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Details to follow within the next couple of days.  Looking for teams of 2!  Go ahead and respond below if you are interested(it will make it easier for you guys to find partners that way).  Once your team of  two has been confirmed, I need each of you to send me a sitemail letting me know who your partner is!   You will not be a team unless it is confirmed by both partners.  Sign up now!


EDIT #2-  I'll give a small bonus in the very first challenge if one of the team members joins Josh Gibson Hardball Dynasty World.  Sitemail MJDATO and tell him I sent you!

4/12/2012 1:22 AM (edited)

Welcome to 'The Amazing Race- GD Style'.

  Rules will be altered  slightly for the interest of our game.

  First of all the object of the game is to outplay each other, not the rules themself. I will try to quickly clear up any questions, but I am hoping that you all understand that I intend to follow the spirit of what these rules clearly should mean, and not end up in an argument of semantics. Once again, you are playing each other, not me.

  The Amazing Race is an exciting race around the sports world. The race typically begins with 11 teams. But there may be more or less teams depending on how much interest this gets.  Each team is made up of two coaches. The teams follow clues on TV, which lead them to destinations all over the  world.  Clues are too easy to google, so we won't be doing that.  That destination would be the PIT STOP.   The PIT STOP is what I will call all challenges.

For each PIT STOP, one member of the team will send their picks to me.  After I have received these picks, there will be no changing them.  I will then post everyone's picks in the forum to see.

The first team(Team that finishes with the highest score) to the PIT STOP at the end of each leg wins a prize. The prize is that they will get to U TURN a team of their choosing for the next leg of the race.  The team that receives the U TURN will receive a disadvantage for the next leg of the race.  Unlike the tv show, if you continue to win, you can U TURN teams all day long.  On some legs, I may even choose to have 2 U TURNS.  In that case, the top two teams will get to U turn other teams.

The last team to the PIT STOP is most often sent home. There is, however, two or three legs per season that are non-elimination legs. The teams do not know ahead of time which legs will be non-elimination. But I will.  The last team to arrive(Lowest score) to the non-elimination PITSTOP will start the next leg with a disadvantage.   In addition to the score we will continue to build off of in the next leg.

At the end of each PIT STOP(Challenge), the winning team will post in the forum who they choose to U TURN for the next round.  After this is announced, I will tell the last team that arrives(Lowest score)  at the PIT STOP if they have been eliminated or not.

Some Challenges, called DETOURS will force teams to pick between two challenges,( Example:  One might be baseball, the other golf.  But they will all be on the same point system)

.Some legs will also include one FAST FORWARD task. The first team to complete the FAST FORWARD  task can go directly to the PIT STOP. (Will get to skip the next challenge) . Teams are only allowed one FAST FORWARD  for the season.  This task will be a do or die challenge.  If you fail to meet the challenge or do not come in first on this challenge.  You will receive a HUGE disadvantage for the next PIT STOP.  You will not know how many teams decide to participate in this, until I post it in the forum.

The finale consists of the last three teams, racing to find the finish line. The first team to cross the finish wins one-million invisible dollars!

EDIT 4/12/12 12:25 PST:  Any team that fails to turn in picks will automatically be disqualified from the competition. 

4/12/2012 3:28 PM (edited)

1) Caesari & Harriswb3             "Air and Freight"    10th Place

2) Fbplayergod & Jas_illini         "Team fappin"     5th

3) csudak & onside                   "Burnt Sienna"  2nd Place

4) bdwor119 & Jhard70          "The franchise"    3rd Place

5) jibe & quietman                "Slow cars and fast women"   12th

6)Nyaggie98 & tenaciousdx        "Notre Dame haters"      9th

7)Polabonez & Muddapucka        "The favorites"            8th

8)Rivgambino & Zerfo                     "Zerf and Turf"     14th place

9) mb625 & katzphang88               "USA-World 62"    13th place

10) Mr_mojo & Stevedotdec             "2 non blondes" WINNER

11) Ohhale & pureh21                     "Haleyuns"       6th

12)Kevintam90 & 0bigzeke0             "Show me your TD's"   7th

13) Cgreenemax & Sjurat             "Obey"                       11th

14)ottomatic99 & doogiex4           "Navy buddies"          3rd

6/12/2012 10:35 PM (edited)
UHH--you want to give a little info as to how this game is played.
4/11/2012 6:20 PM
I AM IN!!!! Sent some sitemails out to find a partner.
4/11/2012 6:20 PM
Posted by iamthetwo__2 on 4/11/2012 6:20:00 PM (view original):
UHH--you want to give a little info as to how this game is played.
Details to come, toodumbtoread!! 

4/11/2012 6:21 PM
Great idea, count me in!
4/11/2012 6:43 PM
I'm in.  If someone needs a partner, sitemail me.  I promise it will be worth your while...
4/11/2012 7:43 PM
Posted by iamthetwo__2 on 4/11/2012 6:20:00 PM (view original):
UHH--you want to give a little info as to how this game is played.
Our lawyers are working around the clock hammering out the details of how this game will be run.  It will be posted  in the second slot on the front page of this thread as soon as the semantics of the game have been decided.  Thank you for your patience.
4/11/2012 8:29 PM
Are troles alowed?
4/11/2012 8:32 PM
I'm in.
4/11/2012 9:16 PM
I'd play but Arfy doesn't like me.
4/11/2012 9:20 PM
Caesari and Harriswb3 are the first team in! LET'S GO BABY! Do we get some sort of prize for coming in first in everything? Including signups? I mean, we already know we will be winning, so you can go ahead and give it to us.

By the way, quick hijack, Arfy beat me to the punch. So, new mafia game after Amazing Race is over!

Back to the main stuff: We win, you lose. I already know of one other possible team. They will lose.
4/11/2012 9:26 PM
ffbplayergod & jas_illini (Better known as Team Fappin), are second in, but first in EVERYONES hearts!

Caesari and harriswb... better luck next time.
4/11/2012 9:49 PM
I'll do it...someone want to be on my team sitemail me
4/11/2012 10:05 PM
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THE AMAZING RACE-3 Non Blondes win! Transcript! Topic

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