Time Lapse Regressive Draft COMPLETE Topic

The Time Lapse Regressive

How do you turn Derrek Lee into Lou Gehrig in 7 Seasons? Randy Johnson into Walter Johnson in 8 seasons? 
I have no patience for Progressives. I know that many of you love them and I have tried to love them too. It seems to take forever to infuse new Eras of players into the league. I also love to do research and hate picking one of the 3 remaining SS none of which have enough PA's to get me through the season. This REgressive should give us an opportunity to play with a full roster and ROCKET through the history of baseball in 12 seasons instead of 125.

This league will draft by decade starting in 2009-2000. Every player that has a SIM SEASON in this decade is eligible. Each Season will regress another decade. There will be UNLIMITED Keepers. This is a 24 Team League with No AAA, DH, Clones, IR or DL. There will be no salary cap. The Salary Minimum will be 80mil. 

This is a Multi Season League and is looking for owners willing to stay for awhile. I would like to try and make it to the 20's if possible. Finishing history would be great. 

Season 1: When you sign up you will select a current city and a stadium used in that decade by your team. Teams will be aligned as close to real life as possible. The draft will be a 25 Round Forum Draft that will be serpentine. Players are exclusive. We will draft every 30 minutes from 10am- 10pm EST. The proxy system will be used. 

Season 2: The Forum Draft will be a straight Draft 1-25, 1-25 for as many rounds as it takes to complete the draft. Draft order will be determined by Previous Season Record in reverse order. First tie breaker will be Number of consecutive seasons played, second will be Head to Head, third will be AWAY record from Previous Season.

Season 3 and beyond: Draft order will be determined by Previous TWO Seasons Record in reverse order.

Tanking: As the pool for player is deep there should be no excuse for tanking in this league. To keep us all honest (in the pending Babe Ruth years) you must win 40 games by game 120 to qualify for a top 5 pick.

Stadium Changes: When your team is Retracted by MLB (reverse expansion from MLB History ie: New York Mets) as team owner you will choose to move your team to a NEW city. You will select a new stadium from the remaining Stadiums of that decade not taken by existing franchises that have rights to them. If we run out of stadiums in a decade, you will use the Stadium from the previous Season. Future Stadium selection (Draft) will be on an as needed basis, draft order is based on the same criteria as the Player Draft.
8/14/2010 12:19 PM


1. AKlopp: Philadelphia/ Citizen's Bank Park
2. beirnej1: Washington/ Nationals Park
3. brucel: New York/Shea Stadium
4. styles12345: Atlanta/ Turner Field

1. papalon: Pittsburgh/Three Rivers
2. Staindman: St. Louis/ Busch Stadium
3. teveritt: Cincinatti/ Great American Ballpark
4. Giter_Dunn: Chicago/ Wrigley

1. nin311ff: Los Angels/Dodgers Stadium
2. Tucker T's: San Francisco/ 3Com Park
3. razorclams: San Diego/ Petco
4. yatagon: Arizona/Chase Field


1. elduro25: Boston/Fenway
2. hoopsrus: Baltimore/ Camden Yards 
3. Bilfert: New York/ Yankees Stadium III
4. shaggyno0: Toronto/ Rogers Centre

1. specsman: Minnesota/HH Humphrey Dome
2. jmc44: Cleveland/ Jacobs Field
3. tridentric: Kansas City/Kauffman Stadium
4. jpccr: Chicago/US Cellular Field

1. fatboydad54: Seattle/SafeCo
2. willsauve: Oakland/Network Associates Coliseum
3. ShackAttack: Anaheim/Angels Stadium
4. grayfoxx: Texas Rangers/Arlington Stadium

Sitemail: Bilfert; nin311ff; elduro25; papalon; hoopsrus; fatboydad54; Tucker T's; Staindman; AKlopp; teveritt; willsauve; specsman, jmc44; Giter_Dunn; beirnej1; tridentric; jpccr; shaggyno9; razorclams; brucel; ShackAttack; styles12345; yatagon; grayfoxx
9/12/2010 11:41 PM (edited)
Draft Rules/Additional Notes/Questions Answered:

1. Trading of Draft picks will be allowed. The Commissioner will veto or call a vote on egregious trade offers.

2. In order to be eligible for this draft, Players MUST have at least one draftable Season or Partial Season in the WiS database from 2000-2009.  The WiS database is the official source for this draft not Baseball-Reference.com.  You MUST be able to put your drafted player on your roster for THIS Season.  There are no DL or AAA slots to stash ineligible players.

3. We will use the Proxy system.  This means that if you are unable to make your pick during your draft slot you can Sitemail your picks to other owners and they can make the pick for you.  Suggestions when using this system:  Make sure that your list includes enough players to reach your pick.  If your pick is 8 slots away and you only give us 4 picks, it is possible that when your turn comes up your turn will pass.  I suggest that you send picks to Owners after you in the draft not before.  This way they don't scoop your picks.  Once the draft gets going, you will see who is on often and make their picks on time.  With work and family, some owners are not able to make picks for you.  Finally, make sure someone either Sitemails or posts in the forum that they can make your pick.

4. There will be no available player list for drafts. The 10 year pool makes it far to Vast. I have run many successful Forum Drafts.

5. Once a pick is posted there is no changing.  There are NO exceptions to this rule.  If your pick is deemed ineligible, you will be able to re-pick immediately.

5. You and You alone are responsible for your picks.  We use the Proxy system and consider this league to run like a community.  this means that we are all here to help others and make the draft run as smoothly as possible.  But, if your pick is not posted or your pick is incorrect, the draft will not stop until you have made the pick or corrected the pick.

6. Once a pick is posted, the next owner is up.  Meaning if your pick slot is 10:00am-10:29am and you pick at 10:02 your pick is official, the next owner may pick immediately.  This often helps the draft move faster especially when there are a slew of Proxy picks.  If picks are being made quickly the times do not change.  That means that if you know you pick from 3:00-3:30, this will always be your slot.  If you are busy, you do not need to check the draft as your slot will NOT be moved forward due to quick picks.

