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Gonna sign him for $21 Mil, just dont think I'll see a better IFA this season
5/26/2011 11:01 PM
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Posted by nauds3000 on 5/23/2011 7:37:00 PM (view original):
I have a big IFA budget, I'll probably end up having to drop 15-20 Mil for him... but is he worth it? I'm about 30 games into the season, so still time to sign someone better.

What stumps me is, his fielding, he's not really a 2B, he'll probably end up playing LF.

His speed is great but base running not so much.

Oh, and his health and durability sucks

And not really a power hitter... here are his ratings:

2B - 18 Yrs old

General & Fielding Ratings
Event Season Height Weight OV RA GL AS AA PC DU HE SP PA TP MK
Current - 5-9 167 60 70 46 48 46 9 51 65 100 51 50 77
Projected - 5-9 191 90 79 62 64 64 9 90 76 100 80 47 87

Batting & Pitching Ratings
Current - 80 48 81 65 63 47 52 41 20 1 5 6 3 34 44 0 0 0 0
Projected - 100 52 96 82 72 59 71 47 29 3 11 11 3 40 50 0 0 0 0

His health and durability are good if they project to projections.  He will play almost every day, and with a training budget set appropriately he will be fine in that regard.  I wouldn't worry so much about his baserunning as stolen bases are overrated and actual baserunning plays a small part of the game considering (and at a projected 59 he isn't terrible).  The real bonus in his speed is it will significantly help him hitting.  With his projected hitting ratings, this guy is going to be a stud.  You could play him in the OF or 2B/3B and get away with it.  2B defense is not as important as a lot of people think.

Bottom line is, with splits (assuming he nears projections) at 96/82 and Contact at 100 with speed at 100, the guy is a .340+ hitter waiting to happen.
12/7/2011 10:43 AM
Posted by deathinahole on 5/23/2011 11:57:00 PM (view original):
On. The. Bong.

You had no chance of making the playoff when you f'd away 10% of your budget on air. Before that, you had a chance.
You can't really say this without knowing his world and his current roster.  In NTC my payroll is 33M for the entire team and I 'frittered' away about 40M into IFA budget and won the WS last year.  I had no where to put the extra money.
12/7/2011 10:45 AM
I can say that all day, every day.


I can say "I'm always going to be poor", then drop $10k on a credit card and say "look, I'm poor".

Yea, I might have been poor anyway, but then again, I may not have been.
12/7/2011 11:00 AM
You can make any bad team win right away, or at least compete.  It's just a difference in attitude and approach.  Look at deanod's video series, although a tad on the self absorbed side, they show that his attitude is all about "win now and continue to win."  And it shows as he continues to win WS titles in some of the most difficult leagues around.  Compare that this attitude of "screw this season and possibly the next two or three seasons so I can continue to sign the best IFA around!"  You gave up and are willing to lose for many seasons on the outside possibility that you may win a WS in the distant future.

I realize this is not the topic of the original post, but I think it is a large underlying stink bomb.
12/7/2011 12:20 PM
Every roster/team/world/situation is different.   I don't think there's a template you can just slap on a new team and say "Yep, this is it."   If for no other reason than you're likely dealing with at least 20 new individuals who have their own ideas on team-building.   I've taken teams and felt there was no way to compete for a playoff spot for a few seasons.  That doesn't mean you have to accept 100 losses as your fate.   Far too often, when owners decide to run a 30m payroll, that's exactly what they're doing.   I don't think it's out of line to say that's exactly what nauds did.   What's worse, it worked so there's no doubt that he'll feel that's the best route to take next time.  

Evangeline Leagu RIC Whammers 18 $40.5M 57-105 (.352) 4 -
Evangeline Leagu RIC Whammers 19 $30.3M 69-93 (.426) 4 -
Evangeline Leagu RIC Whammers 20 $34.2M 70-92 (.432) 4 -
Evangeline Leagu RIC Whammers 21 - 98-64 (.605) 1 -
12/7/2011 3:52 PM
Posted by deathinahole on 12/7/2011 7:24:00 AM (view original):
All those for saying   Luis Cairo was a great signing at $24.1M, apologize to the poor boy.
hah, hes not even in the majors yet... and has 3 more years to develop, how can you say that's a bad signing?

He's going to easily be a .330/.400/.600 player

12/7/2011 5:47 PM
it's always funny when death tries to make authoritative statements about his lol HBD opinions
12/7/2011 5:54 PM
It's even funnier when he digs up a thread from 6 months ago
12/7/2011 5:58 PM
I like to keep "is it worth it " threads and bring them up, lest some fish believe the advice given.
12/7/2011 6:34 PM
Do you actually favorite threads like this, and then come back a half a year later to prove an invalid point?
12/7/2011 6:40 PM

Some n00b is going to read this, and say "ooo, the 7th best LF in a league is worth 13% on my cap, I better get bidding!"

This will get bumped again a year from now with a further cautionary tale.

I am sorry that you were the sucker who bid for him, but I don't think less of you because of it.
12/7/2011 6:42 PM
I've created a list of players with 52 or under power who put up an ISO of .270.  Here it is:

12/7/2011 6:46 PM
Posted by deanod on 12/7/2011 5:54:00 PM (view original):
it's always funny when death tries to make authoritative statements about his lol HBD opinions
Apologize! and video tape it!
12/7/2011 6:52 PM
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This IFA stumps me Topic

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