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Brown Bears
Coach: ixolabrat
Offense: Motion
Defense: Halfcourt Press / Zone
Season 62
Starting Five
PG: Yong Shih (Sr*)
SG: Floyd Thomas (Sr/5*)
SF: Dikembe Africa (Jr)
PF: Gerald Evanoff (So*)
PF: Anthony Coniglio (Sr*)
*Returning Starters
Key Bench
SG: William Honey (Sr)
SG: William Schindler (Sr/+1)
PF: Charles Draper (RS/Fr)
Recruits/Key Additions
SG: Jimmy Hale – Recruit (#17SG / #83 Overall)
SF: John Benner – Recruit (#83SF)
Team Outlook
Led by Ivy POY candidate Anthony Coniglio, Brown University looks to build upon a season that saw the Bears start strong with a home win over #17 Virginia Tech, struggle early in the Ivy season, then finish strong losing in the CT Final. A couple of wins in the PIT capped off the season, before falling short against Arizona St in the PIT Regional Final.
The squad returns four starters from last year’s squad, and should be very tough within the ultra competitive Ivy League. This is the last hurrah for this group of senior’s, as the rebuilding process will start from almost scratch after this bunch graduates. A PIT Berth is the minimum the alumni will accept!!
Yong Shih will again lead the charge from the point. Shih has turned into quite a point guard with blazing speed and uncanny ball handling and passing skills. Thomas, Schindler and Honey are all waiting on the wings for the open looks the penetrating Shih will create, and all three posses outstanding 3-pt ability as well as the ability to slash and drive to the hoop. Newcomer and prized recruit Jimmy Hale will grab key minutes off the bench as he finds his way.
Coniglio will anchor a frontcourt that is equally comfortable on the perimeter as it is down low. Draper and newcomer Benner will provide valuable minutes off the bench spelling Africa and Evanoff.
The squad continues to work on its Defensive abilities and this will be the second season of coach ixo’s implementing the press into the defensive arsenal.
Johnny Hale
John Benner
Recruit Johnny Hale (#17 SG - #83 Overall / Bronx NY) is a highly regarded Top-100 player, and will be a future offensive force from beyond the arc. Johnny liked coach ixo’s vision; as did Hale’s Grandma “Gammy Hale”, who focused on coach ixo’s commitment to education. Recruit John Benner (#83 SF / Los Angeles Ca) was a late addition that likes to play down low more than the typical small forward. John enjoyed coach ixo’s plan for his development and the fact he will play the four spot as major factors in signing with the Bears. While neither will be a superstar, both players will fill their roles and be future anchors as juniors and seniors.
Season Goals
Coach ixo feels this is also one of his better squads. A competitive non-conference season that includes 2 Big East and 2 MWC teams will challenge the squad. Ranked USAF visits Brown and is the marque non-conference game. A 9-1 start is the goal; but given the perils of a road trip to Hawaii and Pittsburgh, 7-3 will be acceptable. Brown should contend for an East Crown in what will be a very tough division, and a conference mark of 12-4 is the goal again. Again finding a way to win conference road games will be the key to conference success. The squad has the potential to sneak into the national rankings, but should thrive on the fringes! A PIT Berth is predicted at the worse, but hoping for a return to the NT. No postseason berth will be considered a failure of a season, and the boosters will definitely start grumbling.
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Duquesne Dukes (Season 62 Preview)     

Coach: skinzfan36 (Record at Duquesne: 70-69; 1 NT appearance; 1 west conf. championship)
Offense: Motion
Defense: Man

Projected Starters (* = returning starter):
PG - Rene Greco Sr./5 : finally gets the starting nod in his final season. Extremely quick, could reach 99 spd. Otherwise is pretty much maxed out, but has nice handles and passing skillz, can also shoot the rock efficiently from downtown.
SG - Larry Scott Sr.* : Scott and Gabbard are easily our two best players. This 4-year starter can do it all and will be relied upon to hopefully take us back to the NT. Most likely is done growing but that is not a concern.
SF - William Chidester So.* : the coaching staff has been quite pleased with Chidester's growth so far, and are amazed with what they still believe he has left. He will once again start to maximize this growth. He still won't be that great this year but the coaching staff believes he will be a team leader next year with 4 seniors departing.
PF - Calvin Baine So.* : Baine grew nicely as a freshman starter and played pretty damn well too. He shot nearly 60% averaging 5ppg. Expect him to improve those numbers. He should also be a matchup problem at the 4 once he gets a little quicker.
C - Raymond Eaddy So.* : the coaches are raving about Eaddy in the preseason and feel he is the most improved player from last season. He only averaged 2ppg last year, but could possibly reach double digits this season. The scary thing is this player still has great potential down low and should be a dominant force real soon. 