7. I will list the taken players.  This is a COURTESY.  It is your responsibility to make sure that your player is still eligible.  I do my best to make sure that the list is accurate but I do make mistakes.  If you notice a player is missing, please post to let me know.  If someone takes a player that was taken but not listed please post and send a Sitemail to that owner.  I have a pretty good system, but I am not perfect.  I suggest checking the forum for the days picks if they are not yet listed.

This should be a fun draft and a fun league.  Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/14/2010 12:55 PM (edited)
Taken Pitchers A-L:
Adams, Mike
Aguilera, Rick
Alvarez, Wilson
Appier, Kevin
Arroyo, Bronson
Ashby, Andy
Bailey, Andrew
Balfour, Grant
Beck, Rod
Beckett, Josh
Bedard, Erik
Belcher, Tim
Bell, Heath
Benes, Andy
Benitez, Armando
Betrancourt, Rafael
Billingsley, Chad
Blanton, Joe
Borbon Jr., Pedro
Bottalico, Ricky
Brown, Kevin
Broxton, Jonathan
Bruney, Brian
Buccholz, Taylor
Buehrle, Mark
Burkett, John
Burnett, AJ
Bush, Dave
Byrd, Paul
Cain, Matt
Calero, Kiko
Carmona, Fausto
Carpenter, Chris
Carrasco, Hector
Castillo, Frank
Chamberlain, Joba
Charlton, Norm
Clemens, Roger
Clement, Matt
Colon, Bartolo
Cone, David
Contreras, Jose
Cordero, Chad
Cormier, Rheal
D'Amico, Jeff
Danks, John
Davis, Doug
Dempster, Ryan
Devine, Joey
Donnelly, Brenden
Dotel, Octavio
Dubose, Eric
Duchscherer, Justin
Durocher, Jayson
Eldred, Cal
Embree, Alan
Escobar, Kelvim
Eyre, Scott
Farnsworth, Kyle
Fassero, Jeff
Feliz, Neftali
Finley, Chuck
Floyd, Gavin
Foulke, Keith
Franco, John
Fuentes, Brian
Gagne, Eric
Garces, Rich
Garcia, Freddy
Garland, Jon
Glavine, Tom
Gonzalez, Mike
Gooden, Dwight
Gordon, Tom
Greinke, Zach
Groom, Buddy
Guardado, Eddie
Guerrier, Matt
Guthrie, Mark
Halladay, Roy
Hamels, Cole
Hammond, Chris
Hampton, Mike
Hanson, Tommy
Harang, Aaron
Harden, Rich
Haren, Dan
Hasegawa, Shigetoshi
Hawkis, LaTroy
Heilman, Aaron
Henry, Doug
Hensley, Clay
Hentgen, Pat
Herges, Herges
Hernandez, Felix
Hernandez, Livan
Hernandez, Orlando
Hernandez, Roberto
Hoffman, Trevor
Holmes, Darren
Howell, JP
Howry, Bobby
Hudson, Tim
Isringhausen, Jason
Jackson, Mike
Jenks, Bobby
Jiminez, Ubaldo
Johnson, Josh
Johnson, Randy
Jones, Doug
Jones, Todd
Jurrjens, Jair
Karsay, Steve
Kazmir, Scott
Kershaw, Clayton
Kile, Darryl
Kim, Byung-hyun
Kline, Steve
Kuo, Hong Chih
Kuroda, Hiroki
Lackey, John
Lee, Cliff
Leiter, Al
Lester, Jon
Lidge, Brad
Lieber, Jon
Lilly, Ted
Lincecum, Tim
Linebrink, Scott
Liriano, Francisco
Loaiza, Esteban
Lopez, Rodrigo
Lowe, Derek
Lowry, Noah
9/12/2010 9:04 PM (edited)
Taken Pitchers M-Z:
MacDougal, Mike
Maddux, Greg
Maine, John
Mantei, Matt
Manzanillo, Josias
Marmol, Carlos
Marte, Damaso
Martinez, Pedro
Martinez, Ramon
Mateo, Julio
Matsuzaka, Daisuke
Mays, Joe
McGowan, Dustin
Mendoza, Ramiro
Meredith, Cla
Mesa, Jose
Millwood, Kevin
Morgan, Mike
Morris, Matt
Moss, Damian
Mota, Guillermo
Moyer, Jamie
Moylan, Peter
Mulder, Mark
Mussina, Mike
Nathan, Joe
Neagle, Denny
Nelson, Jeff
Nenn, Rob
Neshek, Pat
Nolasco, Ricky
Nomo, Hideo
O'Day, Darren
Okajima, Hideki
Ortiz, Russ
Oswalt, Roy
Otsuka, Akinori
Padilla, Vincente
Papelbon, Jonathan
Park, Chan Ho
Patterson, John
Pavano, Carl
Peavy, Jake
Penny, Brad
Percival, Troy
Perez, Odalis
Perez, Oliver
Perez, Rafeal
Pettitte, Andy
Pinero, Joel
Politte, Cliff
Ponson, Sidney
Prior, Mark
Putz, JJ
Quantrill, Paul
Radke, Brad
Redman, Mark
Reed, Rick
Reed, Steve
Remlinger, Mike
Reyes, Al
Reyes, Dennis
Rhodes, Arthur
Rijo, Jose
Rincon, Juan
Riske, David
Rivera, Mariano
Rocker, John
Rodriguez, Felix
Rodriguez, Francisco
Rodriguez, Wandy
Rogers, Kenny
Romero, JC
Romo, Sergio
Ryan, BJ
Sabathia, CC
Saito, Takashi
Sanchez, Anibal
Santana, Ervin
Santana, Johan
Sasaki, Kaz
Saunders, Joe
Schilling, Curt
Schmidt, Jason
Schourek, Pete
Sele, Aaron
Seo, Jae Weong
Shaw, Jeff
Sheets, Ben
Shields, James
Shields, Scot
Silva, Carlos
Slowey, Kevin
Smoltz, John
Soria, Joakim
Soriano, Rafael
Spooneybarger, Tim
Springer, Russ
Street, Houston
Sullivan, Scott
Swindell, Greg
Takatsu, Shingo
Tavarez, Julian
Tejada, Robinson
Thornton, Matt
Timlin, Mike
Turnbow, Derrick
Urbina, Ugeth
Valdez, Ismael
Valverde, Jose
Vazquez, Javier
Verlander, Justin
Volquez, Edison
Wade, Cory
Wagner, Billy
Wainwright, Adam
Wakefield, Tim
Wang, Chien-Ming
Washburn, Jarrod
Weathers, David
Weaver, Jared
Weaver, Jeff
Webb, Brandon
Wells, David
Westbrook, Jake
Wetteland, John
Wheeler, Dan
White, Gabe
Wickman, Bob
Williams, Woody
Williamson, Scott
Willis, Dontrelle
Wilson, Paul
Wise, Matt
Wolf, Randy
Wood, Kerry
Wright, Jaret
Wuertz, Michael
Young, Chris
Zambrano, Carlos
Zimmerman, Jeff
Zito, Barry
Zumaya, Joel
9/11/2010 2:38 AM (edited)
Abreu, Bobby
Alfonzo, Edgardo
Alomar, Jr, Sandy
Alomar, Roberto
Alou, Moises
Anderson, Brady
Anderson, Garrett
Anderson, Marlon
Atkins, Garrett
Aurilia, Rich
Ausmus, Brad
Aviles, Mike
Aybar, Erick
Baerga, Carlos
Bagwell, Jeff
Bard, Josh
Bautista, Tony
Bay, Jason
Bell, Jay
Belle, Albert
Bellhorn, Mark
Beltran, Carlos
Beltre, Adrian
Berkman, Lance
Bichette, Dante
Biggio, Craig
Bonds, Barry
Bonilla, Bobby
Boone, Bret
Borders, Pat
Bordick, Mike
Bradley, Milton
Braun, Ryan
Brosius, Scott
Burks, Ellis
Cabrera, Asdrubal
Cabrera, Miguel
Cabrera, Orlando
Caminiti, Ken
Cano, Robinson
Canseco, Jose
Carroll, Jamey
Casey, Sean
Castilla, Vinnie
Castillo, Luis
Chavez, Eric
Choo, Shin-Soo
Cintron, Alex
Cirillo, Jeff
Clark, Brady
Clark, Tony
Clark, Will
Colbrunn, Greg
Conine, Jeff
Counsell, Craig
Crawford, Carl
Cruz, Nelson
Damon, Johnny
Davis, Eric
Delgado, Carlos
Doumit, Ryan
Drew, JD
Duffy, Chris
Dunn, Adam
Durham, Ray
Dye, Jermaine
Eckstein, David
Edmonds, Jim
Ellis, Mark
Ellsbury, Jacoby
Ensberg, Morgan
Erstad, Darin
Escobar, Alex
Everrett, Carl
Fernandez, Tony
Fielder, Prince
Figgins, Chone
Finley, Steve
Fletcher, Darrin
Flores, Jesus
Floyd, Cliff
Fordyce, Brook
Franco, Julio
Frye, Jeff
Fryman, Travis
Furcal, Rafael
Gallaraga, Andres
Gant, Ron
Garciaparra, Nomar
German, Estaban
Giambi, Jason
Giambi, Jeremy
Giles, Brian
Giles, Marcus
Gilkey, Bernard
Glanville, Doug
Glaus, Troy
Gomez, Chris
Gonzalez, Juan
Gonzalez, Luis
Grace, Mark
Granderson, Curtis
Green, Shawn
Greene, Khalil
Greer, Rusty
Grieve, Ben
Griffey Jr, Ken
Grissom, Marquis
Grudzielanek, Mark
Guerrero, Vladmir
Guillen, Carlos
Guillen, Jose
Guzman, Christian
Gwynn, Tony
Hafner, Travis
Hall, Bill
Hall, Toby
Hamilton, Josh
Hammock, Robby
Hammonds, Jeffrey
Helton, Todd
Henderson, Rickey
Hernandez, Ramon
Higginson, Bobby
Hildago, Richard
Hill, Aaron
Hill, Glenallen
Hillenbrand, Shea
Hollandsworth, Todd
Holliday, Matt
Howard, Ryan
Hudson, Orlando
Huff, Aubrey
Hundley, Todd
Hunter, Torii
Javier, Stan
Jenkins, Geoff
Jeter, Derek
Johjima, Kenji
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Nick
Jones, Andruw
Jones, Chipper
Jones, Garrett
Justice, David
Kearns, Austin
Kemp, Matt
Kendall, Jason
Kent, Jeff
Keppinger, Jeff
Kinsler, Ian
Klesko, Ryan
Knoblauch, Chuck
Konerko, Paul
Koskie, Corey
Kreuter, Chad
Lankford, Ray
Larkin, Barry
Lawton, Matt
Ledesma, Aaron
Lee, Carlos
Lee, Derrek
Leyritz, Jim
Lieberthal, Mike
Lind, Adam
LoDuca, Paul
Lofton, Kenny
Longoria, Evan
Lopez, Felipe
Lopez, Javy
Loretta, Mark
Lowell, Mike
Ludwick, RyanTaken Batters A-L:

