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Posted by polabonez on 2/14/2014 5:11:00 PM (view original):
And if it's an ice fishing challenge next... And I hate fishing as much as I hate ice....  I'm going to get some knowledge into who the best ice fishermen are in on the planet...   Same with NBA...  I haven't watched the NBA since the GOTA retired.....  but I look into it because the stats are available to everyone.  

I'd prefer a NFL gambling challenge every single time....  But I know signing up for this game that isn't going to happen.

Hell, one Survivor I had a Paper Rock Scissors challenge against all the guys who were left in the final 10 or 11. ...  Because that was what was going on in Vegas at the time..

It's not the challenges themselves that matter.  It's just the work and research you have to put in to get the edge (see: wiki: Downfall of Challenge Accepted)
+1 on the gambling part. If you think lol is tought bet on an nba game and watch it. You'll go nuts.
The way i look at it is nobody on here would have ever known about this lol game and now we do and can add it to the other useless knowledge we have.
2/14/2014 5:34 PM
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The fact that people are complaining about a fake challenge, for a fake game, with a fake prize, on a website about fake games, is MINDBLOWING.  

I don't know LOL, I dislike soccer, I only care about Bruins hockey, I enjoy most olympic sports, I love football, basketball, and baseball, I LOVE rock paper scisscors, I don't mind NASCAR, I can handle golf, I enjoy poker, I hate roulette, I know a decent amount about competitive eating, I'm an expert at the NFL combine, mmmm, I think thats it.  Dubs, please make a challenge that fits my needs, and my needs only please.  I'm sure everyone can take a turn listing what they want and that will make it fun!!!!

Actually, in all reality an NFL combine challenge would be cool, just saying, one host to another.
2/14/2014 5:58 PM
Weird, I was typing mine when dubs posted that. 
2/14/2014 5:59 PM
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First of all, for the record, I support my race partner in everything he says and does. I do not classify LOL as a sport.

And psap, I believe Mantle is the world for you. And I think you should stick very close to MikeT with your lit match. :)
2/14/2014 6:33 PM
Posted by dublinuf on 2/14/2014 6:09:00 PM (view original):
And for the record psap, the good players of these games don't say that you are an a*shole.

What they say is that you are like a guy running through a dynamite factory with a lit match. You are willing to make moves and wield a lot of power, but eventually you are going to blow yourself up and take whoever is near you with you.

I would love to play one of these working with you, but I fear your love of chaos will eventually destroy us both. I know I am not the only one that thinks this.

Its a game and i like to have fun.

If chaos bothers you or you are averse to quickly thinking and re-thinking your strategy, then i am not the guy to play with.  But l like to play hard.
I repeatedly take bullets for the people i play with and they usually go further than i do and that is fine with me -- i have a great time doing it and my partners usually appreciate that i do that.

I have LOTS of people who have played with me in the past and usually they retain some form of thanks for my style of play.  I know i am not the only one though -- lots of people fit that profile.  Pola does it with his own style and always kills it, so of course i respect his way of playing also.  I just play it the way i like to.

I like to take on the status quo and i like saying what's on my mind.   And stirring the pot is a part of that.

But no, you are wrong.  I am an as*hole.
2/14/2014 6:37 PM
I don't think anyone who has ever played Survivor with me would describe me as someone averse to thinking and re-thinking my strategy.

I think the biggest difference is that I stir the pot when I need to for a specific purpose or as a last ditch effort. You stir the pot just for the sake of stirring the pot even if it ends up hurting you and your allies in the long run.

That is what I was referencing. Like I said, the thinking and re-thinking, I have no problem with.

2/14/2014 6:43 PM
And for the record when i run a game -- it will be like my personality -- all over the place.

Yeh of course it will have the major sports, but also soccer, the MVA's, the Oscars, probably the State of the Union Address, Foreign Currency trading pairs, Rugby 7's, Golf, X-Games, SIM match ups, world politics, America's Cup, Bitcoin, and Game of Thrones.
2/14/2014 6:45 PM
I can do an Oscars challenge. Thank you for suggesting it.
2/14/2014 6:48 PM
Personally, I am disappointed that this week's challenge has nothing to do with the SI Swimsuit Edition. 
2/14/2014 7:03 PM (edited)
Posted by dublinuf on 2/14/2014 6:48:00 PM (view original):
I can do an Oscars challenge. Thank you for suggesting it.
Or the AVN's...
2/14/2014 7:22 PM
You should do a challenge about bacon. I feel as if I dominate at bacon.
2/14/2014 8:07 PM
Posted by psap on 2/14/2014 7:22:00 PM (view original):
Posted by dublinuf on 2/14/2014 6:48:00 PM (view original):
I can do an Oscars challenge. Thank you for suggesting it.
Or the AVN's...
Well that was a perfect link to open up right in front of my wife- on Valentine's Day no less right before I am leaving for dinner with her.
Thanks a lot

2/14/2014 8:09 PM
Posted by psap on 2/14/2014 2:21:00 PM (view original):
Sorry Dubs, but these challenges have been a disappointment for a while.  Alliances are on hold since the Survivor portion ended.  No Idols to be found.  The challenges is what is left, and the momentum in this game has really vanished because they are so weak.  Sorry to be critical - just being honest.  I will host very soon if not next just so i'm not seen as a total hypocrite.  Horvie and GHutton really killed it with the creative challenges they did -- wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to re-run some of those.
I'm guessing the field will not be very full if you try to run one of these.  But, good luck I guess...
2/14/2014 8:44 PM
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THE ULTIMATE GD RSG -- Winner Revealed Topic

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