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Final Totals:

Villains - 68
Heroes - 53
Newbies - 27

Newbies will be going to Tribal Council.

I'll post a box score shortly.

10/8/2013 2:28 AM
Yeah, you're telling me, After I saved each one of those guys. Good luck to y'all. 
10/8/2013 2:37 AM
Box Score

Villains Newbies Heroes
QB - Smith, NYJ: 21 QB - Ryan, Atl: 18 QB - Simms, NYJ: 0
RB - Powel, NYJ: 3 WR - Douglas, Atl: 0 QB - Davis, Atl: 0
WR - Kerley, NYJ: 12 TE - Gonzales, Atl: 9 RB - Rodgers, Atl: 17
WR - Jones, Atl: 9   RB - Snelling, Atl: 8
TE - Cumberland, NYJ: 13   RB - Ivory, NYJ: 2
TE - Winslow, NYJ: 6   RB - Green, NYJ: 0
Misc - Cromartie, NYJ: 0   RB - Bohanon, NYJ: 0
K - Bryant, Atl: 4   RB - Ewing, Atl: 0
    WR - White, Atl: 4
    WR - Hill, NYJ: 2
    WR - Gates, NYJ: 0
    WR - Obomanu, NYJ: 0
    TE - Toilolo, Atl: 7
    TE - Reuland, NYJ: 0
    K - Folk, NYJ: 13
Final Total: 68 Final Total: 27 Final Total: 53

I'm sure some stats will change overnight, a yard here or there, but it shouldn't change the final outcome.  If it does, let me know.
10/8/2013 2:37 AM
Newbies vote by 8PM EST TONIGHT. Next challenge will be up tonight for a Thursday challenge.
10/8/2013 7:14 AM
Posted by csudak on 10/8/2013 7:15:00 AM (view original):
Horvie78 Yards Citizenkane Yards Ahrens Yards Chuckc Yards
LeSean McCoy  92 Devin Hester  66 Reggie Bush  69 Andre Johnson  39
Victor Cruz  48 Wes Welker  49 Demaryius Thomas  57 Chris Johnson  80
Arfy   Dublinuf   Redraider   thebish  
Jamaal Charles  145 Jimmy Graham  135 DeSean Jackson  132 Dexter McCluster  39
Knowshon Moreno  150 Antonio Gates  74 Cecil Shorts  74 Randall Cobb  114
Nyaggie   Caesari   katzphang   usfbully  
DeMarco Murray  48 Keshawn Martin  145 Marshawn Lynch  107 Frank Gore  81
Eric Decker  87 Joique Bell  51 Arian Foster  118 Brian Hartline  60
Psap   mb625   Da_goat   Polabonez  
Julio Jones  99 Julian Edelman  85 Anquan Boldin  21 Brandon Marshall  30
Dez Bryant  141 Jordy Nelson  82 Trindon Holliday  98 Calvin Johnson  0
Phillyboy107   Hookemhorns   nkymachine   Not Selected  
Matt Forte  95 Torrey Smith  121 Darren Sproles  81 Bilal Powell  47
DeAngelo Williams  69 Ryan Mathews  8 AJ Green  61 Golden Tate  93
            Damarius Johnson 24
            Nate Washington  30
            Ted Ginn  147
            Brandon Tate  36
Arfy gets a clue, the other one goes to no one.
10/8/2013 7:15 AM
There's still newbies?  Thought they were all gone.
10/8/2013 8:56 AM
Some idol guesses before Arfy gets to:

In/Outside the Apollo Movie theatre in Above the Rim
In Wilsons Bakery and Coffee Shop in Above the Rim
10/8/2013 10:57 AM
Posted by nyaggie98 on 10/8/2013 8:56:00 AM (view original):
There's still newbies?  Thought they were all gone.
I did too... This thread hadn't blown up with Newbie controversy in so long that I thought they'd all been eliminated.
10/8/2013 1:37 PM
Can I be granted of saying a few things?
10/8/2013 6:34 PM
Isnt there a redemption island to wait for?
10/8/2013 6:45 PM
Posted by citizenkane on 10/8/2013 6:34:00 PM (view original):
Can I be granted of saying a few things?
10/8/2013 7:11 PM
Posted by dublinuf on 10/8/2013 6:45:00 PM (view original):
Isnt there a redemption island to wait for?
no redemption this island.  you lose you out
10/8/2013 7:11 PM
votes are in. idol play til 11pm.  new challenge up tonight for thursday night.  keep an eye out.
10/8/2013 7:13 PM
Posted by csudak on 10/8/2013 7:11:00 PM (view original):
Posted by citizenkane on 10/8/2013 6:34:00 PM (view original):
Can I be granted of saying a few things?
10/8/2013 9:53 PM
Challenge 8: NHL ACTION

Each tribe will submit 3 separate hockey lineups consisting of players from Thursday nights action.

Each lineup will have:

All positions are based on  You can use as many players from the same NHL club as you want, but you can only use a player in ONE of your lineups.

We will use the lineups to have a round robin tournament amongst the tribes.  The schedule is as follows:

Heroes A vs Villains A
Heroes B vs Newbies A
Newbies B vs Villains B

In each matchup we will take the total goals scored by a tribe and compare them to the goals allowed in real life by the goalie of the tribe they are playing.
If you lineup outscores the other teams goalie, you get 2 points.  If the totals are tied, you get 1 point, if the lineup scores less than the goalie allows you get 0 points.

Heroes A:
C Joe Smith 1 goal
LW Jim Smith 1 goal
RW Jon Smith 0 goals
D Jay Smith 1 goal
D Jake Smith 1 goal

G Jack Smith allows 3 goals

Villains A
C Dan Williams 1 goal
LW Dave Williams 1 goal
RW Derek Williams 1 goal
D Don Williams 0 goals
D Deion Williams 0 goals

G Dana Williams allows 2 goals

The Smith brothers combine for 4 goals and Jack Smith lets in 3 real life.
The Williams brothers combine for 3 goals and Dana Williams gives up 2 goals.

Heroes would get 2 points as they win 4-2
Villains would get 1 point as they tie 3-3

After the 3 matchups, the two top teams points wise from the round robin will have their 3rd teams play each other for the overall winner. Team that comes in last for round robin votes. If 2 tribes tie for points, 1st tiebreaker would be most goals scored by their 2 lineups, 2nd tiebreaker would be total saves by goalies in their 2 lineups.

If there is a tie in the finals, 1st tiebreaker is most assists by players in the 3rd lineup, 2nd tiebreaker is SOG of their 3rd lineup.

As an advantage the Villains can use one player, other than a goalie, more than once.

Deadline is 6pm EST on Thursday.

10/8/2013 10:57 PM
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Survivor XIII: Congrats to the champ DUBS!!!!!! Topic

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