Returning Players:
PG - Kenneth Brissette Sr.: provides solid depth at both guard positions. His 2nd and final year in the program, he should be pretty solid with a year in our system under his belt.
SG - Trevor Tran Jr. (2nd yr ineligible): one of the most versatile players on this team. He will eventually be able to play anywhere from the 1-4 spots on the court. Right now is best suited for SF, but will play some SG. His spd and reb still have great potential.
SF - Michael Gabbard Sr.: possibly the best player on the team will come off the bench again this year to maximize Chidester's growth. However, he will play starters minutes and possibly the most on the team since we are most likely going with a target minutes system again this year. Very dynamic and key player for Duquesne's success this year.
PF - Earl Moore Fr. (RS): Moore developed pretty nicely in his redshirt year and will be a nice big man off the bench for us. His ath, defense, and lp are all looking at possibly 99 final ratings at this point, so in a couple seasons he should be a dominant force in the IVY. 

New Duke:
Tim Louis PF: Louis is quite the project player like Gabbard and Chidester in the past. Gabbard has turned out great going from 480 something to over 800. Chidester is well on his way to that level with plenty of potential remaining. 

Louis already has the coaches frustrated as his work ethic seems lower since they placed the redshirt on him. We will see how he develops during his redshirt year. If he doesn't develop enough he could be cut next season. Sad to say but when you give problems accepting a redshirt this is what can happen LOUIS!

Overall, recruiting was a disaster this season. We spent a ton on a stud PG the first cycle and two other teams showed up that we were unlikely to beat for him. Looking back if I had thrown all my resources at him I may have ended up getting the player. However, I chose to go a different direction and ended up with nothing still. Lost a long battle for my best recruit after a lower prestige team came in on a guy I was "tight" with, which was a surprise. I was able to get another ineligible but again was screwed as he chose to go the JUCO route. He was a pretty good player, but nothing too exciting. Would have been nice though instead of two walk-ons and a project player.

However, this does provide us with 6 open slots next season, so we will have a full recruitment budget which is nice to have.

Season Outlook:

After coming pretty close to a PIT bid last season and only losing 2 players (1 starter) Duquesne looks to be in pretty good shape this year. Our older guys paired with last years recruiting class should play well together in their 2nd season. We are expecting a PIT bid and an NT bid is not out of the question. However, an NT spot will be difficult in the tough IVY league with some teams looking poised for top seasons as well. Critical will be how well we perform in non-conference. The schedule looks to be pretty tough there as well, and I am thinking 8-2 or at least 7-3 will be required to have a realistic shot at the NT.

**Warning for IVY Coaches next season**
Yes, I am giving you a season in advance to mentally prepare your squads for the scary proposition they will have to deal with next year. Baine, Eaddy, and Moore will almost certainly be lining up at the 3-5 spots as starters. Yes, we replace 4 seniors, but damn, wipe the tears from your players eyes after they have nightmares just thinking about that trifecta. That's all for now folks!
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Cornell "The Big Red"  (Season 62 Preview)

Coach:  hughesjr
Offense:  Triangle
Defense:  Zone

PG:  James Robinson (Jr.)
SG:  Aaron Surette (Jr.)
SF:  Jackie Slaughter (Sr.)
PF:  Daniel Harney (Jr.)
C:    Fred Swiney (So.)

Ralph Wood (Sr.)  PG/SG/SF
Gordon Liao (Sr.) PG/SG/SF
Arthur Espey (So.) PG/SG/SF
Justin Sawyer (So.) PF/C
Clifford Young (Fr.) PF/C
Richard James (Fr.) PF/C

Red Shirt:
Steve London (Fr.) PG/SG

Team Outlook:

This is the last season for the inherited players for coach hughesjr.  Of the three seniors left from coach lsumedici and the old regime, one, Jackie Slaughter, will begin the season as a starter at the Small Forward position.  Joining Slaughter in the starting lineup are 3 starters returning from last season: PG James Robinson, SG Aaron Surette, and PF Daniel Harney.  Rounding out the starting five is Center Fred Swiney, who was the number one big man off the bench last season.

