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Could awags have killed somebody before he was out as the Yakuza?
9/8/2013 10:02 PM
Posted by caesari on 9/8/2013 3:45:00 PM (view original):

I was kinda hoping that awags would be the second mafia member and the Yakuza would blow Pola and himself up, just for kicks.
9/9/2013 12:17 AM
time to ferret out the remaining mafia member before the rest of the town is offed
9/9/2013 4:52 PM
The night is dark and full of terrors
9/9/2013 6:06 PM
I keep thinking I hear people creeping up behind me...
9/9/2013 10:26 PM
Posted by onside on 9/9/2013 10:26:00 PM (view original):
I keep thinking I hear people creeping up behind me...
Man are you perceptive
9/10/2013 8:17 AM
Anybody hear from Jake?  I get nervous when he's not around for a few days.
9/10/2013 7:50 PM
Not since nightfall, no.
9/10/2013 10:04 PM
Me neither...
9/11/2013 8:26 AM
Sorry I am back. RL just took up the past couple days.

ANYWAYS, Polabonez was at the local bar, drinking some apple juice, since he's straight edge, when out of nowhere someone slipped some vodka into it. Being deathly allergic to alcohol, he began choking and feeling his throat close up. Luckily, the doctor was getting stoned and was able to save him in a drunken stupor.

As columbusbuck, the last mafia, fled the scene, ghutton pulled out his pistol and then beat him to death with a beer bottle. TOWN WINS.
9/11/2013 9:04 AM
So... wait... does that mean that Pola was NOT the doctor, or am I misreading that?
9/11/2013 12:36 PM
Also, it sucks that this ended on a mistake. I was already dead, so I couldn't have made the kill. Would've been an awesome ending though, and if the mafia didn't kill me the night before, then the game wouldn't have even made it to night 3. I'm curious on whether pola was really the doctor also.
9/11/2013 1:09 PM
So, how did this happen again? I mean, we all knew it was cbuck. But ghutton was already dead, so... I guess that saves some time!

It wouldn't surprise me if Pola acted as a shield for the real doctor. That thought actually occurred to me during the game. But I'm not sure how they would have communicated and trusted each other so early in the game.
9/11/2013 1:40 PM
I was the real cop...protecting the town during my shopping trips.
9/11/2013 2:31 PM
I was the real doctor.  The first night (knowing nothing) I actually saved Sjurat, which didn't matter.  The second night I saved mb625 (who told me he was the PI) and after surviving two lynchings, I figured that I would be the hit.  No one knew of sjurat's identity but me and onside, so I just assumed cbuck wouldn't blind guess to kill the real cop (figuring I would protect him) and waste a kill... he had to kill me... so I saved myself.  Selfish of me... ya... but cbuck was going down anyways.

My only regret was not saving ghutton night two... I debated it... .. I couldn't decide who to save... as both him and MB came to me with the roles. I figured hutton would be targeted since he exposed himself to everyone... but on the other hand I thought that the private investigator was the more important role, so I decided to save mb.

9/11/2013 3:23 PM
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