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Historic MLB All-Star Power Rankings

The National League should be winning
By Joel Beall,
July 9th, 2010

The Midsummer Classic is an event that, apart from the league-mandatory invitations to an Oriole or National, showcases baseball's biggest and brightest stars. The game serves as a celebration of our National Pastime, rivaling Opening Day in nostalgia and longing for yesteryear. A time where the stars of today are reminded of the legends that came before.

Which got us to thinkin: what roster was the greatest in All-Star history? This sentiment is not necessarily referring to which featured the most Hall of Famers per se; rather, which year's lineup presented players at the pinnacle of their career? Thanks to the special All-Star Game engine, which accounts for early and often substitutions, we were able to simulate each All-Star Game lineup since 1933 to decipher which team is "the best of the best." Each ballclub played every team ten times in the simulation, and a DH slot was placed into all lineups.

Teams Ranked by Winning Percentage
(everyone plays everyone 10 times)

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
1.1998 NL All-Stars69.07.34.8

What year featured the greatest NL All-Star roster ever assembled? 1998. What year was Ken Griffey Jr. presents Major League Baseball, the greatest video game of all-time, introduced? 1998. Coincidence? I think not. This team featured bashers Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in the middle of their historic, albeit tainted, pursuit of Roger Maris; Greg Maddux, who finished the season with a league-leading 2.22 ERA; and Mike Piazza, who despite moving from Los Angeles to New York via Miami, managed to hit .328 and drove in 111 runs. Hell, Larry Walker, who led the league in hitting (.363), batted SEVENTH in this lineup. Amazingly, the '98 team lost the contest at Coors Field 13-8 to their American League brethren thanks to three-hit performances from Roberto Alomar and Ivan Rodriquez.

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
2.1997 NL All-Stars65.27.85.3
3.2004 NL All-Stars64.97.65.3
4.1985 NL All-Stars62.46.55.0

Thanks to the ungodly numbers produced by the Steroid Era, the 80's seemingly became the forgotten decade of baseball. However, the Whatif engines gave the 1985 NL team some love, placing this squad 4th. At first glance, this could be somewhat of a head scratcher; yet closer examination reveals a deep and well-rounded roster. A frightening lineup highlighted by hitting machines like Tony Gwynn, Dale Murhpy and Darryl Strawberry. Defensively, the NL trotted out perennial Gold Glovers Ryne Sandberg, Steve Garvey and Ozzie Smith. And from a pitching perspective, an arms corps featuring Nolan Ryan, Dwight Gooden, Fernando Valenzuela, and Goose Goosage would surely give hitters nightmares. The 1985 game was won by the NL 6-1, with the only run coming unearned.

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
5.2003 NL All-Stars62.27.45.7
6.1994 NL All-Stars60.67.55.5
7.1996 NL All-Stars60.27.75.7
8.2001 NL All-Stars59.88.16.3
9.1966 NL All-Stars59.66.04.7

The National League's first four batters in '66: Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Willie McCovey. 'Nough said.

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
10.1992 NL All-Stars58.96.75.4
11.2000 AL All-Stars58.36.75.9
12.1976 NL All-Stars57.66.35.4
13.1946 AL All-Stars57.65.95.6

Despite World Series home-field implications, most starters are on the bench by the 5th inning in present-day All Star Games. As Ted Williams proved in the '46 Classic, this wasn't always the case. Teddy Ballgame went 4-for-4 and with 2 bombs as the American League laid a 12-0 whoopin' on the Senior Circuit. (After further investigation, almost every player in the AL lineup received only two ABs before being pulled. I imagine Steve O'Neill had similar intentions for the Splendid Splinter, but didn't possess the fortitude to deliver such a proposition to the great Williams.)

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
14.1969 NL All-Stars57.46.35.5
15.1939 AL All-Stars57.46.55.9
16.1977 NL All-Stars57.26.25.6

Anytime your pitching staff consists of Don Sutton, Steve Carlton, Bruce Sutter, Tom Seaver and Goose Gossage, you're going to have a reasonable shot at winning. And in the off chance they needed run support, the NL employed the likes of Joe Morgan, Dave Parker, Dave Winfield, and Johnny Bench.

