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A matter of time, pep.
2/3/2012 7:04 PM
I like the confidence, ike. My last recruiting class could get me there, but we'll see...
2/3/2012 8:31 PM
Hamline reigns supreme! MIAC represent! Suck it Upstate.

That was a great game though between the two of you. It definitely lived up to the hype.
2/4/2012 2:41 AM
And congrats on brilliant seasons for both RPI and Hamline. This was truly a great year for Wooden D3.
2/4/2012 2:54 AM
Awesome game.

SG Scott Cadet blocks the fadeaway with 1 second left.

He has a 3 SB rating (but it's improving), and this was his 6th block of the SEASON. his clutch D rating must be through the roof.

2/4/2012 8:23 AM
Can't imagine kb was thrilled with that.  In fairness, Cadet's ath probably multiplies his sb to like a 6 or 7 :)

kb still had the best team.  He should still be very proud.  He put together one of the best teams in a long time.  I was lucky.
2/4/2012 10:13 AM
Yeah I don't think it's odd that a guy with 90ish Ath and Def blocked a shot.  Fitting way for the game to end really.  Hamline's defense with Brown, Lyles, and Cadet was the biggest factor both times we played.  Against every other team we played, RPI could count on consistent scoring from those 3 positions, but Hamline locks down our biggest strength. 

Ike my team might look flashier on paper, but Hamline is every bit as talented.  If I'm being really critical, RPI is overrated defensively.  57 average is pulled up by Eubanks' 95..we only have 2 guys (plus a RS) with 60+ defense.  That's not in the same league as Hamline's D and it showed last night.  Also the passing was weaker than I wanted.  Several of those guys came in with balanced BH/P and capped out sooner in P.  I think we would've been better with a couple guys in the 70s Passing instead of all 85/60 types.  Wright was supposed to be that true PG to let White play SG and Willis SF, but he didn't really get there on Def or Passing.
2/4/2012 5:24 PM
Oh and I bet this team would've been better running Motion/Press or FB/Press instead of Triangle/Man.  I didn't do the best job matching up the players and the sets, but it's tough to pass on guys like White and Willis, whether they're ideal for your sets or not.
2/4/2012 5:39 PM
I don't think you can fault yourself for recruiting any of those guys, kb.  Yeah, you would have CRUSHED people running press, but it's not like you should have avoided 50+/80+ guys because their defense was sub 50.  Frankly, if I didn't have a lucky class four seasons ago (or D2 coaches realized that def matters), you would have run circles around Wooden this year.  Your success comes from a truly amazing team, mine was one good class.  Unfortunate timing for you, perhaps, but nothing to be upset about.
2/5/2012 1:34 PM
And the fun begins again. Lots of excellent teams in the field of 64 this year...who is gonna take the crown? 
3/19/2012 11:15 AM
The tourney is more open  this season, and I think lots of teams have a shot.  I'm not ready to pick any favorites yet.
3/19/2012 12:35 PM
Yep the field is definitely not as clear as it was last season with Hamline and RPI.
3/19/2012 1:31 PM
It's plenty clear: Mac hands down.
3/19/2012 8:32 PM
Haha...thanks for the vote of confidence, ike. I wish it truly was that clear. But, I'm worried enough about winning a possible 2nd round game vs Hamilton or Wabash. Then if I win that game, I get the honor of potentially facing Trinity (TX), a team that should probably have been a 1 seed. So, even a Sweet 16 appearance is far from guaranteed for Macalester

That said, I think the following teams have the best chance at a winning the championship:

Trinity (TX)

3/19/2012 9:33 PM
Posted by ike1024 on 3/19/2012 8:32:00 PM (view original):
It's plenty clear: Mac hands down.
ike - you misspelled mbbc.
3/19/2012 10:33 PM
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