Welcome to UNO 3! Each owner tries to build the best team possible given circumstances of the draft, while at the same time trying to limit the ability of other owners to do the same. The owner who goes first in a round determines the team for that round, and each owner has to pick a player from that franchise unless he uses one of two special cards (see below) to choose a different player or team. You must use a player's season from the franchise under which he was drafted. For example, if the team is Arizona Diamondbacks and you take Randy Johnson, you have to use one of Johnson's Diamondback seasons. Players are exclusive, so in this example Johnson's NY Yankees, Seattle, etc. seasons could not be used.

Each owner gets one REVERSE CARD and one WILD CARD. The Reverse allows you to change the franchise being used for the current round, and must be played while your pick is on the clock. If you pick late, you cannot use the Reverse in that round. There is no limit to the number iof Reverses that can be used in a given round. If you play a Reverse card, you must pick a player from that franchise, and everyone who follows you in the draft must d the same unless another Reverse is played. You also must pick a player from the franchise you choose when you go first in a round. The Wild Card allows you to choose any player not already selected, from any eligible franchise. Eligible franchises for this version of UNO will be all that were playing as of 1950, with most split into 1901-1950 and 1951-2013 pairs. There are also a few teams fromt he 1930s and 40s thrown in for variety. Round 25 is a free round to pick anyone from an available franchise (whether it has been used in the draft or not) who hasn't already been picked, with the order to be determined by use of Reverse or Wild Card use (last to use one card or the other picks first in Round 25; first to use one of those cards picks last). Round 26 will be a draft of stadiums, with the choices limited to teams that have been selected either to start a round or with a Reverse.

$120 million Salary Cap
NO AAA, NO DH, NO Waiver Wire
TRADES ALLOWED only after the season starts.
Players Are Exclusive

Draft Procedures Example-  
Round 1 begins, say Steve has the first overall pick and chooses the Yankees & Babe Ruth.  Everyone following Steve in Round 1 picks someone from the Yankees.  We get down to the 8th pick in Round 1 and TheTaint REVERSES teams to the Atlanta Braves and picks Greg Maddux.  Now everyone after the 8th pick picks a player from the Atlanta Braves.  Josh at Pick 21 doesn’t want a Brave left on the board and uses a Wild Card and picks Ty Cobb. Everyone left in Round 1 still picks an Atlanta Brave unless they choose to use their Wild Card or a Reverse.

Draft Order will be randomized, with the owner picking first in each round determined by a 1-24 sequence from random.org. Team 1 will start Round 1, but any of the other 23 teams could start Round 2. The sequence of the 1-24 order will remain, but instead of teams moving up 1 spot in each round, each round will have a randomized starting owner. The team that picks last in Round 1 might pick 8th in Round 2, 14th in Round 3, 2nd in Round 4, etc. The order for each round with time slots will be posted at the start of the draft, so everyone will know when he picks each day. Because Christmas/New Year's hits during the draft, we will be off the clock from Dec. 24-Jan. 2 unless everyone in the league lets me know they will be around for part of that stretch. I'll poll owners after we are full.
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Owner Signup
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Anaheim Angels (1997-2013)
Arizona Diamonbacks (1998-2013)
Atlanta Braves (1966-2013)
Baltimore Orioles (1901-1949)
Baltimore Orioles (1950-2013)
Boston Bees (1936-1940)
Boston Braves (1911-1952)
Boston Red Sox (1908-1949)
Boston Red Sox (1950-2013)
Brooklyn Dodgers (1911-1957)
California Angels (1965-1996)
Chicago Cubs (1903-1949)
Chicago Cubs (1950-2013)
Chicago White Sox (1901-1949)
Chicago White Sox (1950-2013)
Cincinnati Reds (1901-1949)
Cincinnati Reds (1950-2013)
Cleveland Indians (1915-1949)
Cleveland Indians (1950-2013)
Colorado Rockies (1993-2013)
Detroit Tigers (1901-1949)
Detroit Tigers (1950-2013)
Florida Marlins (1993-2013)
Houston Astros (1965-2013)
Houston Colt 45's (1962-1964)
Kansas City A's (1955-1967)
Kansas City Royals (1969-2013)
Los Angeles Angels (1961-1964)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1958-2013)
Miami Marlins (2012-2013)
Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965)
Milwaukee Brewers (1901-2013)
Minnesota Twins (1961-2013)
Montreal Expos (1969-2004)
New York Giants (1901-1957)
New York Mets (1962-2013)
New York Yankees (1913-1949)
New York Yankees (1950-2013)
Oakland Athletics (1968-2013)
Philadelphia Athletics (1901-1954)
Philadelphia Blue Jays (1944-1945)
Philadelphia Phillies (1901-1949)
Philadelphia Phillies (1950-2013)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1901-1949)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1950-2013)
San Diego Padres (1969-2013)
San Francisco Giants (1958-2013)
Seattle Mariners (1977-2013)
Seattle Pilots (1969)
St. Louis Browns (1901-1953)
St. Louis Cardinals (1900-1949)
St. Louis Cardinals (1950-2013)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2007)
Tampa Bay Rays (2008-2013)
Texas Rangers (1972-2013)
Toronto Blue Jays (1977-2013)
Washington Nationals (1901-2013)
Washington Senators (1901-1971)

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Shouldnt this be in the classified section? Guys looking for leagues wont look in here.
12/10/2013 5:07 PM
I'm in
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Posted by grayfoxx on 12/10/2013 5:07:00 PM (view original):
Shouldnt this be in the classified section? Guys looking for leagues wont look in here.
Didn't realize that. Will move it. Us Live folks just use one forum for everything.
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Please sign up in the Classifieds forum. I'll leave this here for the draft.
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