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Ron Cey

Stable private league. Openings are rare and filled quickly. Commish Sanderbear has no other teams.

The league is highly competitive, with few homer-happy parks, lots of quality pitching and defense, and no tanking teams. In Ron Cey, you won't find .400 hitters, or guys with 75 HRs and 200 RBIs. You also won't find major league teams with 7 ERAs or LFs playing SS.

Owners are strongly encouraged to maintain their minor-league teams, avoid massive pitching fatigue, DHs playing SS, etc.

In addition to a lively and friendly chat board, the league's blog at is one of the best in HBD, with more than 300 minor-leaguers analyzed each season (Top 7s for each club, plus reviews of the first three rounds of the amateur draft and international FA signings).

2/25/2009 10:52 PM

Competitive but conflict-free world currently nearing the end of Season 9. Good retention, with turnover typically less than 4 owners per year (9 original owners). 50-win minimum to prevent tanking.
2/25/2009 11:00 PM

Uecker was formed in honor of Bob Uecker and the original premise had teams named after a "lovable loser or infamous scoundrel" in baseball history. We are open to less-experienced owners, but give preference in handing out open teams to active, responsible owners with at least a modicum of success in HBD.
2/26/2009 10:16 AM
ABU (American Baseball Union)

The ABU started out with bdedon as the commissioner. He organized the league as a rookie commissioner in the mold of teams in small market towns. bdedon the league after season 2 with other obligations and I took over that season. As a rookie commissioner I was new to the commitment. The first three seasons of our league we had a strong core of owners committed to the league and their teams. But we had allot of owners feeling out the league and taking advantage of the league. Looking to clean out the "trash" we made a leap and invited the "fix a league" owners to our league. This is the first season with this group addition to our league and I think the league is stronger than ever and on its way to being a top league. The first season (4th year) with the new group was an interesting year as allot of the new group made allot of moves and redid the budgets and had allot of money in FA and IFA markets. But after this season the budgets and teams should start to settle out.

We are in the World Series and look to only have 2 teams to fill in rollover and looks like both teams are already taken with one former (quality owner in this league) is returning to take back over his former team.

The league has a strong blog which adds quality and extra info to the league. santafe runs the blog with editions from other owners.

The league has no special rules but with the quality owners we have tanking and collusion is not there as in many other leagues.

2/28/2009 1:17 PM

Spirited competition among a core group of long-term owners and an evolving cast of quality owners, including a number of familiar names from the forum and some elite leagues. All new entries are screened, although rookies have occasionally made the cut. This is a great place for owners to build a name for themselves and have a lot of hassle-free fun.
3/2/2009 5:19 PM
Boston Tea Party (BTP)

[edit]Leaffan10 takes over as commissioner at the start of Season 8. (09/09/09)

World is referred to as USA vs. the World in Classified threads. Owners are all veterans of HBD and/or the MLB SIM. Civility is preferred over trash-talking. Very competitive, pitching-oriented world... relatively few poor decisions in free agency, Rule V, drafting, so it can take a while to build up a team. Minor leagues are competitive, not trashed; exceptions are dealt with.

World was founded by mancunia (aka rob_dipper), but he in Season 3 and the mantle was passed to me. As we enter Season 6, one-half of the original 32 owners remain.

Owner Nationality: The AL has U.S.-based owners and the NL has international owners. Out of necessity, the definition of "international" can be discussed. Cities & Stadiums: AL owners must be located within the 50 U.S. states. NL owners are limited to foreign soil or states on the U.S. fringe (i.e., bordering Canada, Mexico or ocean). Stadiums with a "4" in their ratings are discouraged. Franchise Names: Should reflect the history or culture of your nation, or remind competing nations of their mistakes.
3/5/2009 8:41 AM

World #11, Cobb is a private world that sims 3-5 minutes past the hour, features good competition, great owner retention, and one of the original and top blogs in HBD, the Cobb Times Herald. The chat board is very active, and trades are common. Cobb is a very social world, for owners who like good competition and good-natured chatter at the same time. Cobb is one of the original leagues founded on the first day of HBD, and has some very exciting history. Most of the owners have 7+ years experience within the world, and as a result there are little to no out of whack contracts and ruined teams. Cobb is a friendly high quality world that is happy to mentor new owners if they are willing to learn. Currently the commsioner for Cobb is FW_Kekionga.
3/19/2009 8:29 PM
We are a very active league. A great number of our owners are long term and some even had their first taste of HBD in our world. The league chat is friendly with alot of trash talk.
It's the perfect world for those looking for stability as well as quality and fun.
League Blog:Wright World Times
3/30/2009 12:56 PM
Warning Track World-

We are a private world currently in season 4. The World was founded with one rule in mind, no extreme ballparks. No more than a +2 or -2 in any ballpark category is allowed.

We have a good mix of owners will different levels of experience. The world chat is pretty active and we also have a pretty good world blog.

We haven't had a lot of turnover compared to other worlds. I think we ranked # 12 overall in one of the world rankings that was done in one of the threads.
4/6/2009 4:51 AM
The Bigs

commisioner: mfoster55

Restrictions: No extreme ballparks.

A competitive but friendly league now in season 5. Little turnover from season to season and we still have over half the original owners. A very active blog:
4/7/2009 1:09 PM
LOCO (League Of Champion Owners)

LOCO initially developed in the 80's with a few friends and fantasy football. Many of the owners from that league came to WIS and several are still with LOCO. Great group of core owners (12 with 8+ seasons) with a mix of new owners whom enjoy a shorter learning curv with the help of our veteran owners.

Open to all owners but there is a screening process in most cases (A formality to keep idiots at bay).

Sitemail jakotay to be added to our wait list.
6/7/2009 5:55 PM

The Roy Hobbs world started on shaky ground originally as the PBAHL. After some the first commissioner resigned, and the successor commissioner went MIA from HBD, I took over this league, with the help of many owner we turned it in the right direction. Now approaching season 5, the world is SOLID. There are many owners who have won multiple championships, the trading and chat are very active, the owners are willing to help the newcomers, and we arguably have the BEST BLOG of all the HBD Worlds. A few contract rules and fair play guidelines have been established to keep the teams in order from one year to the next.


Sitemail Palet99 to be added to our wait list.
6/11/2009 12:58 AM
GAP (Great American Pastime, appears in world lists as American Pastime) - MLB theme, extreme offensive parks banned. Experienced owners, attention to all minor league levels, applicants pre-screened. The rare out-of-balance trades we may see are discussed in advance in WorldChat before considering whether to veto.

World rule:  You must win 120 games over every 2-season span, or else you're out.

We try not to advertise our openings. When we have an opening, many of us in the world looks for somebody he knows and can recommend. That means we might miss somebody if he is is not in a world with one of us. If interested in joining us in the future, please sitemail me and I'll put you on our waiting list.
9/7/2010 2:40 PM (edited)
Hey guys, How do you start your own world or become a commish?
7/9/2009 6:54 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By bball10 on 7/09/2009Hey guys, How do you start your own world or become a commish
The ability to create a world is currently disabled, mostly because there were too many worlds at one point.

Being commish is just a matter of being in a world and being designated as such.
7/9/2009 7:01 PM
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