Week 6 NFL Projections

BtB Previews Week 6 in Fantasy Football
By Paul Bessire, WhatIfSports.com
October 9th, 2007

NFL Football is here. With all of the work already done on our end, we figured we would share our comprehensive, week-by-week fantasy football projections with our users, as the focus of our weekly BtB feature. This thorough analysis and statistical evaluation of every player and team in the NFL is part of a broader endeavor with FOXSports.com's Fantasy Football. Each regular season game is simulated 61 times, with the averages of those games being our final predicted outcome. This allows us to account for ever player and stat. As Rosters and depth charts are up-to-date and as accurate as possible as of the Monday before each week's games. We will update these projections each week on Tuesday morning. The same is true for the widget that appears on this page and includes game scores.

To view a pop-up with positional rankings, please click on one of the links below. Good luck this season!

Quarterback Running Back Wide Receiver Tight End
Kicker Team Defense Individual Defense

Overall rankings

1.Matt HasselbeckQBSeahawksSaints32.7
2.Ronnie BrownRBDolphinsBrowns29.7
3.Derek AndersonQBBrownsDolphins26.6
4.Willis McGaheeRBRavensRams23.6
5.Kurt WarnerQBCardinalsPanthers23.4
6.Philip RiversQBChargersRaiders22.9
7.LaDainian TomlinsonRBChargersRaiders22.2
8.Steve McNairQBRavensRams21.5
9.Tom BradyQBPatriotsCowboys20.8
10.Brian WestbrookRBEaglesJets20.4
11.Brodie CroyleQBChiefsBengals20.1
12.Cleo LemonQBDolphinsBrowns20.0
13.Matt SchaubQBTexansJaguars19.9
14.Donovan McNabbQBEaglesJets19.9
15.Bobby EngramWRSeahawksSaints19.9
16.David GarrardQBJaguarsTexans19.8
17.Sammy MorrisRBPatriotsCowboys19.6
18.Joey HarringtonQBFalconsGiants19.1
19.Brian GrieseQBBearsVikings18.8
20.Adrian PetersonRBVikingsBears18.8
21.Eli ManningQBGiantsFalcons18.5
22.Tony RomoQBCowboysPatriots18.4
23.Chad PenningtonQBJetsEagles18.4
24.Braylon EdwardsWRBrownsDolphins18.2
25.Edgerrin JamesRBCardinalsPanthers18.1
26.Daunte CulpepperQBRaidersChargers17.5
27.Jason CampbellQBRedskinsPackers17.2
28.Larry JohnsonRBChiefsBengals17.0
29.Carson PalmerQBBengalsChiefs17.0
30.Brett FavreQBPackersRedskins16.7
31.Larry FitzgeraldWRCardinalsPanthers16.6
32.David CarrQBPanthersCardinals16.6
33.Shaun AlexanderRBSeahawksSaints16.5
34.Jeff GarciaQBBuccaneersTitans16.5
35.Jason WrightRBBrownsDolphins16.3
36.Tarvaris JacksonQBVikingsBears16.2
37.Kellen WinslowTEBrownsDolphins15.9
38.Randy MossWRPatriotsCowboys15.7
39.Gus FrerotteQBRamsRavens15.5
40.Nate BurlesonWRSeahawksSaints15.2
41.Antonio GatesTEChargersRaiders14.7
42.Chad JohnsonWRBengalsChiefs14.6
43.Roddy WhiteWRFalconsGiants14.5
44.Jerricho CotcheryWRJetsEagles14.3
45.Derrick WardRBGiantsFalcons14.0
46.Plaxico BurressWRGiantsFalcons13.7
47.Clinton PortisRBRedskinsPackers13.6
48.DeShaun FosterRBPanthersCardinals13.4
