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 All-Time Basketball Assoc. Season 7 (1957-1973)
ONE TEAM AVAILABLE - An exciting team and will be a championship contender
for next 2 to 3 seasons!  Rare opportunity to join our awesome league and Win Now!

Atlanta Hawks   W- 45    L- 37    (lost 1st Rd. Season 6 playoffs 3-4)
A winning team in a very competitive league.  Will be championship contender Season 7.
Easily one of the 2 best Defensive teams in league.  A very bright future awaits this team!
C- Nate Thurmond ('69
) this seson is limited ($3.8M) but Next 3 seasons are his best ('70-'71) $8Mill ('71-'72) $8M ('72-'73) $8M
In his prime one of the most dominating Centers of all time and makes this team a championship contender.
PG Norm Van Lier  ('73) (Stormin') Best 4 years lay ahead.  ('74-'75) 5.4 $M ('75-'76) $5.3M ('76-'77) $6.2M
Forget the stats here's what Norm does plays lock down 80 - 90 Def. asst 20%+ every year, lo usage %

SG Larry Jones ('70) Career Yr. for this ABA Superstar $7.4M Great scorer and runs well with Norm.  ('71-'72) very good 54.7% efg
SF Lloyd Neal ('73)
Solid 2nd yr. and 2 best yrs. as a pro coming ('74-'75) $4.9M 69D, DReb 21.2% ('75-'76) 73D 48.1 efg% Dreb 18.1%
Plays all 3 front court Pos. 100% and is a nice Championship piece for this team.  Adds to team Def. Shoots good efg% & Rebounds well
SG Ron Boone ('73) Teams best scorer $6.1M & 49 efg% & 3 great seasons ahead ('74-'75) $7M ('75-'76) $4.3M ('76-'77) $6M
PF Darnell Hillman ('73) DR. DUNK's best season 95D, DReb 18.8%, 50.1 efg% & 3.8 Block%.  Next 3 seasons solid contributor
SF John Johnson ('73) $4.6M 48.1 efg%, solid scorer & great passer at both SF/SG.  2 best career years lay ahead.
SF George Yardley ('59)  
One of the best SF of the '50s. Last year but it's a great one 47.1 efg%, 511 FTA @ 81% FT, Usage 22.5% 
PF Tom Meschery ('67) 
Prime 3 years of his career $5.6M, 48.3% efg, DReb. 17.5%. ('68-'69) $5.4M ('69-'70) $4.6M
PG Slick Watts ('73)
Rookie #15 overall. Perfect backup for VanLier.  Great distributor & D70-90, Will lead the league in steals
PG Lee Winfield ('73)
not much this season but rebounds with a solid ('74) year. $2.1M D64 & 55.8 efg%.
SG Bobby Warren ('73)
Probably a Season 8 keepers cut.  Good cheerleader.  Does have a nice ('75-'76) season $3.75M
A great squad is looking for an owner with long term plans.
The 1973 rookie draft is currently in the 2nd rd.
below is the first Rd. selections the Hawks have already selected and
has a complete 12 player roster.  Only needed the 1st Round pick 

1973 Rookie/Available Draft
Season 7 

Round One (off the clock)
Pos.            Team/owner                                    Selection
1, Miami Beach Boys - poppapomp                  Swen Nater (C)
2. Presidio Buffalo Soldiers - Husker75           Larry Kenon (PF)
3. Phoenix Suns - traxman                               Caldwell Jones (C)
4. Buffalo Braves - eleibowitz                           Mike Bantom (PF)
5. Boston Celtics - smokey57***                     Mike Green (C)
6. Philadelphia 76ers - coolmay_one               Ed Ratleff (SF)
7. Board Lords of San Diego - justdamn          Kermit Washington (PF)
8. Bakersfield Huskies - carbonjones              Doug Collins (SG)
9. Syracuse Empire - luvyablue                       Jim Brewer (PF)
10. Detroit Funkadelic - seapilots                   Kevin Kunnert (C)
11. Boston Celtics - smokey57                        Charlie Edge (SF)
12. New Orleans Jazz - skypilot                      Dwight Jones (PF)
13. Bakersfield Huskies - carbonjones****     E.C. Coleman (PF)
14. Minneapolis Muskelluenges - Husker75    Ernie Digregario (PG)
. Atlanta Hawks -                                         Slick Watts (PG)
16. Ann Arbor Names - robusk                         Travis Grant (SF)
17. Houston Rockets - siedek                         John Williamson (SG)
18. Beavadillo Disciples - all3*****                 Allen Bristow (SF)
19. Houston Mavericks - luvyablue                 Connie Dierking ('64) C
20. Kentucky Colonels - dspahlinger               Don Chaney ('73) SG
21. Denver Nuggets - longtallbrad                   Nick Weatherspoon (SF)
22. Oklahoma City Thunder - skypilot              Emmette Bryant ('70) PG
23. Cleveland Crusaders - creigel                    Larry McNeil (PF)
24. Vancouver RoughRiders - seapilots**        Larry Siegfried ('69) PG

Travel progressive through the first 6 decades of Pro Basketball.  
   Season 7 will cover the years 1957 - 1973 (1973 rookie draft)                                    



                                     Be a part of this historic league 
                         GREAT TEAMS & A GROUP OF GREAT OWNERS!


Season 7 (1957-1973 available) 1973 Rookie draft  

3/5/2013 3:09 PM (edited)
give me the butchers!
8/19/2012 10:34 AM
I'll take the Warriors. Let me know so I can get their keepers in ASAP. I'll probably remane them but they'll stay in Frisco.
8/19/2012 11:49 AM (edited)
Scudmissle starting draft thread.  Would you  set up & do the six team lottery.
Only need one more owner to get new season going.   Once we have lottery
will start draft off the clock asap.  Have details in private Pie.
8/20/2012 12:35 AM
ok, captain. consider it done.
8/20/2012 12:42 AM
will take a team if available
10/17/2012 1:36 AM
3/4/2013 12:40 AM
what years would season 8 cover?
3/4/2013 6:38 PM
Posted by cmcafeeky on 3/4/2013 6:38:00 PM (view original):
what years would season 8 cover?

Season 8 are all the players from 1958 - 1974 (players progess 1 yr. each season thru their careers).
the rookie draft is 1974. 
The Hawks have been taken.  The Dr. J team playing in Detroit would be available.
Even w/ Erving it's more of a team in rebuilding mode.  But the Doctor is in and the ABA icon!
If your interested I would have to send admin a ticket to change ownership.
I launched the season 7 league with that team.
I believe the ABA players only have one or two years left.
The initial draft for this league was big covering 1951-1967 and we went 1 yr. at a time from there.

3/4/2013 9:07 PM
what are the acpects of the theme?
cap? etc.
Detroit roster?
3/5/2013 3:01 PM
Posted by cmcafeeky on 3/5/2013 3:01:00 PM (view original):
what are the acpects of the theme?
cap? etc.
Detroit roster?
I'll sm you
3/5/2013 3:08 PM
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