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19) vancem - Dwayne Wade, Mel Daniels, Cedric Maxwell. Anfernee Hardaway, Dale Davis, Dan Gadzuric, Jon Barry

vance if anyone can build a wade team its you. Don't be afraid to add another high usage player at the POWER FORWARD position, he is still there and wade will love him. The rest of your team looks solid. ( like i need to tell you anything :) )
Vance you selected one of the hardest players to build a successful team around. Wade with his 35% usage can be a *****. So far you've teamed wade with hardaway to form an explosive back court. Plenty of points, assists, steals and defense. Jon Barry as their back up will give you some needed 3's.

Your front court with Mel Daniels and Dale Davis is nice with Mel giving you a good inside scorer while both do a bang up job on the glass. Gadzuric is a nice back up for Davis. I feel you still need a back up for Mel, someone in the same usage tier.

Now at small forward Cedric Maxwell we'll shoot lights outs plus he is a very good rebounder. However, he turns the ball over a lot for a low usage guy. It looks like you need some 3' from your undrafted SF to help round out this team.

We'll Vance you have a solid squad so far. You need some more 3's and a couple solid back ups with the right usage and all will be right with the world. This team could be very dangerous or a pain in the ***.
If turn overs and the fouls don' t kill ya your teams high efg% could get you into the playoffs. Bubble

20) scudmissle - Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Pau Gasol, Troy Murphy, Joakim Noah, Maurice Cheeks, J.R. Smith

Well scud, This is my fav so far. Bird and Erving at the 2 and 3 now how the hell do i stop that combo!! I can barely contain one. jezzz ! Now you add Pau for some assist and low post scoring, decent rebounds. I can hear that train a coming......

Optimum usuage @ 16. Perfect triangle with Erving, Bird and J.r. Everyone else low usage. Plenty of 3's to keep teams honest. Cheek's allows Dr j and Bird to guard oppositions best player. A little lite on Oreb but this team shoots lites out. Treb above average. TO and fouls both very good and this team will make you pay at th ft line. Low usage guys all bring something positive to the table. Murphy gives you 3's and creb %of 36, Noah and Gasol both give you over 32 creb % . This team will also have an a/to ratio of close to 2.
Scud this team wil be sniffing for a Tittle. One of the best. I could be biased Dr j and Larry legend were my favorites growing up. :)

21) mikee1 - Bill Russell, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Andrew Bynum, Steve Novak, Mark Landsberger, Jason Terry

If only bill shot a little better. However he is still a beast and with KG at the 3 and Pierce at the 2 this should be a great ride !! How does Pierce fall this far????
Very efficient team, won't foul and doesn't turn the ball over. Rebounds very well. Russell's a rebound machine for 48 minutes and Pierce is an excellent rebounder at the 2. Garnett should be lethal at the 3. This team will light it up from beyond the arc. Terry, Pierce and Novak are all arsons. Team weakness appears to be fg% with russell being a poor shooter. Steals and team defense are suspect. I see this team making the playoffs.

22) chris_snid - Jerry Lucas, Bill Walton, Manu Ginobili, Terrell Brandon,  Andrei Kirelenko, Mitch Richmond, A.C. Green

All i'm gonna  say is I coud have had KG and Dr J  with Ginobili as a back up. But i chose 2 low useage Bigs, maybe the biggest error in the draft. Will see.

I won't be doing my own evaluation.

23) natenoy - Ben Wallace, Tim Duncan, Shawn Kemp, Dana Barros, Chris Mullin, Kirk Hinrich, Chuck Person

Dam nate talk about owning the paint ! All offenses must start 15' away. No easy baskets here.

Their is a lot to like here natenoy, 3 point bombers in barras, Person, Hinrich and mullin. 100 defenders in duncan, Kemp and Big Ben. Very good steal and block %. But your a little weak on the boards with your player substitutions. Their will be a lot of time you will only have 2 bigs on the floor. This will cost ya some games. This team will also foul and turn the ball over quite a bit. Overall, Duncan and Wallace and all those 3' will save you. If Kemp plays well you could contend. if not your playing for the 6 seed.

