2008 Week 11 Fantasy Rankings

BtB presents position-by-position cheat sheets
By Paul Bessire, WhatIfSports.com
November 11th, 2008

We present our updated, weekly fantasy football projections. This thorough analysis and statistical evaluation of every player and team in the NFL is part of a broader endeavor with FOXSports.com's Fantasy Football. Each regular season game is simulated 10,001 times, with the sum of the averages of those games being our final predicted outcome. This allows us to account for every player and statistical interaction in an NFL game. Rosters and depth charts are up-to-date and as accurate as possible as of Tuesday morning for each week. Information on scoring and injury analysis appears at the very bottom of this article.

To view a pop-up with positional rankings, please click on one of the links below. Good luck this season!

Quarterback Running Back Wide Receiver Tight End
Kicker Team Defense Individual Defense

1.Drew BreesQBSaintsChiefs24.3
2.Kurt WarnerQBCardinalsSeahawks23.2
3.Shaun HillQB49ersRams23.0
4.Brady QuinnQBBrownsBills21.7
5.Matt ForteRBBearsPackers19.6
6.Frank GoreRB49ersRams19.2
7.Jeff GarciaQBBuccaneersVikings19.2
8.Peyton ManningQBColtsTexans19.1
9.Jason CampbellQBRedskinsCowboys18.9
10.DeAngelo WilliamsRBPanthersLions18.7
11.Thomas JonesRBJetsPatriots18.5
12.Aaron RodgersQBPackersBears18.1
13.Jake DelhommeQBPanthersLions18.0
14.Adrian PetersonRBVikingsBuccaneers17.3
15.Chad PenningtonQBDolphinsRaiders17.3
16.Jay CutlerQBBroncosFalcons17.3
17.Trent EdwardsQBBillsBrowns17.1
18.Marion BarberRBCowboysRedskins16.9
19.Marc BulgerQBRams49ers16.7
20.Julius JonesRBSeahawksCardinals16.6
21.Michael TurnerRBFalconsBroncos16.6
22.Brett FavreQBJetsPatriots16.4
23.Donovan McNabbQBEaglesBengals16.3
24.Matt RyanQBFalconsBroncos16.2
25.Jamal LewisRBBrownsBills16.2
26.Steven JacksonRBRams49ers15.9
27.Larry JohnsonRBChiefsSaints15.8
28.Ben RoethlisbergerQBSteelersChargers15.6
29.Chris JohnsonRBTitansJaguars15.4
30.Kerry CollinsQBTitansJaguars15.2
31.Reggie BushRBSaintsChiefs15.0
32.JaMarcus RussellQBRaidersDolphins14.9
33.Tyler ThigpenQBChiefsSaints14.8
34.Ronnie BrownRBDolphinsRaiders14.6
35.Matt CasselQBPatriotsJets14.5
36.Marshawn LynchRBBillsBrowns14.3
37.Tony RomoQBCowboysRedskins14.3
38.Santana MossWRRedskinsCowboys13.9
39.Greg JenningsWRPackersBears13.8
40.Brandon JacobsRBGiantsRavens13.7
41.Ricky WilliamsRBDolphinsRaiders13.6
42.Mewelde MooreRBSteelersChargers13.4
43.Kyle OrtonQBBearsPackers13.2
44.Tim HightowerRBCardinalsSeahawks13.0
45.Kellen WinslowTEBrownsBills12.9
46.Lee EvansWRBillsBrowns12.8
47.Roddy WhiteWRFalconsBroncos12.8
48.Brian WestbrookRBEaglesBengals12.7
49.Reggie WayneWRColtsTexans12.7
50.Sage RosenfelsQBTexansColts12.6
51.Larry FitzgeraldWRCardinalsSeahawks12.6
52.Marques ColstonWRSaintsChiefs12.5
53.Calvin JohnsonWRLionsPanthers12.5
54.Hines WardWRSteelersChargers12.4
55.Steve SlatonRBTexansColts12.4
56.Steve SmithWRPanthersLions12.1
57.Joe FlaccoQBRavensGiants12.0
58.Warrick DunnRBBuccaneersVikings12.0
59.Isaac BruceWR49ersRams11.7
60.Matt HasselbeckQBSeahawksCardinals11.7
61.Eli ManningQBGiantsRavens11.6
62.Braylon EdwardsWRBrownsBills11.6
63.Maurice Jones-DrewRBJaguarsTitans11.5
64.Andre JohnsonWRTexansColts11.5
65.Anquan BoldinWRCardinalsSeahawks11.5
66.David GarrardQBJaguarsTitans11.3
67.Kevin SmithRBLionsPanthers11.3
68.Steve BreastonWRCardinalsSeahawks11.2
69.Philip RiversQBChargersSteelers11.1
70.John KasayKPanthersLions11.0
71.Robbie GouldKBearsPackers11.0
72.Torry HoltWRRams49ers11.0
73.Derrick WardRBGiantsRavens10.9
74.Earnest GrahamRBBuccaneersVikings10.9
75.Gus FrerotteQBVikingsBuccaneers10.9
76.LaDainian TomlinsonRBChargersSteelers10.9
77.Rob BironasKTitansJaguars10.8
78.Daunte CulpepperQBLionsPanthers10.7
80.Donnie AveryWRRams49ers10.7
81.Randy MossWRPatriotsJets10.6
82.Brandon MarshallWRBroncosFalcons10.6
83.Wes WelkerWRPatriotsJets10.6
