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Doggie, where ya been?  Haven't seen you around these parts in awhile...

   Hi Juice. Thank you for the warm welcome.

   I departed rather suddenly back in 2009. Life, health, and changes I was holding out for at WhatIfSports not materializing, made it difficult to be as active as I had been.

   I haved checked in occasionally, but hope to try a few teams again.
   I had really hoped for positive changes when Administration looked at Baseball Progressive Leagues. 

   But I ended up with a frustrating conclusion.  Administration did not understand Progressive Leagues,
   Administration was very familiar with adjusting the simulation engine for people who played live, one game at a time. Because that was how they used the site.

  I finally decided the changes I hoped for were opposed to how they viewed the baseball simulation.  A simulation that wants to closely resemble real life baseball for teams and players who progress one season at a time, does not work with an engine that reacts to quirks, cookies, new strategies, etc. . 

   If one wants to win a single computerized baseball game, Eddie Gaedel, John Paciorek, Cisco Carlos, Hurricane Bob Hazle ,Smoky Joe Wood,Pete Reiser, 1961 Norm Cash are who an owner would want on their team. If the same person owned a real life baseball team you would want Stan Musial, Tony Perez, Don Sutton, Jamie Moyer, Tony Phillips, Ben Zobrist type players.

  Fixes to the sim that negate over effective quirks make the sim less likely to mirror real life results.  Changes that make a half hour dice game harder to manipulate are not the same changes one would make to effect a dice game that takes 162 half hour rounds to complete.

   I tried to work with administration when I was unable to continue managing my Progressive teams. I had plenty of credits and asked a like minded owner/ league commissioner, to handle the transition and gave him access to my teams and my account, unfortunately, that did not go as smoothly as he or I would have liked.

 (  I had always tried to post my current Progressive teams several seasons ahead. As an example, if I had a team playing 1933/1973 Split Progressive League, I would like to have my current roster posted in my team pages for about the upcoming 5 seasons, 1934/1974, 1935/1975, 1936/1976, 1937/1977, 1938/1978 in this example.

   I had tried to get assistance from the WIS Search site, as well as Administration,  to have a reference for players who were not continuously available in the Sim from their initial Sim season through their final Sim season.

   Injuries and military service were usually the cause for these players to be out of our Sim in the middle of their careers, But there were players like Pitcher Fred Norman who has his initial Sim season in 1964 and does not reappear until 1970.

   It would have been helpful to have a resource to find these type of players for every available season in the WhatIfSports Simulation.

   An organized players available list for every season's Initial Progressive League Draft also would have been helpful.

   I imagined WhatIfSports having very helpful resources available to anyone wanting to start a Progressive League.

   For example a person wanting to start a Progressive League with an Initial 1947 Season, they could get lists displaying Players available sorted seferal ways, sorted alphabetically as well as by both position and salary. Since players sometime switch primary defensive position as their career progresses.

   And also have a list for 1947 forward for those players whose eligibility and absence from the Sim go back and forth.  )

   I have been enjoying the MLB Network and the return of the NHL. I am sorry for the problems that arose from my departure, and sorry to BigLenR for raising the possibility he may once again have a less peaceful, image filled existence here in these forums.






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