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Season #                    Winner                                  Runner-up
1.                             Transylvania, Westminster
2.                             Mt. St. Joe                                Transylvania
3.                             Mt.St. Joe, Thomas More
4.                            Transy                                        Mt. St. Joe
                               (Transylvania was a perfect 16-0)
5.                            Philadelphia Biblical                    Mt. St. Joe, Transy
6.                            Westminster                              Transy
7.                            Thomas More                             Mt. St. Joe, Phil. Biblical
8.                            Mt. St. Joe                                  Transy, Westminster
9.                            Mt. St. Joe                                   Transy
10.                          Transy, Westminster
11.                          Mt. St. Joe                                  Transy
12.                          Transy                                        Mt.St. Joe
13.                          Transy                                        Westminster
14.                          Transy                                        Mt. St. Joe
15.                          Mt. St. Joe, Transy
16                           Transy, Westminster
17.                          Waynesburg                               Westminster
18.                          Westminster                              Mt. St. Joe
19.                          Mt. St. Joe                                   Transylvania
20.                          Transylvania                               Westminster
21.                          Transylvania                               Thomas More
22.                          Westminster                               Transylvania
23.                          Westminster                               Transylvania
24.                          Philadelphia Biblical                     Transylvania
25.                          Transylvania                                Westminster
26.                          Westminster                                Transylvania
27.                          Westminster                                Transylvania
28.                           Waynesburg                               Westminster
29.                           Westminstser                             Waynesburg
30.                           Westminster                               Transylvania
31.                           Westminster                               Transylvania
32,                           Westminster                               Waynesburg
33.                            Waynesburg                              Phil. Bib.,  Westminster
34.                           Philadelphia Biblical                     Westminster
35                            Westminster                              Mt. St. Joseph
36                            Westminster                              Mt. St. Joseph
37                             Waynesburg                             Transylvania
38                              Waynesburg                            Transy, Westminster, Phil. Bib
39                             Transylvania                             Mt. St. Joseph, Westminster
40                             Transylvania                             Westminster
41.                            Waynesburg                             Transylvania, Westminster
42,                             Transylvania; Waynesburg
43.                             Westminster                            Transylvania
44.                             Westminster; Transylvania
45.                             Waynesburg                            Transylvania; Westminster
46.                             Transylvania                             Waynesburg; Westminster
                                   (Transy was a perfect 16-0)
47.                             Westminster                            Waynesburg
48.                              Transylvania                          Westminster
49.                               Westminster                           Waynesburg
50;                                Westminster                          Transylvania
                                  (Westminster was a perfect 16-0)
51.                                 Phil. Blblical, Westminster
52                                Westminster                        Phil. Biblical
53.                               Westminster                        Phil. Biblical
54.                               Westminster                       Phil.  Biblical
55.                                Westminster                      Phil. Biblical
56.                                Westminster/Transylvania
57.                                Westminster                      Transylvania
58.                                Phil. Biblical/Westminster
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HEARTLAND Tournament History
Season                   Winner                      Runner-up
#1                         Transylvania              Hanover
#2                         Defiance                    Transylvania
#3                         Transylvania              Mt. St. Joseph
#4                         Thomas More             Anderson
#5                         Thomas More            Philadelphia Biblical
#6                         Westminster             Transylvania
#7                         Mt. St. Joseph           Thomas More
#8                         Hanover                    Mt. St. Joseph
#9                         Westminster             Transylvania
#10                       Westminster             Transylvania
#11                       Mt. St. Joseph           Transylvania
#12                       Franklin                     Mt. St. Joseph
#13                       Transylvania             Westminster
#14                       Transylvania              Mt. St. Joseph
#15                       Bluffton                     Mt. St. Joseph
#16                       Hanover                     Franklin
#17                       Waynesburg              Westminster
#18                        Hanover                    Defiance
#19                        Bluffton                    Westminster
#20                        Hanover                    Anderson
#21                        Franklin                    Hanover
#22                        Bluffton                     Manchester
#23                       Manchester               Transylvania
#24                       Transylvania             Manchester
#25                        Anderson                  Franklin
#26                        Westminster             Transylvania
#27.                       Transylvania               Manchester
#28                        Westminster              Waynesburg
#29                        Waynesburg              Westminster
#30.                       Westminster               Transylvania
#31.                        Bluffton                       Franklin
#32                        Westminster                 Waynesburg
33.                          Franklin                      Waynesburg
34.                          Westminster              Bluffton
35.                          Mt. St. Joseph             Manchester
36.                          Bluffton                       Westminster
37.                          Bluffton                       Manchester
38.                          Westminster                Defiance
39.                          Defiance                      Phil. Biblical
40.                           Transylvania              Westminster
41.                           Manchester                Transylvania
42.                           Manchester                 Transylvania
43.                           Transylvania                Manchester
44.                            Franklin                        Westminster
45.                            Westmintser                Manchester
46.                            Westminster              Waynesburg
47.                            Waynesburg               Westminster
48.                            Franklin                        Transylvania
49.                            Franklin                         Manchester
50.                             Waynesburg               Transylvania
51.                            Westminster                 Phil. Biblical
52.                            Westminster                 Anderson
53.                            Manchester                   Westminster
54.                            Phil. Biblical                  Westminster
55.                            Westminster                Phil. Biblical
56.                            Bluffton                         Westminster
57.                            Westminster                   Franklin
58/                           Phil. Biblical                      Westminster
8/8/2012 10:21 AM (edited)

