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Soccer is the sport being added most in the college conference I work in. 
12/4/2012 12:15 AM
in the 70s kids didn't play XBox360, or PlayStation..are those socialist conspiracies too?
12/4/2012 1:23 AM
Posted by jm1618 on 12/3/2012 7:17:00 PM (view original):
So is it a right wing conspiracy when the US tries to develop intrest in baseball and football around the world?
If they want to try to get kids interested in soccer and go from there great.

No one follows soccer, but lots of kids are put in leagues.
12/4/2012 2:25 AM
And baseball is the most inclusive sport.

Im order to play soccer you have to be average size.

You cannot play soccer when you are even moderatly overweight. So we are talking about what, half of all American kids?
12/4/2012 2:29 AM
Jesus swampy, you've completely lost it since the Election and your butt buddy being banned from posting here.  
12/4/2012 2:06 PM
He wasnt banned.

He lost a bet and is honorably fulfilling the terms of the bet.

And this is the exact same belief I have always had about soccer.

No one can explain why kids would play a game they dont watch and dont have any heros playing and are not familar with the mass of rules that cover the game.

If it isnt being influenced why is it happening.

And I know from experience that soccer is for a very narrow physical spectrum.

When I took team sports in High school we were in the same teams for all 5 sports. All the fat kids joined the saem team.

Flag Football...Great
Floor Hockey...Good
Basketball..Weak but not horrible
Soccer...Bad in ways they could write a greek tragedy about.

All sports but soccer have a place for small and fast and big and strong.
12/4/2012 3:34 PM
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I am beginning to suspect this is all a great moke by swamp...nobody can be that consistently idiotic, about so many subjects
12/4/2012 5:39 PM
So then someone explain why the paradox exists.

Why is everyone playing a game no one likes?
12/4/2012 7:20 PM
From my twitter feed, there are many people who like soccer.  Just because you fail to see what is in front of you doesn't mean it isn't there. 
12/4/2012 7:32 PM
He's just mad that faties cant play soccer.
12/4/2012 7:58 PM
I think Swampy is upping his crazy game because his BFF Dougie is no longer posting. 
12/4/2012 8:29 PM
Posted by swamphawk22 on 12/4/2012 7:20:00 PM (view original):
So then someone explain why the paradox exists.

Why is everyone playing a game no one likes?
How do you know the kids playing the game don't like it?

And why does everything have to popular with the masses to be viable?

12/4/2012 9:33 PM
Soccer isn't on TV as much as other sports because adults, who largely didn't grow up with it, don't like to watch it.  But the vast majority of the people who play it enjoy it.  More parents push their children into football and baseball than push their children into soccer.  Kids play soccer because they want to.  Why would parents who hate soccer so much push their children to play it?  Or are the socialists somehow forcing the children to play soccer?  And how, exactly, does that work?  What is the machinery of this plot?  How are the left-wingers forcing people to play soccer when it's the parents who sign kids up for soccer teams/leagues and pay their fees and take them to games?

Just because it doesn't get the TV coverage of the NBA, NFL, or MLB doesn't mean people don't like the sport.  A lot more people like to play tennis than watch it.  More people like to play golf than watch it.  On the other hand, a very small subset of the population ever plays hockey in any capacity, yet the NHL gets a decent amount of airtime (less than the big 3 leagues, but a decent amount).

FWIW, this might be of interest:

Beginning in 2013-14, NBCUniversal will become the exclusive U.S. media rights holder for Barclays EPL.  According to Richard Sandomir of the New York Times, NBC will pay the EPL $80-85 million annually and televise up to 380 games a season on NBC, the NBC Sports Network and at least two other cable networks.
So obviously some people want to watch soccer, or at least NBC is gambling on them wanting to.  The average attendance at MLS games this past season was near 19,000, which is significantly better than the NHL and marginally better than the NBA.  Admittedly this was over a shorter season, but MLB has the longest season of all and blows away the NBA and NHL in per-game attendance, so it's not a totally linear trend.  There is certainly an impact of popularity on per-game attendance, and that tells me that people want to watch MLS soccer in the United States.  And apparently NBC thinks they want to watch the really high-quality soccer coming out of England's top division as well.
12/4/2012 9:50 PM
56k at the last Sounders game I went to.  Regular season game too.

Swamp is like the Republcan Party...no way he can fathom a changing demographic.
12/4/2012 9:52 PM
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Lets talk about soccer. Topic

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