5/26/2011 2:45 PM
I hear Mantle encourages tanking ....
5/26/2011 2:57 PM

I heard they had a hot chick in there.

5/26/2011 3:15 PM
I heard he drank a lot.
5/26/2011 5:35 PM
Posted by silentpadna on 5/26/2011 12:01:00 PM (view original):
10.  Leave ML caliber players in the minors as long as possible - particularly in the season before you plan to go for it - especially if you're within spitting distance of the wild card.  And if you can still manage to keep in the bottom half, you'll protect the next 1st round pick.
11.  Leave your substitution patterns alone and then blame simmy for those patterns costing you games.
12.  Pitch your pitchers just a shade longer than you should.
13.  Let your pitchers work out of all of their jams.
14.  Attempt to steal early and often...with a slow team.
A variation of #10, which I've seen done by an owner (actually, the commish) in a world that I left (primarily for reasons like this):

10.5.  Trade your good minor league prospects when they are ML ready for even better minor league prospects that are still a couple of seasons away, so that you can promote "super-team" to the majors all at once.
5/26/2011 6:30 PM
I'm a bit disappointed my comment about Mantle didn't get a reaction from our commissioner ...
5/26/2011 6:43 PM
I'm a bit disappointed that my comment about Mantle didn't get a batch of hot photos sent my way......
5/26/2011 7:20 PM
You can always check my blog again. I never deleted it.
5/26/2011 7:59 PM
I know.
5/26/2011 8:27 PM
Posted by hbdgirl on 5/26/2011 6:30:00 PM (view original):
I'm a bit disappointed my comment about Mantle didn't get a reaction from our commissioner ...
Sorry.  I'm still slightly medicated from my medical procedure this morning.
5/26/2011 8:37 PM
Double labotomy?
5/26/2011 8:41 PM
That would explain why I currently have THE BEST RECORD IN MOOLIGHT GRAHAM!!!
5/26/2011 9:50 PM
Mike I want to thank you for this thread. Lately I do not seem to good at either winning or losing.
5/27/2011 12:31 AM
Posted by hbdgirl on 5/26/2011 7:20:00 PM (view original):
You can always check my blog again. I never deleted it.
Too young and good looking for any of the nerds on this site.

Although, for about 5 minutes, I thought you were doing brilliant woman power analysis...alas, probably a different HBDgirl.

And no, other nerds, I'm not linking it. Go back to your blow up doll.
5/27/2011 8:13 AM
Posted by deathinahole on 5/26/2011 11:49:00 AM (view original):
I'd put something in there about dumping $36M of payroll to get an extra $18M of prospect budget
I'm beginning to think that this may be the new league killer.

I went back in Happy Jack and pulled out 7 internationals that were $20M+ that were acquired 5 or more seasons ago.

All are in the majors. One...only one...is a bonafide star. Two are long As...they could not even crack a starting rotation.

So think about it; if you are transfering budget to get to $30M prospect (which seems to be the median for the owners that think this is a hot idea), you are losing $20M of payroll to do that. ($20M to get $10M.)

So, you are basically out of the FA running.

Drop $20-$26M on an Int; there goes most of your draft class, and maybe your #1 pick if he ups his demand.

Do that for what, 5 seasons? Maybe 1 is a star. Now what? You probably leave and make the next sap fix it, that's what.
5/27/2011 8:29 AM
It isn't if the owner isn't a moron.

6 Kansas City Swing Kings MikeT23 80 (38) 20 (41) 9 14 14 14 6 14 14

5 kingdean ML 65-97 .401 4th No No      
6 MikeT23 ML 75-87 .463 4th No No      
7 MikeT23 ML 89-73 .549 3rd No No      
8 MikeT23 ML 91-71 .562 2nd No No      
9 MikeT23 ML 101-61 .623 2nd Yes No no no no
10 MikeT23 ML 109-53 .673 1st No Yes yes yes yes
11 MikeT23 ML 63-28 .692 - - - - - -

Hamilton KC Swing Kings 6 $36.0M 75-87 (.463) 4 -
Hamilton KC Swing Kings 7 $81.0M 89-73 (.549) 3 -
Hamilton KC Swing Kings 8 $78.9M 91-71 (.562) 2 -
Hamilton KC Swing Kings 9 $100.4M 101-61 (.623) 2 -
Hamilton KC Swing Kings 10 $112.7M 109-53 (.673) 1 X
Hamilton KC Swing Kings 11 - 63-28 (.692) - -

Ariel Olivares 6 Kansas City Swing Kings MikeT23 18 P R R $16.7M MILB w/STI Alquizar, CU
Yorman Villano 6 Kansas City Swing Kings MikeT23 18 P R R $9.7M MILB w/STI Zulia, VE
Enrique Goya 6 Kansas City Swing Kings MikeT23 18 P S R $2.6M MILB Rio San Juan, DO
Osvaldo Ramirez 6 Kansas City Swing Kings MikeT23 18 P R R $2.3M MLB Ceiba Del Agua, CU

of 7

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