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2. mikee1 Wilt Chamberlain, Paul Pierce, Gary Payton, Charles Oakley,  Anthony Mason, Ersan Ilyasova, Luke Walton

You can see the similarities to sixers title winning squad from last season. Wilt with the two high usage guards. Both forwards playing D and rebounding. I don't like Pierce/Payton as much as Penny/McGrady but they are a tough back court combo to deal with. You also have Wilt as the #3 scoring option instead of 4th like sixers did - stuck behind Willis Reed. I like that much better since you always want the 68% guy taking as many shots as possible. The efg% outside of Wilt is pretty bleh but you do have great ast% to help that out. I didn't care for the Ersan pick. I think you'd be better off going for cheap oreb%(reggie evans?) instead to save you cash for backup guards and help Wilt and Oakley clean up all those missed shots from Payton/Pierce. The defense is outstanding and of course with pretty much all Wilt teams, you don't foul that often. Wilt is gonna do his thing and be a MVP candidate and I think Mason/Oakley will shine in their roles. But I'm not sold that Payton/Pierce is a championship back court. Of course, I thought the same thing about sixers team last season. 


Thanks for the evals, DH- they were a very entertaining read!  I am toying with a change that I am kind of torn on.  I am curious, though, what kind of results have you folks had running one player as a backup at three positions? IE, Ilyasova backing up the 2/3/4.
5/20/2013 12:22 AM
Then you go and save the best for last- iccoachb's eval is genius. My favorite part was you selecting Jayson Williams while he was researching the Iverson pick. It looks like he'll be starting about 29 usage points!
5/20/2013 1:00 AM
Thanks for the eval Dh, you have no idea how close I came to taking Granger, almost took him over West in the 4th, almost took him in the 5th and likely would have had I not traded down, then had him in mind when I changed my mind on Birdman..... but in the end I decided the best move was Korver who hits as many threes at a higher %, has an efg 10 points higher and wont take any mid-range or paint shots away from my higher fg% guys in those ranges. Also the lower fga/min means Chandler and his 67% will have a larger share of the team fga/min, although it's virtually impossible to maximize a guy with usage that low. 

I put some of the blame on Nater's poor D for my only non-playoff team in a draft league two season's back. I believe a team can carry one and at most two sub-50 guys, but if the choice is between efg and boards then I think most of us go efg. Gave W Person a very hard look as well after I changed my mind in the 6th, but Korver's salary was a better fit and the extra minutes would have just moved Rodman off the 3 for more mpg than I want.

I'll finalize my team later today and get it loaded into the league. 

One final note: been looking at a lot of factors why some teams are almost unstoppable at home and I think my team hits about every target that IMO plays a critical role in home/road wins. If I'm correct about my assumptions and the importance of each factor then I expect my team to win at least 30 games at home regardless of the division. I also expect no worse than .500 on the road. There might be more randomness than I think, but if my model is correct then my team will surpass 50 wins.
5/20/2013 2:13 AM
Thanks for the excellent evals dh555. To tell you the truth I am still working on which Drexler and Mullin seasons to use. Its a close call on that one.
5/20/2013 9:47 AM
dh....that was great... I am still laughing....

When you get a chance........ic: Whats usage?.......Could you explain it in detail....Thanks.....
5/20/2013 12:27 PM
ic- this should link to ash's thread on usage. Everything you need to know is here.

5/20/2013 3:13 PM (edited)
I really considered nater/murphy instead of webber/miller
5/20/2013 2:15 PM
Surprised they didn't get drafted

Swen Nater - once a 3rd rounder...defense too low i guess
Josh Smith - D and boards from the 3...usg too high though?
Reggie Evans - his 12-13 season is rodman minus the d
Wesley Person - super efficient bomber from a final 4 team last season
Troy Murphy - 2nd season on a row for the guy who used to be a 2nd rounder(of course he had a 96 d then)
Joel Przybilla - one of the best lmbl
Omer Asik/Nik Vucevic - guess no one wanted to try the new guys and their suspect d
Peja Stojakovic - top 5 bomber gets no love anymore
Vince Carter - guess vance's team last year scared everyone away
Danny Granger - a couple of teams could have used this guy

I really wanted to work something out to use Nater or Murphy, but I committed to a theme and stuck with it this time. 

Reggie Evans 12-13 season is perfect... because it's under $4m and can be used without it being drafted here... that defense, though... ouch! 

Vince Carter's 12-13 season is legit here as a rotation guy.

I would have liked Danny Granger in my rotation but needed to shore up other areas more.

Person didn't get drafted?  Holy ****...

Smith is borderline poison to me.

Peja should have been taken.

Joel too-many-consontants surprises me that he wasn't taken.  I've no opinion on the new guys.  I wasn't really in the market for any LMBL this season.
5/20/2013 5:22 PM
Division Draft

          Atlantic               Midwest                Pacific               Central

        tarheel1991            logain                 tricky24               dh555

1.      iccoachb           steelers821          tanguma44         banditone(of course)

2.     longtallbrad          seapilots               maglor1            katernberg

3.     98average           thomcat              eleibowitz            natenoy

4.      ashamael          coachcroft             theyard2              badja

5.      felonius                mikee1                vancem             slymonium
5/20/2013 5:55 PM
here are the rankings....






















1 iccoachbb
2 steelers821
3 banditone
4 seapilots
5 thomcat
6 badja
7 tanguma44
8 natenoy
9 maglor1
10 longtallbrad
11 coachcroft
12 katernberg
13 ashamael
14 theyard1
15 eleibowitz
16 felonius
17 98average
18 mikee1
19 slymonium
20 vancem


2. banditone
3. maglor1
4. steelers821
5. katenberg
6. 98average
7. eleibowitz
8. iccoaachb
9. badja
10. longtallbrad
11. theyard
12. seapilots
13. vancem
14. ashamael
15. felonius
16. natenoy
17. coachcroft
18 .thomcat
19. mikee1
20. slymonium


1. iccoachb
2. banditone
3. steelers821
4. katernberg
5. seapilots
6. maglor1
7. longtallbrad
8. thomcat
9. 98average
10. tanguma44
11. natenoy
12. badja
13. coachcroft
14. ashamael
15. theyard2
16. eleibowitz
17. mikee1
18. felonius
19. vancem
20. slymonium

5/20/2013 6:00 PM
based on my rankings.. that went well for me. 
5/20/2013 6:05 PM
based on the eyeball test that went VERY well for you.

Atlantic... holy ****.

5/20/2013 6:29 PM
this is my nightmare
5/20/2013 6:34 PM
Wow.  I am happy not to be in the Atlantic.  It will be fun to see how things shake out there.
5/20/2013 7:34 PM
Posted by natenoy on 5/19/2013 5:26:00 PM (view original):
Sly my biggest exposure is my 39D/53D center combo, you are the LAST team I want to see in my division, at least with a Wilt or Kareem team Chandler can cover, but he can't guard BOTH Superman and Stat at the same time, here's hoping you end up in the other conference. 
Well nate, if it's any consolation you could have ended up in the Atlantic...
5/20/2013 7:38 PM
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