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
17.2009 NL All-Stars57.06.65.6
18.1999 NL All-Stars56.86.15.5
19.1963 NL All-Stars56.65.95.2
20.1973 AL All-Stars56.65.65.4
 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
21.2000 NL All-Stars56.37.26.0
22.1967 AL All-Stars56.36.05.5
23.2002 NL All-Stars55.96.66.0

Considering the '02 AL squad came in ranked 89th, we can blame the 11th-inning tie abomination on the mismanaging of Bob Brenly. (In a related note, Brenly is now a color commentator for the Chicago Cubs.)

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
24.2010 NL All-Stars55.76.45.1
25.1956 AL All-Stars55.56.25.9
26.1988 AL All-Stars55.55.85.6
27.1981 NL All-Stars54.85.94.9
28.1965 NL All-Stars54.86.25.2
29.1993 NL All-Stars54.86.75.8
30.1972 NL All-Stars54.85.95.2
31.2005 NL All-Stars54.86.66.0
32.2007 AL All-Stars54.66.35.8

This is one of the head scratchers, as it's hard to fathom a lineup of Ichiro, David Ortiz, A-Rod, and Vlad falling this far on the list. The pitching rotation was equally as impressive, as the bullpen featured the arms of Johan Santana, Justin Verlander and Josh Beckett to augment starter Dan Haren. Although, the AL did eek out a 5-4 victory in 2007, so maybe this low standing is warranted.

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
33.1991 AL All-Stars54.46.05.7
34.1952 AL All-Stars54.45.75.5
35.1950 NL All-Stars54.46.06.0
36.1987 NL All-Stars54.06.56.1
37.1954 AL All-Stars53.86.05.8

The '54 AL roster racked up 11 runs, 5 of which came from the bat of Al Rosen. To give you an idea of how vaunted this lineup was, Ted Williams, Larry Doby, and Nellie Fox were coming off the bench.

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
38.1999 AL All-Stars53.56.55.9
39.2005 AL All-Stars53.56.15.6
40.1968 NL All-Stars53.35.45.0
41.1986 NL All-Stars53.15.95.3
42.1951 NL All-Stars53.16.45.9
43.1937 AL All-Stars53.16.66.2

With all due respect to the 1927 Yankees, this assembly of all-stars could have easily earned the nickname of "Murderers' Row." At 1st base alone sat Lou Gehrig, Hank Greenberg, and Jimmie Foxx. Bill Dickey and Charlie Gehringer were other future Hall of Famers on this roster, as well as a young outfielder by the name of Joe DiMaggio.

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
44.1962 NL All-Stars52.96.25.7
45.1961 NL All-Stars52.96.25.9
46.1983 NL All-Stars52.76.15.7

The 80's might not be remembered for their power numbers, but don't express that sentiment towards this team. The NL lineup featured power hitters Gary Carter, Mike Schmidt, Dale Murphy, Darrell Evans and Andre Dawson. The pitching staff wasn't too shabby either, consisting of Fernando Valenzuela, Lee Smith, and Mario Soto.

