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2010 NFL Playoff Predictions and Projections

Final standings and playoff predictions

By Ryan Fowler, Whatifsports.com
UPDATED: September 9th, 2010

Contrary to popular belief (that being message boards, comments and e-mails received) Whatifsports.com is not claiming our predictions and projections are based on data collected from the Grays 2010 Sports Almanac. No, the same sports journal immortalized and exploited of by one Biff Tannen in the movie "Back to the Future II" is not assisting in the prognostication of the upcoming season. Our NFL simulation engine driven pre-season previews' purpose is to create discussion and debate. It's safe to say we've accomplished that mission.

What we have provided our readers are "what-if" scenarios for the upcoming 2010 NFL season based on the statistical outputs of players and teams from the 2009 season. The sabermetric soiree that our NFL simulation engine spits out after running all the numbers does not directly reflect the views or opinions of Whatifsports.com's writing staff. We are simply providing a voice (in written form) for the data the computer generates. Are some of the results and predictions subject to debate? Absolutely. The computer loves Phillip Rivers and isn't a big fan of Jay Cutler. It loves the Packers, but believes the Detroit Lions will remain in the cellar.

That is what is so beneficial about the content Whatifsports.com's shares with its audience. There is no way of knowing if the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers are going to meet this coming February in the Super Bowl (Watch it on Fox!). Heck, when we ran this simulation Vincent Jackson was part of the Chargers' puzzle and not sitting out the first 3 games due to a Roger Goodell sanctioned timeout. What we can do, unlike many passionate fans, is take the subjective bias out of the argument and let the stats tell the story.

All of our predictions and projections you've enjoyed (some more than others) over the last two weeks are part of a fluid process. We've learned a lot about our NFL simulation engine and the data it is generating. It's our goal throughout training camp and on in to the pre-season to make the necessary calibrations that reflect the best "what-if" scenario for the 2010 NFL season.

You should also be aware that as the 2010 season plays out and as regular season weeks 1, 2, 3 etc. become past tense; player's statistics will start to blend in with their 2009 final numbers. This process will provide a more accurate projection for each player's fantasy output on a weekly basis. It's also the reason why some player's current fantasy projections on the divisional preview pages may seem skewed. Remember, our NFL simulation engine is currently working with 2009 stats until the 2010 buffet is ready for consumption the second week of September.

With that said, below you will find our 2010 NFL Final Standings and Playoff Predictions. As with all of our 2010 NFL Divisional Previews, rosters and ratings were accurate as of June 29th, 2010.

With training camps opening up the next few weeks, Whatifsports.com plans to unveil a few updates to our pre-season previews and fantasy projections.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make like a tree and get out of here.


Since the 53-man rosters were set earlier this week, we decided to simulate the entire 2010 NFL season once more with the most up-to-date rosters and depth charts. Below you will find our final 2010 NFL Standings.
(Note: Playoff matchups and results to come later today)

Final Standings (*division winner, + wild card)

AFC EastWinsLosses
New York Jets* 8 8
New England Patriots 8 8
Miami Dolphins 8 8
Buffalo Bills 6 10

AFC NorthWinsLosses
Baltimore Ravens* 11 5
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 8
Cincinnati Bengals 8 8
Cleveland Browns 6 10

AFC WestWinsLosses
San Diego Chargers* 13 3
Denver Broncos 8 8
Oakland Raiders 6 10
Kansas City Chiefs 5 11

AFC SouthWinsLosses
Houston Texans* 10 6
Tennessee Titans+ 9 7
Indianapolis Colts+ 9 7
Jacksonville Jaguars 5 11

NFC EastWinsLosses
Dallas Cowboys* 11 5
Philadelphia Eagles 10 6
New York Giants 8 8
Washington Redskins 7 9

NFC NorthWinsLosses
Green Bay Packers* 12 4
Minnesota Vikings+ 11 5
Chicago Bears 6 10
Detroit Lions 3 13

NFC WestWinsLosses
San Francisco 49ers* 9 7
Arizona Cardinals 8 8
Seattle Seahawks 6 10
St. Louis Rams 5 11

NFC SouthWinsLosses
New Orleans Saints* 12 4
Carolina Panthers+ 10 6
Atlanta Falcons 7 9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5 11

NFL Wild Card Simulations
MatchupWin%Avg Score
Indianapolis Colts4220
@ Houston Texans5825
Tennessee Titans6019
@ New York Jets4017
Carolina Panthers3718
@ Dallas Cowboys6325
Minnesota Vikings6821
@ San Francisco 49ers3217

NFL Divisional Playoffs Simulations
MatchupWin%Avg Score
Tennessee Titans2422
@ San Diego Chargers7632
Houston Texans4720
@ Baltimore Ravens 5322
Minnesota Vikings4019
@ Green Bay Packers6025
Dallas Cowboys4425
@ New Orleans Saints5629

NFL Conference Championships Simulations
MatchupWin%Avg Score
Baltimore Ravens2820
@ San Diego Chargers7228
New Orleans4324
@ Green Bay Packers 5728

Super Bowl XLV Simulations
MatchupWin%Avg Score
San Diego Chargers4924
Green Bay Packers5127

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Ryan Fowler is the Content Manager for Whatifsports.com. He can be reached at rfowler@whatifsports.com.

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