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I am at over 80 million once I fill my IR spot. With about 33000 minutes lol..

I really needed Lever behind LBJ at the point. I Got his only missing season drawn.

My team will be a bunch of guys trying to take LBJ's shots away.. and no stud rebounders to be seen.
8/17/2013 6:49 PM
Only players with less than 500 minutes are eligible for IR, correct?
For example - I can't IR a 2200 minute player just because he stunk and I have his positions filled with better players.
8/17/2013 6:58 PM
8/17/2013 7:25 PM
You gotta deal with those guys who lost motivation after you gave the big contract
8/17/2013 7:26 PM
You could try to trade said player to a team with holes to fill in exchange for something else, or a guy who didn't get a great overall draw but drew a ten million dollar center or something and is looking towards next year.
8/17/2013 9:06 PM
self assessment of Cincinnati Chili Dogs

- Sir Charles will score and no one will particularly compete for the ball
- No "wow" factor -- biggest salary is McCray's 7.5M  
- Hakeem's last season at 2.6M is rather ho-hum
- Defense is probably below average 
- Rebounding is maybe average (or maybe I am just being optimistic)
- Decent seasons for role players
- Why did I keep Scott Skiles ?
- Enough 3PT skills to keep defense honest

Bottom Line  -- Balanced flavors but just not spicy enough to contend this season

Prediction 33-40  wins

8/18/2013 3:34 AM

I drafted my team feeling like I needed to really have extra players at all positions because of IR, and no one on my team is on IR so...

My starting lineup has:

40% Oreb/98% Dreb
70% asts
53.3% eFG

Starters D is 36,80,92,39,90 Second Unit is 90,80,52,30,100

Oh, and try to go -2 on me and watch my second lineup kill you on three's.

We should be competitive and a possible playoff team.  However, I do not see this squad as a division winner...they will be a thorn in many teams side.

8/18/2013 3:11 PM (edited)
The Chili Dogs will usually look like:

  eFG OR DR AST USG 1 2 3 4 5
Starters 52.6 38 81 61 14 61 54 47 50 34
Bench 50.4 27 73 63 10 23 41 80 64 70

Which... is... not too exciting... at least for this league ....

(eFG is prorated based on usage)

Getting one of the two "weak" Hakeem seasons (out of 18) and only an "average" Barkley season is a bit of a problem.

No lack of minutes to experiment with, though :-)
8/18/2013 5:12 PM
Don't worry about the weak Olajuwon season.  This will mitigate the foul issues that he brings as well as the high usage with ok efg and a bad foul draw rate compared to the usage.
8/18/2013 5:21 PM
Should have cut Rashard Lewis' a$$ when I had the chance. Now things broken right for him and he's wormed his way into a starting job. 

Not good. 
8/18/2013 6:42 PM
damn...i gotta say..i slept on this league...when i first looked it over it seemed too random for me(like roulette)...but after giving it a second look, it seems more like poker(still requires some luck but still plenty of skill mixed in)

please add me to the waiting list(if there is one)

it was pretty fun seeing how your guys teams turned out after the seasons were randomized....some got screwed and some look like playoff locks

i was playing around with a few of the rosters to see how the lineups played out...i wanna share some thoughts, but keep in mind this is all based off how i would use the teams roster(and if anyone feels im giving too much away just let me know and ill delete the post)

the favorite.....


wow...jackpot!...66-67 wilt is the best season in the sim and a lock to win mvp in this league unless all3 really screws it up....almost seems unfair to have both big ben and camby on the same team...low usage board lords with great d and super low negatives(pf and tos) are very rare and you got two of the best...07-08 is one of big bens weaker seasons but 10-11 is one of cambys best...they combine for for almost all the pf mins...88-89 nance rounds out the starting front court with one of his best seasons....the defense and low fouls in the front court is insane...other teams big men will really struggle to score against them....lots of different ways to build the back court but id think reggie has to be a lock to play all 33 of his mins at sg...94-95 is one of his best seasons and also one of his higher usg% season, which you needed...3 pretty solid options at pg with conley/parker/lawson but i think lawson is the best choice...all 3 have weak d and about the same ast% but lawson gives you better efg% and 3s...conley or parker give you solid backup min tho...rick barry would have been an easy cut for me but you did end up with the one season of his that i like...68-69 barry is a mad man from the ft line and is his best efg% plug him in as the backup sf....79-80 dantley and his 57efg% make a perfect backup to reggie at sg...roger a brown makes for a good 11th man who you can plug in at sg/sf if you think barry or dantley arent getting the job done...with wilt on board, sabonis will be stuck to spot duty....the back court d is the obvious weakness and wilt will have to work extra hard on the glass against some of the stronger rebounding teams but the offense should be dominant and the ft battle will be a be shocked if this isnt a 50+ win team and in contention to win it all

ill add some more thoughts later if i get a chance...if anyone wants opinions on their team as well just ask

8/18/2013 7:06 PM (edited)
Yeah. All3 is looking tough to beat.

I think i should have a playoff team with lbj majerle allen iggy buck and blake.. weakness is lacey/bradley/issel center mess. Dunno what to dothere. Tmac and Nique may not play at all
8/18/2013 7:13 PM
pending outcome of last two players, we so far need 16 total picks in the IR draft.
8/18/2013 7:37 PM
ooh -- guest commentary -- I like that.    how about a midseason review and recap at the end :-)
8/18/2013 7:46 PM
Great commentary dh but all3 will play AD for 35 mins a game and take all
Of Stilts shots away. lol
Haven't had a chance to take a close look yet. Seems like some really nice players
left in FA pool
8/18/2013 10:18 PM
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