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Week 6 Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy football projections, predictions and cheat sheets
By Paul Bessire, WhatIfSports.com
October 13th, 2009

This thorough analysis and statistical evaluation of every player and team in the NFL is part of a broader endeavor with FOXSports.com's Fantasy Football. Each regular season game is simulated 10,001 times. This allows us to account for every player and statistical interaction in an NFL game. Rosters and depth charts are up-to-date and as accurate as possible as of Tuesday each week. Information on scoring appears at the bottom of this article.

To view a pop-up with positional rankings, please click on one of the links below. Good luck this season!

Quarterback Running Back Wide Receiver Tight End
Kicker Team Defense Individual Defense

1.Donovan McNabbQBEaglesRaiders20.9
2.Aaron RodgersQBPackersLions20.2
3.Drew BreesQBSaintsGiants19.8
4.Matt SchaubQBTexansBengals19.8
5.Cedric BensonRBBengalsTexans18.7
6.Ben RoethlisbergerQBSteelersBrowns18.5
7.Tom BradyQBPatriotsTitans18.3
8.Eli ManningQBGiantsSaints18.1
9.Philip RiversQBChargersBroncos17.9
10.Kurt WarnerQBCardinalsSeahawks17.8
11.Matt ForteRBBearsFalcons17.7
12.Matt HasselbeckQBSeahawksCardinals17.4
13.Brett FavreQBVikingsRavens17.2
14.Matt RyanQBFalconsBears17.1
15.Pierre ThomasRBSaintsGiants16.8
16.David GarrardQBJaguarsRams16.8
17.Joe FlaccoQBRavensVikings16.7
18.Ryan GrantRBPackersLions16.6
19.Rashard MendenhallRBSteelersBrowns16.5
20.Jay CutlerQBBearsFalcons16.5
21.Knowshon MorenoRBBroncosChargers16.3
22.Kyle OrtonQBBroncosChargers15.8
23.Adrian PetersonRBVikingsRavens15.8
24.Ray RiceRBRavensVikings15.3
25.Maurice Jones-DrewRBJaguarsRams14.8
26.Michael TurnerRBFalconsBears14.7
27.Carson PalmerQBBengalsTexans14.1
28.Matt CasselQBChiefsRedskins13.9
29.Andre JohnsonWRTexansBengals13.9
30.Jason CampbellQBRedskinsChiefs13.9
31.Ahmad BradshawRBGiantsSaints13.6
32.Steven JacksonRBRamsJaguars13.5
33.Jake DelhommeQBPanthersBuccaneers13.5
34.Clinton PortisRBRedskinsChiefs12.8
35.Daunte CulpepperQBLionsPackers12.7
36.Jamal LewisRBBrownsSteelers12.5
37.DeAngelo WilliamsRBPanthersBuccaneers12.5
38.Kevin SmithRBLionsPackers12.4
39.Hines WardWRSteelersBrowns12.3
40.Marc BulgerQBRamsJaguars12.3
41.Roddy WhiteWRFalconsBears12.3
42.LeSean McCoyRBEaglesRaiders12.2
43.Mark SanchezQBJetsBills11.9
44.Brian WestbrookRBEaglesRaiders11.7
45.Marshawn LynchRBBillsJets11.4
46.Tim HightowerRBCardinalsSeahawks11.2
47.Josh JohnsonQBBuccaneersPanthers11.2
48.Steve SmithWRPanthersBuccaneers11.2
49.Jonathan StewartRBPanthersBuccaneers11.1
50.Chris JohnsonRBTitansPatriots10.9
51.Carnell WilliamsRBBuccaneersPanthers10.8
52.Donald DriverWRPackersLions10.8
53.Vincent JacksonWRChargersBroncos10.8
54.Leon WashingtonRBJetsBills10.7
55.Larry FitzgeraldWRCardinalsSeahawks10.6
56.T.J. HoushmandzadehWRSeahawksCardinals10.5
57.Reggie BushRBSaintsGiants10.5
58.Sammy MorrisRBPatriotsTitans10.5
59.Wes WelkerWRPatriotsTitans10.5
60.Steve SlatonRBTexansBengals10.3
61.Trent EdwardsQBBillsJets10.2
62.Larry JohnsonRBChiefsRedskins10.2
63.Steve SmithWRGiantsSaints10.2
64.Antonio GatesTEChargersBroncos10.2
65.Brent CelekTEEaglesRaiders10.1
66.Nate BurlesonWRSeahawksCardinals10.1
67.Brandon JacobsRBGiantsSaints10.0
68.Chad OchocincoWRBengalsTexans9.6
69.Anquan BoldinWRCardinalsSeahawks9.6
70.Mewelde MooreRBSteelersBrowns9.5
71.Kerry CollinsQBTitansPatriots9.4
72.Brandon MarshallWRBroncosChargers9.2
73.Derek AndersonQBBrownsSteelers9.2
74.Randy MossWRPatriotsTitans9.1
75.Jeff ReedKSteelersBrowns9.1
76.David AkersKEaglesRaiders9.1
77.Shayne GrahamKBengalsTexans9.0