84.Antonio BryantWRBuccaneersVikings10.5
85.Chris CooleyTERedskinsCowboys10.3
86.Josh MorganWR49ersRams10.2
87.Peyton HillisRBBroncosFalcons10.0
88.Mason CrosbyKPackersBears10.0
89.Ryan FitzpatrickQBBengalsEagles10.0
90.Ryan GrantRBPackersBears10.0
92.Jerious NorwoodRBFalconsBroncos9.8
93.Dominic RhodesRBColtsTexans9.8
94.Sammy MorrisRBPatriotsJets9.7
95.Cedric BensonRBBengalsEagles9.5
96.Eddie RoyalWRBroncosFalcons9.4
97.Adam VinatieriKColtsTexans9.3
98.Nick FolkKCowboysRedskins9.3
99.Ted Ginn Jr.WRDolphinsRaiders9.2
100.Justin FargasRBRaidersDolphins9.2
101.David AkersKEaglesBengals9.1
102.Greg CamarilloWRDolphinsRaiders9.1
103.Neil RackersKCardinalsSeahawks9.1
104.Muhsin MuhammadWRPanthersLions9.1
105.Rian LindellKBillsBrowns9.0
106.DeSean JacksonWREaglesBengals8.8
107.Devery HendersonWRSaintsChiefs8.8
108.Joe NedneyK49ersRams8.8
109.Willis McGaheeRBRavensGiants8.7
110.Phil DawsonKBrownsBills8.7
111.Donald DriverWRPackersBears8.6
112.Shaun AlexanderRBRedskinsCowboys8.5
113.Jerricho CotcheryWRJetsPatriots8.4
114.Jason HillWR49ersRams8.3
115.Jay FeelyKJetsPatriots8.3
116.Lance MooreWRSaintsChiefs8.3
117.T.J. HoushmandzadehWRBengalsEagles8.3
118.Jason ElamKFalconsBroncos8.3
119.Garrett HartleyKSaintsChiefs8.3
120.Leon WashingtonRBJetsPatriots8.2
121.Michael BushRBRaidersDolphins8.2
122.Dwayne BoweWRChiefsSaints8.2
123.Matt PraterKBroncosFalcons8.1
124.Michael JenkinsWRFalconsBroncos8.1
125.Deuce McAllisterRBSaintsChiefs8.1
126.Joseph AddaiRBColtsTexans8.0
127.Dan CarpenterKDolphinsRaiders8.0
128.Bernard BerrianWRVikingsBuccaneers7.9
129.Derrick MasonWRRavensGiants7.9
130.Willie ParkerRBSteelersChargers7.8
131.Nate KaedingKChargersSteelers7.8
132.Kris BrownKTexansColts7.8
133.Laveranues ColesWRJetsPatriots7.8
134.John CarneyKGiantsRavens7.8
135.Chad JohnsonWRBengalsEagles7.8
136.Matt BryantKBuccaneersVikings7.8
137.Bo ScaifeTETitansJaguars7.6
138.LenDale WhiteRBTitansJaguars7.4
139.Sebastian JanikowskiKRaidersDolphins7.4
140.Steven HauschkaKRavensGiants7.3
141.BenJarvus Green-EllisRBPatriotsJets7.3
142.Vincent JacksonWRChargersSteelers7.3
143.Terrell OwensWRCowboysRedskins7.3
144.Josh BrownKRams49ers7.2
145.Tony GonzalezTEChiefsSaints7.2
146.Fred TaylorRBJaguarsTitans7.1
147.Shaun SuishamKRedskinsCowboys7.1
148.Anthony GonzalezWRColtsTexans7.0
149.Ahman GreenRBTexansColts7.0
150.Koren RobinsonWRSeahawksCardinals7.0
151.Josh ScobeeKJaguarsTitans7.0
152.Connor BarthKChiefsSaints7.0
153.Ryan LongwellKVikingsBuccaneers7.0
154.Plaxico BurressWRGiantsRavens6.9
155.Antwaan Randle ElWRRedskinsCowboys6.9
156.Selvin YoungRBBroncosFalcons6.9
157.Nate WashingtonWRSteelersChargers6.9
158.Santonio HolmesWRSteelersChargers6.9
159.Fred JacksonRBBillsBrowns6.9
160.Jeff ReedKSteelersChargers6.7
161.Zach MillerTERaidersDolphins6.7
162.Johnnie Lee HigginsWRRaidersDolphins6.6
163.Correll BuckhalterRBEaglesBengals6.5
164.J.J. ArringtonRBCardinalsSeahawks6.5
165.Stephen GostkowskiKPatriotsJets6.4
166.Jonathan StewartRBPanthersLions6.3
167.Mark BradleyWRChiefsSaints6.3
168.Matt JonesWRJaguarsTitans6.2
170.Jason HansonKLionsPanthers6.1
171.Olindo MareKSeahawksCardinals6.1
172.Kevin WalterWRTexansColts6.1
173.Amani ToomerWRGiantsRavens6.1
174.Shayne GrahamKBengalsEagles6.0
175.Justin GageWRTitansJaguars6.0
176.Marvin HarrisonWRColtsTexans5.9
177.Chester TaylorRBVikingsBuccaneers5.9
178.Yamon FigursWRRavensGiants5.9
182.Dustin KellerTEJetsPatriots5.8
184.Brandon JonesWRTitansJaguars5.7
186.Le'Ron McClainRBRavensGiants5.6
187.Jason WittenTECowboysRedskins5.6
188.Bobby EngramWRSeahawksCardinals5.5
191.Rashied DavisWRBearsPackers5.3
192.Reggie BrownWREaglesBengals5.2
193.Roscoe ParrishWRBillsBrowns5.1
194.Robert RoyalTEBillsBrowns5.1
195.Bobby WadeWRVikingsBuccaneers5.1
196.Alex SmithTEBuccaneersVikings5.0
197.John CarlsonTESeahawksCardinals5.0
198.Dantrell SavageRBChiefsSaints5.0
200.Javon WalkerWRRaidersDolphins4.9