9/12/2010 10:18 PM (edited)
Taken Batters M-Z:
Magadan, Dave
Markakis, Nick
Martin, Russell
Martinez, Edgar
Martinez, Tino
Martinez, Victor
Matsui, Hideki
Matsui, Kazuo
Mauer, Joe
Mayne, Brent
McCann, Brian
McGriff, Fred
McGwire, Mark
McLemore, Mark
McLouth, Nate
Melusky, Mitch
Menechino, Frank
Miles, Aaron
Millar, Kevin
Molina, Bengie
Molina, Yadier
Montero, Miguel
Mora, Melvin
Morales, Kendry
Morgan, Nyjer
Morris, Hal
Mueller, Bill
Myers, Greg
Nady, Xavier
Napoli, Mike
Navarro, Dioner
Nevin, Phil
Nixon, Trot
O'Neill, Paul
Offerman, Jose
Ojeda, Augie
Olerud, John
Ordonez, Magglio
Ortiz, David
Overbay, Lyle
Pagan, Angel
Palmiero, Rafael
Paulino, Ronnie
Payton, Jay
Pedroia, Dustin
Pena, Carlos
Pence, Hunter
Peralta, Jhonny
Perez, Neifii
Perez, Tomas
Phillips, Brandon
Piazza, Mike
Pierre, Juan
Pierzynski, AJ
Podsednik, Scott
Polanco, Placido
Posada, Jorge
Pratt, Todd
Pujols, Albert
Quinlan, Rob
Raines, Tim
Ramirez, Aramis
Ramirez, Hanley
Ramirez, Manny
Randa, Joe
Redmond, Mike
Renteria, Edgar
Reyes, Jose
Ripken Jr., Cal
Roberts, Brian
Roberts, Dave
Rodriguez, Alex
Rodriguez, Ivan
Rolen, Scott
Rollins, Jimmy
Ross, Cody
Ross, Cody
Rowand, Aaron
Salmon, Tim
Sanchez, Freddy
Sanchez, Rey
Sanders, Reggie
Sandoval Pablo
Santiago, Benito
Santiago, Ramon
Schneider, Brian
Scott, Luke
Segui, David
Sheffield, Gary
Sierra, Ruben
Sizemore, Grady
Snow, JT
Soriano, Alfonso
Sosa, Sammy
Soto, Geovany
Span, Denard
Spivey, Junior
Stanley, Mike
Stewart, Shannon
Surhoff, BJ
Suzuki, Ichiro
Suzuki, Kurt
Sweeney, Mike
Tatis, Fernando
Teixeira, Mark
Tejada, Miguel
Theriot, Ryan
Thomas, Frank
Thome, Jim
Tulowitzki, Troy
Upton, BJ
Uribe, Juan
Utley, Chase
Valentin, Javier
Valentin, Jose
Valentine, John
Varitex, Jason
Vaughn, Mo
Velarde, Randy
Ventura, Robin
Veres, Quilvio
Vifro, Jose
Vina, Fernando
Vizquel, Omar
Votto, Joey
Walker, Larry
Wells, Vernon
White, Devon
Williams, Bernie
Williams, Matt
Wilson, Craig
Wilson, Dan
Wilson, Jack
Winn, Randy
Wright, David
Youkilis, Kevin
Young, Chris B.
Young, Eric
Young, Michael
Zimmerman, Ryan
Zobrist, Ben
9/12/2010 9:05 PM (edited)
ROUND 1: Sunday August 15, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Pedro Martinez
10:30AM jpccr Roger Clemens
11:00AM ShackAttack Greg Maddux
11:30AM styles12345 Larry Walker
12:00PM teveritt Barry Bonds
12:30PM razorclams Randy Johnson
1:00PM Bilfert Kevin Brown
1:30PM nin311ff Derek Lowe
2:00PM hoopsrus Curt Schilling
2:30PM tridentric Chipper Jones
3:00PM Staindman Manny Ramirez
3:30PM yatagon Sammy Sosa
4:00PM shaggyno9 Alex Rodriguez
4:30PM papalon Mark McGwire
5:00PM Tucker T's Todd Helton
5:30PM elduro25 Nomar Garciaparra
6:00PM specsman Jason Giambi
6:30PM fatboydad54 Mike Piazza
7:00PM beirnej1Ken Griffey Jr.
7:30PM Giter_DunnJohn Smoltz
8:00PM grayfoxx Mike Mussina
8:30PM jmc44Albert Pujols
9:00PM brucel Andy Pettitte
9:30PM willsauve Frank Thomas

