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Super Bowl XLVI Prop Bet Predictions

Bet the over on Kelly Clarkson's National Anthem, Peyton Manning sightings

By Jake Westrich -
UPDATE: January 31, 2012

The Super Bowl consistently cranks out massive viewership, evidenced by 162.9 million people watching last year's Packers-Steelers showdown. And yet, the game frequently turns into a subpar match. Clearly the masses aren't tuning in just to watch the football festivities.

What's the draw, then? The halftime show? Madonna hasn't been relevant in 20 years. Maybe to watch the entertaining commercials? Newsflash: thanks to YouTube, you can see what everyone's talking about (probably a beer spot) 40 times the following day.

So if it's not the game, halftime show or commercials, what is driving this audience? By the process of elimination, one can deduce that the plethora of prop bets is the catalyst for this programming. And why not? Where else can you turn a profit by betting on someone to botch the National Anthem? Name one other event that generates more conversation about the accrual of penalty yards. And don't get us started on the coin flip.

The NFL simulation engine has been working overtime, digging into the numbers to reveal who has the edge in the Super Bowl XLVI prop bets:

Prop BetVegas OddsWIS Prediction
Coin FlipHeads (-105)
Tails (-105)
Heads - 50.15%
Clarkson's National Anthem1 minute, 34 seconds1 minute, 35 seconds
Gatorade Shower ColorClear/Water (2/1)Clear/Water - 68.4%
Yellow (2/1)
Orange (9/4)
Red (11/2)
Green (6/1)
Blue (10/1)
Peyton Manning SightingsO/U - (3.5)Over - 4
Gisele Bundchen SightingsO/U - (0.5)Under - 0

Prop Bet Analysis

Coin Flip - Through 45 Super Bowls, "tails" holds the slightest edge, landing right-side up on 23 occasions. Don't count out "heads" though, which is riding a three-game winning streak and has turned up 22 times overall. A coin flip is a 50/50 proposition, and I like that statement to ring truer than ever with a nod to "heads" this year.

<a href='' target='_new' title=' Super Bowl Simulation'>Video: Super Bowl Simulation</a>

Clarkson's National Anthem - Kelly Clarkson is no stranger to the big stage, performing the National Anthem at both the 2010 World Series and the 2011 NBA Finals. In both instances, she finished in approximately 1 minute, 33 seconds, making this a tough prop bet. However, given the magnitude of the event, I'm inclined to believe she can milk this thing for an additional two seconds. I'll take the over.

Gatorade Shower Color - Orange Gatorade has been a hot item, dousing the last two Super Bowl coaches. However, clear/water was the drink of choice on four consecutive occasions from 2005 through 2008. That streak included both Bill Belichick (2005) and Tom Coughlin (2008). I'll wager that the Patriots' and Giants' penchant for clear/water hasn't changed since then.

Peyton Manning Sightings - Manning has stacked the deck in his favor to earn some serious time in the limelight during the Super Bowl. First, there's the ongoing speculation about his career, both if it will continue and what team he could play for next. Adding to Manning's marketability is the location of the Super Bowl, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, his home turf. Finally, younger brother Eli's pursuit of a second Super Bowl victory, one more than Peyton, is sure to earn some face time.

Gisele Bundchen Sightings - If the game turns into a blowout, Bundchen will be sitting pretty to earn some TV time. Alas, this one is projected to be close the whole way. I like her chances of making an appearance during the postgame celebration, perhaps on the arm of beau Tom Brady during his MVP ceremony, but the Vegas odds dictate her appearance must be between the kickoff and final whistle.

Our NFL Simulation engine's 1,001 Super Bowl XLVI simulations also generated predictions for the following in-game prop bets.

Prop BetVegas OddsWIS Prediction
Score FirstPatriots (-105)Patriots - 50.7%
Giants (-125)
Score First TDPatriotsPatriots - 50.7%
First Player TDAhmad Bradshaw11.4%
Victor Cruz10.4%
Wes Welker10.0%
BenJarvus Green-Ellis9.6%
Rob Gronkowski8.4%
Brandon Jacobs7.2%
Deion Branch7.0%
Danny Woodhead7.0%
Over/Under (55.0)Over - (-110)Under - 60.3%
Under - (-110)
Super Bowl XLVI MVPAhmad Bradshaw (20/1)4.2%
Aaron Hernandez (16/1)0.6%
Wes Welker (15/1)3.2%
Hakeem Nicks (12/1)0.2%
Rob Gronkowski (10/1)0.4%
Victor Cruz (8/1)0.6%
Eli Manning (9/4)28.7%
Tom Brady (7/5)53.5%

Team1st Qtr.2nd Qtr.3rd Qtr.4th Qtr.
New York Giants4.
New England Patriots5.

Simulate Super Bowl XLVI

Team1st Qtr.2nd Qtr.3rd Qtr.4th Qtr.
New York Giants7141724
New England Patriots7172027

Simulate Super Bowl XLVI

TeamLast 2 Minutes of HalfLast 2 Minutes of Game
New York Giants48.9%35.9%
New England Patriots56.9%33.7%

Note: The odds that either team will score in the "Last 2 Minutes of the 1st Half" are:
Yes (-290) No (+230). This prop bet accounts for both teams.

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