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                         PG          SG                       SF                         PF               C

Approximate starter totals:  USG%  EFG%  3PM  CREB%  STL+BLK%   DEF
                                                  102       55         370   126          22                   76
Ok ashamael, let's hear your evaluation (and if u agree with malone's eval of this team).
8/19/2012 10:19 PM
8) ncmusician_7 - David Robinson, Donyell Marshall, Clyde Drexler, DeAndre Jordan, Jason Terry, Charlie Ward, Jason Maxiell

Always a fan of the Admiral, even if I think he went a smidge too high.  Donyell's nice, but I don't have the boner for him that I once did... Not enough offensive board power to play the 3 in this cap IMO.  Glide is always a good choice and makes up somewhat for Donyell's lack of offensive boards... so that is a doubly nice pick.  DeAndre... wait... okay... tier 6 usage guy with nice, high efg%, mediocre boards and a lot of fouls.  Not sure why he's present on this squad.  Several other board-hoarders were available at that point that I think would have helped more.  Terry is a fantastic pick.  I like the offensive triumvirate of Admiral, Glide & Jet (and what a cool theme between the three!!!!).  Nice offensive balance.  Ward is 100% my favorite back up PG in the sim at any cap.  Maxiell's a nice back-up for Marshall.  Overall, below average rebounding, very nice efg%, nice amount of usage, good defense.  This is a playoff squad and is a contender, but the lack of boards (I feel) will hurt you in a playoff series.
8/19/2012 10:54 PM
24) ncih  Scottie Pippen, Shawn MarionWalt Frazier, Amare StoudemireHarry Gallatin, Eric Maynor, Michael Ruffin,
This is True Blood.  At first I was kinda felling this team, and by the end I realized it was just an opportunity to show me vampire T&A.  Pippen and Marion is great.  Frazier sure.  Amare is hate him, but he is solid in the sim.  I am figuring Gallatin was a salary thing (especially with your last two picks as well), if not why not Beaty, or even Lacey?  Every team with decent bigs are going to be a problem.  Any team with marginal guard play is going to get hurt by you.  I do not see this as a playoff team, probably like a couple of games out in like 8th or 9th.

I took Gallatin to cover for Amare's horrible rebounding at the four, plus he has low usage, TOs, and PFs.  I was in a severe salary crunch and really struggled for backups at the five. 

I'm sure it will be ugly.
8/20/2012 1:06 AM
maistro malone! wow, what a thoughtful, antic-filled, jabberwockey of splendid innuendo and analysis! i'm quite impressed. lol. you amaze me sometimes. being in china, i have no idea about most of the tv shows you mentioned, still, it added a srrealistic quality. i do love the wire, though! thanks for that. and yeah, omar was my favorite character on that show, along with mcnaulty, of course. i also liked that fat seargeant, forget his name. anyways, thanks for the effort!
8/20/2012 3:26 AM
Miller in the 5th is a simple calculation- I know I can Alvin in the 6th. If I take Robertson in the 5th, there is not a prayer of getting Miller in the 6th, and I dont go into an ODL with less than 500 3's. 
8/20/2012 8:55 AM
ok kids I did my part...I am ready to get beat up for not having enough threes, critique away.
8/20/2012 3:04 PM
I got you malone, give me 15-20 min....
8/20/2012 3:20 PM
11) malone9975 - Magic Johnson, Buck Williams, Wes Unseld, Grant Hill, Willis Reed, Brooks Thompson, Joel Przybilla

This team is clearly the Cosby Show.

Magic is Bill Cosby, the main star and the guy that holds it all together, although Malone could make it more fun for the rest of us by using the 95-96 version of Magic (wait for it)…………yea that would make Magic Fat Albert.

Buck Williams is the perfect Theo, his high turnovers and fouls always seeming to get himself and others into trouble.

Grant Hill is Denise, or the really hot chick. Do a sort for 25% ast, 20% dreb over 2000 min and only he and Jason Kidd come back, and Hill is the only guy in the sim that can boast this with a 50% efg, (side note when I was putting together my draft board based on the past three ODL drafts I was amazed that no one drafted Hill.) Unfortunately, Grant Hill is also like the real life actor Lisa Bonet, his lack of ANY threes is the equivalent of her RL porn scandal.