All the starters except Slaughter are excellent defenders and the overall Defense of the Red should be much better this season.  The bench will include 2 seniors, guards Ralph Wood and Gordon Liao ... both excellent on offense and so-so on defense.  Two sophomores, PG Arthur Espey and PF Justin Sawyer, and two freshmen, C Clifford Young and C Richard James, round out the bench this season for Cornell.  James is a Red Shirt from last season and freshman PG Steve London will Red Shirt this season.


All ten non conference games are from non Big6 conferences for the Red this season.  Three opponents from the Summit League and one each from Metro Atlantic, MEAC, WCC, Sun Belt, Patriot, Southern and Southland conferences.  All ten games are winnable and the Red should finish non conference at 9-1.

Conference Play:

The Red look to be a middle of the pack team again this season in the Ivy League.    Looking to finish again at 8-8 in conference this season.  Also would like one win in the Conference Tourney.


That would make the overall record for Cornell be 18-10 (8-8). That looks almost exactly like the 17-10(8-8) finish for the Red last season and might be enough for a PIT bid.

7/26/2013 7:42 PM
Columbia University Lions

Season 62 Outlook:

Coach: dacj501 (call me Dac or DAC if you please)
Offense: Triangle
Defense: Man-to-Man

Projected Starting Lineup
Point Guard: Cornelius Cuadrado SO (started 21 of 27 games as a freshman: 6.1 ppg, 3.3 apg, 6'0", 176#, Major: Latin American and Caribbean Studies)
Shooting Guard: Tommy Harris SO (started 24 of 27 games as a freshman: 5.5 ppg, 2 rpg, 6'4", 189#, Major: Undeclared)
Small Forward:  Michael Armstrong SO (JUCO transfer. Interlake HS, Bellevue, WA. 6'3", 203#: Major: Mathematics)
Power Forward: Dan Phillips SO (started all 27 games as a freshman: 6.6 rpg, 6 rpg, 6'6", 206#, Major: Jewish Studies)
Center: James Rodrigue JR (James is a holdover from the previous regime at Columbia. Last season averaged 3.4 ppg, 3.9 rpg in 14.3 mpg of relief, 7'0", 243#, Major: English Literature)

Last season's forecast stated the Lions would be lucky to win 5 games; Lady Luck found the Lions and Columbia won 6 games in coach DAC's first campaign. 3 new cubs join the Lion's Den this season. 

ATH 61 57 68
SPEED 80u 15 35
REB 1 90* 89*
DEF 90u 69* 84*
BLOCK 16 73 85*
LP 39u 69* 56*
PER 87 41* 40*
BH 58 34 28
PASS 73 27 34
WE 86 59 99
STA 80 75* 85
DUR 79 82 79u
FT% 78% 73% 61%
#73 PG C #176 C
OVR 750 691***** 782*****
LEGEND: * indicates high-high potential with final value given at min 28pt gain. (u) indicates unknown high potential. Number of * shown in OVR indicates how many high-high potentials player has which will likely raise that final OVR.

The Lions are loaded with potential, and short on current 'skillz'. This will be another challenging season, and once again any wins are a bonus. Expect no better than last season's 6-21 at this point, and indeed the abundance of youth could equate to even fewer wins than season 61. The goal is still to make the NT in season 4. 
7/27/2013 7:26 PM
Postseason Awards 
In: skinz, dac, hughes, julius, chap, ixo, psu

  • Cannot vote for yourself or any of your players
  • Will be voted upon once all teams have been eliminated from postseason play
  • Voting ends once the new job hiring is done
  • Any other stipulations???

6th Man
Most Improved
Coach of Year
Best Newcomer (can be any of freshman, rs freshman, ineligible, transfer)
Game of the Year (has to be a conference game: regular season or CT)
We could do 1st and 2nd team (whatever, not sure how this would work really)
Any other suggestions...we could have some funny awards to if you guys can come up with some cool ones

Post anything in the league page area that you come up with and I can add it here. Thanks!