78.DeSean JacksonWREaglesRaiders8.9
79.Tony GonzalezTEFalconsBears8.9
80.John KasayKPanthersBuccaneers8.9
81.Mason CrosbyKPackersLions8.9
82.Santana MossWRRedskinsChiefs8.8
83.Garrett HartleyKSaintsGiants8.8
84.Mike Sims-WalkerWRJaguarsRams8.8
85.Nate KaedingKChargersBroncos8.8
86.Thomas JonesRBJetsBills8.6
87.Mario ManninghamWRGiantsSaints8.6
88.Robbie GouldKBearsFalcons8.5
89.Marques ColstonWRSaintsGiants8.5
90.Fred JacksonRBBillsJets8.4
91.Jason ElamKFalconsBears8.4
92.Owen DanielsTETexansBengals8.4
93.Julius JonesRBSeahawksCardinals8.4
94.Rian LindellKBillsJets8.3
95.Percy HarvinWRVikingsRavens8.3
96.Darren SprolesRBChargersBroncos8.2
97.Mohamed MassaquoiWRBrownsSteelers8.2
98.Kris BrownKTexansBengals8.2
99.Derrick WardRBBuccaneersPanthers8.1
100.Johnny KnoxWRBearsFalcons8.1
101.Torry HoltWRJaguarsRams8.1
102.JaMarcus RussellQBRaidersEagles8.0
103.LaDainian TomlinsonRBChargersBroncos8.0
104.Eddie RoyalWRBroncosChargers8.0
105.Jason HansonKLionsPackers8.0
106.Matt PraterKBroncosChargers8.0
107.Ryan LongwellKVikingsRavens7.9
108.Jay FeelyKJetsBills7.9
109.Michael BushRBRaidersEagles7.7
110.LaMont JordanRBBroncosChargers7.7
111.Lawrence TynesKGiantsSaints7.7
112.Todd HeapTERavensVikings7.6
113.Heath MillerTESteelersBrowns7.6
114.Ryan SuccopKChiefsRedskins7.5
115.Sidney RiceWRVikingsRavens7.3
116.Olindo MareKSeahawksCardinals7.2
117.Dwayne BoweWRChiefsRedskins7.2
118.Stephen GostkowskiKPatriotsTitans7.2
119.Neil RackersKCardinalsSeahawks7.2
120.Donnie AveryWRRamsJaguars7.2
121.Steve BreastonWRCardinalsSeahawks7.2
122.Jerricho CotcheryWRJetsBills7.1
123.Louis MurphyWRRaidersEagles7.1
125.Muhsin MuhammadWRPanthersBuccaneers7.0
127.Steven HauschkaKRavensVikings6.9
128.Braylon EdwardsWRJetsBills6.8
129.Earl BennettWRBearsFalcons6.8
130.Shaun SuishamKRedskinsChiefs6.8
131.Terrell OwensWRBillsJets6.7
132.Jason AvantWREaglesRaiders6.7
133.Greg JenningsWRPackersLions6.7
134.John CarlsonTESeahawksCardinals6.6
137.Derrick MasonWRRavensVikings6.6
138.Hakeem NicksWRGiantsSaints6.6
139.Jeremy ShockeyTESaintsGiants6.6
140.Justin FargasRBRaidersEagles6.5
141.Michael JenkinsWRFalconsBears6.5
142.Mark ClaytonWRRavensVikings6.5
143.Beanie WellsRBCardinalsSeahawks6.4
145.LenDale WhiteRBTitansPatriots6.4
146.Devery HendersonWRSaintsGiants6.4
147.Rob BironasKTitansPatriots6.4
148.Antwaan Randle ElWRRedskinsChiefs6.3
149.Josh ScobeeKJaguarsRams6.3
150.Bernard BerrianWRVikingsRavens6.2
151.Greg OlsenTEBearsFalcons6.1
152.Dennis NorthcuttWRLionsPackers6.1
153.Sebastian JanikowskiKRaidersEagles6.1
154.Kenny BrittWRTitansPatriots6.0
156.Jermichael FinleyTEPackersLions5.9
157.Keenan BurtonWRRamsJaguars5.9
158.Billy CundiffKBrownsSteelers5.9
159.Santonio HolmesWRSteelersBrowns5.8
162.Mark BradleyWRChiefsRedskins5.7
164.Shane AndrusKBuccaneersPanthers5.5
165.Brandon PettigrewTELionsPackers5.5
167.Chris HenryWRBengalsTexans5.5
169.Rashad JenningsRBJaguarsRams5.5
170.Jerious NorwoodRBFalconsBears5.4
171.Bryant JohnsonWRLionsPackers5.4
172.Josh BrownKRamsJaguars5.3
173.Kellen WinslowTEBuccaneersPanthers5.3
176.Willis McGaheeRBRavensVikings5.2
177.Kevin WalterWRTexansBengals5.2
178.Laurence MaroneyRBPatriotsTitans5.1
179.Zach MillerTERaidersEagles5.1
181.Jamaal CharlesRBChiefsRedskins5.0
182.Jeremy MaclinWREaglesRaiders5.0
183.Chester TaylorRBVikingsRavens4.9
185.Bobby WadeWRChiefsRedskins4.9
188.Shonn GreeneRBJetsBills4.8
190.Daniel FellsTERamsJaguars4.8
191.Jabar GaffneyWRBroncosChargers4.8
192.Andre CaldwellWRBengalsTexans4.7
194.Chris CooleyTERedskinsChiefs4.6
195.Mike BellRBSaintsGiants4.6
196.Marcedes LewisTEJaguarsRams4.6
198.Lee EvansWRBillsJets4.3
199.Julian EdelmanWRPatriotsTitans4.3
200.Donald LeeTEPackersLions4.3

