SURVIVOR XII: Ahrens Crowned Champion Topic

A few things...
-The final 6 and the current members of the jury are listed below.  Since psap has re-entered the game, da_goat is now the alternate juror.
-The redemption island theme is now over.  Anybody who gets voted out will join the jury.
-There will be no more advantages in the challenges.
-Any remaining idols can be used through the final 5 vote.
-The final tribal council will be a FINAL THREE (just like the Redemption Island version of the tv show).  There will be 3 survivors and 8 jurors.  If the original vote is a tie, there will be a re-vote between the two players who tied, and the alternate juror will participate in the re-vote.
-The next challenge will be posted later today.


Alternate Juror: da_goat
5/20/2013 5:05 PM (edited)
Challenge #19: Bullseye!

In this challenge, there are 6 statistical categories with numerical values for Tuesday night’s games. For each category, you will submit A LIST OF PLAYERS who you believe will come as close as possible to the statistical value. For each number that you are off, you will gain a certain amount of points. The survivor with the lowest amount of points will earn challenge immunity.

Tuesday’s Games (all times EST):
NBA 9pm: Grizzlies vs. Spurs
NHL 7:30pm: Bruins vs. NY Rangers
NHL 10:00pm: Kings vs. Sharks
15 MLB Games (earliest begins at 7:05pm)

Statistical Categories:
Category #1 (NBA): submit a list of NBA players who will tally 50 points (x1 for each point away)
Category #2 (NBA): submit a list of NBA players who will tally 20 rebounds (x2 for each rebound away)
Category #3 (NHL): submit a list of NHL players who will tally 20 shots on goal (x2 for each shot away)
Category #4 (NHL): submit a list of NHL players who will tally 5 points {goals + assists} (x4 for each point away)
Category #5 (MLB): submit a list of MLB players who will tally 10 runs batted in (x3 for each rbi away)...please identify each player's team
Category #6 (MLB): submit a list of MLB PITCHERS who will tally 20 pitching strikeouts (x2 for each K away)...please identify player's team

A few general things:
-Low score wins
-There is no minimum or maximum amount of players for each list of players
-Any PPD games will be tough luck. Or maybe it will be good luck for you?

TB1: # of bullseyes (hitting the category exactly)
TB2: Number of combined hits in the White Sox vs. Red Sox game
TB3: Number of saves for NY Rangers starting goalie
TB4: Order of submission

When submitting, make sure to identify each player’s team for MLB lists. The deadline for submitting picks is 6:30pm EST on Tuesday.
5/20/2013 5:08 PM (edited)
Do I submit 1 list or does each category get its own list?
5/20/2013 7:01 PM
Posted by ahrens on 5/20/2013 7:01:00 PM (view original):
Do I submit 1 list or does each category get its own list?
each category will have a different list
5/20/2013 8:00 PM

PSAP’s Last Stand – The Prisoner’s Dilemma

I am not leaving this game without a fight, nor silently yielding to the partnership who has thus far dominated this game by blindly supporting the most exceptional player in this game.

I once again find myself in a fairly desperate position where I must shake things up if my game is to continue.  That is the role of the underdog when you are at a numbers disadvantage.  I have nothing to lose, but the 3 members of Pola’s silent support staff have everything to gain – because if they continue to pursue this course they have ALREADY LOST – they just aren’t willing to face the reality of it yet.

In my opinion, one who plays a game with a huge social component as a fairly silent member of a majority is hardly participating in the game at all.  Never returning sitemails, or not doing so in a timely manner, is the equivalent of hardly participating in the game.  I just don’t see it as a strategy – it seems to be an absence of a strategy.  Behavior like that is unlikely to go rewarded by those who have been vanquished already.

What I am about to say I have already communicated privately to each of the remaining Pola majority alliance members.  Now I am doing it publically because from 1 of you I get NO RESPONSE, and from the other I get a response which AVOIDS A RESPONSE.  So in my mind I am not breaking any unspoken Survivor rule – I am simply playing my hand best I can with the cards that have been dealt.  There is more than one way to skin a cat – and this I my attempt to circumvent your refusal to play the games outside of your alliance.  I am going public because by not engaging with me you have forced me to challenge you publically.