7/28/2013 4:53 PM (edited)
It wouldn't be the Ivy League without an All-Academic Team ... our nerds need recognition!!
7/28/2013 8:19 PM
I think that we should do at least 1st and 2nd team all conference if not a third team depending on participation by coaches. I would include Defensive player of the year and possibly a sharpshooter award.
7/31/2013 9:35 AM
Harvard Crimson
Coach: Madpad78
Offense: Motion
Defense: 2-3 Zone Press

Starting 5:
PG: W. July (Fr.) J. Bouffard (So.)
SG: E Coldwell (Sr./5)
SF: M. Sloss (So.) David Jones (Jr.)
PF:E. Anglin (Sr.)
C: C. Cook (So.)

Key  Backups:
David Jones (Jr-PF)
James Bouffard (So.-PG)
William Warner (So.-PG)
Donald Shoemaker (So.-C)

New Recruits:
William July (PG)
Matt Powell (PG)
Willie Schuette (SF)
Eugene Braymiller (C)

Season Outlook:
Seeing as this preview is being done a few games into the season it is going to be more of a manifesto as to how coach Madpad will proceed with this season. After the first 6 games it is clear that while there maybe some talent on this roster it is going to take some time for it to pan out. Early season tests against LSU, OK St. and Providence (with coach PCClark whom madpad78 has butted heads with for several seasons now on the recruiting trail, leading to a nice rivalry) and E. Kentucky got the crimson off to an 0-4 start. before our first win at UMBC. Georgian and Murray State brought 2 more losses for an early season record of 1-6 and an RPI of 206 and a SOS of 80. Three games remain for madpad and the Crimson to turn thing around a little. 

William July is the big recruit of the season having spent $45K to pry him away from Pepperdine, and he started the season at PG. However, after 4 games Coach Madpad shuffled his lineup trying to find a win, and he got one but it was short lived. Now he must determine who he wants to develop as any chance at a post-season bid seems mostly lost. 

This season Coach Madpad is going to rely heavily on the inside outside tandem of Anglin and Coldwell. But, this is going to be a season of growing pains. Having not had much early season success and having 9 underclassmen, a switch in defenses is being undertaken to go to the Press. This switch probably should have been made last season but hopes were still high and the change was never made.

Make it to next season without losing too much prestige.
Winning at least 2 out of my last 3 non-con games (I really should win all 3 but with the defense change I will take 2)
6-10 in conference play may be tough but I think it is doable.
Grow my youngsters, and hurry the press development along.

7/31/2013 10:10 AM

Fordham Rams - Season 63

Coach: Chapelhillne
Offense: Motion
Defense: Full Court Press

PG - Kendall Price - Jr. - 5'11" - Brooklyn, NY
SG - Barney Morgan - Jr. - 6'4" - Jay, ME
SF - Dale Mireles - Sr - 6'4" - Georgetown, KY
PF - Edmond Busby - Sr - 6'11" - New Rochelle, NY
C - Salvatore Esposito - Jr* - 6'7" - Benedetto, Italy

PG - James Jaco - Jr. - 5'11" - Sidney, NY
SG - Jake Leech - So* - 5'9" - Washington, DC
SG - John Korth - So - 6'3" - Pine Bush, NY
SG - Richard Perkins - Fr* - 6'2" - New Britain, CT
SF/PF - Dustin Rienedeau - So - 6'6" - Parish, NY
SF - Ricky Wiggins - So - 6'6" - Reading, PA

C - John Maker - 6/'10" - Al Noor High School, Brooklyn, NY. #25 Ranked Center, #99 Overall, 2 Star.
John Maker finally realized his childhood dream of donning the Rams jersey. A fan of the team, ever since he could remember, he was thrilled when Coach Chapelhillne offered him a scholarship early in the recruiting period. He should be a strong presence in the low post, although his 55 athleticism will be a bit of a detriment. However, by his senior year, he should approach 100 in rebounding, shot blocking, and low post skills, so he should be a solid contributor. Coach chapelhillne has stated privately that he intends to redshirt his new player, since the team is so deep this year.

The Fordham campus is really fired up about this season's Rams squad, as all but one player are returning from last years PI Final 4 squad. The team worked hard in the of-season, and enters this year as one of the teams to beat in the Ivy League. If the Rams do not make the National Tournament this year it will be a huge disappointment.