ROUND 2: Monday August 16, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Tom Glavine
10:30AM brucel Kevin Millwood
11:00AM jmc44Jeff Bagwell
11:30AM grayfoxx Johan Santana
12:00PM Giter_DunnScott Rolen
12:30PM beirnej1 Jason Schmidt
1:00PM fatboydad54 Mariano Rivera
1:30PM specsmanHideo Nomo
2:00PM elduro25 Roy Halladay
2:30PM Tucker T's Jake Peavy
3:00PM papalon Jeff Kent
3:30PM shaggyno9 Kevin Appier
4:00PM yatagon Roberto Alomar
4:30PM Staindman Kenny Lofton
5:00PM tridentric Tim Lincecum
5:30PM hoopsrus Adrian Beltre
6:00PM nin311ff Darin Erstad
6:30PM Bilfert Rickey Henderson
7:00PM razorclams Derek Jeter
7:30PM teveritt Chris Carpenter
8:00PM styles12345 Cliff Lee
8:30PM ShackAttack Bernie Williams
9:00PM jpccr Jim Thome
9:30PM AKlopp Tim Hudson

ROUND 3: Tuesday August 17, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Gary Sheffield
10:30AM jpccr Brian Giles
11:00AM ShackAttack Barry Larkin
11:30AM styles12345 David Wells
12:00PM teveritt Zach Greinke
12:30PM razorclams Jim Edmonds
1:00PM Bilfert Tony Gwynn
1:30PM nin311ff Brandon Webb
2:00PM hoopsrus Tim Salmon
2:30PM tridentric Felix Hernandez
3:00PM Staindman Roy Oswalt
3:30PM yatagon Luis Gonzalez
4:00PM shaggyno9 David Cone
4:30PM papalon Ben Sheets
5:00PM Tucker T's Vladmir Guerrero
5:30PM elduro25 Odalis Perez
6:00PM specsman Tom Gordon
6:30PM fatboydad54 Dan Haren
7:00PM beirnej1 Ichiro Suzuki
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Al Leiter
8:00PM grayfoxx Chan Ho Park
8:30PM jmc44 CC Sabathia
9:00PM brucel Javier Vazquez
9:30PM willsauve Cal Ripken Jr.