The way the silent support staff of Pola chooses to play the game is to actually NOT play the game with anyone outside of your core alliance – you guys just exist inside your vacuum –  but now I am going to attempt to bring the game to you.

At most every stage of the game I have thrown as many tricks and traps at Pola that I could -- both privately and publically.  And he has met every challenge and emerged unscathed.  Stronger in fact.  Each of you were never a target as you were never really a factor in the way this game was being played.  But, now I am challenging each of you.  For the first time in this game I am going to try to make your life in this game as uncomfortable as I have done with Pola since the start.  Pola has been forced to make decisions that had ramifications and he did so skillfully.  Now the 3 of you will be faced with making a decision also -- if you avoid taking the lead like you have all game – you will surely be whitewashed by Pola in the final tally and likely receive ZERO votes.

Pola has absolutely KILLED it this game.  He has dominated the challenges, he has found Idols, he not only researched and outed me as REPAS, he even used that evidence to blackmail me for a few weeks and extract tons of information from me, he voted out or neutralized all of my allies (kane, katz, swany, shlog, mlee), and he has utilized hidden allies in Ahrens and Shoe who are still in his control along with Sir Sjurat, his Royal Servant.

Pola has flat out completely dominated this game.  In my opinion, and my opinion only, he clearly deserves to win AGAIN.   I don’t see how anyone can logically vote against him – it would have to be personal, and that is just a pretty childish way to behave in a game of deception.

But this is SURVIVOR.  This is not an election for public office.  No oath is required to play.  The game is by design structured that to succeed, everyone must eventually turn on everyone else if you are playing to win.  If you don’t turn on the leader than the result is that you hand him the victory.  That is how the game is played season after season on TV.  The exception being the times when people like Yul (ie, Pola) go wire to wire and the suckers are the ones who are the closest allies who hand the unanimous victory over like willing sheep to the slaughter. 

Why do the dirty work yourselves when you have loyal servants who are willing to do it for you?  Genuis?  Yes.  But it also takes useful idiots to successfully pull it off – and Pola has a great handpicked crew of useful idiots who have served him loyally, and will continue to do so right to the end unless something changes right now.  There is no more time.

Useful idiots don’t get rewarded by the way.  They get used so that the Mastermind can prosper.

Here’s how it should go the next 3 voting rounds:

1) Vote off me or MB.
2) Ahrens, Sjurat, and Shoe turn on Pola and vote him off if they desire a chance to win this game.
3) Vote off the other of me or MB.

Of course having Challenge Immunity could change this, but this is the obvious course of action.

So will Pola join with me and MB to combat this obvious strategy?  If he doesn’t do it now it will be too late after one of us is gone.  Pola won’t have the numbers any longer to force a tie (and a strong chance to survive) as he does now.  Pola will have to actually believe that his 3 allies actually want him to win more than they want to win themselves.  If he can do that – convince his allies that they are just playing for 2nd – well that is the stuff of legends.  He deserves a unanimous victory if he can convince his useful idiots that they really have a chance to win against him.

Or will the 3 blind mice attempt to strike first against The King if he becomes vulnerable and does not win the Challenge?  Yes, they could vote me off now, and wait another round, but will Pola lose another Challenge?  I think he has won 4 in a row now.  And the fewer people left to play against, the easier it will be for Pola to win Immunity all the way to the Final guaranteeing a victory and no opportunity to knock him off?

What is clear to me is that the 3 of you aren’t yet playing a strong enough game to deserve a win.  But one of you could make a BIG MOVE and get that credit for taking out the leader and insert yourself in the heir apparent position. At the very least you should be “pretending” to play along with me to neutralize and pacify me, not hiding and ignoring my sitemails and impact that I COULD HAVE on the game.  You know I am a wildcard who has consistently attempted to bring chaos to the order of your majority rule by numbers game – it was never my preferred strategy, but when the numbers are always against you what other options exist other than to go quietly?

But, Pola still talks and engages me, Aherns also does a little bit (but still gives away too much info in doing so), and Sjurat and Shoe just flat out refuse to participate with anyone in any way who is not in their clique.