The team will be led by Senior Dale Mireles, who starts the year at 833, but there are so many scoring threats on this well balanced team.  The team is finally comfortable with the press now, and should be able to wreak havoc on inexperienced players or poor ball handlers. The team is extremely well conditioned as well, and will play 40 minutes of fast pace up and down the court basketball to go along with the swarming defense. 

The non-conference schedule features three Big 6 schools - on the road at West Virginia, and at home against both Alabama and Pittsburgh. This team can hold its own with those teams, with the possible exception of Alabama. The staff hopes to go at least 8-2 in non-conference, but if they could go 10-0, they may be ranked by the time that conference play rolls around. Even though the Ivy League is much tougher this year, the staff's prediction for conference play is a 13-3 record and a conference championship. So, the overall prediction is a 21-5 record, and the first ever Conference Tournament Championship for Fordham, putting the team at 24-5 going into the NT with a #6 seed, and making it to the second round of the NT to finish with a 25-6 record. This would really get the program on the map. The future looks very bright at Fordham.

MID SEASON REPORT: The Rams looked dominant in the non-conference schedule and finished with a record of 9-1 and a #17 ranking. They outscored their opponents by 20.3 points per game in the non-conference. Highlights included a 99-69 win at West Virginia, a 100-77 win at home against Pitt, a 90-75 win at Long Beach State, and an 80-52 win at 8-1 Lipscomb. The Rams were rated # 3 n points scored in Division 1 at 91.4 and hit 100 or more points in 3 games. James Jaco has stepped up and become a team leader and the leading scorer at 11.2 PPG, to go with 5.2 assists per game, as the backup PG.  The attack is very balanced with 9 players averaging 7 or more points per game. If the Rams can keep this up, they will make the NT for only the second time in team history, and the first time in 48 years.

SEASON 63 WRAP UP: Season 63 has been the best season in the history of the Fordham program. After going 9-1 in non-conference, the Rams went 16-0 in conference play, with 13 of the 16 games being won by double digits. Columbia took the team to OT, but Fiordham dominated the extra period. At the end of the regular season, Fordham was 25-1 with a #8 ranking and an RPI of 22, and rose during the NT to a high of #4 in the country and a 16 RPI. It was the first time a Fordham team had ever finished the year nationally ranked.

In the Conference Tournament, after a first round bye, The Rams started the tournament trailing by 9 points at halftime to a scrappy Duquesne team, but came back to win by a final score of 74 to 63. In the semi-finals, the team took it to the next level with a dominating performance over Bucknell and a 100-63 win.  The championship featured another solid performance by Fordham as they went on to defeat Princeton by a score of 84-72, and earn the first CT Championship in the program's history. The team ended the regular season and tournament ranked #6 in the country.

In Fordham's second trip in school history to the NT, Fordham continued its domination in the first round by beating a poorly coached (SIM) Texas San-Antonio team by a 25 point margin, 98-73. Butler, the 12 seed, was their next opponent after they pulled the OT upset against Wisconsin. Butler looked to be ripe for the picking after losing one of their better players to poor grades just before the end of the season. And the Rams were again dominant, winning 86-63. This raised the team's ranking to #4 in the country. In the second round, Maryland pulled the big upset over the #1 seed, and #3 team in the nation LSU by 1 point in OT. So, it was Fordham and Maryland in the sweet 16. Maryland's overall rating was 759, and the Rams was 728, but Fordham was still an 8 point favorite. After leading by 4 points at the half, the team could not hold on and fell by a score of 74-69, breaking the team's 26 game winning streak, and ending the season ranked at #7.

The players and coaching staff of the Rams pulled in a number of Ivy League awards, including seven all conference members. Barney Morgan was first team All Conference at SG and won the Ivy League defensive player of the year. Newcomer John Maker won Freshman of the Year.  Coach Chapelhillne won Coach of the Year. Three layers were First Team All Conference - James Jaco at PG, Morgan at SG and Dale Mireles at SF. Dustin Riendeau was Second Team All-Conference at SF. Kenneth Price, Jake Leech, Edmond Busby, and Freshman John Maker were honorable mentions.

With only Edmond Busby and Dale Mireles leaving this year, the Rams look to be the team to beat again in season 64.

