10/30/2013 3:59 PM
Posted by micki on 10/30/2013 1:45:00 PM (view original):
Posted by boogerlips on 10/22/2013 1:36:00 AM (view original):

the mr. holypants types that never veto any trades so that everyone will like them

I never veto any trades. Do you like me ?
yes! :) 
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11/1/2013 2:29 PM
And with that last post, it seems this thread has gone full circle since my first post.  Owners who go AWOL. 
11/4/2013 10:20 AM
Posted by schwarze on 11/1/2013 2:29:00 PM (view original):
And with that last post, it seems this thread has gone full circle since my first post.  Owners who go AWOL. 
Well, it's just miserable that someone can take the time to sign up for one of your leagues and then not respond in any way, shape or form. Not even bother to open a smail even. If I take the time to read your classified ad, decide to sign up and post that I'll take a team, I am darn sure going to play in your league unless something drastic happens. Even then, I'm going to be decent enough to let you know that something drastic happened if I can't play.

This just makes me not want to create theme leagues or progressives. It's not worth the hassle...
11/6/2013 9:18 PM
Leagues that never fill up...how can I get out of the one I am in? 1
11/6/2013 10:06 PM
Bad customer service from WIS.
11/8/2013 2:45 PM
Clicking a story on the internet then having to click on other links just to read more of the story.

Dealing with advertisements when trying to read about something.... How much more time will pass till they don't have a mute button or the ability to scroll down the page in order to avoid an advertisement?
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