Wes Unseld is Clair the second person responsible for the family and the more down to earth one. Oh and Wes’ RL career as a coach and GM is like Phylicia Rashad’s RL marriage to Bobby Moore, i.e., Ahmad.

Willis Reed and Joel Przybilla are like the other characters that no one can remember, yea we know there were more kids than just Denise, Theo, and Rudy, but we have no clue what their names are unless we google it. Willis and Joel are like that for this team, they will do the dirty jobs, but there will not be many episodes where their antics are the main focus.

Finally Brooks Thompson is Rudy, the actor didn’t get paid as much as the rest of the cast but she was unique in that she played the cute character, just like Brooks will be giving this team some much needed threes.

Hey, the Cosby Show had a run where it was the #1 show on tv for five years running, but it also dropped to #18 in its last season. This team looks to be somewhere in-between. This is my first ODL rodeo, so maybe the significant lack of threes won’t be a problem, but I’d venture to guess much like the last season of Cosby, Malone won’t be bringing home any Emmy’s with this squad.
8/20/2012 9:26 PM (edited)
malone...id do a full eval for your team but if youve read any of my past evals you already know what im gonna say....grant hill = no playoffs

now i do think with your obvious rebound advantage you could possibly sneak in but i dont see any more than a first round exit...major props to you for being the first owner(at least that i can remember) that is going to use one of bucks lower usg/ sf eligible seasons instead of his pf ones...they are really good...doesnt kill you with tos/fls and has the rebounding/defense of any of the other top support sfs...oh and has good efg too

great job with the evals too...that was a fun read
8/20/2012 4:23 PM
I know dh...I have said the same thing, but I was thinking with the right amount of passing and rebounding around him I might be able to make him a winner.  I doesn't hurt that I have a few good EFG%'s.  I did win a championship with him in BOWIS one year....so who knows.  I at this point I expect playoffs.  How far depends on what I can get from Hill
8/20/2012 5:51 PM
16) brick_man Larry BirdAnfernee HardawayEmeka Okafor, Erick DampierLarry Nance, Leandro Barbosa, Reggie Evans
This is The Office (US Version).  I love the show, but the show has a tendency to create great characters that totally grate on you because of overuse (except for Dwight...I can always take more Dwight).  I assume Bird is going to play SG.  At some point Bird, Penny, and Barbosa all play together, and that usage is going to be a bear.  I can think of a way to play against this team, but I am afraid that Bird might drop 50.  I really like the rebounding and this will be a tough team.  I think this is a playoff contender.  Nance in the fifth round is sick.  Even with that I still think that the teams with elite big men will give you some real troubles.

Great job on the evals, cool read.

I guess taking Penny in the second round was my main mistake as I essentially needed 3 picks to get some decent rebounding later on. Kinda limited my choices.
Regarding Barbosa, I'm probably not taking one of his high usage seasons because of salary issues. I'm more worried about a lack of 3s, especially with the starting 5. I'm still thinking about adding some outside shooting at the expense of taking away usage from my main guys. Also, while rebounding looks solid, there's
probably not that much offense coming from the frontcourt if Bird or Penny are off.

8/20/2012 7:49 PM
Posted by malone9975 on 8/20/2012 5:51:00 PM (view original):
I know dh...I have said the same thing, but I was thinking with the right amount of passing and rebounding around him I might be able to make him a winner.  I doesn't hurt that I have a few good EFG%'s.  I did win a championship with him in BOWIS one year....so who knows.  I at this point I expect playoffs.  How far depends on what I can get from Hill
recent bowis?
8/20/2012 8:54 PM
I am thinking the last one..correct me if I am wrong
8/20/2012 10:04 PM
i was thinking the draft league in bowis...which is why i was so surprised....went back and checked - you won the no d league...so im guessing thats the one you meant...its certainly no draft league but still impressive
8/20/2012 10:55 PM
I'll echo what others have said...."great evals malone". Thanks for taking the time to put those together.
8/21/2012 1:21 AM
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