49.Torry HoltWRRamsRavens13.2
50.Vince YoungQBTitansBuccaneers13.0
51.DeShawn WynnRBPackersRedskins13.0
52.Dennis NorthcuttWRJaguarsTexans12.9
53.Earnest GrahamRBBuccaneersTitans12.8
54.Reggie BushRBSaintsSeahawks12.6
55.Kevin CurtisWREaglesJets12.4
56.Steve SmithWRPanthersCardinals12.4
57.Derrick MasonWRRavensRams12.3
58.Rudi JohnsonRBBengalsChiefs12.3
59.Drew BreesQBSaintsSeahawks12.2
60.Chris ChambersWRDolphinsBrowns12.0
61.Joey GallowayWRBuccaneersTitans11.7
62.Steven JacksonRBRamsRavens11.5
63.Cedric BensonRBBearsVikings11.5
64.Jason WittenTECowboysPatriots11.5
65.Ike HilliardWRBuccaneersTitans11.4
66.Brandon JacobsRBGiantsFalcons11.2
68.Tony GonzalezTEChiefsBengals11.2
69.Bernard BerrianWRBearsVikings11.0
70.Owen DanielsTETexansJaguars11.0
71.Donald DriverWRPackersRedskins10.9
72.T.J. HoushmandzadehWRBengalsChiefs10.9
73.Terrell OwensWRCowboysPatriots10.8
74.Ronald CurryWRRaidersChargers10.8
75.Anquan BoldinWRCardinalsPanthers10.5
76.Warrick DunnRBFalconsGiants10.5
77.Antwaan Randle ElWRRedskinsPackers10.3
78.Thomas JonesRBJetsEagles10.0
79.Vincent JacksonWRChargersRaiders9.9
80.Bobby WadeWRVikingsBears9.8
81.Matt StoverKRavensRams9.7
82.Dwayne BoweWRChiefsBengals9.7
83.Andre DavisWRTexansJaguars9.7
84.Laveranues ColesWRJetsEagles9.6
85.Dominic RhodesRBRaidersChargers9.5
87.Josh BrownKSeahawksSaints9.3
89.Nate KaedingKChargersRaiders9.2
90.Neil RackersKCardinalsPanthers9.1
91.John KasayKPanthersCardinals9.0
92.Santana MossWRRedskinsPackers8.9
93.Greg OlsenTEBearsVikings8.9
94.Marion Barber IIIRBCowboysPatriots8.9
95.Robbie GouldKBearsVikings8.8
96.Maurice Jones-DrewRBJaguarsTexans8.7
97.Nick FolkKCowboysPatriots8.7
98.Chris BrownRBTitansBuccaneers8.6
99.Mason CrosbyKPackersRedskins8.5
100.Brandon JonesWRTitansBuccaneers8.5
101.Justin FargasRBRaidersChargers8.4
102.Stephen GostkowskiKPatriotsCowboys8.4
103.Fred TaylorRBJaguarsTexans8.3
104.Wes WelkerWRPatriotsCowboys8.3
106.Jerry PorterWRRaidersChargers8.2
107.John CarneyKJaguarsTexans8.1
108.David AkersKEaglesJets8.1
109.Jeff WilkinsKRamsRavens8.0
110.Dave RaynerKChiefsBengals7.8
111.Lawrence TynesKGiantsFalcons7.8
112.Jay FeelyKDolphinsBrowns7.8
115.Correll BuckhalterRBEaglesJets7.6
116.James JonesWRPackersRedskins7.6
117.Desmond ClarkTEBearsVikings7.5
118.Shayne GrahamKBengalsChiefs7.4
119.Jeremy ShockeyTEGiantsFalcons7.3
120.Sebastian JanikowskiKRaidersChargers7.3
121.Julius JonesRBCowboysPatriots7.2
122.Shaun SuishamKRedskinsPackers7.2
123.Isaac BruceWRRamsRavens7.2
124.Kenny WatsonRBBengalsChiefs7.1
125.Amani ToomerWRGiantsFalcons7.1
126.Matt BryantKBuccaneersTitans7.0
127.Phil DawsonKBrownsDolphins7.0
128.Demetrius WilliamsWRRavensRams6.9
129.Mike NugentKJetsEagles6.9
130.Ahman GreenRBTexansJaguars6.9
131.Eric ParkerWRChargersRaiders6.8
134.Marcus PollardTESeahawksSaints6.7
135.Morten AndersenKFalconsGiants6.5
136.Rob BironasKTitansBuccaneers6.5