ROUND 4: Wednesday August 18, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Mike Hampton
10:30AM brucel Shawn Green 
11:00AM jmc44 Ellis Burks
11:30AM grayfoxx John Burkett
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Bobby Abreu
12:30PM beirnej1 Carlos Delgado
1:00PM fatboydad54 Freddy Garcia
1:30PM specsman Chuck Finley
2:00PM elduro25 Joe Mauer
2:30PM Tucker T's Barry Zito
3:00PM papalon Albert Belle
3:30PM shaggyno9 John Olerud
4:00PM yatagon Johnny Damon
4:30PM Staindman Craig Biggio
5:00PM tridentric Hanley Ramirez
5:30PM hoopsrus Dontrelle Willis
6:00PM nin311ff Rafael Palmiero
6:30PM Bilfert Ivan Rodriguez
7:00PM razorclams Trevor Hoffman
7:30PM teveritt Javy Lopez
8:00PM styles12345 Bartolo Colon
8:30PM ShackAttack Dwight Gooden
9:00PM jpccr Mark Prior
9:30PM AKlopp Mark Buehrle

ROUND 5: Thursday August 19, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Will Clark
10:30AM jpccr Edgardo Alfonzo
11:00AM ShackAttack Ken Caminiti
11:30AM styles12345 Mark Mulder
12:00PM teveritt Carlos Zambrano
12:30PM razorclams Vinnie Castilla
1:00PM Bilfert Eric Gagne
1:30PM nin311ff Cole Hamels
2:00PM hoopsrus Andruw Jones
2:30PM tridentric Chase Utley
3:00PM Staindman Josh Beckett
3:30PM yatagon Estaban Loaiza
4:00PM shaggyno9 Darryl Kile
4:30PM papalon Jose Rijo
5:00PM Tucker T's Mark Loretta
5:30PM elduro25 Francisco Liriano
6:00PM specsman Moises Alou
6:30PM fatboydad54 Lance Berkman
7:00PM beirnej1 Josh Johnson
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Kerry Wood
8:00PM grayfoxx Jason Kendall
8:30PM jmc44 Edgar Martinez
9:00PM brucel Magglio Ordonez
9:30PM willsauve Armando Benitez

ROUND 6: Friday August 20, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Rob Nenn
10:30AM brucel Jamie Moyer
11:00AM jmc44 Bret Boone
11:30AM grayfoxx Ryan Howard
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Troy Tulowitzki
12:30PM beirnej1 Miguel Tejada
1:00PM fatboydad54 David Ortiz
1:30PM specsman Justin Verlander
2:00PM elduro25 Justin Duchscherer
2:30PM Tucker T's Russ Ortiz
3:00PM papalon Juan Gonzalez
3:30PM shaggyno9 Paul O'Neill
4:00PM yatagon Livan Hernandez
4:30PM Staindman Jonathan Papelbon
5:00PM tridentric Joe Nathan
5:30PM hoopsrus Adam Wainwright
6:00PM nin311ff Grady Sizemore
6:30PM Bilfert Erik Bedard
7:00PM razorclams Billy Wagner
7:30PM teveritt Rich Aurilia
8:00PM styles12345 Andres Gallaraga
8:30PM ShackAttack Greg Swindell
9:00PM jpccr Carlos Beltran
9:30PM AKlopp David Justice
8/20/2010 11:08 PM (edited)
ROUND 7: Saturday August 21, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp  Miguel Cabrera
10:30AM jpccr Carlos Guillen
11:00AM ShackAttack Steve Finley
11:30AM styles12345 Alfonso Soriano
12:00PM teveritt: Derrek Lee
12:30PM razorclams Tim Wakefield
1:00PM Bilfert Chuck Knoblauch
1:30PM nin311ff Ubaldo Jiminez
2:00PM hoopsrus Marcus Giles
2:30PM tridentric A.J. Burnett
3:00PM Staindman Joakim Soria
3:30PM yatagon Jon Lieber
4:00PM shaggyno9 Keith Foulke
4:30PM papalon Jose Canseco
5:00PM Tucker T's Mike Lieberthal
5:30PM elduro25 David Wright
6:00PM specsman Matt Holliday
6:30PM fatboydad54 JD Drew
7:00PM beirnej1 Vincente Padilla
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Jermaine Dye
8:00PM grayfoxx Troy Glaus
8:30PM jmc44 Paul LoDuca
9:00PM brucel Chris Young (P)
9:30PM willsauve Jeff Cirillo

ROUND 8: Sunday August 22, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Ricky Nolasco
10:30AM brucel Rafael Betancourt
11:00AM jmc44 Michael Young
11:30AM grayfoxx Rich Harden
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Clayton Kershaw
12:30PM beirnej1 Garrett Anderson
1:00PM fatboydad54 Joe Mays
1:30PM specsman JJ Putz
2:00PM elduro25 Prince Fielder
2:30PM Tucker T's Carl Pavano
3:00PM papalon Denny Neagle
3:30PM shaggyno9 Jorge Posada
4:00PM yatagon John Lackey
4:30PM Staindman Mo Vaughan
5:00PM tridentric Troy Percival
5:30PM hoopsrus Octavio Dotel
6:00PM nin311ff Randy Winn
6:30PM Bilfert Jay Bell
7:00PM razorclams Eric Young
7:30PM teveritt Curtis Granderson
8:00PM styles12345 Victor Martinez
8:30PM ShackAttack Brad Radke
9:00PM jpccr Melvin Mora
9:30PM AKlopp Joel Pinero

ROUND 9: Monday August 23, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Luis Castillo
10:30AM jpccr Randy Wolf
11:00AM ShackAttack Mike Morgan
11:30AM styles12345 Jeff Zimmerman 
12:00PM teveritt Brad Penny
12:30PM razorclams Fred McGriff
1:00PM Bilfert Freddy Sanchez
1:30PM nin311ff Jimmy Rollins
2:00PM hoopsrus Russell Martin
2:30PM tridentric Ervin Santana
3:00PM Staindman Dan Wilson
3:30PM yatagon Jair Jurrjens
4:00PM shaggyno9 Julio Franco
4:30PM papalon Pete Schourek
5:00PM Tucker T's Travis Fryman
5:30PM elduro25 Rick Reed
6:00PM specsman Benito Santiago
6:30PM fatboydad54 Omar Vizquel
7:00PM beirnej1 Jason Isringhausen
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Tim Raines
8:00PM grayfoxx Jared Weaver
8:30PM jmc44 Carl Everrett
9:00PM brucel Fernando Vina
9:30PM willsauve Charles Johnson

