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Super Bowl XLVII Prop Bet Predictions

A "tails" coin flip is all but guaranteed in Super Bowl XLVII

By Jake Westrich -
January 25, 2013

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens have climbed to the paramount of the pigskin profession. Since the season kicked off in September, each squad has overcome adversity, injury, public speculation and private doubts to advance to Super Bowl XLVII. When coverage begins on Sunday, February 3, millions will be glued to their television sets.

For many, the game itself is intriguing enough to remain captivated. For others, the Super Bowl will be interspersed with enough entertaining commercials to stay tuned. But for the rest of us, those with stopwatches in hand, the ones who react to the coin flip the way others would a last-second field goal, it's the prop bets that have our attention.

Each year, Vegas blesses us with odds for such key Super Bowl items as the length of the national anthem and the color of the Gatorade shower. With the help of our NFL simulation engine, as well as the painstaking research of the staff, we've compiled our predictions for some of the most popular prop bets:

Prop BetVegas OddsWIS Prediction
Coin FlipHeads (-115)
Tails (-115)
Tails - 50.21%
Alicia Keys' National Anthem2 minute, 15 seconds2 minutes, 11 seconds
Gatorade Shower ColorClear/Water (7/4)Orange - 52.7%
Yellow (5/2)
Orange (5/2)
Red (13/2)
Green (13/2)
Blue (13/2)
Jack Harbaugh SightingsO/U - (1.5)Over - 3
John and Jim Handshake/Hug LengthO/U - (7.5 seconds)Under - 5 seconds

Prop Bet Analysis

Coin Flip - Super Bowl XLVI began in controversial fashion. Recent Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Curtis Martin had been selected for the honor of the coin toss, but referee John Parry ignored protocol, flipping the coin himself. His toss landed on "heads" and ensured the first AFC coin toss victory in 15 Super Bowls. We'll leave it to the conspiracy theorists to determine whether Parry's slight was unintentional or part of a grand scheme, but the important takeaway is that's prediction turned out correct for the third consecutive year.

"Heads" is now riding a four-year winning streak, a feat it achieved from 1990-93. "Tails" has two such streaks of its own, turning up four times in a row from 1998-2001 and again from 2003-06. However, no side has ever topped four consecutive flips, so we can say with confidence that "tails" will not fail in 2013.

Alicia Keys' National Anthem - Alicia Keyes has a Super Bowl pedigree. In 2005, she performed a rendition of "America the Beautiful" prior to Super Bowl XXXIX and she also logged experience at the Super Bowl XLII pregame show in 2008. Still, there remains a dearth of "game tape" to study how she'll handle the pressure of this year's National Anthem. Further complicating things, Keys has declared she'll sing it "her way." Most likely, she just plans to incorporate her own vocal styling. Then again, perhaps she intends to lip-sync it like Whitney Houston or flub the lyrics la Christina Aguilera. Oddsmakers don't seem to know what to expect either. The over/under has been set at 2 minutes, 15 seconds, a full 41 seconds longer than last year. While there is no doubting Keys can stretch her time in the limelight, the expansive odds suggest the "under" is the safe bet.

Gatorade Shower Color - The Gatorade shower has become a time-honored tradition, but the flavor of the moment seems to change with each passing Super Bowl. Orange was the color of choice in 2010 and 2011 before the Giants bucked the trend with a purple shower in 2012. Look for the winner of Super Bowl XLVII to get back to the basics and reach for the orange sports drink.

Jack Harbaugh Sightings - Jack Harbaugh, the proud father of both Super Bowl head coaches, would seem an easy target for cameramen looking to highlight one of the game's more obvious angles. However, such prestigious offspring will likely score Jack and his wife Jackie a pair of seats in a luxury box. As Peyton Manning discovered last year while viewing brother Eli from a box, the enclosure limits face time in front of the camera. Still, a mere two sightings are enough to cover the spread. We'll take the over.

John and Jim Harbaugh Handshake/Hug Length - At the conclusion of the Super Bowl, America would love nothing more than to see an embrace between two brothers that transcends their rivalry on the football field. Alas, the Harbaugh boys aren't the pair to deliver such a heartfelt moment. Let's not forget that one of them will be on the losing end of the contest and in no mood for a kind word. Jim's track record for brief and aggressive postgame exchanges should not be overlooked either, as Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz can attest. While there will certainly be a televised exchange, it seems unlikely any embrace will exceed 7.5 seconds. Smart money is on the under.

Our NFL Simulation engine's 1,001 Super Bowl XLVII simulations also generated predictions for the following in-game prop bets.

Prop BetVegas OddsWIS Prediction
Score FirstRavens (-105)49ers - 52.2%
49ers (-115)
Score First TDRavens49ers - 51.9%
First Player TDLaMichael James (17/2)5.3%
Dennis Pitta (12/1)5.6%
Torrey Smith (10/1)6.3%
Anquan Boldin (8/1)6.5%
Michael Crabtree (15/2)7.4%
Colin Kaepernick (8/1)9.0%
Ray Rice (15/2)15.1%
Frank Gore (13/2)18.1%
Over/Under (47.5)Over - (-110)Under - 79.4%
Under - (-110)
Super Bowl XLVII MVPVernon Davis (18/1)1.0%
Michael Crabtree (14/1)1.1%
Torrey Smith (20/1)1.4%
Anquan Boldin (16/1)2.0%
Ray Rice (10/1)17.7%
Frank Gore (7/1)17.8%
Joe Flacco (11/4)21.8%
Colin Kaepernick (7/4)33.5%

Team1st Qtr.2nd Qtr.3rd Qtr.4th Qtr.
Baltimore Ravens3.
San Francisco 49ers3.

Simulate Super Bowl XLVII

Team1st Qtr.2nd Qtr.3rd Qtr.4th Qtr.
Baltimore Ravens36916
San Francisco 49ers3101320

View our Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

TeamLast 2 Minutes of HalfLast 2 Minutes of Game
Baltimore Ravens39.8%27.4%
San Francisco 49ers47.8%29.7%

Note: The odds that either team will score in the "Last 2 Minutes of the 1st Half" are:
Yes (-280) No (+220). This prop bet accounts for both teams.

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