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ceez does it again with his Mets in the 1977 Big League Progressive

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Topic: my 1977 NY Mets

10/6/2006 9:30 AM

Quote: Originally Posted By ceez on 9/28/2006

in a progressive league that started in 1969 with about 15-20 real life Mets...I traded Nolan Ryan for 2B Joe Morgan ( who's won 2 mvp awards so far ) and P Mike Cuellar

I've done my best to keep the core from '69 together

'69 - win WC w/97wins , lose in 1st rd to eventual champs , the St. Louis Cardinals

'70 - win WC w/97wins , beat 114win Cubs 3-2 , 91win Giants 4-3 and the NY Yankees 4-2 WORLD CHAMPS

'71 - win WC w/98wins , beat the Dodgers 3-1 , lose a heartbreaker to the Reds 4 games to 3 on a couple errors in the 9th

'72 - injuries and fatigue kill us , we still win 92 games but miss the playoffs

'73 - we dominate!!! 107wins!!...but the Cubs exact revenge from 1970 and beat us in the 1st rd 3-2

'74 - the bullpen fails us , we end up with 82 wins and no playoffs

'75 - we blow the division lead late in the season and limp home with 81 wins , no playoffs again

'76 - a return to the playoffs! winning the division with 98 wins ....an upstart Milwaukee Brewer team takes us out in the 1st rd tho 3 games to 2...the press labeled us "the NY Mess"


we start the season with a playoff hangover before heating up before the All-Star break , the Atlanta Braves played over their heads tho and have a 2 gm lead
ATL 52-29
NY 50-31
we have 7 ALLSTARS!!! 2B Joe Morgan , 3B Toby Harrah , OF Ken Singleton , P Eric Rasmussen is the NL starter at 12-2 , Tom Seaver , Jerry Koosman and Tug McGraw

we go 30-10 in the 3rd qtr of the season overtaking the Braves but only by 4 games , we had a chance to add Greg Luzinski or Jeff Burroughs but passed and stood pat with the roster the way it is , the Braves added some bullpen arms

we eventually pull away the last few weeks of the season and win the division crown with a 105-57 record , Atlanta takes the WC with 103 wins.....there was a lot of trash talking during the season between the 2

ALLSTAR 2b Joe Morgan - .311 .435 16HR 74RBI 78SB
CF Amos Otis - .270 .368 18HR 82RBI 32SB
LF Ken Singleton - .318 .433 20HR 127RBI
1b George Scott - snubbed at the All-Star break , he took it out on the league thruout the 2nd half and won the NL MVP award .317 .386 40HR 162RBI
ALLSTAR 3b Toby Harrah - .280 .402 28HR 121RBI 16SB
RF Pat Kelly - .258 .372 7HR 56RBI 26SB
C Duffy Dyer - .286 .405 5HR 51RBI
SS bud Harrelson - .214 .277 6HR 33RBI

the bench is very strong!
rookie OF Adam Rohrbacher .330 and Jonathon Amburgey 30RBI
vet Bob Bailey .330OBP
C Jerry Grote 26RBI
aaa SS Chet Jabbar 31RBI 8SB
maybe the best PH in the league , veteran Davey Johnson .331 .411 7HR 28RBI


ALLSTAR Tom Seaver 23-6 0.98whip #1 in the league!
ALLSTAR Jerry Koosman 11-3 , pitched great but got an insane amount of no decisions
ALLSTAR Eric Rasmussen 19-9 3.38era , tired at the end , we hope he can handle the playoff load
Reggie Cleveland 16-10 4.27era , will be in the longrole for the playoffs
bob Knepper 13-7 4.27era , will be an extra setup man for the playoffs


this is our weakness...right here is where I'll be crossing my fingers

setup and longrelief men , Steve Mingori 4.48era , Skip Lockwood 5.26era , Roger Moret 5.17era all had high era's...their record combined wasnt bad tho 20-13

ALLSTAR Tug McGraw finished with 44/56 SVS 4.23era

we have Diego Segui 4.56era and Charlie Williams 5.34era in mopup
10/6/2006 9:34 AM

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MLB59129 Owners Forum
10/04 04:05ceezWS GM1 - Jerry Koosman vs. Frank Tanana
10/04 04:05ceezwe also need production from the bottom of our lineup , RF Pat Kelly .100 , SS Bud Harrelson .069 , C Duffy Dyer .185
10/04 04:03ceezstorylines in the NY papers : can Koosman recover after 2 subpar playoff starts vs. Milwaukee and Atlanta?
10/03 19:48ceezI'm druunk right now....I've been clebrating!
10/03 19:48ceezwe're resting seaver for the 1st 2 games , it's gonna be Koosman and Knepper for the 1st 2 games , Seaver in gm2 , Rasmussen gm4...from there , anythings possible
10/03 19:07rls1last 2. we're going for the 3-peat. but we'll have to go through seaver, morgan, et al. i don't like this matchup on paper.
10/03 16:52jwilli7122i thought i had it all the way ceez. nice win.
10/03 16:47ceezrls1...have the royals won the past 2 WS or just last years?
10/03 16:47ceezI'll give you credit jwilli , the Braves really made us sweat , they werent easy to finish off....on the other hand , they were easy to get into a position of slaughter...hahahaha!!!
10/03 16:45ceezyes!!!!!!!1
10/03 13:58jwilli7122good series ceez, gl
10/03 04:37ceezGM7 Tom Seaver vs. Jackie Brown and the bullpen
10/03 04:32ceezfvcking Niekro no hit us till he got relieved!! we're choking here!!! we need Seaver in a biiiiiiig way!
10/03 01:32cardinaldaveTwins continue to channel the Atlanta Braves.
10/03 01:26jwilli7122brown's on the short leash for game 7. manager del crandall has indicated that he has 9 relief pitchers available and will go to the pen at the first sign of trouble.
10/03 01:22jwilli7122rubber game at shea. will be tom terrific vs jackie brown. this is what its all about
10/02 20:23ceez[email protected] - Eric Rasmussen vs. Phil Niekro
10/02 20:22ceez*the Royals*
10/02 20:22ceezwow! the Twins answer Minnesota's 1-0 game with a 1-0 win themselves...touche!
10/02 20:21ceezMets had it......up 4-2 going to the 8th , McGraw couldnt do it

