I'll vote for somebody else so neither.

They're not even candidates.

Not at all.
12/23/2012 9:08 AM
Do you have to have 20M in medical for the "medical bug" to work?

I have 14M in medical - do I have any chance of getting a bonus recovery if I put a guy with a 13 day injury (3 days before the season ends) on the 60 day DL?  I did make the playoffs and could use him if I go deep enough, so that does factor into my question.  Otherwise I'd just put him on the 60 day DL and see what happens.

12/23/2012 9:56 PM
No.  But it's more effective with a higher medical budget.  With a player you can use in the post-season, I'd 15 day DL him.  You aren't likely to get two injury recovery bumps that late in the season anyway.
12/24/2012 8:20 AM
Have you seen a corelation between arm strength at 2b and double plays turned?
12/25/2012 1:04 PM
First, not a question, but Merry Christmas.

Now, two questions

Is there any way to maximize durability development? Any particular trait I should be looking for in coaches?

Do all positions "drain" durability equally? Will a guy tire at the same rate playing SS as 1B? DH?
12/25/2012 6:08 PM
Nothing that jumps out at me.   But + plays do seem to go up with an exceptional arm.

Same to you.
Durability is improved with your training budget.   Any physical trait is improved via the training budget.
No.  It's barely noticeable but fatigue is higher at the tougher fielding positions.
12/26/2012 8:45 AM

Do you always follow these driving tips when it's snotting out?

12/26/2012 9:05 PM
I generally just stay home when there's snot on the roads.
12/27/2012 8:14 AM
What general strategy do you recommend if you inherit a bad team with a ML squad full of older, declining players who are mostly still under contract? Haven't played HBD in 6 years, so I'm a bit out of the loop...
12/27/2012 10:54 PM
There are two options(in this order):

1.  Evaluate if, with a few good pieces, you could contend.   A lot of people think "REBUILD!!!" immediately when you could possibly parlay that turd into a playoff spot and recoup some of that first season cost.   If they're old and declining, the salaries will be off the books soon enough and you'll still have some good pieces that you just acquired when they're gone.

2.  If you have a bloated payroll and a bunch of poor players, try to move them.  Because they suck, it's unlikely you'll get much in trade.   Waive them, designate them but don't release them if you can't trade them.   Stay active all season, maybe you'll find a trade partner who suffered an injury and suddenly has a stopgap need. 

Looking at your team, you have 68m in payroll and that's really not a bad team.  It certainly doesn't have the look of a 100 loss team.   You need some hitting but the pitching should be at least league average.   I'd look at the FA market and see if there's enough hitting to make a run. 
12/28/2012 8:38 AM
What are the reprecussions of having 0 players on your rl squad all year?
12/30/2012 11:35 AM
I don't believe you can.  I believe SIMMY will sign players for you. 
12/30/2012 12:03 PM
Posted by tecwrg on 12/26/2012 9:05:00 PM (view original):

Do you always follow these driving tips when it's snotting out?

Is thisnot funny?
12/30/2012 2:42 PM
Snot so much.
12/30/2012 3:26 PM
How do you change bad luck (i.e. .333 win percentage in one run games, 6 wins below expected win pct)?
1/2/2013 1:04 PM
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