What the hell happened to my golf game this year?  Why have I lost all control of my short irons?
9/12/2012 10:58 AM
You're older and fatter.  By the second hole, you're huffing and puffing like a canuck chasing a moose in heat. 
9/12/2012 11:03 AM
So here's a dilemma that my brain keeps coming back to:

I really dislike Obama and think his administration has ****** things up royally.  Four more years of an Obama administration will be really bad for America.

But I'm not big on Romney, either.  He just doesn't give me the warm fuzzies that I would like to have for who I vote for for President.  I don't find him to be a great answer to America's current ills either.

My fear is that IF Romney is elected, when 2016 rolls around, there's a good possibility that he's a one-term President.  Since it's usually pretty much assured that a sitting President will seek a second term and get the virtually uncontested nomination from his party, a one-term Romney means that the Democrats take back the White House in 2016.  Quite possibly until 2024, depending on who gets the Democratic nod (my early guess is Hillary, as I can't see Biden getting nominated because he's too much of a jackass).

So my question is this: as disasterous as another four years of Obama might be, thinking long-term (2016 and beyond), would a Romney victory have more negative consequences as outlined above?
9/12/2012 7:23 PM
We can't have 4 more years of Obama.  We.  Just.  Can't.   As mentioned before, you're old and fat.   Don't worry about 2024.  You'll be dead before then.
9/12/2012 9:22 PM
Should someone decide who to support for president based on "warm fuzzies"?  Am I a racist if I dislike his white half too?
9/12/2012 11:07 PM
No, they shouldn't.   If you don't support Obama 100% on everything, you are obviously a RACIST!!!!!
9/13/2012 8:22 AM
My sister won longest distance travelled at the local fall fair. Do you think the $5 winfall will be enough to get her to fly over from Sweden next year?
9/13/2012 8:27 AM
Pretty sure the world ends in December.   Wouldn't worry about it.
9/13/2012 8:31 AM
So getting her to bring ABBA is definitely out?
9/13/2012 8:34 AM
Nothing kills these guys:

9/13/2012 8:41 AM
except their costume designer?
9/13/2012 9:03 AM
You know you wish you could wear a cape like that.
9/13/2012 9:05 AM
Hey Mike, why can't the Dodgers score any f****** runs?
9/13/2012 2:24 PM
Too many ex-Red Sux players.  There's a reason that team sucked balls. 
9/13/2012 2:40 PM

So, in Greenberg, what do you think the Vegas odds would be on Winder3 winning the AL West?  Has there ever been a bigger favorite?

9/15/2012 8:40 PM
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