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Well, I'm the first to be finished. Feeling pretty good, as long as the undrafted guys I plan to use stay undrafted. Still need to fill all my backup guard minutes, and some in the frontcourt, but shouldn't be a problem. Lots of platoon-esque situations going on - only one starter is over 2900 minutes - but that's generally the way to go in the ODL if you can for salary purposes, IMO. Does mean sometimes a slight disadvantage in the playoffs when others can push their starters harder.
3/25/2013 12:15 AM
G: Ray Allen
G: Jason Kidd
SF: Matt Barnes/Kenneth Faried
PF: Buck Williams/Andrew Bogut
C: Andrew Bynum/Bogut

3/25/2013 12:18 AM
Posted by ashamael on 3/25/2013 12:04:00 AM (view original):
Posted by smokey57 on 3/24/2013 11:36:00 PM (view original):
Porter's def won't slow down anyone, it's Julius def100 that will. With def optimization, Dr J will follow the shooter. I love Dumar @ SG, I would have taken him for poppa if you didn't snatch him. My backup guard will finish the back court def, and minimize the effect of Porter's subpar def.
First of all - Porter's defense is not subpar.  50 is average.  Anything above 50 is above average.  When someone calls a 60 defender a subpar defender, it makes my brain hurt.  When someone calls an 80 defender bad, it makes my brain sizzle.  Both have happened in this thread (it was not you that did it both times).

You vastly overestimate the effect of 100 defense.  Yes, it's better than 90 defense or 80 defense or 50 or 35 or 10, but if you think it will shut down a well constructed offense, well... you're just wrong.  Will it make the back court guys shoot less than if they were up against a 50 defender?  Sure.  But will it completely shut them down to the point where they can't make anything?  No way.

The Mustangs went 67/180 (37.2%) from deep against your Board Lords who featured better wing & back court defenders than your ODL team has.  37% is still pretty damn good from 3 point land.  It's not 45%, but I'll take a 37% average from deep against a good defensive team any day.

There's a $50m cap theme league running right now that's one of the sim's oldest running themes (EOL).  That's $3m higher cap than this one.  Know the defenses of the team with the best record's back court?  34 & 35.  Know why that team had the best record in the league?  It scored more points than its opponent almost 70 percent of the time.  Know why?  It was built on proven principles that you just continually reject with an offhanded gesture.  It's cool that you are trying your way.  I applaud that.  But don't tell people that know something works that it doesn't work.  Not only is it rude, it displays a great amount of ignorance.  I know what works.  I'm not saying other things don't work, but I know that my particular strategy works.  I have a pretty good track record to back that up, too.

normally id agree with all this but im pretty damn scorned from my current 52mil draft team right now...dont know when it happened but i think the days of dominating with offense might be ending..seems like you need more defense these days....hope im wrong since i enjoy building high scoring teams but ill be one the other teams this time around seeing if that trend carries on to this league
3/25/2013 1:43 AM
Defense is more important than it used to be... you'll find no disagreement to that here.  Players no longer shoot 4-5% higher than their RL average in OLs consistently.  In themes, they all (almost) shoot lower.  But consider what just happened in our denver/dallas series.  English & Billups had mediocre efg% but good defense.  Nash & that other guy I'm using who I can't believe hasn't been drafted (almost picked him instead of curry) have fantastic efg% but ****** defense.  Both front courts had good defense, so the only real difference was that back court.  It went down to 7 games to decide...

...and that's how it should be.  Not one COMPLETELY dominates the other, as offense has been doing to defense for the previous 4 years until this year.

(what happened, btw, was the jlg 3pt# glitch fix.  When they did that, they really did something to 3-point shooting overall.  Notice that, for the most part, big guys who are predominantly paint scorers still shoot as good or better than they ever did... it's the bombers that suffered.  it's a statistical pattern I've noticed)

3/25/2013 2:41 AM
No Ash, I can't shut you down...but as a rule my back court defense holds teams to 33% or "3 of 9", which is a nice way of saying "you missed 6". I may be alone in this, but I consider 3/9 or 4/9 a liability.
3/25/2013 3:36 AM
dh555, the question is "has the SIM changed" or "have the owners changed the SIM"....??? I'm not alone in the "lets crankup the defense and see what happens" camp. I think more owner's are dedicating more of the budget for defense, and that's changing the environment that we're playing in. So, I don't think the 3pt glitch fix, is responsible for the change. I think we are...  I like the new paradeim! (did I spell that correctly)
3/25/2013 3:52 AM (edited)
you did not (it's paradigm)
3/25/2013 7:32 AM
It seems very difficult to build  a def. with all starters 60D+.  You have to give somewhere and still maintain a good efg%.
especially with 47M.  Is it better to concentrate on interior D and not be as concerned with PG D. With 24 teams drafting
every team has some weakness with only limited $
3/25/2013 9:47 AM
Thank's felonius. It was late.... ;-) 
3/25/2013 12:23 PM
47 mil, I agree it's tougher to have good D. I usually want to be able to guard every position with a 75-80 defender or better if possible (I'll admit, that number is somewhat arbitrary - I have no reason for it in particular other than it's about what seems to work). That usually requires 2-3 defenders at that level or higher. I prefer not to have defenders below 40 at all, and not more than 4000 or so minutes of below-50 defense.

I also prize position flexibility in all leagues, but especially this one, for defensive purposes - it's a lot easier to hide Ray Allen's 40 D when he can play the 1, 2, and 3 at 100%. Just remember when you're taking good defenders that can guard multiple positions, it doesn't help any if the other guys on your team can't - i.e., if you have Nance as a 100 defender at the 3, 4, and 5, but none of your big men can flex over to SF, Nance will always guard SF and you won't get the benefit of his D on any 4s or 5s.

3/25/2013 1:25 PM
I've been looking at how little def you can bring and still have one of the top def's in a league. I thinks your right Tar..3 Def80's on a team is solid def in the current SIM environment. But distribution of def is critical! I bring a 3 man back court, so in the case where I have T Porter def50 I also have Dr J def100 and the guard I select to back them up will be a def80+(I hope). This allows me a def rotation that keeps a high def player in the BC all the times. Combined with the SIM def optimization, I find this def rotation to be pretty effective. I do the same thing with 3 big guy's, and grab all the def I can get @ SF. It's clear to me that 3 high def players, distributed correctly, is as effective as 5 high def players. And it free's up $$$ to buy more FG%...
3/25/2013 2:05 PM
How did ryan anderson last until the 6th round?
3/25/2013 2:36 PM
Posted by ncmusician_7 on 3/25/2013 2:36:00 PM (view original):
How did ryan anderson last until the 6th round?
:) fixed my small forward problem
3/25/2013 4:06 PM
son of a *****... don't force me to do it.
3/25/2013 5:35 PM
Okay ash were my final 2 pieces any good? I like Evans 11 usage to start the game to make sure that Durant, Marion, and Gasol take as many shots as possible. Evans defense is horrible but his rebounding is excellent and  it was needed esspecially offensively. Lawson and Humphries add offensive punch, 2 usage points a piece, off the bench along with rebounding and pretty good EFG% at 55% and 52% respectively, and low negative numbers. Plus, with my backup plan I'm at 19,500 minutes so the team shouldn't run out of gas at the end of the season like dh555's did last season LOL.
3/25/2013 8:19 PM
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