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Posted by skinzfan36 on 7/28/2013 4:53:00 PM (view original):
Postseason Awards 
In: skinz, dac, hughes, julius, chap, ixo, psu

  • Cannot vote for yourself or any of your players
  • Will be voted upon once all teams have been eliminated from postseason play
  • Voting ends once the new job hiring is done
  • Any other stipulations???

6th Man
Most Improved
Coach of Year
Best Newcomer (can be any of freshman, rs freshman, ineligible, transfer)
Game of the Year (has to be a conference game: regular season or CT)
We could do 1st and 2nd team (whatever, not sure how this would work really)
Any other suggestions...we could have some funny awards to if you guys can come up with some cool ones

Post anything in the league page area that you come up with and I can add it here. Thanks!

**** - I forgot all about this... we'll have to do it for next season!
8/25/2013 2:51 PM
Columbia University Lions

Season 63 Outlook:

Coach: dacj501 (call me Dac or DAC if you please)
Offense: Triangle
Defense: Man-to-Man

Projected Starting Lineup
Point Guard: Cornelius Cuadrado JR (started all 27 games as a sophomore: 11.6ppg, 3.3 apg, 6'0", 176#, Major: Latin American and Caribbean Studies)
Shooting Guard: Michael Armstrong JR (JUCO transfer. Started 26 of 27 games last season: 2 ppg, 1.5 apg, 6'3", 203#: Major: Mathematics)
Small Forward:   Tommy Harris SO (started all 27 games as a sophomore: 2.6 ppg, 2.6 rpg, 6'4", 189#, Major: Political Science)
Power Forward: Dan Phillips JR (started all 27 games as a freshman and sophomore: 13.7 rpg, 6.7 rpg, 6'6", 206#, Major: Jewish Studies)
Center: James Rodrigue SR (started all 27 games last season as junior: 7.4 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 7'0", 243#, Major: English Literature)

Last season's forecast predicted a possible decrease in wins from coach Dac's Ivy inaugural. Instead, the Lions posted their first double digit win season in 6 years, finishing 10-17 (5-11). This season's roster is identical to that of last season, and the game-plan is largely the same, with the notable exception that Tommy Harris and Michael Armstrong will swap starting positions. Armstrong's growth in passing and perimeter shooting make the change logical and allow the Lions to take advantage of Harris modest rebounding skills at the SF. While Columbia has improved nicely, the rest of the Ivy is largely keeping pace, and a .500 conference record in year 3 would be a nice achievement. Coach Dac predicts a winning season with a possible PIT bid.

Next season sees the departure of the last 2 players from before coach Dac's tenure began, and will see the Lions head into recruiting with 3 openings and somewhere well north of $60k to work with. The goal remains NT in 4.  
8/25/2013 3:17 PM (edited)
Duquesne Dukes (Season 63 Preview)     

Coach: skinzfan36 (Record at Duquesne: 87-81; 1 NT, 1 PIT appearance; 1 west conf. championship)
Offense: Motion
Defense: Man

Projected Starters (* = returning starter):
PG - William Chidester Jr.*: we don't really have any true PG this year and the pickings are slim. Chidester will play here as he still has nice potential left in BH and Pass. The beginning of the season could be shaky, but he will finally be counted on to play a big role this year. Has loads of potential remaining.
SG - Trevor Tran Sr. (2 yrs left): could easily interchange him and Chidester really. Will man the other guard spot but will play all over the court. Both Tran and Chidester provide alot of versatility and have great rebounding skills for guards.
SF - Calvin Baine Jr.*: will slide to the SF spot this year, a position he is capable to play. Could be a matchup problem for some smaller SF.
PF - Raymond Eaddy Jr. (started 7 games last yr; all FR. yr): slides to his natural PF position after manning the C spot for the majority of his first 2 seasons. Back in the starting lineup after mostly being a 6th man last year.
C - Earl Moore So.*: Moore took over the starting C spot 5 games into last season to help him develop quicker. Should play a much bigger role on this year's squad.

Returning Players:
PF - Tim Louis FR. (RS): Louis was not too pleased about having to RS last season and didn't develop as much as the coaches would have hoped. He will probably see very limited minutes this year as he is not really ready for much game action. Could be good by his junior season. Time will tell.