ROUND 10: Tuesday August 24, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Neftali Perez
10:30AM brucel Pat Hentgen
11:00AM jmc44 Jarrod Washburn
11:30AM grayfoxx Eric Davis
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Matt Morris
12:30PM beirnej1 Eric Chavez
1:00PM fatboydad54 Bronson Arroyo
1:30PM specsman Jeff Conine
2:00PM elduro25 Rafael Soriano
2:30PM Tucker T's Todd Jones
3:00PM papalon Todd Hundley
3:30PM shaggyno9 Aaron Harang
4:00PM yatagon Mark Teixeira
4:30PM Staindman Brady Anderson
5:00PM tridentric Nick Markakis
5:30PM hoopsrus Brad Lidge
6:00PM nin311ff Francisco Rodriguez
6:30PM Bilfert Norm Charlton
7:00PM razorclams Arthur Rhodes
7:30PM teveritt Ryan Dempster
8:00PM styles12345 Ryan Braun
8:30PM ShackAttack Sean Casey
9:00PM jpccr Takashi Saito
9:30PM AKlopp Edgar Renteria

ROUND 11: Wednesday August 25, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Jeff D'Amico
10:30AM jpccr BJ Ryan
11:00AM ShackAttack Bobby Higginson
11:30AM styles12345 Kaz Sasaki
12:00PM teveritt Heath Bell
12:30PM razorclams Oliver Perez
1:00PM Bilfert Cla Meredith
1:30PM nin311ff Andrew Bailey
2:00PM hoopsrus Matt Cain
2:30PM tridentric  Dante Bichette
3:00PM Staindman Corey Koskie 
3:30PM yatagon Kevin Youkilis
4:00PM shaggyno9 Jason Bay
4:30PM papalon Matt Williams
5:00PM Tucker T's Matt Mantei
5:30PM elduro25 Ted Lilly
6:00PM specsman Matt Clement
6:30PM fatboydad54 Morgan Ensberg
7:00PM beirnej1 Jon Lester
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Ugeth Urbina
8:00PM grayfoxx Richard Hildago
8:30PM jmc44 Fausto Carmona
9:00PM brucel Phil Nevin
9:30PM willsauve Reggie Sanders
8/26/2010 11:59 AM (edited)
ROUND 12: Thursday August 26, 2010

10:00AM willsauve James Shields
10:30AM brucel Kelvim Escobar
11:00AM jmc44 Bobby Jenks
11:30AM grayfoxx Placido Polanco
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Tony Fernandez
12:30PM beirnej1 Robinson Cano
1:00PM fatboydad54 Mark Ellis
1:30PM specsman Jose Valentin
2:00PM elduro25 Adam Dunn
2:30PM Tucker T's Mike Bordick
3:00PM papalon Doug Jones
3:30PM shaggyno9 Dave Bush
4:00PM yatagon Jonathan Broxton
4:30PM Staindman Carl Crawford
5:00PM tridentric Joey Devine
5:30PM hoopsrus Juan Uribe
6:00PM nin311ff Aaron Hill
6:30PM Bilfert Joe Blanton
7:00PM razorclams Vernon Wells
7:30PM teveritt Aramis Ramirez
8:00PM styles12345 Tony Batista
8:30PM ShackAttack Jake Westbrook
9:00PM jpccr Brian McCann
9:30PM AKlopp Mike Adams

ROUND 13: Friday August 27, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Scott Williamsson
10:30AM jpccr Jeff Fassero
11:00AM ShackAttack Edison Volquez
11:30AM styles12345 Kevin Slowey
12:00PM teveritt Milton Bradley
12:30PM razorclams Grant Balfour
1:00PM Bilfert Jeff Weaver
1:30PM nin311ff Carlos Marmol
2:00PM hoopsrus Rheal Cormier
2:30PM tridentric Yadier Molina
3:00PM Staindman Ben Zobrist
3:30PM yatagon Gabe White
4:00PM shaggyno9 Garrett Atkins
4:30PM papalon John Wetteland
5:00PM Tucker T's John Patterson
5:30PM elduro25 Neftali Feliz
6:00PM specsman Brian Roberts
6:30PM fatboydad54 Hideki Matsui
7:00PM beirnej1 Wandy Rodriguez
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Steve Kline
8:00PM grayfoxx Scott Podsednik
8:30PM jmc44 Mark Redman
9:00PM brucel Jeff Shaw
9:30PM willsauve Guillermo Mota

ROUND 14: Saturday August 28, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Brady Clark
10:30AM brucel Rafael Furcal
11:00AM jmc44 John Danks
11:30AM grayfoxx Juan Pierre
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Aaron Heilman
12:30PM beirnej1 Ryan Doumit
1:00PM fatboydad54 Byung-hyun Kim
1:30PM specsman Bill Mueller
2:00PM elduro25 Cory Wade
2:30PM Tucker T's Dave Roberts
3:00PM papalon John Valentine
3:30PM shaggyno9 Tim Belcher
4:00PM yatagon Wilson Alvarez
4:30PM Staindman Daisuke Matsuzaka
5:00PM tridentric Lyle Overbay
5:30PM hoopsrus Kendry Morales
6:00PM nin311ff Ryan Zimmerman
6:30PM Bilfert Rod Beck
7:00PM razorclams Bobby Howry
7:30PM teveritt Houston Street
8:00PM styles12345 Mike Sweeney
8:30PM ShackAttack Jose Vidro
9:00PM jpccr Cliff Floyd
9:30PM AKlopp Felix Rodriguez

ROUND 15: Sunday August 29, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Jason Varitek
10:30AM jpccr Woody Williams
11:00AM ShackAttack Carlos Baerga
11:30AM styles12345 Eddie Guardado
12:00PM teveritt Ian Kinsler
12:30PM razorclams Dustin McGowen
1:00PM Bilfert Mark Grace
1:30PM nin311ff Brad Ausmus
2:00PM hoopsrus Damaso Marte
2:30PM tridentric Adam Lind
3:00PM tridentric Alex Rios
3:30PM yatagon Brendon Donnelly
4:00PM shaggyno9 Dustin Pedroia
4:30PM papalon Mike Jackson
5:00PM Tucker T's Matt Lawton
5:30PM elduro25 Michael Wuertz
6:00PM specsman Orlando Cabrera
6:30PM fatboydad54 Shingo Takatsu
7:00PM beirnej1 Kiko Calero
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Ramon Hernandez
8:00PM grayfoxx Al Reyes
8:30PM jmc44Geoff Jenkins
9:00PM brucel Aaron Rowand
9:30PM willsauve Josh Hamilton