Pola is so good at playing this game because he is ALWAYS playing it.    He engages other players, not ignores them.  That is why I think trying to make every vote a blindside equates to playing a really good game.  When someone like me knows the vote is coming my way the gloves come off.  I don’t go silently nor willingly like most before me did. I play every angle I have until my last breath is taken from me. 

But these last 3 Challenges will be different.  FINALLY the Silent Three have something to gain.  A chance to win.  But you will have to make A BIG MOVE against your leader sometime in the next 3 councils to do it - because none of you have any chance in beating him in the Final  Everyone on the Jury will be laughing their *ss off at you when we cast our votes for Pola.  The player you handed victory to!!

Or maybe Pola strikes first?  Such a waste to play such a perfect game – just to get eliminated by your tagalongs one of the next 2 rounds.  This one is going to haunt you for a long time if you take down me or MB this vote.  They will turn on you.  I don’t think anyone is REALLY playing for 2nd place here.

So who think Pola is playing to win or not?  I think Pola is going to turn on one of you and promise the other two the Finals.  But he knows he really has little power left now – he has just been trying to convince you guys that everyone hates him.  Not even close.  Admired is more the word.

So which one of you 3 is out?  You won’t know until the votes are cast.  Buy my bet is one of you is going home.  The remaining 3 can vote MB and I out the next 2 rounds.  One of you is not going to make it – and besides – what’s the reward for playing nice with Pola?  Oh yeah.  Getting humiliated in the Final Vote.

Sjurat and Shoe – the games that the both of you have chosen to play isn’t really playing at all in my opinion.  How will you change that before the Final?  If I am Pola you two are definitely my guys, one patsy on each side of me, escorting me down the red carpet and right to my crown.  This game is supposed to be one of deception and changing alliances, not a popularity contest with escorts showing you the way to the finish line.

So I am calling  both of you out on your lack of involvement in this game.  Your verdict for taking little initiative and action in this game will likely be ZERO votes in your favor on the jury, a just reward for making ZERO impact on this game.

If a move was ever beckoning anyone it is one of you two.

Ahrens has played a nice game.  But light years behind Pola.  Without Pola at the Finals he may actually have a chance to win this thing.  What a sad sight it will be to see him fooling himself writing a speech that he thinks will sway the Jury away from Pola and onto him.

Everyone who currently stands on the Jury has experienced the same frustration at the hands of the servants of Pola.  Hiding behind your mothers skirt does not earn you any respect from anyone – don’t fool yourself into thinking there is some anti-Pola faction among the eliminated.  No one takes this game so seriously that their personal feelings are so hurt that they can’t respect the perfect game Pola is throwing – if there is any animosity it is TOWARDS the 3 of you for refusing to play this game with anyone BUT Pola.

So why do this now?  Because I am the squeaky wheel.  I know I am gone the first Challenge that I lose – and no way I am going to wire this thing by winning every Challenge.  I am going to be silenced so that I don’t eff up people’s sh*t. – but I am striking first before being striked  Besides whatever happens in the Challenge changes nothing.  MB and I are here to be utilized for the decisions made by you remaining four INDEPENDENTLY.  If you are waiting for directions from Pola you have already lost.

5/21/2013 2:44 PM
Dude you suck.
5/21/2013 3:40 PM
Agree ---^ --- oh and he still hasn't pulled it out haha
5/21/2013 3:42 PM
Posted by ahrens on 5/21/2013 3:40:00 PM (view original):
Dude you suck.
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
5/21/2013 3:56 PM
I know what's going to happen
5/21/2013 5:25 PM
Posted by Arfy on 5/21/2013 5:25:00 PM (view original):
I know what's going to happen
All hail Lauren, the great oracle! 
5/21/2013 5:48 PM
What's more fun? Turning on pola and winning? Or letting pola win to spite Psap?  Even though psap says he isn't mad at pola, that post obviously says something different.  Now, to me, my choice is stick with pola and hope to convince people that I had a large role in helping pola, or turn on pola and make psap happy.  Seems like a tough choice (Not!).  Once you lied to us about your fake idol (regardless of if we created it or not) you could have said, listen, its a fake idol, how do we use this.  I had just got pola to trust you, then you pulled that crap and made me look stupid.  Thanks for that.
5/21/2013 6:28 PM
Challenge #19 Picks (in order received)

