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New Gridiron Dynasty Gives YOU More Control

GD's game engine has been revamped and expanded

By Ryan Fowler -
November 16th, 2010

It’s fourth and goal from the one-yard line.

Three seconds remain on the clock.

YOUR team trails by seven.

Are you the type of coach that would go to the air or would you trust your lineman to move that pile and keep it on the ground?

The answer leads you to wonder do you look for the tight-end, the wide receiver or the running back on a screen? Will a QB keeper work from this distance or should you call in your 260-pound goal-line back?

The good news is you scored, but you are on the road.

Are you the breed of coach who goes for the extra point and overtime or the Les Miles-type that enjoys a good game of poker on the football field and elects to go for two and the win?

You recruited this quarterback. You recruited this team. You know if these eleven players on the field have what it takes to win in regulation.

The best part is you can’t question the coach's decision after the game because YOU ARE THE COACH AND THE ONE IN CONTROL.

Begin your Gridiron Dynasty career as coach of a D-III college football program. Compete on and off the field against hundreds of other college football fans for glory and prizes. Build an impressive resume and move up the ranks, culminating in your dream job coaching your alma mater's D-IA program. Then, compete for the national title and even bigger prizes.

Now the much anticipated Gridiron Dynasty update has arrived. The simulation engine has been revamped and expanded to give you, the coach and recruiter, more control of your players and the game plan you design.

Third-String Heroes

Your depth chart will now have more options as the offensive positions have been expanded to include fullbacks, short-yardage backs, third-down backs and slot receivers. On defense, the simulation engine now reads position specific requests with DE, DT, OLB, ILB, CB, and S as your options.

Tick-Tock and We Don't Stop

We all know how important clock management is especially right before halftime and late in the fourth quarter. Gridiron Dynasty developers have improved this critical aspect of the game within the simulation engine. The time elapsed during a play and time in-between plays are more realistic in this version of GD. A team’s use of timeouts and quarterback’s decision to spike the football while running the 2-minute drill has also been updated to reflect the specific scenario.

Puntin' or Gruntin'?

“The Hoodie” up in New England has his own style when it comes to handling 4th down scenarios and now, with Gridiron Dynasty’s more realistic game management feature, how aggressive you are will determine how your team handles 4th down situations in every part of the field. The very aggressive will grunt instead of punt, while apostles of Jim Tressel will play the field position game for 60 minutes.

IQ Test

Player formation IQs will also play a factor in how successful a player is within a certain scheme. For example, Washington’s Albert Haynesworth says he could be the best defensive player in the NFL in the 4-3 system, but throw him in the 3-4 and he struggles. Keep this update in mind when recruiting so incoming players fit within your system.

Experience Factor

The correlation between player experience and their success within a system will also be introduced in this Gridiron Dynasty update. Your four-year Tim Tebow-esque starter at quarterback will perform at a higher level than a sophomore quarterback taking over for a senior who just graduated. It’s profound, but a new element added to enhance your Dynasty’s performance. The experience factor allows for players who have played and developed a system for three years to perhaps play above what their ratings might dictate and give coaches a payoff for developing players.

Play by Play

Each game simulation produces a boxscore for coaches to evaluate. The update now includes scoring summaries, drive charts and expanded play-by-play. You will now know if a quarterback has to throw a ball away to avoid pressure in the pocket or if a dropped pass was the wide-receiver's fault. And you'll know who makes each and every tackle.

The in-depth game recaps will also allow you to review play calling. You will know if your running back is using the strong side too much or if your balanced offense is too pass happy. With all the new information, there are many new opportuniies to improve your coaching and game plan against your opposition. will follow-up this major update to Gridiron Dynasty with a few smaller updates in the weeks to follow. The revamped engine opens the door for many new stats, tools, etc. than can be introduced down the road.

When the November 16th update occurs your teams will remain the same for the most part. You'll have the same players, recruits, game plans, etc. Your depth charts will be automatically copied over to the new expanded depth chart. You will want to take a few minutes to make sure the players are set the way you would like before your next game.

The ball is on the one coach. It's your team, your playbook and your season on the line.
Remember, it's always YOUR call in Gridiron Dynasty.

What's it's going to be coach?

Sign up for Gridiron Dynasty!.

For more information on the November 16th Gridiron Dynasty update please review the critical news topic and the recent Developer Chat.

Ryan Fowler is the Content Manager for He can be reached at:

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