ROUND 16: Monday August 30, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Taylor Buchholz
10:30AM brucel Pedro Bourbon Jr.
11:00AM jmc44 Steve Karsay
11:30AM grayfoxx Russ Springer
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Jose Valverde
12:30PM beirnej1 Mike Timlin
1:00PM fatboydad54 Shigetoshi Hasegawa
1:30PM specsman Jaret Wright
2:00PM elduro25 Rusty Greer
2:30PM Tucker T's Alan Embree
3:00PM papalon Ismael Valdez
3:30PM shaggyno9 Steve Reed
4:00PM yatagon Jose Reyes
4:30PM Staindman Evan Longoria
5:00PM Staindman Orlando Hernandez
5:30PM hoopsrus Ryan Ludwick
6:00PM nin311ff Sidney Ponson 
6:30PM Bilfert Jack Wilson
7:00PM razorclams Juan Rincon
7:30PM teveritt Buddy Groom
8:00PM styles12345 Chone Figgins
8:30PM ShackAttack Geovany Soto
9:00PM jpccr Rafael Perez
9:30PM AKlopp Frank Castillo

ROUND 17: Tuesday August 31, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Mark McLemore
10:30AM jpccr Anibal Sanchez
11:00AM ShackAttack Mike Stanley
11:30AM styles12345 Kenny Rogers
12:00PM teveritt Paul Wilson
12:30PM razorclams Denard Span
1:00PM Bilfert Nyjer Morgan
1:30PM nin311ff Scot Shields
2:00PM hoopsrus Garrett Jones
2:30PM tridentric Jose Contreras
3:00PM Staindman Scott Kazmir
3:30PM yatagon Chad Cordero
4:00PM shaggyno9 Matt Kemp
4:30PM papalon Roberto Hernandez
5:00PM Tucker T's Mike Remlinger
5:30PM elduro25 LaTroy Hawkins
6:00PM specsman Peter Moylan
6:30PM fatboydad54 Matt Wise
7:00PM beirnej1 Rocco Baldelli
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Hong Chih Kuo
8:00PM grayfoxx Pablo Sandoval
8:30PM jmc44 Mike Gonzalez
9:00PM brucel Josias Manzanillo
9:30PM willsauve Ray Durham
9/1/2010 1:17 PM (edited)
ROUND 18: Wednesday September 1, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Cory Lidle
10:30AM brucel AJ Pierzynski
11:00AM jmc44 Dennis Reyes
11:30AM grayfoxx John Maine
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Quilvio Veres
12:30PM beirnej1 Paul Byrd
1:00PM fatboydad54 Chris Hammond
1:30PM specsman Shannon Stewart
2:00PM elduro25 Junior Spivey
2:30PM Tucker T's Jeff Keppinger
3:00PM papalon Noah Lowry
3:30PM shaggyno9 Jon Garland
4:00PM yatagon Matt Thornton
4:30PM Staindman Rich Garces
5:00PM tridentric Joel Zumaya
5:30PM hoopsrus Tommy Hanson
6:00PM nin311ff JP Howell
6:30PM Bilfert Rodrigo Lopez
7:00PM razorclams Hiroki Kuroda
7:30PM teveritt Darren O'Day
8:00PM styles12345 Carlos Lee
8:30PM ShackAttack Mike Lowell
9:00PM jpccr Hideki Okajima
9:30PM AKlopp Clay Hensley

ROUND 19: Thursday September 2, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Carlos Pena
10:30AM jpccr Andy Benes
11:00AM ShackAttack Joe Saunders
11:30AM styles12345 Christian Guzman
12:00PM teveritt Nelson Cruz
12:30PM razorclams Rick Aguilera
1:00PM Bilfert Ramiro Mendoza
1:30PM nin311ff JC Romero
2:00PM hoopsrus Jhonny Peralta
2:30PM tridentric Jose Mesa
3:00PM Staindman Kyle Farnsworth
3:30PM yatagon Kenji Johjima
4:00PM shaggyno9 Bobby Bonilla
4:30PM papalon Doug Davis
5:00PM Tucker T's Scott Linebrink
5:30PM elduro25 Julian Tavarez
6:00PM specsman Jeff Nelson
6:30PM fatboydad54 Julio Mateo
7:00PM beirnej1 Chien-Ming Wang
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Jacoby Ellsbury
8:00PM grayfoxx David Eckstein
8:30PM jmc44 Brian Fuentes
9:00PM brucel Robin Ventura
9:30PM willsauve Cliff Politte

ROUND 20: Friday September 3, 2010

10:00AM willsauve BJ Upton
10:30AM brucel Doug Glanville
11:00AM jmc44 Aubrey Huff
11:30AM grayfoxx Austin Kearns
12:00PM Giter_Dunn JT Snow
12:30PM beirnej1 Mark Grudzielanek
1:00PM fatboydad54 Scott Brosius
1:30PM specsman Scott Sullivan
2:00PM elduro25 Ryan Klesko
2:30PM Tucker T's BJ Surhoff
3:00PM papalon Ruben Sierra
3:30PM shaggyno9 Chad Kreuter
4:00PM yatagon Paul Quantrill
4:30PM Staindman Jose Offerman
5:00PM tridentric Felipe Lopez
5:30PM hoopsrus Akinori Otsuka
6:00PM nin311ff Kurt Suzuki
6:30PM Bilfert Sergio Romo
7:00PM razorclams Miguel Montero
7:30PM teveritt Josh Bard
8:00PM styles12345 Aaron Ledesma
8:30PM ShackAttack Khalil Greene
9:00PM jpccr Cody Ross
9:30PM AKlopp Glenallen Hill