 TeamWin PctRS/GRA/G
47.1973 NL All-Stars52.76.15.7
48.1934 AL All-Stars52.76.26.0
49.1984 NL All-Stars52.56.05.5
50.1970 NL All-Stars52.56.25.9
51.1993 AL All-Stars52.56.15.9
52.1953 NL All-Stars52.36.96.2
53.1968 AL All-Stars52.05.45.0
54.1980 AL All-Stars52.06.16.1
55.2009 AL All-Stars51.85.95.1
56.1995 NL All-Stars51.86.55.9
57.1979 NL All-Stars51.86.26.1
58.1947 AL All-Stars51.85.55.8
59.2001 AL All-Stars51.86.16.6
60.1944 AL All-Stars51.65.55.7
61.1988 NL All-Stars51.45.65.1
62.1935 AL All-Stars51.46.26.4
63.1957 AL All-Stars51.26.66.2
64.2008 NL All-Stars51.06.35.8
65.2008 AL All-Stars51.05.95.7
66.1964 NL All-Stars51.05.55.4
67.1941 AL All-Stars51.06.46.6
68.1961 AL All-Stars51.05.86.4
69.2006 NL All-Stars50.86.76.6
70.1975 AL All-Stars50.85.65.8
71.1974 NL All-Stars50.55.95.5
72.2007 NL All-Stars50.56.26.1
73.1971 AL All-Stars50.55.45.7
74.1975 NL All-Stars50.35.85.4
75.1990 NL All-Stars50.16.05.6
76.1997 AL All-Stars50.15.85.7
77.1935 NL All-Stars50.15.96.2
78.1955 AL All-Stars49.95.66.0
79.1954 NL All-Stars49.76.05.9
80.1952 NL All-Stars49.75.75.7
81.1982 NL All-Stars49.55.65.4
82.1933 NL All-Stars49.55.35.2
83.1969 AL All-Stars49.56.16.1
84.2003 AL All-Stars49.55.66.2
85.1989 NL All-Stars49.26.35.9
86.1978 NL All-Stars49.26.46.2
87.1996 AL All-Stars49.26.06.0
88.1970 AL All-Stars49.26.06.3
89.2002 AL All-Stars49.05.75.9
90.1938 AL All-Stars49.06.77.4
91.1981 AL All-Stars48.85.25.8
92.1979 AL All-Stars48.66.06.2
93.1972 AL All-Stars48.65.65.9
94.1946 NL All-Stars48.45.45.4
95.1994 AL All-Stars48.46.36.5
96.1949 AL All-Stars48.45.66.2
97.1971 NL All-Stars48.26.05.9
98.1959 NL All-Stars48.26.36.3
99.1960 NL All-Stars48.25.65.8
100.1985 AL All-Stars48.25.55.8
101.1956 NL All-Stars48.06.36.2
102.1936 NL All-Stars48.05.85.8
103.1976 AL All-Stars48.05.45.9
104.1945 NL All-Stars47.75.75.6
105.1977 AL All-Stars47.75.96.3
106.1978 AL All-Stars47.75.35.9
107.1936 AL All-Stars47.56.36.9
108.1943 NL All-Stars47.35.15.3
109.1983 AL All-Stars46.95.66.5
110.1957 NL All-Stars46.76.36.4
111.1948 NL All-Stars46.76.16.2
112.1998 AL All-Stars46.75.46.0
113.1938 NL All-Stars46.55.75.9
114.1967 NL All-Stars46.55.76.1
115.1948 AL All-Stars46.55.56.2
116.1940 AL All-Stars46.55.76.5
117.1992 AL All-Stars46.25.35.6
118.2006 AL All-Stars46.26.06.4
119.1964 AL All-Stars46.25.76.2
120.1939 NL All-Stars46.26.06.6
121.1943 AL All-Stars45.85.25.7
122.1990 AL All-Stars45.65.36.0
123.1995 AL All-Stars45.65.66.4
124.1937 NL All-Stars45.66.17.0
125.1934 NL All-Stars45.45.55.8
126.1942 AL All-Stars45.25.46.0
127.1958 AL All-Stars45.25.86.5
128.1965 AL All-Stars44.75.66.1
129.1933 AL All-Stars44.56.07.0
130.1942 NL All-Stars44.35.35.4
131.1947 NL All-Stars44.35.66.3
132.1984 AL All-Stars44.34.95.7
133.1944 NL All-Stars43.75.35.8
134.1949 NL All-Stars43.76.47.1
135.1986 AL All-Stars43.75.25.9
136.1963 AL All-Stars43.75.06.0
137.1991 NL All-Stars43.45.66.0
138.1980 NL All-Stars43.45.35.8
139.1955 NL All-Stars43.46.36.9
140.1959 AL All-Stars43.25.16.1
141.1974 AL All-Stars42.65.46.2
142.1941 NL All-Stars42.25.46.4
143.1958 NL All-Stars41.95.76.5
144.1962 AL All-Stars41.95.36.5
145.1951 AL All-Stars41.35.36.3
146.1982 AL All-Stars41.35.26.3
147.2010 AL All-Stars41.36.07.4
148.1950 AL All-Stars41.35.97.3
149.1966 AL All-Stars41.15.16.6
150.1989 AL All-Stars40.25.26.4
151.2004 AL All-Stars40.05.36.4
152.1945 AL All-Stars39.44.66.0
153.1987 AL All-Stars38.55.87.5
154.1940 NL All-Stars38.35.26.1
155.1953 AL All-Stars37.05.16.9
156.1960 AL All-Stars36.65.06.8

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