Season #2- 1st (Transy Elite 8)
#3- 3rd (Hanover Elite 8)
#4- 1st
#5- 3rd (Phil Biblical Elite 8)
#6- 1st (Transy Final Four. Mt. St. Joe Sweet 16)
#7- 2nd (Sweet 16: Transy; Phil Biblical; Mt.St. Joe; Thomas More)
#8- 1st
#9- 2nd (Mt. St. Joe Elite 8)
#10- 5th (Westminster Sweet 16)
#11- 1st (Transy RU; Hanover Final Four)
#12- 1st (Franklin Sweet 16)
#13- 1st (Westminster Sweet 16)
#14- 1st (Sweet 16: Transy and Mt. St. Joe; Westminster PIT champ)
#15- 2nd (Transy Final Four; Sweet 16- Bluffton and Mt. ST. Joe)
#16- 1st ( Hanover Elite 8)
#17- 1st
#18- 2nd (Hanover Final Four; Westminster Elite 8: Waynesburg PIT champ)
#19- 2nd (Bluffton-Final Four'; Sweet 16- Hanover and Transy)
#20- 1st (Hanover Sweet 16)
#21- 1st (Transy Sweet 16; Defiance PIT champ)
#22 1st
#23- 1st (Elite 8: Bluffton and Westminster)
#24- 6th
#25- 1st
#26- 1st (Westminster Elite 8; Transy Sweet 16; Waynesburg PIT RU)
#27-2nd (Transy Elite 8; Westminster Sweet 16)
#28- 1st (Westminster Elite 8; Franklin Sweet 16; Manchester PIT champ)
#29- 1st (Sweet 16: Westminster and Waynesburg)
#30- 2nd (Westminster Elite 8; Bluffton Sweet 16)
#31- 1st (Westminster Final Four; Bluffton Sweet 16)
#32- 1st (Westminster Final Four; Transy Sweet 16)
#33- 1st (Franklin - National Champ; Transy Sweet 16)
#34- 7th
#35- 1st (Mt.St. Joe Final Four; Westmintser Elite 8: Sweet 16 Bluffton, Manchester and Transy; )
#36- 1st (Bluffton- RU; Elite 8 Defiance and Westminster;)
#37- 3rd (Sweet 16 Manchester and Defiance; Hanover PIT RU
#38- 2nd (Waynesburg Sweet 16; Defiance PIT RU; Franklin PIT final four
#39- 2nd (Transy Elite 8; Westminster Sweet 16; Manchester PIT RU
#40- 2nd (Transy- Nat. Champ)
#41- 1st (Manchester-RU; Transy- Final Four; Waynesburg Sweet 16)
#42- 1st (Transy-Elite Eight; Defiance and Waynesburg Sweet 16
#43- 1st (Transy- Elite Eight; Westminster= Sweet 16
#44- 3rd
#45- 2nd  (Manchester- Elite Eight; Waynesburg and Westminster-Sweet 16)
#46- 1st   (Westminster- Nat. Champ; Manchester-Elite Eight; Transy and Waynesburg-Sweet 16; Bluffton-PIT Champ)
#47-  2nd
#48-  1st  (Westminster- RU; Franklin-Final Four; Bluffton- Sweet 16)
$49-  2nd  (Westminster- RU)
50-    6th  (Westminster- RU);
  Waynesburg, Transylvania-Sweet 16
51.   1st-  (Franklin and Waynesburg- Elite Eight; Phil Biblical- Sweet 16)
52.    2nd  (Westminster and Tranylvania-Final Four)
53.    1st   (Westminster-Sweet 16; Transylvania- PIT Champs: Waynesburg- PIT semis)
54.    1st   (Phil. Biblical -Final Four)
55.    1st   (Westminster- RU: Transylvania- Final Four;Waynesburg-Sweet 16)
56.   1st   IWestminster-National Champs;  Defiance, Manchester-Sweet 16; Thomas More- PIT champ
57.   1st  Bluffton- RU;  Westminster-Elite 8; Manchester- Sweet 16, Thomas More- PIT semis)
1st- Phil. Biblical- Final Four; Transylvania, Westminster-Sweet 16; Thomas More- PIT RU
8/8/2012 10:22 AM (edited)
49 consecutive seasons for placing at least 3 teams in the NT.

