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Having anything user defined is tough, because I then need to save that in a separate file like the config.ini for the recruit tool.  While that's not all that difficult to do, it introduces a whole new level of problems that users experience.  I'm not sure I'm ready to take the game analyzer there quite yet.

For rollout, scramble, and sack, I think what I want to do is leave it blank if it didn't happen, and then show a different letter for each one if it did.  That way, you wouldn't have to keep track of which column was which as you're looking through the rows.  The only problem is I don't know what to use for scramble and sack to differentiate them.  Right now, I'm thinking I'll end up with "Ro", "Sc", and "Sa".

2/26/2014 10:02 AM
Downloaded the new one, can't get it to work and now the others don't work either.???  I can put in team ID, it gets game ID's but when I click Go it says Getting Plays and then doesn't do anything after that.  It worked fine before loading the new one.
2/26/2014 7:24 PM (edited)
Okay, so I had to go and delete the old tools and re install the new one and it works.  Thanks yatzr!
2/27/2014 7:54 PM
tonight I'm seeing these on standard out:
Defense lines up for a pass with a cover NotSet. Player lines up in shotgun and takes the snap. The defense has heavy pressure on Player. Player rolls out of the pocket. Player can't get the pass off to Player (Player) at the TEAM 0 (Long). Player can't get the pass off to Player (Player) at the TEAM 0 (Long). Player is sacked by Player for a loss of 0 yards.
Defense lines up for a pass with a cover NotSet.  Player takes the handoff and rushes inside. Player breaks a tackle and runs into the end zone. 0 yards gain. Touchdown.
and I have this stack trace in log.txt:
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:00 PM - Starting Game Analyzer
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:01 PM - Done Initializing Game Analyzer
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:15 PM - Hit Get Game IDs.  team id = 51479
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:15 PM - Created web conversation.
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:17 PM - Got web response.
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:20 PM - Hit GO.  game id = 4655012
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:20 PM - Created web conversation.
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:21 PM - Got web response.
Mar 1, 2014 9:33:31 PM - Got 188 plays.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Don't recognize formation
        at model.Formation.getFormation(
        at gui.GameAnalyzerGUI$3.actionPerformed(
        at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(
        at javax.swing.AbstractButton$Handler.actionPerformed(
        at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.fireActionPerformed(
        at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.setPressed(
        at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicButtonListener.mouseReleased(

These are Bucknell games in Leahy. The exception is there for multiple games, but this is the last that I looked at.

WhatIf is not producing reasonable PBP text. It's not *really* a game analyzer problem, but it's a great example of the kind of **** that you have to deal with when you scrape sites. Why do you have to deal with it? Because 95% of the web designers in the world can't cobble together a valid HTML page to save their life and WhatIf excels in creating tag soup that flips the bird at ever reasonable usability best practice out there. *shakes head*

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to drive to Ohio and beat someone with Jeffrey Zeldman's "Designing with web standards" book. And it's not that big of book, so it would take some doing to actually "beat" someone with it. My only hope would be that repeated impressions of that blue hat to their collective faces would actually impart just a little bit of care on concern regarding the current state of affairs. It's not that hard; how can you screw it up that badly?

3/1/2014 11:02 PM (edited)
Haha, that's a pretty sweet bug.  No formation and a cover of "NotSet"??  Well, at the very least, I can workaround it.  I uploaded a 1.9.2 version that fixes that and I think a few other things.  Hopefully I didn't break anything, cause I don't remember what all I changed.
3/2/2014 3:15 PM
Posted by chalvorson:

"I know these will add a lot of columns, but most of us take your data and drop into super spiffy spreadsheets. So a ton of columns is OK."

I suck at writing formulas for spreadsheets. Would you be interested in sharing yours?
3/3/2014 11:48 AM
I uploaded a 1.9.3 version.  It fixed an issue where if a the qb scrambled or got sacked immediately have the "defense is getting pressure" line, then the tool wouldn't show that there was pressure.  I also added columns for Scramble and Sack.  I changed how the values in those columns work as well.  I think it's much easier to read now.
3/12/2014 9:16 PM
In the analyzer, what are O.IQ and D.IQ?  Do these have any influence over the outcome of the play?
3/13/2014 6:03 AM
Posted by clarkvb on 3/13/2014 6:03:00 AM (view original):
In the analyzer, what are O.IQ and D.IQ?  Do these have any influence over the outcome of the play?
The average formation IQ for the 11 offensive or defnsive players you have on the field for that particular play. Yes they do have an influence, the size of which varies according to whichever coach you discuss this with. But yes it has an outcome which seems to be more important by division
3/13/2014 8:09 AM
Offense Formation IQ and Defense Formation IQ.  Yes they do, but most (all) of us are not sure how much influence they have.  It APPEARS that there is significant influence from high FIQ, but unknown how much influence there really is based on differential of FIQs between offense and defense.
3/13/2014 8:09 AM
It appears to me that these have very little to do with play outcome.  On many plays my team has a 15-20 point advantage.
3/14/2014 6:18 AM will not find a "direct" correlation.  It is one of the factors that influence the outcome of a play/series/game/season.
3/14/2014 8:33 AM
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