So is 295-245 a "large" electoral majority?
10/26/2012 8:40 PM
doesn't matter. 271 to 269 still = president.  Dems likely to retain the senate with the clown car of repub candidates...just like 2010...classic over reach. I would expect to see gains in the House as well, but not enough for a majority.
10/27/2012 1:13 AM
The Senate could actually  be a tie.

Who would have thought Biden vs Ryan would make a big difference.
10/27/2012 5:01 AM
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Posted by swamphawk22 on 10/27/2012 5:01:00 AM (view original):
The Senate could actually  be a tie.

Who would have thought Biden vs Ryan would make a big difference.
Thanks for the brilliant insight. Ryan Theriot could hit 4 HR vs. the Tigers, too.

Will McMahon win?, Akin? Mourdock? Mack? Who are you counting on to get you the tie? It's more likely that the Dems might even pick up a seat than it is to end in a tie. Montana might be a pick up. Nebraska would be a pick up. Not Maine ( a loss), not Hawaii, not New Mexico, California, or Washington.

Virginia is close, Casey with a lead in PA, Sherrod in OH. AZ probably holds for the Rs. Face it, the Tea Party is ultimately an anchor, and not reflective of mainstream American values. I asked 100 people in a mall and 73 agreed.

10/27/2012 8:03 AM
It definetly is not going great in the senate.

Still it was a bad year for the dems. Lots of challenges.

I see it as 48 dems 47 pubs with 5 undecideds. Montana, Cont, Penn, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is going our way.

Montana looks close but I think we can pull that out.

So all we need is one of the final three to break our way.

Are you going to stand by  a Senate tie is some almost impossible thing?
10/27/2012 1:24 PM
So much for that assured Republican Senate you were touting a few months back.

I think you're using fuzzy math to get to 48-47. Who do you have winning MA, MO, IN, NV, and ND?
10/27/2012 5:06 PM
MA and MO to the Dems

IN, NV and ND to the pubs

How do you have them?
10/27/2012 7:03 PM
48-43 according to realclearpolitics.

AZ, CT, IN, MO, MT, NV, ND, VA, WI as toss-ups.

I see AZ and MO to the Pubs.

CT and IN to the Dems.

So Dems need 1 of WI, VA, ND, MT, NV to maintain control.
10/27/2012 7:36 PM
How can you give Indiana to the Dems? And for that matter Mo to the pubs...Was that a typo?

Az, IN, NV and ND are all Pub.

And you gave PA to the dems, and it is a toss up.
10/28/2012 1:05 AM
10/28/2012 5:18 AM
Enough time has passed, I think Akin wins it. The Murdoch crap just happened so it'll effect him greatly in the race, enough for him to lose. PA is not a toss-up.
10/28/2012 10:37 AM
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