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Hey LTB I will trade Drexler and AC Green for Marion and David Thompson. But I have to get a taker Thompson for a 6th round pick and my guy has to still be on the board. Any thoughts anyone? Does anybody like David Thompson for their 6th round pick? Thanks.
5/15/2013 1:16 PM
I'll look at it, vance, but I don't think I like the usage math for my gimpy squad on that one.
5/15/2013 1:23 PM
Chris Paul 08-09 Hornets PG 27.8 52.3 36 52.8 2.6 13.7 38.9 3.5 0.2
Chris Webber 96-97 Bullets PF 24.6 53.4 39.5 54.3 9.7 19.7 14.6 2 2.9
Magic Johnson 88-89 Lakers PG 24.3 54.5 31.8 53.5 4.3 17 37.7 2 0.4
Rajon Rondo 09-10 Celtics PG 20.3 53.3 21.2 51.7 4.1 9.9 34.9 3 0.2
Jalen Rose 95-96 Nuggets SF 20.1 51.8 29.3 50.7 2.3 10.9 30.7 1.1 1.1
Oliver Miller 93-94 Suns C 16 61.5 22.4 61.1 8.5 19.7 15.5 2 4.8
Clifford Ray 71-72 Bulls C 14.2 52 29.3 51.1 13.2 32.2 15.2 1.9 4

53.3% EFG for those guys
Average Defense 72.3
AST%:141-158 depending on lineups
DREB:71-93 depending on lineups
OREB:21-34 depending on lineups

5/15/2013 1:25 PM
LTB- I think you'd still be in 98's cellar ;)
5/15/2013 1:26 PM
ended up lighter on 3's then I wanted.. will probably end up with 300-350.. Really didn't want Rondo, Nash would have made the offense click amazingly better with much better EFG% and AST% but now I have amazing backcourt D to go with average frontcourt anchored by C-Webb. 

I could have went many different ways with my last picks.. I went to bed last night thinking I knew where I was headed. I did look at Daugherty. I also thought about playing Paul George at PF.. There were some amazing rebounders left on the board I almost took as well. In the end I stayed committed to the bit and took passing bigs.

Further thoughts..
The high assist strategy clearly works in open leagues but.. It is not possible in this league to get assists to that level. Lebron is the dominant assisting guy you can get at Center and PF and you can't possibly get him and elite pg's in this league. I was hoping to take Grant Hill as my 5 for awhile but 98 spoiled that plan. In the end, I guess we will see how it works out.
5/15/2013 4:00 PM (edited)
135+ ast% just gave me fantastic results, so I think  you'll be fine.  However, defenses will be better in this league than in a standard OL.
5/15/2013 4:05 PM
    Name Team Pos Usage% 2pt%# 3pt%# eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Stl% Blk%
    Alonzo Mourning 99-00 Heat C 28.1 55.4 0.0 55.1 8.9 20.4 6.0 0.7 6.4
    Ben Wallace 02-03 Pistons PF 10.3 48.8 16.7 48.2 11.3 32.7 6.2 1.8 5.1
    Horace Grant 91-92 Bulls PF 15.5 57.7 0.0 57.8 13.5 17.1 8.3 1.5 2.6
    Manu Ginobili 07-08 Spurs SG 29.2 49.7 39.8 54.0 3.1 14.2 19.7 2.3 0.9
    Nate McMillan 93-94 SuperSonics PG 12.4 47.3 39.4 51.3 2.9 13.8 24.2 5.0 0.7
    Jeff Ruland 85-86 Bullets PF 22.2 55.5 0.0 55.4 9.9 19.3 17.1 0.9 1.2
    Jon Barry 01-02 Pistons SG 16.4 51.0 46.8 60.4 2.4 10.5 19.1 2.2 0.6

94-100-78-74-95 defensive ratings for the starts, 50 & 57 for the two reserves.  Key advanced for starts: 98.3% drb, 40.7% orb, 64.4% ast, 14 usage points.  efg% is a bit lower than I generally aim for (but my defense is better, so maybe that's a wash.  We'll see).  Fouls are worrisome.  My foul drawing power is not high.  My inside-outside contrast is also not strong.  Turnovers are high.

This team took shape better than I initially thought after I watched point guard after point guard drop (I was really regretting my trade with DH when I saw Porter, Nash & Deron Williams all go).  Not as many threes as I generally draft (taking care of that with the other 5, hopefully).  I don't like not having an elite rebounding backup for Ben, but most likely someone will go undrafted that I can use there.  Overall, I feel that I've got enough to stay competitive in both the possession battle & the shooting struggle but don't feel like I'm going to outright win either.  Add in the foul factor and it looks like I might miss the dance in this league as well.  But hey! That's why they play the games... we'll see what ends up happening.
5/15/2013 4:17 PM
Need a team name idea from Vance since he is responsible for my last two.

Will likely add a 55%+ efg, very low tov% weak D 3-point shooter as my last guy. Had intended to use 4-point usage West, but may go with 6-point now because of more minutes, lower pf/rate and tov% and higher draw rate all for .4% efg tradeoff.

As of right now I have:
76.25 D
.557 efg%
42.8 orb%
94.9 dreb%
69.4 ast%
.079 pf rate
.120 pf draw rate
.150 tov%

My bench will bring up my efg%, lower my tov% and pf/rate, but will also lower my boards and pf draw rate.

Tov% is higher than I want, but I also tried the low tov% strategy in the last $52 as well as the ODL, and uptempo really does push a team to at least .140 tov% no matter how low your RL number are. I also think an Ave D of 72 with an efg over 56 is better than a D of 76 and an efg of 54. 

IMO efg% here is FAR more important than in the ODL. At least that's my observation from the last few leagues we have done.

5/15/2013 5:02 PM
BTW, tar you don't want to draft my team for your division (because I sure don't want to be in yours). West draws a ton of fouls and his 90D with Deron's 70 is NOT what T and Roy want to face 8 times, also Daugherty has a draw to pf/rate of over 2:1, Buck would likely get into foul trouble more than a few times against me with his high pf/rate (that and the PG run is what kept me from taking Buck over Deron in the 3rd.) 
5/15/2013 5:20 PM
Team name idea for natenoy Thorn in My Side.
5/15/2013 5:38 PM

dh555 thanks for the eval - fyi my starting 5 have a combined as of just over 65%, well above the penalty at least in theory (and as we know I could draft 500% as and it would make no difference)

5/15/2013 5:56 PM
nate how are you deriving your efg%?
5/15/2013 5:58 PM
felonius, I think the best was is to take the fga/min of each player and create a weighted ave of all fga/min of all players and expected minutes used. So for example for my ODL team Kobe had weighted ave of 33.66% and ended up taking 33.97% of my shots on the season. Of course there is variation based on who is on the court, but I think this method can get you pretty close.
5/15/2013 6:16 PM
nice, thanks tang
5/15/2013 6:49 PM
Posted by natenoy on 5/15/2013 6:49:00 PM (view original):
nice, thanks tang
You're welcome, sir!
5/15/2013 6:51 PM
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