrowns11.9
69.Antonio GatesTEChargersTitans11.8
70.Chris CooleyTERedskinsBears11.7
71.Nate KaedingKChargersTitans11.7
72.Adam VinatieriKColtsRavens11.7
73.Trent DilferQB49ersVikings11.6
74.Donald DriverWRPackersRaiders11.5
75.Kevin JonesRBLionsCowboys11.4
76.Tony GonzalezTEChiefsBroncos11.2
78.Samkon GadoRBDolphinsBills11.1
79.Randy MossWRPatriotsSteelers11.0
80.Jason WittenTECowboysLions11.0
81.LenDale WhiteRBTitansChargers10.7
83.Marques ColstonWRSaintsFalcons10.5
84.Derrick MasonWRRavensColts10.5
85.Kyle BollerQBRavensColts10.5
86.Brandon StokleyWRBroncosChiefs10.5
87.Brandon MarshallWRBroncosChiefs10.4
88.Kevin CurtisWREaglesGiants10.4
89.Rian LindellKBillsDolphins10.4
90.Ike HilliardWRBuccaneersTexans10.3
91.Andre JohnsonWRTexansBuccaneers10.3
92.Dwayne BoweWRChiefsBroncos10.2
93.Plaxico BurressWRGiantsEagles10.2
94.Shaun AlexanderRBSeahawksCardinals10.2
95.Arnaz BattleWR49ersVikings10.2
96.Vinny TestaverdeQBPanthersJaguars10.1
97.Santana MossWRRedskinsBears9.9
98.Fred TaylorRBJaguarsPanthers9.9
99.Shaun McDonaldWRLionsCowboys9.9
100.Mason CrosbyKPackersRaiders9.9
101.DeShaun FosterRBPanthersJaguars9.7
102.Willie ParkerRBSteelersPatriots9.7
103.Bryant JohnsonWRCardinalsSeahawks9.6
104.Ronald CurryWRRaidersPackers9.6
105.Jeremy ShockeyTEGiantsEagles9.6
106.Wes WelkerWRPatriotsSteelers9.5
107.Ben RoethlisbergerQBSteelersPatriots9.5
108.Dennis NorthcuttWRJaguarsPanthers9.4
109.Selvin YoungRBBroncosChiefs9.4
111.Jason ElamKBroncosChiefs9.3
112.Steve SmithWRPanthersJaguars9.3
113.Maurice Jones-DrewRBJaguarsPanthers9.3
114.Greg JenningsWRPackersRaiders9.2
115.Kenny WatsonRBBengalsRams9.0
116.Nick FolkKCowboysLions9.0
117.Matt BryantKBuccaneersTexans9.0
118.David AkersKEaglesGiants8.9
119.Shayne GrahamKBengalsRams8.9
120.Marty BookerWRDolphinsBills8.9
121.Sidney RiceWRVikings49ers8.9
123.Jerious NorwoodRBFalconsSaints8.7
124.Reggie WilliamsWRJaguarsPanthers8.6
125.Jeff WilkinsKRamsBengals8.6
127.Robbie GouldKBearsRedskins8.6
129.Julius JonesRBCowboysLions8.5
130.Bernard BerrianWRBearsRedskins8.5
131.Josh ReedWRBillsDolphins8.5
132.Isaac BruceWRRamsBengals8.4
133.Josh ScobeeKJaguarsPanthers8.4
134.Amani ToomerWRGiantsEagles8.4
135.Phil DawsonKBrownsJets8.2
136.Hines WardWRSteelersPatriots8.2
137.Josh BrownKSeahawksCardinals8.1
138.John CarneyKChiefsBroncos8.1
140.Chris ChambersWRChargersTitans8.1
141.Ryan LongwellKVikings49ers7.9
142.Shaun SuishamKRedskinsBears7.9
143.Jerry PorterWRRaidersPackers7.9
144.Roydell WilliamsWRTitansChargers7.9
145.Owen DanielsTETexansBuccaneers7.9
146.Mike NugentKJetsBrowns7.9
147.David PattenWRSaintsFalcons7.8
148.Olindo MareKSaintsFalcons7.8
149.Neil RackersKCardinalsSeahawks7.7
150.Lawrence TynesKGiantsEagles7.7
151.Kevin WalterWRTexansBuccaneers7.7
152.Justin GageWRTitansChargers7.6
153.James JonesWRPackersRaiders7.4
154.Maurice MorrisRBSeahawksCardinals7.3
156.Stephen GostkowskiKPatriotsSteelers7.2
157.Marcedes LewisTEJaguarsPanthers7.2
159.Jay FeelyKDolphinsBills7.1
160.Fred JacksonRBBillsDolphins7.1
161.Kris BrownKTexansBuccaneers7.1
162.Jason HansonKLionsCowboys6.9
163.Donald LeeTEPackersRaiders6.9
164.Michael JenkinsWRFalconsSaints6.8
165.Joe JureviciusWRBrownsJets6.7
166.Ernest WilfordWRJaguarsPanthers6.7
167.Heath MillerTESteelersPatriots6.7
168.Matt StoverKRavensColts6.7
169.Morten AndersenKFalconsSaints6.7
170.Rudi JohnsonRBBengalsRams6.5
171.Deion BranchWRSeahawksCardinals6.4
172.Reuben DroughnsRBGiantsEagles6.4
173.Vincent JacksonWRChargersTitans6.4
174.Calvin JohnsonWRLionsCowboys6.3
175.Visanthe ShiancoeTEVikings49ers6.3
176.Ted Ginn Jr.WRDolphinsBills6.3
177.Vernon DavisTE49ersVikings6.3
178.Anthony GonzalezWRColtsRavens6.2
180.Mike FurreyWRLionsCowboys6.2
181.Dallas ClarkTEColtsRavens6.1
182.Zach MillerTERaidersPackers6.0
185.Leonard PopeTECardinalsSeahawks5.8
186.Brad SmithWRJetsBrowns5.7
189.Patrick CraytonWRCowboysLions5.6
190.Devard DarlingWRRavensColts5.6
192.Reggie BrownWREaglesGiants5.6
193.Bo ScaifeTETitansChargers5.5
195.Andre DavisWRTexansBuccaneers5.4
196.Kevin FaulkRBPatriotsSteelers5.4
197.David MartinTEDolphinsBills5.4
200.Rob BironasKTitansChargers5.3

* The individual players and defensive teams are ranked based entirely on projected weekly fantasy points using the FOX Fantasy Football Default Scoring where for QBs, RBs, WRs and TE, all TDs are 6 points, each 25 yards passing are 1 point, interceptions are -2 points, fumbles lost are -2 points, each ten yards receiving or rushing are 1 point and two-point conversions are 2 points. For kickers, all extra points are 1 point and all field goals are at least 3 points with an extra bonus point for field goals made over 40 yards and another bonus point for field goals made over 50 yards. Individual defensive players (linked to below, but not inlcuded in overall rankings) earn 1 point for each solo tackle, 1 point for each sack, 2 points for each interception and six points for each touchdown. Team defenses include special teams and are treated similarly for sacks, interceptions and touchdown returns, while a more complex system, based on the outcome of each individual game, is utilized for points allowed per game.

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