40 of the last 41 seasons  consecutive seasons for placing at least 5 teams in post-season

In 12 of the last 36years, we've placed at least 6 teams in the NT . (See highlighted teams below)

In 11 other seasons, we've had 5 teams in the NT.

In season #55,  we had 9 teams in the NT and 1 in the PIT. In season #18 and #57, we had 9 teams in either the NT or PIT,

In season #56, we had 8 teams in the NT and the PIT winnner

58th consective post-season for Transylvania. ; 21th consecutive NT for Westminster;

Season 1- Transylvania

Season 2- Defiance, Hanover, Transylvania

Season 3- Hanover, Mt. St. Joe, Transylvania

Season 4- Thomas More, Transylvania

Season 5- Phil. Biblical, Thomas More (PIT- Mt. St, Joe, Transylvania)

Season 6- Mt. St. Joe, Phil Bibilical, Transylvania (PIT- Thomas More)

Season 7- Mt.St. Joe, Phil.Biblical, Thomas More, Transylvania

Season 8- Mt. St. Joe, Hanover (PIT- Transylvania)

Season 9- Mt. St. Joe, Transylvania, Westminster

Season 10- Hanover, Transylvania, Westminster

Season 11- Hanover, Mt. St. Joe, Transylvania

Season 12- Franklin, Hanover, Mt. St. Joe, (PIT-Transylvania )

Season 13- Hanover, Transylvania, Westminser (PIT- Anderson, Defiance)

Season 14- Bluffton,Tranylvania, Mt. St. Joe (PIT-Defiance, Hanover, Westminster)

Season 15- Bluffton, Hanover, Mt. St. Joe, Transylvania (PIT Defiance, Franklin, Manchester, Westminster

Season 16-Franklin, Hanover, Transylvania (PIT-Westminster)

Season 17- Anderson, Hanover, Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster (PIT- Defiance)

Season 18- Defiance, Hanover, Mt.St. Joe, Westminster (PIT-Anderson, Bluffton, Philadelphia Biblical, Transylvania, Waynesbrug)

Season 19- Bluffton, Hanover, Mt. St. Joe, Transylvania (PIT- Franklin, Manchester)

Season 20- Bluffton, Hanover, Franklin, Mt. St. Joseph, Transylvania, Westminster (PIT- Manchester)

Season 21- Hanover, Franklin, Transylvania (PIT- Anderson, Defiance)

Season 22- Bluffton, Defiance, Hanover, Manchester, Transylvania, Westminter

Season 23- Bluffton, Franklin, Hanover, Manchester, Transylvania, Westminster

Season 24- Franklin, Manchester, Transylvania (PIT- Phil. Biblical, Westminster)