24) jakotay - Jason Kidd, Dikembe Mutombo, Gerald Wallace, Spencer Haywood,Vince Carter, Joel Przybilla, Drazen Petrovic

welcome back jakotay ! Ok sir, Kidd needs some high efg% guy who can score. Haywood can score but high efg is not his bag. Hope you can find him in the 5th round.

I like the starting 5, kidd and Vince make a formidable tandem. Great rebounding and assists and 3's. Wallace at SF is good not great. Your going to wish he was a better offensive rebounder. Haywood and Mutombo will keep you in the games with their inside play. Joel is a good back up for Mutombo and Haywood can play basically the whole game, so your solid in the front court. But here is your problem, With Drazen playing so many minutes your sunk. He can't rebound and doesn't play defense. Your playing 4 on 5 for 30 minutes a game.

I see this team playing sub 500 ball and out of the playoffs.
8/31/2012 9:12 PM (edited)
chris...in regards to tarheel's squad - jordan can play PG...allowing Jones to play SG, this is some killer D
8/26/2012 9:55 AM (edited)
Posted by malone9975 on 8/26/2012 9:14:00 AM (view original):
chris...in regards to tarheel's squad - jordan and play PG...allowing Jones to play SG, this is some killer D
jones cant play sg....only 86% there
8/26/2012 9:37 AM
What was I thinking....is tarheel going to use Jones at PF and to back up SF (I don't like him at PF at all)
8/26/2012 9:58 AM
I'm so depressed by my bad choices right now I'm about ready to go jethroeg on you guys and tank the rest of the draft to ensure that I get Wilt next season LOL.
8/26/2012 11:25 AM
Thanks dh for pointing Jones out I should have referenced his position flexability.
8/26/2012 11:33 AM
Chamberlain, Frazier, Nance

Whether or not Nance is at SF depends on my 3's. Might need a SF to help with that. I agree, he's normally more effective there. But, you can get by with him at PF if he's next to a monster rebound C and I have that luxury. That would still put me at well over 30reb per from those 2 positions. I'm a believer that you don't want to waste a ton of rebounds either cuz only so many shots go up. The mock draft scenario I have does put him at sf though.
As for what version of Wilt I'm using. I hope to use the 33ppg 1,000+ fta version. Hopefully. Frazier gives me a guard/post scoring combo. Nance will chip in nicely with fairly low usage. If the plan goes haywire, then I could go the 20+ pt, 60+ fg% Wilt for lower usage. So probably one of those 2.
8/26/2012 12:34 PM
Posted by malone9975 on 8/26/2012 9:58:00 AM (view original):
What was I thinking....is tarheel going to use Jones at PF and to back up SF (I don't like him at PF at all)
I don't like him as much there either, but the only real weakness for him there is rebounding, and I can make up for that with great rebounding at the 2, 3, 5. 
8/26/2012 12:52 PM
Best pick(s) so far:

Moses at 10; Barkley at 17 and Wade at 19. Granted they still go in the first, but each drops large from what seems routine.

Worst pick so far:

Kevin Willis.

Best looking team so far:


Worst looking team so far:

8/26/2012 6:24 PM
Chris, people tell me that all the time.
8/27/2012 12:47 PM
wow capn....i cant ever remember going from "oh sh!t this team is gonna be tough" to "well that team has no shot" quicker then after that grant hill pick
8/27/2012 6:11 PM
updated thru scud
8/29/2012 10:47 PM
I'd like to note that this is just about the weakest commentary thread I can remember.
8/30/2012 1:46 PM
no ash
8/30/2012 1:52 PM
The first thing I'll say is I am very interested to see who Tarheel takes in the sixth to use at PG/SG. I am looking at his team and crossing my fingers that he is in the other conference.
8/30/2012 2:52 PM
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