TeamLogos used in 1977

10/6/2006 9:38 AM

ceez's New York Mets Standouts

Tom Seaver George Scott Toby Harrah

George "Boomer" Scott was a rarity in the Red Sox clubhouse in the 1960s - a free spirit, flashy dresser, and he was of course, black. The Sox were the last team to integrate, waiting until 1959, 12 seasons after Jackie Robinson's debut, to field a player of color. Scott was signed as an unsigned amateur free agent in 1962, and he became the Red Sox first black star. Scott was sort of the "Papi" Ortiz of his time in Boston. He was immensely popular, had tremendous power, and a huge smile that drew fans to him
His teammates, for the most part, looked at him as a leader, and Boomer gladly accepted that role. He had a quick wit and an off-beat, sometimes gruff, sense of humor. He was an aggressive baserunner, despite his size, and it was that size that intimidated opposing players. Famously, he once told a reporter that the shells on his necklace were made from the teeth of second basemen.

George Scott The BASEBALL Page

10/6/2006 9:39 AM

MLB59129 Owners Forum
10/06 08:45rls1i've never had so much fun losing to an opponent, ceez. congrats on putting together a killer team and managing them all the way to the end. very well done.
10/06 08:31ceezTOM SEAVER - 52ip 3-1 1.90era .148oav 0.83whip - his attitude and presence gave this team the comfort of knowing we could beat anyone , anywhere , anytime
10/06 08:29ceezsetup men Steve Mingori and Skip Lockwood were sore spots for us during the season and were the #1 concern heading into the playoffs...but what a job they did , combined 2-0 2svs 1.65era...we couldnt've won without them...but the PLAYOFFS MVP goes to
10/06 08:21ceezwhat drama!!! Seaver being the complete ace , Forsch never should've been pulled in the 5th , JR Richard's dramatic entrance , the focus of the Met hitters in the 8th , the incredible comeback of the never say die Royals in the 9th!!
10/06 08:18ceezWHAT A GAME!!!!
10/06 03:28jwilli7122nice win ceez. "how can you not root for us"- believe me i was a die-hard royals fan this one. nice win
10/06 01:21tram66congrats ceez!
10/05 19:57ceezSeaver has a chip on his shoulder......
10/05 19:57ceezGM6 - Tom Seaver vs. Bob Forsch
10/05 19:51ceezSeaver looks to win the title on home grass......I really hope he wins , my GM7 decision for a starter is one of the hardest I've ever made in my wifs career
10/05 19:50ceezJR with a miracle from the grave , 9K's only 2 hits allowed...just a great game , Reggie Cleveland pitched awesome as well...NY had the tying runs ready to score in the 8th and 9th but Dyar Miller got the clutch outs when needed!
10/05 17:29ceezGM5 - JR Richard vs. Reggie Cleveland
10/05 17:23ceezhow can you not root for us?
10/05 17:23ceezwe're sharing the limelight with all of our starters , we're giving Reggie Cleveland the GM5 start , he's been a big part of our team for quite a few years now , this Mets team is a wifs rarity...5 WS games , 5 different starters
10/05 17:21ceez*5 runs scored IN THE 1ST INNING!!!*
10/05 07:44ceezTanana and Richards , the next 2 KC starters were knocked out early in Gm's 1+2 , they look to atone
10/05 07:43ceezwe've decided to give Reggie Cleveland a shot in Gm5 , Seaver in the wings for a gm6 if needed @ Shea
10/05 07:42ceezGM4 - Frank Tanana vs. Eric Rasmussen

10/6/2006 9:43 AM
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Must be a very young Jerry Koosman wearing # 47 instead of # 36.

JerryKoosman of the New York Mets. Statistics, fan memories, biographical ... Two of ( his ) favorite Mets, Hunt and Koosman, had the misfortune to be rookies ...

10/7/2006 12:44 PM

Donn Clendenon Mets, 1969
Clendenon platooned at first base and hit only .248 in the regular season. He didn't even play in the NLCS.
But Clendenon hit solo home runs in Games 2 and 4 of the Series -- both 2-1 victories for the Mets -- and had a two-run shot when New York won the clincher 5-3. Clendenon hit .357 for the Series, scored four of the Mets' 15 runs, and had four of their 13 RBIs.
Text: Lonny Krasnow/SI.com Photo: Getty Images

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