Season 25- Anderson, Franklin, Hanover, Manchester, Transylvania, Westminster

Season 26- Bluffton, Transylvania, Westminster (PIT-Phil. Biblical; Waynesburg; Franklin; Defiance)

Season 27- Bluffton, Franklin, Manchester, Transylvania, Westminster (PIT- Hanover, Phil. Biblical)

Season 28- Franklin, Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster (PIT-Manchester)

Season 29- Franklin, Manchester, Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster

Season 30- Bluffton, Franklin, Manchester, Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster

Season 31- Bluffton, Franklin, Manchester, Transylvania, Westminster

Season 32- Bluffton, Franklin, Manchester, Westminster (PIT- Transylvania, Waynesburg)

Season 33- Franklin, Phil. Biblical, Transylvania, Waynesburg (PIT- Bluffton, Manchester, Westminster)

Season 34- Franklin, Phil. Biblical, Westminster (PIT- Bluffton, Transylvania, Waynesburg)

Season 35- Bluffton, Manchester, Mt. St. Joseph, Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster (PIT-Phil. Biblical)

Season 36- Bluffton, Defiance, Manchester, Mt. St. Joseph, Transylvania, Westminster (PIT- Hanover)

Season 37- Bluffton, Defiance, Manchester, Transylvania, Waynesburg

Season 38- Transylvania, Phil. Biblical, Waynesburg, Westminster (PIT-Bluffton, Defiance, Franklin)

Season 39- Defiance, Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster (PIT- Anderson, Franklin, Manchester, Mt. St. Joseph)

Season 40- Mt. St. Joe; Transylvania; Waynesburg; Westminster (PIT- Defiance; Franklin

Season 41- Manchester, Transylvania; Waynesburg; Westminster (PIT- Defiance; Franklin

Season 42- Defiance, Franklin, Manchester Transylvania, Waynesburg, and Westminster (PIT-Anderson)

Season 43- Franklin, Manchester, Transylvania, Westminster (PIT-Waynesburg)

Season 44- Franklin, Transylvania, Westminster (PIT-Defiance, Waynesburg)

Season 45- Defiance; Franklin; Manchester; Transylvania; Waynesburg; Westminster

Season 46- Manchester; Transylvania; Waynesburg; Westminster (PIT- Bluffton, Defiance, Franklin)

Season 47- Franklin, Manchester, Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster; (PIT- Bluffton)

Season 48-  Bluffton, Franklin, Transylvania; Waynesburg, Westminster  (PIT- Defiance, Manchester)

Season 49-  Franklin, Manchester, Transylvania; Waynesburg, Westminster

Season 50-  Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster (PIT-Franklin)

Season 51-  Franklin, Phil. Biblical; Transylvania; Waynesburg; Westminster (PIT- Anderson)

Season 52  Anderson, Franklin, Phil. Biblical, Transylvania, Westminster (PIT- Bluffton, Manchester, Waynesburg)

Season 53-  Anderson, Franklin, Manchester, Phil.Biblical, Westminster (PIT- Transylvania, Waynesburg)

Season 54- Phil. Biblical; Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster (PIT-Anderson)

Season 55- Defiance, Franklin, Hanover, Manchester, Phil. Biblical, Thomas More, Transylvania, Waynesburg, Westminster (PIT-Bluffton)

Season 56- Anderson, Defiance, Franklin, Manchester, Phil. Biblical, Tansylvania, Westminster, (PIT-Thomas More)

Season 57- Bluffton, Defiance, Franklin, Manchester, Phil. Biblical; Transylvania, Westmintser  (PIT- Thomas More and Anderson)

Season 58-- Anderson, BLuffton, Phil. Biblical, Transylvania, Westminster (PIT- Franklin and Thomas More
5/28/2011 12:43 AM
I feel really bad.  This is one of the oldest threads out there and Heartland has a long proud history.  But I was just looking at this thread and Al hasn't posted in a while.  I don't blame him.  It has been over a year since anyone other than Al has posted.  I always read Al's posts but never respond.