137.Kevin WalterWRTexansJaguars6.5
139.Greg JenningsWRPackersRedskins6.3
141.Marques ColstonWRSaintsSeahawks6.2
143.Patrick CraytonWRCowboysPatriots6.1
144.Bryant JohnsonWRCardinalsPanthers6.1
145.Ben ObomanuWRSeahawksSaints6.0
146.Marty BookerWRDolphinsBrowns6.0
147.Devery HendersonWRSaintsSeahawks6.0
148.Ryan LongwellKVikingsBears6.0
149.Kris BrownKTexansJaguars5.9
150.Benjamin WatsonTEPatriotsCowboys5.9
151.LenDale WhiteRBTitansBuccaneers5.9
152.Sidney RiceWRVikingsBears5.9
153.Keary ColbertWRPanthersCardinals5.8
154.Marcedes LewisTEJaguarsTexans5.8
156.Randy McMichaelTERamsRavens5.7
157.Joe JureviciusWRBrownsDolphins5.7
158.DeAngelo WilliamsRBPanthersCardinals5.5
159.Alge CrumplerTEFalconsGiants5.5
160.Roydell WilliamsWRTitansBuccaneers5.4
161.Todd HeapTERavensRams5.4
162.Donte' StallworthWRPatriotsCowboys5.3
164.Jeff KingTEPanthersCardinals5.2
167.Jason AvantWREaglesJets5.0
168.Eric JohnsonTESaintsSeahawks5.0
170.Jerious NorwoodRBFalconsGiants4.9
171.Visanthe ShiancoeTEVikingsBears4.8
172.Eddie KennisonWRChiefsBengals4.8
173.Michael JenkinsWRFalconsGiants4.8
174.Olindo MareKSaintsSeahawks4.8
176.Vernand MorencyRBPackersRedskins4.4
177.Ernest WilfordWRJaguarsTexans4.3
179.Donald LeeTEPackersRedskins4.2
180.Ladell BettsRBRedskinsPackers4.1
181.Brian LeonardRBRamsRavens3.9
182.Vonta LeachRBTexansJaguars3.9
183.Alex SmithTEBuccaneersTitans3.9
185.Leonard WeaverRBSeahawksSaints3.8
186.Lorenzo NealRBChargersRaiders3.8
187.John MadsenTERaidersChargers3.7
190.Ron DayneRBTexansJaguars3.6
191.Maurice MorrisRBSeahawksSaints3.6
192.Chester TaylorRBVikingsBears3.6
194.Troy WilliamsonWRVikingsBears3.5
195.Chris CooleyTERedskinsPackers3.5
197.Muhsin MuhammadWRBearsVikings3.5
198.Mike SellersRBRedskinsPackers3.5
199.Jameel CookRBTexansJaguars3.4
200.Samie ParkerWRChiefsBengals3.4

* The individual players and defensive teams are ranked based entirely on projected weekly fantasy points using the FOX Fantasy Football Default Scoring where for QBs, RBs, WRs and TE, all TDs are 6 points, each 25 yards passing are 1 point, interceptions are -2 points, fumbles lost are -2 points, each ten yards receiving are 1 point and two-point conversions are 2 points. For kickers, all extra points are 1 point and all field goals are at least 3 points with an extra bonus point for field goals made over 40 yards and another bonus point for field goals made over 50 yards. Individual defensive players (linked to below, but not inlcuded in overall rankings) earn 1 point for each solo tackle, 1 point for each sack, 2 points for each interception and six points for each touchdown. Team defenses include special teams and are treated similarly for sacks, interceptions and touchdown returns, while a more complex system, based on the outcome of each individual game, is utilized for points allowed per game.

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