New Dukes:
Adolfo Romano - Benedetto, Italy PG: this guy will help right away. He was more of a take for now to help out, as his potential isn't as good as some guys in this class. His only high-high is Perimeter so that end number could determine how good Dolf ends up. He is average in alot of other categories.
Vincent Mederos - Nort Port, FL #138 PG: out of the Sunshine state this kid is somewhat of a wildcard. Being far away and wanting to conserve cash the coaches didn't get accurate scouting reports on "Big Vin", a 6'4" 200 lb PG. He has highs in reb, def, lp, per, and pass, along with average everywhere except ath. If some of those are high-highs he could be real special. Either way he should be a solid player.
Michael Ruley - Plainfield, WI #40 SG #208 Overall:
the coaches actually have Ruley pegged as the PG of the future rather than a SG. He is high-high in spd, bh, and pass. His BH and Pass could both reach the 90's. The only thing holding him back is his defense which will likely not improve much, but will be fine due to his great PG skills. His perimeter and reb highs are unknown.
Russell Wright - Murfreesboro, TN SG #83:
one of the coaches top targets from the get-go. Had to battle a feisty SIM Charlotte school for him, but he wanted to be a Duke in the end. His highs are unknown, but even if only a few are high-high (or even none) he will still be a special player.
Peter Finnegan - Battle Creek, MI SF #115: vastly underrated. Finnegan looks like the gem of the class. He was identified later in the process as the coaches were focused on securing guards in the beginning, but the staff had an eye on him from the start. With only one scholarship offer from SIM Fairfield and having scouted him the coaches pounced on this impressive young man. He already possesses incredible defensive skills and should approach 100 DEF. All of his other highs are high-high variety (ATH, SPD, LP, PER). The coaches believe he will be special. Could be a candidate for this season's RS but we will see.
Neil Williams - Fredonia, NY Jr. C (Cinci transfer):
Williams was giddy about the possibility of attending Duquesne after leaving Cinncinnati. The coaches did not think they would be taking him but needed a JUCO as they already had 6 FR. on the roster. He's nothing special. Will be a big body off the bench who plays limited minutes. This was mainly a strategic move for the staff.
Recruiting was a pretty big success this time around. We were able to fill all the open spots. Doing so will see everyone return next season. The carryover from this year and next will give us a pretty large budget for 5 open spots two seasons from now. Ruley, Wright, and Finnegan will be a very nice trio in a few years and are definitely the biggest gets of the class.

Season Outlook:

This could be real interesting for Duquesne this season. The returning players, who make up the starters, are all really solid and I would be willing to put them up against any starting 5 in the conference. The trio of bigs playing SF-C will be heavily relied upon and how well they play will determine alot. The starting guards don't have much experience at their positions and things could get interesting there. 

Coming off the bench will be entire group of new players, so until some of them develop things could be rough. It is tough to say what our final record this season will be, since alot will depend on how well this group of recruits plays. I think by the end of the season we will be a pretty nice team, but early on their could be trouble and this conference will only make things harder.

The positi
ve is this whole team returns the following season and I imagine we will be one of the betting favorites for the conference championship then.

Predictions: 5-5 OOC, best case 6-4. Conference schedule anywhere from 6-10 to 8-8. I think this team will reach the CT semis (2 wins to get there) though as we improve throughout the year. That would give us a record of anywhere from 13-16 to 16-13. Either way, I don't see any chance this team makes a postseason appearance this year. The wait is on for next season!

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Boston University Terriers 

Coach: Julius Suchy (130-100 record @ BU with 2 NT appearances, 1 PIT appearance, 2 east conference crowns) 

Projected Starters:

Center: R. Whitbeck - he will see his first starting action since joining Boston U. The SR will be expected to step up and make sure the front court is one of BU's strengths this season. 

Power Forward: E. Provencal - The junior star is coming off a career year when he averaged over 15 ppg, 8 rebounds and 1 blk per game. Provencal should surpass those numbers as he continues to improve. The coaching staff is hoping that he doesn't get too much interest from scouts and leaves after his JR season.
Small Forward: R. Spencer - He only played in 11 games last season before his season was cut short. The staff is hoping he can provide solid scoring and overall play to help compliment the rest of the starting 5. Spencer still has a lot of potential and hopefully starting him will help him develop. 