Al, your posts are very much appreciated.  You put forth a lot of effort  and I promise to reply and post.  We need to keep this thread going!
5/28/2011 7:42 AM
Thanks, Jim. I update after each season as always. It'd be good to have other posts as well
5/28/2011 9:31 AM (edited)
Heartlend is in the midst of a rare rebuilding season.  The Westies look primed to make a run at the title again this season and Trany is solid.  There are a lot of question marks and youg teams after that.  I have a feeling when all is said and done we should still be able to get at least 4 teams in the NT and a total of 6-7 in post season.
5/28/2011 2:22 PM
You're right. In 49 seasons, we've finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd  46 times.  Currently, we're 6th, up from 11th 3 days ago.

School Coach Conf.
Top 25
  Defiance hartman 0-0 6-4 0-0 6-4 0-1 6-4 L1 80 220
  Anderson elmolives 0-0 5-5 4-1 1-4 0-0 5-5 W3 266 314
  Manchester commish118 0-0 4-6 2-3 2-3 2-2 4-6 L1 95 16
  Bluffton dennyj 0-0 2-8 2-5 0-3 1-4 2-8 L2 230 18
  Franklin glmarcum 0-0 1-9 0-5 1-4 0-2 1-9 W1 240 25
  Hanover jokeitch 0-0 0-10 0-5 0-5 0-1 0-10 L10 349 98
South Standings
  School Coach Conf.
Top 25
  #4 Westminster (PA) spasticity 0-0 8-2 2-2 6-0 3-2 8-2 W8 4 2
  Philadelphia Biblical jack_duck 0-0 7-3 4-1 3-2 0-0 7-3 W3 219 366
#15 Transylvania alblack56 0-0 7-3 4-0 3-3 3-3 7-3 W3 11 8
  Waynesburg mdmvs 0-0 6-4 3-1 3-3 1-2 6-4 L2 32 14
  Mt. St. Joseph randytip 0-0 3-7 0-5 3-2 0-0 3-7 L3 259 174
  Thomas More smoke2020 0-0 2-8 1-5 1-3 0-2 2-8 L3 262 65
5/31/2011 1:40 PM
I guess I felt like I needed to be a Heartland conference member for non-conference play, so I scheduled 4 of you (Franklin, Transy, Waynesburg and Thomas More).  I went 3-1, with the lone loss on the road against Waynesburg.  That's my only loss so far this season, but I've been lucky to win as many as I have.  You guys have built a very, very impressive D3 conference and I feel certain I will have the pleasure of losing to one of you in the NT.
6/1/2011 9:19 AM

It's looking more and more like 3 teams making the NT: Westy, Transy, and Wayne.  Your team is loaded MDuncan!  I would say the chances are good that you would run into one of these three during NT time.

6/8/2011 8:32 AM
As we stand now, Heartland would only put 3 teams in the NT and none in the PT.  It is really hard to believe that we would only put 3 into the post season.  There are a number of teams trying to play into the PIT but they all just keep beating each other up and no one has been able to crack the 100 RPI, and stay there.  Rebuilding may be an understatement this season.
6/9/2011 5:33 AM
Only twice in the last 22 seasons has the Heartland failed to put 4-6 teams in the NT.

The last time we placed as few as 3 teams in the NT/PIT was back in season #11
6/22/2011 1:24 PM
The North history has been updated at the bottom of page 41.

The South history, CT history, and post-season appearances are updated on this page.
6/24/2011 11:23 AM
Posted by mduncanhogs on 5/31/2011 1:40:00 PM (view original):
I guess I felt like I needed to be a Heartland conference member for non-conference play, so I scheduled 4 of you (Franklin, Transy, Waynesburg and Thomas More).  I went 3-1, with the lone loss on the road against Waynesburg.  That's my only loss so far this season, but I've been lucky to win as many as I have.  You guys have built a very, very impressive D3 conference and I feel certain I will have the pleasure of losing to one of you in the NT.
Well hopefully you were right about this. We'll see tonight, good luck!
6/26/2011 7:59 PM
The history of conference rankings has been updated at the top of this page.

For the first time in 15 seasons, Heartland didn't finish in the top 3
of 43
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