* The individual players and defensive teams are ranked based entirely on projected full-season fantasy points using the FOX Fantasy Football default scoring where for QBs, RBs, WRs and TE, all TDs are 6 points, each 25 yards passing are 1 point, interceptions are -2 points, fumbles lost are -2 points, each ten yards receiving are 1 point and two-point conversions are 2 points. For kickers, all extra points are 1 point and all field goals are at least 3 points with an extra bonus point for field goals made over 40 yards and another bonus point for field goals made over 50 yards. Individual defensive players (linked to below, but not inlcuded in overall rankings) earn 1 point for each solo tackle, 1 point for each sack, 2 points for each interception and six points for each touchdown. Team defenses include special teams and are treated similarly for sacks, interceptions and touchdown returns, while a more complex system, based on the outcome of each individual game, is utilized for points allowed per game.

Please note: These overall fantasy rankings are based on total points earned for the season. They do not account for position scarcity, number of owners drafting and their drafting styles, roster restrictions, custom league scoring rules or other items that should be considered while drafting.

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Paul Bessire is the Product Manager of Content and Quantitative Analysis for WhatIfSports.com, a division of FOX Sports Interactive specializing in fantasy football simulation analysis and football sim games. With any comments, questions or topic suggestions, Paul can be reached at BtB@whatifsports.com. Thanks!

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