* The individual players and defensive teams below are ranked based entirely on projected full-season fantasy points using the FOX Fantasy Football Default Scoring where for QBs, RBs, WRs and TE, all TDs are 6 points, each 25 yards passing are 1 point, interceptions are -2 points, fumbles lost are -2 points, each ten yards receiving are 1 point and two-point conversions are 2 points. For kickers, all extra points are 1 point and all field goals are at least 3 points with an extra bonus point for field goals made over 40 yards and another bonus point for field goals made over 50 yards. Individual defensive players (linked to below, but not inlcuded in overall rankings) earn 1 point for each solo tackle, 1 point for each sack, 2 points for each interception and six points for each touchdown. Team defenses include special teams and are treated similarly for sacks, interceptions and touchdown returns, while a more complex system, based on the outcome of each individual game, is utilized for points allowed per game.

Please note: These overall fantasy rankings are strictly based on total points earned for the season. They do not account for position scarcity, number of owners drafting and their drafting styles, roster restrictions, custom league scoring rules or other items that should be considered while drafting. Injuries are accounted for based on a player's past history and the likelihood of missing games due to injury. This is reflected in his games played (GP) value. However, unless the injury is already known and takes place at the beginning of the season, the players are arbitrarily injured throughout the season (as opposed to just at the end or beginning of the year). Players with less than 16 GP will likely vary the most from their projected numbers because they are injury-prone or have depth chart and playing time concerns.

Paul Bessire is the Senior Quantitative Analyst and Content Manager for WhatIfSports.com and a member of the Pro Football Writers of America. With any comments, questions or topic suggestions, Paul can be reached at BtB@whatifsports.com. Thanks!

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