Shooting Guard: A. Waller - Last year's starting SF has slid over a spot as the team is short on guards that can play. Waller averaged 13.5 ppg and should out rebound other guards. He is athletic but a little slow for the SG position so hopefully he can keep up. 

Point Guard: T. Merida - This SR finally has a chance to start and he will be expected to fill big shoes after E. Wingo graduated last season. Merida will not be expected to do much other than manage the offense and hopefully the rest of the team can help carry him. 

New Additions: 

James Sanders PG (#33 recruit) - Sanders was a true need as BU doesn't have many guards on the roster that are able to play quickly. In the end he could end up playing SG as he has high potential in outside shooting and he has good athleticism and speed. 

Melvin McFarland C (#58 recruit) - The Terriers knocked off Pittsburgh to land this big man. He has lots of room to grow and the stay is excited at the prospect of RS'ing him to let him develop even more. 

James Harshberger PG (transfer from Indiana) - The coaching staff took a flyer on Harshberger, Indiana saw enough promise in him to RS him this past season but they cut him prior to recruiting signings. There are rumors that he got cut by Indiana after bakerbarnett (coach of Indiana) caught him in bed with the team mascot. The staff doesn't know his potential but his is pretty athletic and time will tell whether this was a mistake or not. 

Season Outlook: 

The non-conference schedule includes St. Johns, Marquette and Pittsburgh so the Terriers will have their hands full before the start of conference play. The Terriers lose the excellent guard play of Wingo but they still have their star in Provencal. The coaching staff is optimistic this will be the 3rd straight year for the Terriers to reach the NT. A 8-2 non-conference schedule would be nice as well as a 13-3 conference schedule to end up at 21-5. The team expects to repeat for the 3rd year as East division champions. 

The conference tourney will be a jungle and the staff expects the team to not have to win the CT to make the NT. 

8/26/2013 3:14 PM
Harvard Crimson
Coach: Madpad78
Offense: Motion
Defense: Press

Starting 5:
PG: W. July (So.)
SG: J Bouffardl (Jr.)
SF: M. Sloss (Jr.)
PF:D Shoemaker (Jr.)
C: C. Cook (So.)

Key  Backups:
Matt Powell (So.-PG)
W Warner (Jr.-PG)
Willie Schuette (So.-SF)
D. Jones (Sr.-PF)
Eugene Braymiller (RS/Fr..-C)

New Recruits:
Jesse Moyes - PG: Jess has soime decent upside with solid cores and high potential in key areas. However his 16 WE (which coach Madpad failed to notice during recruiting will limit his growth.) The hope is that he can be a decent scoring threat off the bench during his career.

John Mills - C: Coach Madpad had to wipe his chin when he was able to land John Mills. He has high potential in Ath, Reb, Def, LP, Per, and Stamina. He should grow into a monster and should be starting no later than his JR year, possibly his So year if he takes the RS.

Season Outlook:
This season is the "awkward teen years" for the Crimson, having made the switch to FCP last season with a bunch of underclassmen. The outlook for this season is to continue to grow the IQ's and hope to stay competitive enough to make some noise at the end of the season. Even with losing my 2 best players from last season this should be a very competitive team. The depth is there, and hopefully the skill will come around by the end of the year. However next season is really the season to look out for the Crimson.
Continue to grow my youngsters, and hurry the press development along.
A 4-6 record is probably likely but if a couple breaks fall my way 6-4 is not out of the question for Non-Con
The conference goal is 8-8. That might be a stretch, but given enough growth by the end of the season we could surprise a few teams.
This team has no shot at the post season. However next season look out. We expect to compete with the eilte of the IVY.

Post-Season Evaluation:
Non Con 6-4
Conference play: 9-7 West Division champions. Lost in the 2nd round of the CT to Princeton.
This season went better than expected. However I am not sure if it is because my team progressed nicely or if there was a slight drop off of the other teams in the divison that allowed Harvard to slide to the top. Either way this season can be considered a success.

With 11 players and all 5 starters returning next season, and in 2nd full season of our switch to FCP, I expect to see a much better team hit the floor next season.
9/16/2013 9:31 AM (edited)
Penn - 4 times
Columbia - 3 times
Bucknell - 3 times
Princeton - 1 time
Harvard - 1 time
Fordham - 1 time
9/12/2013 5:27 PM (edited)
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