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If another coach sends you a sitemail saying you have no chance at landing a recruit because they have way more recruiting dollars than you, is that collusion and a violation of the fair play guidelines?

Curious what others think.  I wouldn't think so since there's no agreement between the two parties nor any actual exchange of information.
2/1/2013 5:12 PM
Don't think it's really collusion, but I'd be *more* likely to battle him after receiving a cease and desist letter like that.
2/1/2013 5:18 PM
I dont think its collusion. 

My though on why the coach would actually send that is to deter you from trying so they could have money for other recruits.

And as the other replier said, I would be more inclined to stay at it. 

They also might have sent it out of fear they would lose the recruit and trying to scare you away.
2/1/2013 5:25 PM
it can become collusion if you agree - with words or arguably actions - to let him have the recruit.  Especially, if there is an understanding about something he will do for you some time, but I dont think that has to be part of the deal.
2/1/2013 5:48 PM
And if there's absolutely no response from the one receiving the "don't f&!# with me sitemail?  Is that sitemail itself collusion or improper?
2/1/2013 6:10 PM
IMO - The initial mail is improper and there shouldn't be a response except maybe to tell the sender that it's improper.  Any other way of looking at it starts down the slippery slope towards collusion.
2/1/2013 7:00 PM
Both, imo. I'm not a fan of sitemail recruiting, but it happens quite a bit.
2/1/2013 7:08 PM
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I have wanted to send so many of these sitemails, but never have. Probably would have saved me $ in the long run. Can't stand when I have a higher prestige and more ships than another coach, with no other battles, and yet they still refuse to back off. Just wasting money on both sides when that happens. It's the worst in D1. 
2/1/2013 9:46 PM
Guy's a total dickbag...what a bullying *****.
2/1/2013 10:29 PM
I tend to like the idea of posting publicly what he said in his sitemail - in coaches corner or on the forum here.  Have done that a couple of times and enjoyed it
2/2/2013 12:01 AM
yeah, i agree with the last 4 posts, kind of mixed feelings. its not collusion, and it can be tempting to do it yourself at times... but on the whole, i dont think its appropriate, and a dick move.
2/2/2013 12:36 AM
Its not collusion because collusion requires at least two people to be involved. It is completely inappropriate and if it isnt a violation of the fair play guidelines then it should be. Thats just straight up trying to bully you off a recruit so they dont have to battle for them.
2/2/2013 3:11 AM
I have sent a SM on a couple of occassions, (been a quite a while though), after recruiting is completed to suggest to a new coach why it wasn't a good idea to challenge me in a battle, (IE higher prestige, more money, etc). But it was done as advise to help a newbie in the future.  It is hard to judge the intention here.  It could be friendly advice, frustration, a bluff, fear of running out of money, etc.  I personally would probably send a simple reply: "I'm not sure what your intention was in sending this SM, but in all due respect, I'm not sure it is proper, and I feel very comfortable in my recruiting strategy. But thanks for the thought."
2/2/2013 11:09 AM

When I started a few seasons back a coach sitemailed me telling me he had more prestige, money etc. I threw in all my budget and signed the recruit. I also sitemailed the coach back and asked him if he always sent other coaches intimidating sitemails after he had watched hours of gay porno. He never responded so I just assumed it was true and this may be the same guy that sitemailed you taltos.

2/2/2013 12:33 PM
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