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Quote: Originally Posted By alblack56 on 9/06/2009
SUNY-Oneota has been the #1 Dynasty program for 5 of the last 6 seasons. But their reign could end this weekend.


What do we need to do to get the reign started up again?
10/13/2009 10:43 AM
all you have to do is win it all
10/14/2009 11:06 PM
okay then... lets do that.
10/15/2009 11:15 PM

New to the list are: So. Vermont; Widener; Pomona-Pitzer; Delaware Valley; Washington & Lee; Yeshiva; Augustana; Wesley; Kenyon;and Plattsburgh St.

Rankings, including last season:


2. 1. SUNY Oneonta

6. 2. Pacific

1. 3. Washington (MO)

4. 4. Lakeland

3. 5. Skidmore

14. 6. Arcadia

28. 7. W. New England

7. 8. Wartburg

9. 9. Medger Evers

16. 10. Gwynedd-Mercy

5. 11. Rockford

8. 12. Bluffton

20. 13. Marywood

19. 14. St. Lawrence

11. 15. Blackburn

12. 16. Virginia Wesleyan

15. 17. Rhodes

16. 18. Elizabethtown

13. 19. Alvernia

24. 20. Renssaleur Poly

nr. 21. So. Vermont

30. 22. Eastern

17. 23. Transylvania

21. 24. Westminster

nr. 23. Widener

Almost making the Top 25 are:

26. Elmira; 27. Mary Hardin-Baylor; 28. Wittenberg; 29. George Fox; 30. Wheaton; 31. Baldwin-Wallace; 32. Adrian; 33. La Verne; 34. E. Texas Baptist; 35. Illinois Wesleyan; 36. Waynesburg; 37. Pomona-Pitzer; 38. Delaware Valley; 39. So. Maine; 40. Washington & Lee; 41. Chapman; 42. Yeshiva; 43. Endicott; 44. Augustana; 45. Wesley; 46. Muhlenberg; 47. Kenyon; 48. Albion; 49. Monmouth; 50. Anna Maria; 51. Calvin; 52. Greenville; 53. Plattsburgh St.; 54. Bard

10/28/2009 4:53 AM
any insider info as to which teams might be in line to pass oldavey up shoudl he falter?

and ... how much would i have to falter to lose the throne? if i make elite8, would i keep my crown?
12/4/2009 7:32 AM
My 12-16 rookie season is coming off the books,maybe I will crack the top 54?
12/6/2009 9:22 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By oldave on 12/04/2009

any insider info as to which teams might be in line to pass oldavey up shoudl he falter?

and ... how much would i have to falter to lose the throne? if i make elite8, would i keep my crown?

Coming into the tournament, you've dropped to 3rd behind Washington and Lakeland. You lose the points for being NT runner-up 5 years ago.

If Washington makes the Sweet 16, SUNY Oneonta could pass them by making the Final Four. You need to go one round further than Lakeland in order to finish above them.

Just behind you is Pacific, who could also finish ahead of your team
12/7/2009 3:36 AM
Quote: Originally Posted By jeremyboz on 12/06/2009 My 12-16 rookie season is coming off the books,maybe I will crack the top 54
You need to make post-season (including the PIT) in 4 of the past 5 seasons in order to be listed. Good luck!
12/7/2009 3:37 AM
This will be just my 3rd postseason appearance in the past 5 years. Its wait until next year for me in these rankings. Oh well.
12/7/2009 8:06 AM
that is not good news , al, that is not good news at all.

i dont see any way i can win more NT games than Lakeland, unless there is some kind of catastrophic upset.

and pacifc will prolly pass us too.

we could pass washington if the cards fall right.


and i was hoping to end the oldave era on an upswing, instead the next year or two look to be a lowpoint in oneotna history.

Can anyone say Bobby Bowden?

maybe oldave wont exactly "retire" ?

and, what happens if oldave ends next season with 995 wins or so, but with 5 straight years of failure in the NT? will oneotna brass give oldavey a little nudge?

its hard to concieve of such a thing given oldavey's name on the court and all, but word is he doesnt exaclty see eye to eye with the new AD. Im not saying its a BobKnight kind of deal, but lets just say they arent drinking buddies. and there is already a sizeable group of oneonta alums who think that the game has passed oldave by. i can onyl imagine that group will swell to bursting if oneotna keeps up with the early NT exits that have become familar over the past few years.

stay tuned.
12/8/2009 1:52 PM
I'd say that, with 383 DIII teams, anything in the top 50 is a successful program. I'd tell the alums to transfer their support to Notre Dame.
12/8/2009 3:42 PM
Speaking of Lakeland, I mean speaking of Lakeland, they are just incredible. Lots of charter flights to Puerto Rico for xoveru. Davey, we might be lined up for a sweet sixteen slobberknocker if we both prevail tonight.
12/12/2009 8:04 AM
if i am lucky enough to get therre. (which is a big IF) then the sweet 16 will be a slobber knocker all right....

unfortunately its us Oney's who will be getting our slobbers knocked all over the gym. we do not have anywhere near the horses to run wit you guys. though if we play the kind of everything-goes-right-picture-perfect basketball we did last night, then maybe we can stay within 10-12 points.

but, we still have a huge mountain to climb to get there
12/12/2009 10:13 AM

New to the list are: Defiance; Lake Forest; Brooklyn; Neumann; Manchester; Westminster (MO); Maryville; Centre; Edgewood; and Louisiana. Congratulations!

Rankings, including last season:


4. 1. Lakeland

3. 2. Washington (MO)

10. 3. Gywnedd-Mercy

1. 4. SUNY Oneonta

2. 5. Pacific

5. 6. Skidmore

6. 7. Arcadia

7. 8. W. New England

8. 9 Wartburg

14. 10. St. lawrence

12. 11. Bluffton

25. 12. Widener

22. 13. Eastern

23. 14. Transylvania

21. 15. So. Vermont

18. 16. Elizabethtown

15. 17. Blackburn

9. 18. Medger Evers

11. 19. Rockford

26. 20. Elmira

20. 21. Rennsaleur Poly

17. 22. Rhodes

28. 23. Wittenberg

19. 24. Alvernia

24. 25. Westminster (OH)

almost making the top 25 are;

26. So. Maine; 27. Defiance;28. George Fox; 29. Wheaton; 30. Wesley; 31. Chapman; 32. Muhlenberg; 33. Mary Hardin-Baylor; 34 Lake Forest; 35. Adrian; 36. Ill. Wesleyan; 37Augustana; 39. Waynesberg; 40. Marywood; 41. Brooklyn; 42. La Verne; 43. Newmann; 44. Del. Valley; 45. Yeshiva; 46. Manchester; 47. Va. Wesleyan; 48. Greenville; 49. Westminstser (MO); 50. Maryville; 51. Albion ;52. Washington & Lee; 53. Centre; 54.Edgewood; 55. Louisiana; 56. Plattsburg St. ; 57. Bard; 58. Pomona-Pizer; 59. Endicott

12/16/2009 8:03 PM
I always prefer being #1 but this time being #2 is just as good.

Oldave, you do realize that if you retire that I'm not quitting until i've broken all you're records. Actually the only record that I need you to retire so i can catch up is total wins. We both know the only reason you've got a lead there is because I actually play in a tough conference.
12/17/2009 1:00 AM
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