(parenthesis) = points

Shoe21 (153)
(35) Cat. #1- tony parker- spurs - 15
(4) Cat #2- Z. Randolph- grizzlies - 18
(34) Cat#3- Rick Nash- Rangers (nhl) - 3
(20) Cat#4- D Krejci- Bruins - 0
(30) Cat#5- Justin Upton- Braves - 0
(30) Cat#6- Darvish- Rangers (mlb) - 5

Mb625 (86)
(15) List 1: Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, Tony Allen - 35
(22) List 2: Zach Randolph, Kawhi Leonard, Mike Conley Jr. - 31
(20) List 3: David Krejci, Derek Stepan, Patrick Marleau - 10
(16) List 4: David Krejci, Derick Brassard, Logan Couture - 1
(3) List 5: Entire rosters (minus pitchers) for Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks - 9
(10) List 6: Yu Darvish (TEX), Wandy Rodriguez (PIT), Alex Cobb (TB), Hiram Burgos (MIL) - 15

Ahrens (62)
(2) Points: Leonard, Gasol, Pondexter, Duncan - 48
(18) Rebounds: Duncan, Randolph, Bonner - 29
(4) Shots: Carter, Voynov, Marleau, Lucic, Krug, Nash - 18
(16) Points: Bergeron, Marleau, Carter - 1
(18) RBIs: Craig (STL), J. Upton (ATL), Cabrera (DET), Phillips (CIN), Cruz (TEX), Tulowitzki (COL) - 4
(4) Strikeouts: Wainwright (STL), Darvish (TEX), Niese (NYM) - 18
TB#2: 16
TB#3: 30

Sjurat (75)
(21) Category #1 (NBA): Duncan/Gasol/George - 29
(6) Category #2 (NBA): Duncan/Gasol/George - 23
(8) Category #3 (NHL): Pavelski / Marleau / Couture / Carter / Williams / Brown - 16
(8) Category #4 (NHL): Pavelski / Marleau / Couture / Carter / Williams - 3
(24) Category #5 (MLB): Adrian Gonzalez LAD / Matt Kemp LAD / Carl Crawford LAD / Ryan Braun Mil / Betancourt Mil / Chase Utley Phi - 2
(8) Category #6 (MLB): Tim Hudson Atl / Adam Wainwright StL / Phil Hughes NYY / Riveria NYY - 16
TB2: 17
TB3: 28

Psap (66)
(9) NBA 50 Points – Gasol (MEM), Duncan (SA), Leonard (SA) - 41
(14) NBA 20 Bounds – Randoph (MEM), Duncan (SA) - 27
(4) NHL 20 Shots – Seqguin (BOS), Richards (NYR), Kopitar (LA), Couture (SJ), Bergeron (BOS), Zetterberg (DET), Kane (CHI) - 18
(16) NHL 5 Points – Krejci (BOS)-0, Richards (LA), Zetterberg (DET), Datsyuk (DET) - 1
(15) MLB 10 RBI’s – the entire roster of LA Angels, SD Padres, and Washington Nationals - 15
(8) MLB 20 K’s – Strasburg (WAS), Chacin (COL), Greinke (LA Dodgers), Hudon (ATL), Pelfrey (MINN) - 16
TB2 = 17
TB3 = 36

CATEGORY1: P. Sap, T. Ellsme
CATEGORY2: T. Hat, I. Fidont
CATEGORY3: W. Inth, I. Schallenge
CATEGORY4: T. Hati, W. Illbe
CATEGORY5: E. Limina, T. Edbut
CATEGORY6: I. Dis, A. Gree.
5/22/2013 7:33 AM (edited)
Since pola didn't list MLB teams he's not qualified to win, right?
5/21/2013 7:28 PM
Posted by ahrens on 5/21/2013 7:28:00 PM (view original):
Since pola didn't list MLB teams he's not qualified to win, right?
I have an idea - lets perform a Schrödinger's cat experiment of psap - and nail that fricking box shut
5/21/2013 8:26 PM
***** Hilarious
5/21/2013 11:17 PM
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