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"these two things have completely different meanings"..."these two things have nearly the same meaning".

I'm guessing the difference in those two statements zips right over your head? Synonyms are interchangeable. Meaning they can be used in the same context as each other.

And for the 5000th time - content and wanting more are not mutually exclusive.
1/25/2012 2:28 PM
When everyone says "You're a ******* retard", only ******* retards don't get it. 

Ask someone to explain that to you because, quite frankly, I don't think you get it.
1/25/2012 3:15 PM
I've heard that phrase used about you on occasion. Guess it must be true.

"Accept as adequate despite wanting more/better".

I'll give you some time to work on your reading comprehension.
1/25/2012 3:16 PM
Did your self-confidence get inflated because I somewhat agreed with you about Tebow?  Did you think "SEE?? NOT EVERYONE THINKS I'M A ******* RETARD!!!!"?

Because, to be clear, I wasn't necessarily agreeing with you.  I was disagreeing with the dumbasses who insist on a specific prototype as a NFL QB.
1/25/2012 3:17 PM
Since we've already established you can't comprehend the English language, let's throw "everyone" into the mix - you and taint do not qualify as everyone.

You are also not the God of WIS and knowledge, despite your "inflated" ego - you seem to think everyone on this site has it as their primary goal to gain the acceptance and agreement of the mighty MikeT. You agreed with me on Tebow - congratulations; forgive me for not being all giddy and sentimental about it.
1/25/2012 3:29 PM (edited)
I'll take that as "Yes.   I was thrilled that someone of your intelligence somewhat stood on the same side of the fence as me.   It's much easier to argue when someone else is intelligent enough to understand my dumbassery and translate it for the rest of the world."
1/25/2012 3:22 PM
You're not that intelligent if that's the interpretation you get.

Honestly, I think you have a fairly good grasp of most things, but you're far too insecure. Despite the front you put up, your arrogant attitude gives you away - you need to be seen as this wise sage whose acceptance everyone seeks and must attain in order to validate themselves, which in turn validates you.

It's kind of sad, actually.

1/25/2012 3:31 PM
Looks like Mike and JT are getting divorced.
1/25/2012 3:31 PM
We were never "married". We agreed on an issue. Apparently Mike saw that as a sign that I was finally willing to tie the knot - as I said, forgive me for not bowing down and kissing his mighty feet just because we agreed on an issue. He shops his support and acknowledgement around this site like it's an all mighty gift that all must aspire to. It's nauseating.
1/25/2012 3:33 PM
You could just say "Thank you" and move on.   For the first time, you weren't so wrong that someone could almost agree with you.   I took a good deal of ridicule just so you wouldn't be the kid getting spitballed all during lunch period.   I could have easily walked away and let you take your normal medicine. 
1/25/2012 3:53 PM

Except for one fact: you agreed. Don't act like you ran in to hold my hand and save the day. I agreed with you as much as you agreed with me. You didn't do me any favours. My opinions don't change based on who's siding with me - if that's your thing, cheers to you.

1/25/2012 4:16 PM
Posted by stinenavy on 1/25/2012 3:31:00 PM (view original):
Looks like Mike and JT are getting divorced.
Who'll get to keep young Timmie? They need to think of the children.
1/25/2012 6:47 PM
1/25/2012 7:01 PM
1/26/2012 8:29 AM
I dunno...Cam's gonna be there now
1/26/2012 9:34 AM
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