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Can you give some examples, because I have no idea what you are talking about.
11/28/2013 1:23 PM
Agree, but not enough to quit. To enter that level of realisim, WIS would have to give owners different budgets to work with according to how much $ they paid WIS. Some adjustments from reality help the game.
11/28/2013 1:24 PM
When you asked me to explain, I said
You've got to be cruel to be kind.
In the right measure.
Cruel to be kind, it's a very good sign.
11/28/2013 1:42 PM
I agree with Arlen a little because, as I've become used to playing HBD, I find myself wondering less about how to help my teams perform better and to develop my players better, and wondering more about optimal ways to game the budget. I would prefer it the other way around.

I understand that it's nice that there are many ways to set up a team and it's the owner's preference, but to re-state Arlen's case, the sim hands us budget categories which are intended to reflect real life concerns, but the game seems to play in ways which mock balanced budgeting. We have a majority of owners who don't use Advanced Scouting at all. Going either/or on High School or College scouting is another exploit. Some owners invest minimal $ in coaching, and medical staff. These exploits would be simply unthinkable in real life.

To give an example, I've seen one strategy used that minimizes most budget categories in order to free up cash for salary and transfer to prospect. The owner evidently believes in buying the best IFA each season, at any price. It's hard to argue with, because he has won WS titles, almost never misses the playoffs, and the players he gets are guaranteed all-stars if not Hall Of Famers. If they get injured, he just discards/trades and moves on to the next one. This strategy would obviously never have even been conceived without the ability to transfer budget $ from one category to another. Does it concern me, and my strategy? Well yes, because he has players of a quality I have no chance to obtain without either tanking, or following suit and mangling my own budget.

You see something like that, yes it makes you wonder.

11/28/2013 1:58 PM (edited)
Well explicated, damag. It's as if the sim came from the imaginations of Democrats.

And no, it doesn't have to be set up this way and we could still have plenty of ways to shape the building and management of our franchises.

11/28/2013 3:26 PM
I agree, and that is what made me create the budget rules in Sweet Lou..
11/28/2013 6:00 PM
It's due to the $185 million cap. Because HBD has this cap, owners often have to "rob Peter to pay Paul", so to speak. While in real life, teams can spend as much as they want in all areas, and the only penalty is the luxury tax.
11/28/2013 7:14 PM
Posted by volk on 11/28/2013 7:15:00 PM (view original):
It's due to the $185 million cap. Because HBD has this cap, owners often have to "rob Peter to pay Paul", so to speak. While in real life, teams can spend as much as they want in all areas, and the only penalty is the luxury tax.
Or financial viability.
11/28/2013 8:05 PM
I'd like to see advanced scouting made relevant, and I wouldn't care if they capped prospect spending at 20 mil, but I disagree with the rest of the objections here. If you want to tank medical, that comes with consequences.
11/28/2013 8:12 PM
Everything has a risk, some greater than others. As I said, most owners see little risk in tanking Advance. As for tanking medical, it IS counterintuitive to put your players at risk like that. But you and I are in a world together where five or six owners have tanked medical. In real life that just wouldn't happen. But clearly such owners have made the weighted decision that risking breaking players' potential careers is entirely worth the financial freedom.
11/28/2013 9:28 PM
I get upset when my real life favorite franchise does not set their budget the way I set my HBD teams' budgets. I'm considering not watching MLB anymore. What a bunch of 'tards. And Japanese imports should be able to perform as well as my HBD Japs. I'm getting tired of watching teams pay big for Joe Ching Wong, and him come over here and suck it up.
11/29/2013 7:46 AM
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If you don't look at 0/Max as absolutes, it's not a problem.

0 medical doesn't mean you lack a physician.    It means you have one just out of med school.
0 ADV doesn't mean you don't have scouts.   You just have Clint Eastwood in Trouble with the Curve.   He can't see ****.
0 college doesn't mean you don't have a guy checking out college players.   He's just watching ESPNU instead of going to games.

0 INT actually is an absolute because, if you budget 0, you won't see an international until he's signed.

It works the same with the maximum numbers.  20 INT/college/HS doesn't guarantee you see all the players.   You know you don't.
11/29/2013 8:59 AM
Here's the problem as I see it, and the problem is you can't please all the people all of the time.

Medical. The problem is that there is no real fear of injuries, because injuries happen in this game about 5 times less than in the real MLB. Even if you drop it to 0, you are no where near what really happens to baseball players.
So, you make it mean something, and you jack up the injuries 5 fold. Want to guess what happens? Many, including the creator of this thread, would have a stroke, and demand things get "fixed"

HS/Coll/International. Too predictive, or using your budget to get that certainty? Because if those became a fuzzy lottery, there would be screaming too.

Advanced. That might be the one to eliminate, but then you would also need some sort of tutorial leagues for newbs. Advanced is, basically, a newb learning tool.
11/29/2013 1:00 PM
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