ROUND 21: Saturday September 4, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp Marlon Anderson
10:30AM jpccr Javier Valentin
11:00AM ShackAttack Robinson Tejada
11:30AM styles12345 Pat Neshek
12:00PM teveritt Tim Spooneybarger
12:30PM razorclams Angel Pagan
1:00PM Bilfert Torii Hunter
1:30PM nin311ff Shea Hillenbrand
2:00PM hoopsrus David Ross
2:30PM tridentric Mike Redmond
3:00PM Staindman Pat Borders
3:30PM yatagon Brandon Phillips
4:00PM shaggyno9 David Riske
4:30PM papalon Rey Sanchez
5:00PM Tucker T's Brook Fordyce
5:30PM elduro25 Trot Nixon
6:00PM specsman Robby Hammock
6:30PM fatboydad54 Ray Lankford
7:00PM beirnej1 Toby Hall
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Mitch Melusky
8:00PM grayfoxx Craig Wilson
8:30PM jmc44 Luke Scott
9:00PM brucel Jamey Carroll
9:30PM willsauve Matt Guerrier

ROUND 22: Tuesday September 7, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Sandy Alomar Jr.
10:30AM brucel Brett Mayne
11:00AM jmc44 Ronnie Paulino
11:30AM grayfoxx Dave Magadan
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Ron Gant
12:30PM beirnej1 Ryan Theriot
1:00PM fatboydad54 Damian Moss
1:30PM specsman David Weathers
2:00PM elduro25 Todd Pratt
2:30PM Tucker T's Scott Eyre
3:00PM papalon Mike Aviles
3:30PM shaggyno9 Shin-Soo Choo
4:00PM yatagon David Segui
4:30PM Staindman Aaron Sele
5:00PM tridentric Todd Hollandsworth
5:30PM hoopsrus Derrick Turnbow
6:00PM nin31ff Craig Counsell
6:30PM Bilfert Jesus Flores
7:00PM razorclams Bengie Molina
7:30PM teveritt Kazuo Matsui
8:00PM styles12345 Carlos Silva
8:30PM ShackAttack Mike Napoli
9:00PM jpccr Alex Cintron
9:30PM AKlopp

ROUND 23: Wednesday September 8, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp
10:30AM jpccr Darren Holmes
11:00AM ShackAttack Chad Billingsley
11:30AM styles12345 Bob Wickman
12:00PM teveritt Joba Chamberlain
12:30PM razorclams Joey Votto
1:00PM Bilfert Greg Colbrunn
1:30PM nin311ff Nate McLouth
2:00PM hoopsrus Jae Weong Soo
2:30PM tridentric Ben Grieve
3:00PM Staindman Stan Javier
3:30PM yatagon Kevin Millar
4:00PM shaggyno9 Asdrubal Cabrera
4:30PM papalon Darrin Fletcher
5:00PM Tucker T's Jose Guillen
5:30PM elduro25 Ramon Santiago
6:00PM specsman Jeff Frye
6:30PM fatboydad54 Greg Myers
7:00PM beirnej1 Mike Macdougal
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Mark Bellhorn
8:00PM grayfoxx Brendan Ryan
8:30PM jmc44 Joe Randa
9:00PM brucel Ramon Martinez
9:30PM willsauve Orlando Hudson

ROUND 24: Thursday September 9, 2010

10:00AM willsauve Xavier Nady
10:30AM brucel Paul Konerko
11:00AM jmc44 Matt Herges
11:30AM grayfoxx Eric Dubose
12:00PM Giter_Dunn Ricky Bottalico
12:30PM beirnej1 Chris B. Young
1:00PM fatboydad54 Frank Menechino
1:30PM specsman Jeffrey Hammonds
2:00PM elduro25 Esteban German
2:30PM Tucker T's Tomas Perez
3:00PM papalon Aaron Miles
3:30PM shaggyno9 Dan Wheeler
4:00PM yatagon Brian Schneider
4:30PM Staindman Chris Gomez
5:00PM tridentric Robb Quinlan
5:30PM hoopsrus Jay Payton
6:00PM nin311ff Devon White
6:30PM Bilfert Augie Ojeda
7:00PM razorclams Bernard Gilkey
7:30PM teveritt Alex Escobar
8:00PM styles12345 Tino Martinez
8:30PM ShackAttack Eric Byrnes
9:00PM jpccr Hunter Pence
9:30PM AKlopp

ROUND 25: Friday September 10, 2010

10:00AM AKlopp
10:30AM jpccr Brian Bruney
11:00AM ShackAttack Marquis Grissom
11:30AM styles12345 John Franco
12:00PM teveritt Jeremy Giambi
12:30PM razorclams Andy Ashby
1:00PM Bilfert Chris Duffy
1:30PM nin311ff Jim Leyritz
2:00PM hoopsrus Fernando Tatis
2:30PM tridentric Erick Aybar
3:00PM Staindman Dionner Navarro
3:30PM yatagon Hector Carrasco
4:00PM shaggyno9 John Rocker
4:30PM papalon Travis Hafner
5:00PM Tucker T's Mark Guthrie
5:30PM elduro25 Nick Johnson
6:00PM specsman Randy Velarde
6:30PM fatboydad54 Hal Morris
7:00PM beirnej1 Gavin Floyd
7:30PM Giter_Dunn Tony Clark
8:00PM grayfoxx Jayson Durocher
8:30PM jmc44 Cal Eldred
9:00PM brucel Doug Henry
9:30PM willsauve Bill Hall
9/12/2010 10:19 PM (edited)
Royce Cl...umm...I mean...
Pedro Martinez P

Bilfert--not sure if you posted this or not--couldn't find it. Do you have a preference as to pick format? Do we need to post year selected? (If so, by the way, I'm of course taking 2000 Pedro). Thanks! Happy drafting everyone! Next 3 SMed.
8/14/2010 10:21 PM
damn ... i was hoping you'd make the choicde I'm making here:

Roger Clemens - P
8/14/2010 10:44 PM
Greg Maddux-P
8/14/2010 10:58 PM
Posted by AKlopp on 8/14/2010 10:21:00 PM (view original):
Royce Cl...umm...I mean...
Pedro Martinez P

Bilfert--not sure if you posted this or not--couldn't find it. Do you have a preference as to pick format? Do we need to post year selected? (If so, by the way, I'm of course taking 2000 Pedro). Thanks! Happy drafting everyone! Next 3 SMed.
Thanks for getting us started.  Hate it when a smart guy gets first pick and takes the best player!  Just the name and position is fine.  You can take any year once the draft is over.  I only need the position as in later rounds sometimes there is an obscure player or two I don't know.
8/14/2010 11:20 PM
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